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    91+ Websites & Apps That Pay You To Refer a Friend

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    There are many ways to make extra money online, and one of them is to refer your friends to products and services you already use and love.

    That's why we put together a list of 91+ websites & apps that pay you to refer friends. From money tools to travel services, survey websites, cashback portals, shopping and rewards websites, and blogging tools, many services will pay you to refer a friend – from $0.50 to $200!

    Although they won't make you a millionaire, you can earn well over $250 right now just by signing up for a couple of the tools and services listed here.

    For simplicity's sake, I have chosen to divide these websites into 8 different categories (you can click on each sub-part to reach it directly):

    1. Survey websites referral programs (11+)
    2. Bloggers & Affiliate Referral programs (20+)
    3. Rewards websites referral programs (12)
    4. Cashback websites referral programs (15)
    5. Personal Finance referral programs (10)
    6. Online Investing referral programs (16+)
    7. Money Transfer, Credit & Gift cards (9+)
    8. Shopping websites referral programs (8)
    9. Travel services referral programs (8+)

    If you're ready to start earning extra money by referring people to trusted products and services, check out these excellent services below, it doesn't take much effort.

    The internet is full of ways to make money at home but beware because they're not all legitimate!  Before getting started, here are my top six websites with excellent referral programs!

    1. Questrade – $50 in free trades and a $70 bonus for each friend you refer.
    2. Ebates – $10 signup bonus and $5 extra for each friend you refer.
    3. Mylo – $5 signup bonus and $5 extra for each friend you refer.
    4. Swagbucks – $5 signup bonus and $5 bonus & 10% of the earnings for each friend you refer.
    5. Drop – $1 signup bonus and $1 extra for each friend you refer.

    If you know one website you like that needs to be added to here, let me know in the comments, and I'll gladly try it out through your link and add it here!

    Rewards websites, referral programs

    Rewards websites pay users for completing various tasks, like downloading apps, registering accounts, playing games, testing products, writing reviews, and watching videos. Many of these websites provide a signup bonus and, of course, a bonus when you refer others. Also, most of these sites get paid to websites that offer a percentage of your friends' earnings. Be serious about building your downline; you will make money by referring members to these websites while you relax!

    Here are some of the most common rewards websites and what they offer for referring a friend.

    FreeCash, 5% ref

    FreeCash pays its members in cryptocurrencies, game credits, gift cards, and cash for various tasks like surveys and offers (app downloads, trying tools, etc.). If you refer your friends, you receive 5% of their earnings without doing anything.

    You can cash out your earnings once they reach 10 cents, a low cashout limit, so most users can cash out. Signup now on FreeCash and start earning.

    Signup now on FreeCash and start earning
    --> Signup now on FreeCash and start earning

    YouHodler, variable

    YouHodler is a crypto holding and trading platform focused on crypto-backed lending, exchanging and trading with fiat, crypto, and stablecoin staking.

    The platform supports all the popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. In a single place, you can easily keep your crypto secure, earn up to 8% annual yield on USDT and another crypto without risk, one-click exchange, get a loan using your crypt as collateral and get rewards or profit from market volatility with the MultiHODL functionality.

    Bring your friends to YouHodler & Get rewards
    --> Bring your friends to YouHodler & Get rewards

    You can refer your friends to YouHodler and earn rewards or check the YouHoder affiliate program to promote it to larger audiences.

    ySense, $2 + 10%

    On ySense, you can make money quite easily by doing paid surveys, trying new products and services, downloading apps, or watching videos and playing games. They offer $2 + 10% for every referral who earns at least $5. Signup now on ySense and start earning.

    ySense - Best Paying Surveys Websites
    Signup on ySense - Best Paying Websites

    TaskRabbit, $10

    TaskRabbit is a legit, free mobile app for making fast money when needed by completing jobs like mounting, furniture assembly, help moving, cleaning, delivery, painting, or home repairs around your local area.

    Earn $10 for every friend you refer that completes their first task. After downloading TaskRabbit and completing your profile, click the “Profile” icon on the bottom of your screen. Then, select “Help your friends, Get $10” to find your unique referral link.

    Swagbucks, $5 + 10% of your friends' earnings

    Swagbucks is a popular app that makes it easy to earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and playing games. If you refer a friend, they get a $5 signup bonus, and you get a $5 bonus and 10% of your friend's earningsClick here to signup for Swagbucks and start earning.

    Merchandiser, 10%

    A legit secret shopper app that pays you to do quick and straightforward shopping on your schedule. You will earn 10% of your referral's earnings up to $100. For example, your referred friend does a quick store job that pays $20 and lasts 1 hour. Your friend makes you 20 dollars, and the Merchandiser app pays you $2.00. Click here to sign up for a free account on Merchandiser.

    Treasure Trooper, 20%

    At Treasure Trooper, you can earn money by completing cash offers, taking paid surveys, doing paid searches, shopping, watching paid videos, playing games, participating in contests, etc. Sign up and receive 20% of your friend's earnings and 5% for 2nd-tier referrals. Your friend also receives $1 for joining.

    Signup to Treasure Tropper and get paid
    -> Signup to Treasure Tropper and get paid


    MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks. You can create a free account and earn cashback for purchases or points for things like taking surveys and other small tasks like shopping online and in-store, taking paid surveys, dining out, and discovering content.

    MyPoints will also give you 25 bonus points for referring a friend, plus you can get up to 750 bonus points when your friend makes a purchase. 

    instaGC, $0.10 + 10% of your friends’ earnings

    A slightly lower-paying site, InstaGC offers $0.10 + 10% of your friend’s lifetime earnings while also giving you a $0.10 signup bonus. Sign up now to instaGC and start earning.

    Signup now on instaGC and start earning
    --> Signup now on instaGC and start earning

    GrabPoints, $5

    Grab Points is an app that pays you for a variety of tasks. They also offer a $5 referral bonus and a $5 bonus when you sign up using a referral code (mine is QVE2LY). [divider style="dashed" top="10" bottom="10"]

    InboxDollars, $1

    InboxDollars is a popular site that will pay you for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and trying free offers. You'll earn 10% of the amount your referred friends make, and your friends will get a $5 bonus when they sign up. Earn $5 just for signing up for InboxDollars, or first read our review of InboxDollars.

    Signup to Inbox Dollars
    -> Signup to Inbox Dollars

    DailyRewards, $5 + 10%, Canada

    DailyRewards is an excellent rewards website (only available in Canada) that gives your friends a $5 signup bonus while you get 10% of your friend's earnings.

    Drop, $1 up to $5, US & Canada

    This excellent app (available in Canada and the US) helps users automatically collect points to claim retailer gift cards. Drop is free; you get $1 for referring a friend, while your friend also receives a $1 signup bonus.

    FusionCash, $1 up to $5, US & Canada

    FusionCash pays out pretty well as you receive $1 if your friend joins, $2 after completing their first task, and $5 for every payout they receive! Plus, your friend gets $5 just for joining.

    Survey websites referral programs

    There are many survey websites are out there, and some people make a killing out of them (sometimes up to $1,000 per month!). But the best part is that some websites also offer a referral program. Not only can you get paid to take surveys, but you can also get paid to help your friends get paid! Here are some of the most common survey websites and what they offer for referring a friend.

    FreeCash, 5% ref

    FreeCash pays its members in cryptocurrencies, game credits, gift cards, and cash for various tasks like surveys and offers (app downloads, trying tools, etc.). If you refer your friends, you receive 5% of their earnings without doing anything.

    You can cash out your earnings once they reach 10 cents which is a low cashout limit, so most users can cash out. Signup now on FreeCash and start earning.

    Signup now on FreeCash and start earning
    --> Signup now on FreeCash and start earning

    SurveySavvy, $15

    SurveySavvy is a survey website that offers the most surveys available while also being the website that pays the most to refer a friend (up to $15 per friend you refer).

    Survey Junkie, $1

    Survey Junkie is another popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts. SurveyJunkie will pay you $2 when you sign up and complete your profile and $1 when your friend signs up for SurveyJunkie.

    Respondent, $20

    Get paid to participate in online focus groups and market research studies. You can earn $50-$1000 per research study or focus group you join. They typically last anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. You will earn $20 per referral when your referral participates in a study. Get your Respondent referral link.

    InboxDollars, $1

    Now you can make easy money completing short and simple tasks such as taking surveys and watching videos. InboxDollars will pay you $1 for every friend you refer that signs up plus 30% of their earnings. Earn $5 just for signing up for InboxDollars, or first read our review of InboxDollars.

    Signup to Inbox Dollars
    -> Signup to Inbox Dollars

    SurveyTime.io, $1

    SurveyTime.io is the only survey panel that offers users instant paid surveys with truly instant rewards. Also, 1st time one of your friends you referred completes a survey, you will receive $1 automatically in your PayPal account. Get your SurveyTime.io account and start referring people.

    Earn $1 instantly for filling surveys
    -> Earn $1 instantly for filling surveys

    Opinion Outpost, $1

    Opinion Outpost is a trendy online survey website offering $1 per friend referred. There are many opportunities for surveys and getting points that you can redeem for cash.

    PaidViewpoint, $1

    PaidViewpoint is one of the only survey websites with a $1 signup bonus, but they also provide a decent number of surveys. You can also earn 20% of your friends' earnings up to $25. Signup now to PaidViewPoint and start earning.

    Hiving, $5

    Hiving is an app with various surveys and other earning opportunities, and they pay a $5 bonus per friend referred.

    Qmee, $0.50.

    With the Qmee app, you can earn PayPal cash to complete simple, legit surveys. Qmee has instant cashout with PayPal. You will receive $0.50 for signing up for a free account, but you must do it through my referral link to get it. Click here to sign up for a free Qmee account and earn an easy $0.50. [divider style="dashed" top="10" bottom="10"]

    PrizeRebel, 15% of earnings

    PrizeRebel also allows anyone to make money from surveys and small tasks. With your free account, you'll get 15% of all points earned by the people you refer.

    Signup to PrizeRebel and start earning
    Signup to PrizeRebel and start earning.

    KashKick, 25% of earnings

    Like PrizeRebel, KashKick is another site for making money from online surveys and other small tasks. If you tell your friends about KashKick, you'll earn 25% of the points they earn, and you'll even earn 5% of the points from people your friends refer. Signup to KashKick and start earning.

    Cashback websites referral programs

    When you purchase from any websites listed on these portals, you will receive 1%-10%+ on every purchase. You can also enjoy a signup and referral bonus when you refer a friend, which will also benefit from the 1%-10% of cashback! Here are some of the most common cashback portals and what they offer for referring a friend.

    Rakuten, $25

    Rakuten is a cashback portal that focuses on online shopping. It's the most popular cashback portal out there, with 2000+ stores available to shop from. Rakuten offers $25 for you and a $10 signup bonus for your friend when you refer a friend. The company will pay the bonus after your friend makes a qualifying purchase of at least $25 through their Rakuten account.

    BeFrugal, $15

    BeFrugal has the highest bonus for referring a friend ($15 extra) for you and a $10 signup bonus for your friend after making a $25+ purchase through the portal. [divider style="dashed" top="10" bottom="10"]

    ExtraBucks, $5 + 5%

    Yet another excellent cashback platform to get money back when shopping. Extrabux is similar to the other platforms, but its referral program makes them unique. That's because Extrabux will pay you $5 for every person you refer to their platform, and they will match 5% of the referrals' earnings for the first year and give it to you! The referral will also get the $5 bonus for signing up to Extrabux through your referral link. Signup to ExtraBux and start making money.

    Dollar Dig, $2.5

    Dollar Dig is less famous than Rakuten or BeFrugal, but it's another excellent option for earning cashback. Their program will pay you $2.50 for every friend you refer, and your friend will also get $2.50. You'll need a balance of $25 (minimum) to cash out by PayPal or check. 

    Slide, $20

    The Slide cashback app will pay you up to $20 for each friend you refer, and your friend will also get up to $20. 

    Dosh, $10

    Dosh is another cash back app. Sure you can earn up to 40% cashback from grocery shopping. They also negotiated several private back deals of the 10,000 brands they work with. They’ll pay you US$10 for every new referral that is happy to link a valid debit or credit card to their account and receives their first rebate.

    TopCashback, $10

    Another great cashback portal, TopCashback, offers a $10 bonus for you when a friend joins and earns $10 in cashback. 

    Mr. Rebates, $5 + 20%

    Mr. Rabates is the gift that keeps on giving. Although the initial referral payout is not as high as some other sites, you get LIFETIME referral fees of 20% for as long as your friend uses Mr. Rebates.

    Signup now to Mr. Rebates
    -> Signup now to Mr. Rebates

    Rebaid, $10

    Rebaid is a rebate site that offers deep discounts through rebates at websites like Amazon. Your friend will be able to get free products and deep discounts with their own free RebateKey account. In addition to some fantastic deals, you can earn $10 per referral for telling your friends about Rebaid.

    Ibotta, $5

    Ibotta is an excellent coupon app that allows you to get cashback for your regular purchases in the store – such as $0.50 for buying bread or $1.00 for trying a new brand of chips. Savings build up fast, and you also earn $5 for every referral while giving your friend $10 when they join through your link. The bonuses are added to your Ibotta balance. You must install the app through a referral link to receive both bonuses. 

    Giving Assistant, $5

    This cashback site allows you to donate your cashback to non-profit organizations, or you can keep it for yourself. They'll pay you $5 for each friend you refer, and your friend will also get $5 as a bonus. Your referral bonus will be applied to your balance after your friend earns cashback. 

    Shopkick, $1

    Shopkick is a cashback app, but with a twist. You can also earn points (they call them kicks) for walking into stores and scanning items. You and your friends will get 250 kicks ($1) when they walk in or scan within seven days of installing the app.

    Drop, $5, US & Canada

    This is a cashback shopping app that features a lot of big brands. It works differently from the cashback apps I have already mentioned. With Drop, you have to connect your bank cards to the app, and then you will automatically earn cashback when you purchase at a partner merchant. There is a signup bonus of $5 to get your friend started. Drop is available in the US and Canada. 

    Ampli, $5, Canada

    I'm a massive fan of Ampli and was one of the first users on the platform. I like it because it is the definition of a passive income! Like Drop, with Ampli, you must link your bank cards, and you will automatically be paid cashback. There is a referral bonus of $5 for any friends you get to sign up for Ampli. This is a Canada-only site. 

    Fetch Rewards, $2, USA

    Fetch Rewards is a US-only cashback app you can download by texting the number on their site. With Fetch, you upload your receipt to earn points that you cash in for gift cards. Once you have signed up, you can get your referral link and earn for referring friends. Both you and your friend will get 2000 points once they sign up and upload their first receipt to the app.

    Caddle, $1, Canada

    Caddle is a shopping app for Canadians. It works like Fetch, whereby you upload your receipts and earn cash (10 cents per receipt). There are also opportunities to make through surveys and bonus offers. The nice thing about Caddle is that your friend doesn't even have to spend money for you to get your referral fee – even completing a quick survey qualifies.

    Personal Finance Referral Programs

    Many money tools and services are available, such as investment tools, money transfer websites, or student loan refinancing tools. But, while there are many great tools, a few pay you when you refer your friends. Here are some of the most common money tools and services and what they offer for referring a friend.

    SmartyPig, $10

    By far the most discreet service in the financial section, Smartypig is where you allocate funds for a project (like an online piggy bank). You declare a goal and pursue it, whether that means saving up for a TV or a trip overseas. Smartypig will give you $10 per referral, but you can refer 100 people.

    Personal Capital, $20

    The excellent finance app Personal Capital has a great referral program. You and your friend will both earn a $20 Amazon gift card. For the rewards to be paid, your friend must link at least one financial account to Personal Capital. The referral link will appear in your dashboard after you attach one of your accounts. 

    Trim App - $25

    Trim is an app that will help you save money on your bill. If you refer a friend to Trim and sign up for Trim Premier, you will get $25 in your account.

    Trim can negotiate your cable, internet, and phone bill with ANY provider, lowering your invoice by up to 30%, analyze your transactions so you can quickly and easily understand where your money goes, and recognize recurring charges to make sure you don't have any forgotten or unwanted subscriptions, provide personalized recommendations for the proper financial accounts for you.

    Digit.co, $5

    Digit is an all-in-one money app that budgets, saves, and invests for you. Connect it to your bank account, and they will intelligently transfer a few dollars every couple of days from your checking account to your savings account. Easily track and transfer funds anytime through the app or a text message. Currently, they are offering $5 for referring a friend.

    Qapital, up to $100

    Qapital is an award-winning app that lets you save, invest, and spend with any goal.

    LendKey, $200

    Another student loan refinancing website. If you create an account on LendKey and refer a friend, you will earn $50 when approved for a loan and $200 if they decide to take it out

    LendEDU, $300

    One of the best student loan refinancing services out there. LendEDU will give you $300 for every person you refer who refinances their student loans.

    SoFi, $100,USA

    SoFi (short for "social finance") started as a company focusing on student loan refinancing and personal loans. Since then, it has expanded into several other areas, including investment accounts and checking and savings accounts. SoFi will give you $100 if you refinance your loans through their site and give you $100 for every person you refer who refinances their student loans. Check SoFi

    Paytm, $10, Canada

    Paytm is a new service that allows you to pay bills with a credit card for a service that usually does not accept credit cards. It's only available in Canada now, allowing you to benefit from cashback programs that were impossible before! Earn $10 for every person you refer (feel free to use my referral code: PTM7410130), and each friend you refer will also get $10!

    Lending Loop, $25, Canada

    Lending Loop is Canada's first and only fully regulated peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that connects Canadian businesses looking for a loan with Canadian investors looking to invest in local companies. Feel free to check out my complete Lending Loop review. Refer a friend to Lending Loop; you will earn $25, and each friend will get $25.

    Tangerine, $125, Canada

    Tangerine is the leader in online banking services in Canada. Get started with a $50 signup bonus with an orange key (mine is 48902575S1) and another $75 bonus if you switch your payroll deposit.

    Online Investing Referral Programs

    Investing is one of the essential steps to growing your wealth and saving for retirement. Whether you have millions or just a few bucks, investing it today makes it worth far more in the future. While many excellent investment tools exist, a few pay you when you refer your friends. So, if you know people who love to invest (or need to invest), consider referring them to one of these sites and make a few dollars when they sign up! 

    Robinhood, free stock

    When you refer a friend to the investing app Robinhood, you will each get a free stock added to your account.

    Webull, 1 free stock

    Webull is another online brokerage that offers free stock rewards for referrals. Their bonus details change occasionally, but after you sign up for a free account, you can get your referral link and see the current offer from your account dashboard. 

    Acorns, $5, USA

    Check out Acorns, a tremendous investing app for beginners if you want to start investing. Acorns will pay you $5 for each person you invite to Acorns; there is no limit to how many people you can refer! Remember that the person you refer has to be approved and invest $5 before you receive your bonus. 

    Interactive Brokers, up to $200

    The Refer, a Friend program of Interactive Brokers allows eligible IBKR clients to refer people to IBKR and get compensated. To qualify, your account must have a net liquidation value of at least $2,000 and place at least one securities trade to be eligible for the program. Could you send an invitation to someone you know to open an account, and in return, you receive a bonus of up to $200 if they sign up? There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can receive.

    Public.com, $3 - $300 in stocks

    Public.com is an online brokerage company that offers commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency only for US residents. After you create your free account, you'll be able to refer friends to earn a free slice of stock in a company of your choice (worth $3 – $300). Your friends will also get a free slice of stock when they sign up. 

    Tornado, $10 - $1K

    Formerly known as Nvstr, Tornado is an investing app that rewards $10 – $1,000 per referral. You'll get a reward of a random amount, with a minimum of $10. Your friend will also get a signup bonus of $10 – $1,000.

    Betterment, one month managed for free

    Betterment is a well-known robot advisor (only available in the US). Refer a friend, and they get three months managed for free, while you get one month managed for free!

    ETrade, $50 Amazon card

    E*TRADE is the pioneer of online trading for retail investors. You'll pay $0 commissions on online US-listed stock, ETF, and options trades, plus 65¢ per options contract. Get the word out and get a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card for each newly qualified signup.

    Groundfloor, $10

    The real estate investing platform will give you $10 for every friend you refer. Your friend will also get $10 for free; all they need to do is invest at least $10.

    Wealthsimple, $50

    Wealthsimple is a robot investment service that invests your money in low-cost index funds (available in the US, Canada, and the UK). Get started investing with a $50 signup bonus (or $10,000 managed for free) and get $10,000 managed for free each time you refer a friend.

    Firstrade, $50

    Firstrade, another well-known standard stock trading tool, provides a $50 bonus to you and your friend if they deposit $5,000. 

    M1 Finance, $50 - $70

    The M1 Finance app allows you to create and automate your investing. The M1 referral program will give you and your friends $50-$70 (they change the amount now and then). 

    Bumped, $1

    Bumped is a cross between a cashback app and an investment app. With a free Bumped account, you'll get free stock ownership rewards based on your purchases. They also have a referral program, so you can get $1 of stock for each person that signs up through your link.


    Titan is a premier investment advisor, and they'll give you a chance to win a portfolio worth up to $10,000 for each friend you refer. Your friends will also get 100 days to try the platform with no fees.

    Worthy Bonds, $5, USA

    You'll earn a $5 bonus for each person who signs up to invest in business bonds through your link.

    Questrade, $70, Canada

    Questrade is a Canadian discount broker with the lowest commission cost and fees in Canada, calculated at $0.01 per share: $4.95 minimum charge ($9.95 maximum cost). The service has no annual fees, no cost on ETFs, offers many trading platforms, and they pay you $70 per friend referred to while they get $50 in free trades!

    Money Transfer, Credit & Gift cards

    Wise, $50

    One of the biggest London-based fintech start-ups to transfer money internationally. Wise.com (formerly TransferWise) offers your first transfer of up to $3,000 for free and a $50 bonus for every three friends you invite.

    Western Union, $20

    Using this money transfer service, you can send money to over 200 countries and territories online, in person, or with their app. Refer up to 25 friends to Western Union and get rewarded a $20 Amazon.com e-gift code for every friend you refer when they transfer at least $100. Plus, each friend you refer will get a $20 Amazon.com e-gift code. Signup to Western Union and get your referral code.

    Signup to WU and earn $25
    -> Signup to Western Union and earn $25

    RIA Money Transfer, $20 Gift card

    When you refer a friend that completes a money transfer through the RIA service, you will receive a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card.

    WorldRemit, 15€

    WorldRemit is a digital payments service that provides international money transfer and remittance services in more than 130 countries. After you make your 1st transfer and get your referral code, you will receive 15€ when your friend makes the first-time transfer.

    Cash App, $10

    This app, which started as a money transfer service and later expanded into stocks, and buying crypto, makes it incredibly easy to send and receive money from friends for free! If you use a referral code when you sign up, you earn $10 after sending your first $50 to a friend. Meanwhile, you receive $10 for every referral you make. 

    Plastiq, $10

    Use your credit card to send checks and earn credit card points on your rent, mortgage, and other payments that you can't traditionally make with a credit card. For every friend you refer who sends at least $1000, you and your friend receive $500 fee-free, worth about $10 in credit card rewards, depending on your program. 

    Raise, $5

    At Raise.com, you can buy gift cards at discounted prices. As a user, you can earn $5 for every friend you refer (up to $100 made). Your friend will also get $5 off. 

    CardCash, $5

    This site is similar to Raise; you can buy and sell gift cards. You will receive $3 when you spend $25 or more on signup. They will also pay you $5 to refer a friend. Your friend will get a $5 off coupon to use on their first purchase.

    Gift Card Granny, $5

    Gift Card Granny will give you a $5 bonus for referring a friend. Your friend also gets $5.

    Shopping website referral programs

    Some well-known shopping websites also have incentives in place to refer your friends. Sometimes, the bonus is cash, and it comes in a gift card. So, consider referring your friends here to make a few extra bucks if you already use these websites. Here are some of the most common shopping websites and what they offer for referring a friend.

    Tesla, $100

    Most probably know that Tesla creates affordable electric vehicles. Through Tesla’s referral program, orders for their cars and solar products are eligible for referral rewards.

    • Cars – You and anyone using your referral link can each earn 1,000 miles of free Supercharging by purchasing a new Tesla car.
    • Solar – Anyone using your referral link can earn a $100 award after activating their new solar energy system or Solar Roof. You’ll earn $400 for each solar referral. Additionally, you will earn one Powerwall when you refer 10 solar customers, limited to one award.

    Amazon Prime, $5

    Do you know someone who does not have Amazon Prime yet? If you refer them, they get a 30-day free trial, and you get a $5 Amazon gift card when they signup. 

    Amazon Prime Student, $10

    Do you know a student who could benefit from Amazon Prime Student? Students signing up (with a valid .edu address) get a 6-month free trial, and you get a $10 Amazon gift card if they signup.

    Amazon Mobile Shopping, $5

    If you don’t have the Amazon mobile app yet, you can receive a $5 Amazon gift card for downloading it and making your first purchase – and another $5 for every friend you refer who does the same.

    Walmart Grocery, $10

    Order your groceries online at Walmart, and you must stop by the store to pick them up! To try it, Walmart currently offers $10 off your first order – and you can make $10 for every friend you refer.

    Groupon, $10

    If you refer a friend to the famous discounts and deals website Groupon, you'll earn a $10 Groupon gift card if your friend purchases within 72 hours.


    Vimbly is a deal site for things to do in different cities focused on dating and experiences. They currently offer new users a $10 credit, and you can earn an extra $10 credit for every friend you refer who makes a purchase.

    Pottery Barn Kids, $25

    Each friend you refer will get $25 off their first $100 or more purchase. Once they do, you will be entitled to the same offer. You can refer up to 15 friends annually, bringing you $375 in purchase discounts. 

    Sam’s Club, $10

    Refer your friends to Sam’s Club; they’ll get $20 when they join. You’ll earn a $10 gift card for the referral. 

    Travel & Riding services referral programs

    Travel services are a great way to earn extra cash while referring friends, as most well-known websites offer a refer-a-friend program. Undoubtedly, travel is fun, but it's not cheap, so an excellent way to make it more affordable is by referring your friends to these services. Here are some of the most common travel services and what they offer for referring a friend.

    Lyft, $5

    Lyft is one of the two leading apps that allow anyone to become a taxi driver. Get a $5 credit for your first ride, and the app offers up to a $480 bonus when you signup to drive for Lyft!

    The Clymb, $10

    A Groupon-type website for travel and travel-related gear, The Clymb offers $10 in credit for you and $10 for your friend after spending $50. 

    Uber, $20

    Uber's leading car-sharing app provides a $20 credit for first-time users and a $20 credit per friend you refer. You can also make money and get a huge bonus driving for Uber!

    Airbnb, $25

    The go-to website when booking trips worldwide. Airbnb offers a $25 signup bonus to try it out, and you can earn up to $100 in credit for every friend you refer.

    Fat Llama, $25

    Whether it's a bike, a tent, a drone, or a motorhome, Fat Llama is the go-to website to rent items while you don't use them! Fat Llama offers a $25 signup bonus to try it out and gives you $25 in credit for every friend you refer.

    Turo, $25

    They like to call it Turo is "The Airbnb for cars." Turo offers a $25 signup bonus to try it out and gives you up to $100 in credit for every friend you refer.


    Do you know anyone with a boat they may want to rent out? Refer them to Boatsetter, and you can earn a percentage of every sale they make. The site suggests this could be $50+ per rental.

    Marriott Rewards Program

    Marriott allows you to build up points for free hotel stays. If you join Marriott, you can earn 2,000 points ($20) for each hotel stay you make in the first year. Meanwhile, if you refer your friends and stay in a Marriott, you earn 10,000 points ($100).

    📖 Referral Programs FAQs

    Here are some frequently asked questions about getting paid with referrals:

    Final thoughts

    There you have it, a detailed list of 141+ websites and tools that pay you to refer a friend! From cashback portals to rewards websites and travel services, there are many different ways to get paid anywhere from $0.1 to $200+ to refer your friends to services you probably use and enjoy already, so why not earn a little extra money by referring people?

    This is a great side hustle because it doesn't take much effort. What's perfect about these referral programs is that they pay you as the referrer, but also pay the person you are referring to well, so you both can receive a bonus payment or credit. If you went through this detailed list and signed up, you would have made some extra money (nearly $250), but if you also refer friends, you can earn $200+ per friend referred.

    If you consider referral programs limiting your earning figures, I recommend you dive into affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, your possibilities of earnings are way better. Still, you'll have to spend more time joining affiliate programs and networks, creating educational content, writing reviews, promoting the products, etc.

    See a website or service that is not on this list and should be? Let me know in the comments, and I'll gladly try it out through your link and add it here! Meanwhile, don't hesitate to signup for a few items on this list and begin referring your friends. It won't take long before you start making some extra money without much effort.

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