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  • How to Promote Your Business on TGF [12 Steps Complete Guide]

    In the following guide, you will learn how to promote your business on TGF, from creating an account, setting a profile, adding your business, starting threads, contacting other members, etc.

  • 👩🏻‍💻 Step 1. Create a FREE account on TopGold.Forum [Free]

    Over 1,000 company representatives already registered a TGF account to promote their businesses, communicate with our 23,000 members, post news and tutorials, answer members' support questions, and generate exposure, leads, and sales for their businesses. 

    There are a couple of options that you should consider:

    🎯Actionable step: Create a FREE account on TopGoldForum here.

  • 👔 Step 2. Complete your TGF community profile [Free]

    After getting an account, confirm your details and fill in all the necessary information like social media accounts, an avatar or company logo, details about you, the website, etc. Some examples to inspire yourself are Cyber Security Mag, Ads Empire, Wallet Guard, Monetize.info, and MrD. Alternatively, you may check your competitors who already have an account here. A profile with more details gives others trust when dealing with you.

    Need help? Please take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to create an outstanding profile. You can also set up a signature with links and pictures if you are a premium member.

    🎯Actionable step: Complete your TGF profile here.

  • 👋 Step 3. Introduce yourself to the community [Free][Optional] 

    Now that you have an excellent profile introduce yourself to TGF. Need help? Please take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to introduce yourself to the community.


    Some examples of introduction posts on TGF to inspire yourself are Host Namaste introductionFlirtCash introduction, FlexCard introduction, and TrustShop introduction.

    🎯Actionable step: Create your introduction thread to the community here.

  • 🎯 Step 4. Add your business/company threads [Free]

    As a company representative, you are allowed to showcase your business and your services in one of the following forums (and subforums):

    • Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Programs (and subforums),  Advertising Networks, Affiliate Tools, Affiliate Conferences, or Traffic sources
    • Crypto Payments & Wallets, Crypto Exchangers, Crypto Investing, Crypto Trading, Crypto Gambling, WEB3
    • AI Tools & Resources, AI Events & Conferences
    • Community Marketplace [Premium users and Verified Company accounts only]

    When creating your business threads, keep in mind to outline the main benefits for the user, why you are better than your competitors, add images, contact and support details, and a special offer discount for the community if you have one. 

    Some examples of companies that showcase their businesses MyLead, ClickDealer, AdsEmpire, Olavivo, EvaDav, OxaPayZombieCash, Solid ECN, Vavada.

    🎯Actionable step: Create your business thread in the suitable categories for your business.

  • 🔗 Step 5. Link your threads to show reviews [Free][Optional]

     Increase your customer's confidence by showing unbiased, independent service reviews by linking your official thread(s) to your website.

    tgf_12_0_x_60.jpg Adding a link or banner to our forum will keep your discussion thread updated. Also, people tend to read what others think about a service before buying it. So, by placing our banner, you invite the users to read what other happy users wrote about you. Check the complete list of benefits of adding a link to us.

    🎯Actionable step: Add a link from your website and/or social media to your business threads on TGF.

  • 💬 Step 6. Engage in discussions & build your profile [Free]

    Now that you have an awesome TGF profile and set up your business threads, you can start making valuable posts in the forums and get yourself recognized as an authority in your industry.

    Also you may contact business partners and clients quickly through our internal messaging functionality.

    🎯Actionable step: Start building your business profile and create or answer posts in the community.

  •  Step 7. Upgrade to a Verified Company Account [Paid]

    By upgrading to a Verified Company account VERIFIED COMPANY✔️ you will unlock additional benefits like getting Topic Bumps, Official Status to Threads, Marketplace posting, Premium Companies forum, Priority support, Article posting, Signatures, and so much more. Check the benefits of Verified company accounts.

    Some examples of companies that upgraded their accounts to Verified company and enjoy more exposure, traffic, leads and ultimately sales: MyLeadAdsEmpire, Olavivo, Solid ECN, Vavada.

    After upgrade, we will automatically upgrade your account to a Verified company which gives you access to all these features. You will also be able to select the privacy level you want, including setting a country flag, 2FA, etc.

    🎯Actionable step: Upgrade to a Verified Company account to skyrocket your presence on TopGold Forum.

  • 🚀 Step 8. Upgrade your threads to OFFICIAL [Verified Account Required]

    After you upgrade your account to Verified Company VERIFIED COMPANY✔️, contact us to upgrade your selling threads with the official status so they appear first in the updates box.


    Also, submit us a message with a banner, custom promo, or anything that you want sticky in your topic that will be seen by anyone who checks it; it doesn't matter the page they land on.


    🎯Actionable step: Contact us by PM or form with your selling topics and the sticky messages you want to be added.

  • 📩 Step 9. Contact other businesses and members [Verified Account Required]

    Verified Companies can send unlimited messages to other community members, both users and companies. So get out there and make friends and business relationships with other community members for mutual benefit. Check the benefits of Verified company accounts.

    🎯Actionable step: Upgrade to a Verified Company account and start making friends in the community.

  • 📣 Step 10. Create a blog and post articles [Verified Account Required]

    Open a company blog, add fresh posts, or repost your articles from your official business blog. Our community has excellent SEO metrics (DA 44, DR48) and gets targeted traffic, so your articles will get the best light. Also, we curate the absolute best posts and promote them to our entire audience.


    🎯Actionable step: After you upgrade to a verified company account, create a blog and start posting your articles for exposure, traffic, and SEO benefits.

  • 👑 Step 11. Apply to Become a TGF-recommended business [Verified Account Required]

    As a business recommended by TGF, you receive the most exposure, traffic, leads, and sales. Also, get SEO benefits like a powerful link. Recommended companies are reviewed and vetted by the TGF staff and our community of 23,000+ money-makers.

    We list verified businesses with an official account on TGF in the following categories: Top Affiliate Marketing Networks, Top Advertising Networks, Top Crypto Earning, Top Crypto Gambling.


    To qualify, you should have a verified company account, be active in the community, and have no unresolved complaints. Contact us for more details.

    🎯Actionable step: Upgrade to a Verified Company, add your business threads, and contact us to become a recommended TGF business.

  • 🟢 Step 12. Advertise to the community [Paid]

    TGF has over 24,000 active members who made over 500,000 posts. Join the conversation and reach our audience. For us, you are not an advertiser but a partner, so let's work together for mutual benefit.

    We receive around 1,000 visitors daily and 25,000 unique visitors monthly, which is still growing.

    You can advertise using various options, from banner ads, sticky threads, emails to all members, business reviews, articles for SEO, and community sponsorships. Alternatively, combine multiple advertising options by checking our advertising packages that bring the most results for the advertisers. 

    Verified company members get a discount of 15% automatically when they order an advertising option. 

    🎯Actionable step: Check the advertising offer and the advertising packages to get exposure, leads, and sales on TGF. Verified companies have a 15% discount for the advertising offer.

  • 📧Contact us

    If you need help or want more details about our promotion methods or you'd simply like to get in touch with us, please fill out the contact form or email us directly at contact{@}topgoldforum.com, and we will get back to you in max 24h.

    Contact us for help

    Last page update:  Jan 17, 2024

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