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  3. Bitcoin Price Fails at Key Resistance Levels Solid ECN – Bitcoin price failed to surpass the EMA 50 and the 50% Fibonacci resistance level in the previous trading session. Consequently, the digital gold dipped below the 23.6% Fibonacci support level and traded at about $62,800 when writing. The technical indicators give mixed signals. The RSI hovers below 50, and the awesome oscillator bars are green and approaching the signal line. This can be interpreted as uncertainty in the market. As shown in the BTCUSD 4-hour chart above, the pair trades with a wide bearish flag in red, which widens the trading range and increases the risk. This is the downside of trading cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we suggest waiting for the Bitcoin price to reach critical support levels before entering the market. Since the trend is bearish in the short term, the market dip might extend to the lower band of the flag or to April's low, the $60,500 area.
  4. The amount of 0.1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U42819369->U29350740. Memo: API Payment. Викторина в чате Profit-Hunters BIZ.. Date: 18:37 16.04.24. Batch: 586027751.
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  16. USDCHF Analysis: Bollinger Bands & Bull Markets Solid ECN – The USDCHF trades sideways in a narrow range between 0.915 and 0.908. As depicted in the 4-hour chart above, the Bollinger bands are also squeezed. The squeezed Bollinger bands can be interpreted as the market resting and waiting for economic updates from the central banks. It is worth noting that this correction or consolidation phase was signaled by an Awesome Oscillator divergence. From a technical perspective, the USDCHF is in a bull market, trading inside a rising flag. If the price steps above the 0.915 resistance, the uptrend will likely continue. Conversely, the Ichimoku cloud or the lower band of the flag stands between the bull and bear markets. Should the price dip and stabilize itself below 0.906, the bull market would be invalidated, and the decline would aim for the 0.8991 mark.
  17. Trading Signals for GOLD (XAU/USD) for April 16-18, 2024: sell below $2,390 (21 SMA - 61.8% Fibonacci) Yesterday during the American session, gold reached a low of 2,325, the level that coincided with the 200 EMA and from that area, it gained a strong bullish momentum, jumping by more than $50 in less than 24 hours. From the all-time high at 2,431 to the April 15 low (2,324), gold has retraced the 61.8% Fibonacci which coincides around 2,390. If gold trades below 2,392 in the next few hours, we could look for opportunities to sell with the target at 2,364 (21 SMA). With a consolidation below the 21 SMA, we could expect a further bearish move and gold could fall to the 200 EMA at 2,331. In case gold continues to rise, the bearish outlook will be invalidated and we could look for opportunities to buy above the psychological level of 2,400. If this scenario occurs and gold consolidates above 2,396, the price is likely to reach 2,410 and could finally reach 2,435 (7/8 Murray). Technically, the eagle indicator is giving a negative signal and there will likely be a technical correction in the next few hours, so we will look to sell below 2,392 with the target at 2,330.
  18. The media learned about plans to reduce commissions in the TON blockchain The developers of The Open Network (TON) blockchain plan to reduce transaction costs for users, and in the new contract for USDT to allow payment of the commission directly in the Tether stablecoin. This is reported by the Telegram channel Decanter. This information was not published in the official TON channels. Nevertheless, the addition of payment channels has been announced in the roadmap of the project, which will allow two participants to conduct an unlimited number of instant micropayments without commissions. The fee will be charged only for the creation and closure of the channel. Exline: An excursion into the world of cryptocurrencies – the boundaries are only in your imagination 🌐Exchange | ✉️ Subscribe | 💬 VK group | 💬 Exchange Reviews
  19. The law of mindset. Your attitude about the future is all important. The law of uncertainty. Don't assume that tomorrow will be like today. The law of inevitability. ... The law of risk. ... The law of innovation and entrepreneurship. ... The law of removing and improving. ... The law of the present moment.
  20. The farming officially commenced at 00:00 UTC on October 28, 2023. With this launch, Binance continues its tradition of introducing innovative projects that provide utility and potential for its user base. Following the farming period, Binance is all set to list MEME on November 3, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC).
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  22. Canadian Bonds and Inflation Trends Amid US Fed Expectations Solid ECN – The Canadian 10-year government bond yield has stabilized at 3.78%, a peak not seen since November. This rate holds steady as investors carefully balance their expectations between the US Federal Reserve maintaining a strong stance and anticipating a potential rate cut from the Bank of Canada (BoC). Amid this backdrop, new economic data revealed that Canada's annual inflation rate in March was recorded at 2.9%, which was below the expected figures. This decline in inflation is noteworthy as it indicates a possible easing in price pressures within the economy. Core inflation measures, closely monitored by the Canadian central bank, also dipped more than anticipated. This decline further bolsters the belief that underlying inflation in Canada might be settling down. These inflation trends come as Canada has observed an uptick in its national unemployment rate and contractionary Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) readings earlier in the month. These indicators typically suggest a slowdown in economic activity. The combination of these factors has led to significant market speculation. Nearly two-thirds of investors now foresee a rate cut by the BoC in the upcoming June meeting. This expectation has provided substantial support to Canadian government bonds, helping them withstand the pressures that have led to a more pronounced selloff in US Treasury bonds. As the market anticipates the BoC's next moves, these developments are critical for investors and policymakers alike, offering a glimpse into the potential directions of Canada's financial and economic landscape.
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  27. Everyone has their own choice and depends on many factors. For example, I have more time for trading and I can afford to trade intraday. And if someone has little time for trading and analysis, then he trades on higher timeframes in the medium or long term, where there is no need to make quick trades, but there must be endurance and discipline to hold previously opened orders for a long time and accumulate profits along the trend.
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