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What is Quppy?
The licensed multicurrency payment system Quppy was developed in 2017 by recognized experts in banking, financial and information security, who previously worked for the world's leading companies.

Quppy is a payment solution for all types of banking transactions with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and fiat currencies in Euros and British Pounds.

Quppy allows you to keep cryptocurrency in different accounts within the same wallet and conduct transactions, tracking the movement of funds in real time.

Decentralized storage protects funds from attacks. Private keys are stored on the client side. Customer support works 24/7.

Quppy is an innovative and secure payment solution for Euros, British Pounds, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Our platform offers:
- Decentralized multicurrency wallet
- Opening private and corporate IBAN accounts
- Exchange within the platform
- Virtual banking

All transaction information is stored in a distributed ledger and therefore protected from hacking. We try to create a simple and user-friendly product with the widest possible technical and financial capabilities.
The service is monetized through a commission from each operation. Its rates depend on the type and amount of the operation, region, and a number of other factors. For more information on all the capabilities of our platform, you can find on the official website quppy.com.

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Artificial Intelligence at and for FinTech: the 2021 trends

Today, when Ai stays one of the hottest and most discussed tech trends, it is definitely trying to be fit into more and more innovative as far as traditional economical and social spheres of our lives. And finances in all their diversity are, without a doubt, one of .... Read more here... 

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We are delighted to announce our fruitful cooperation with CoinPedia
Coinpedia and Quppy are now partners
Coinpedia, a Crypto & Fintech News Media is partnering with Quppy is a digital all-in-one payment solution for all types of operations with traditional (EUR, GBP) and digital assets.
GreatPartnership Amazing Goals.

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👛A digital wallet or "e-Wallet" is an electronic device or online service that allows an individual to make transactions and store fiat and digital currencies.

💲 An IBAN account is an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts across national borders. It facilitates the processing of cross border transactions. Such an IBAN account supports traditional currencies. The Quppy multicurrency IBANs currently support euro and British pounds.

In the Quppy Wallet you can open an unlimited number of digital wallets in different or similar digital currencies for any purposes. So, each customer can easily distinguish his/her finances and cashflows.

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Join European Female Founder Roundtable by FounderInstitute where top female entrepreneurs will share their stories, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. Listen to quppy womentechnetwork and other significant specialists and projects sharing their experience and expertise. Register HERE 

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The right  time to prfit  from market changes! Last month, the whole world learned that Bitcoin is ready for new records. Many have made good money at the moment. Be sure that this opportunity will further exist. People keep buying and selling cryptocurrencies, making profit every day. Why don't you become a successful trader? Open accounts, follow the market changes. Analyze and act.

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- #orange new promotion, offering 100% bonus* on top ups sent to selected destinations: Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mali (February 12th to 15th) and Senegal (February 10th to 11th)
- Altice Dominican Republic customers, be ready to receive DOUBLE when they top-up by US$8 and more

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We know, you enjoyed transfering own funds to your Quppy account FOR FREE!
This PROMO is ON FROM FEB. 14 TO FEB. 28
Earn on transactions, get your fees back: transfering of own funds is free from 14th of February to 28th of February!
*the fees to be 100% refunded after the promo ends.

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Wherever you live, no matter what mobile operator you use, with Quppy you can top up your mobile phone in any country. Enter your phone number and the application will automatically detect your operator. You can even pay with cryptocurrency directly from the Quppy app.   

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How to change your email of registration?

Follow those easy steps:
Open the Settings section
Click ""Change email address""
A form for changing email will appear
Enter a new email address that has not yet been used in the Quppy app
Click the Change button
A confirmation code will be sent to the entered new email
Fill it in 
Click the Send button
Receive a message about the successful email change
For another email change, follow these same steps

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Fintech trends to follow in 2021
As the so awaited 2021 is accelerating its way, let’s analyze the fintech development paths to watch and follow over the next 12 months

The 2020 definitely became a turnkey milestone for the fintech industry as the whole world understood the ineluctable necessity of totally contactless and fully digital financial and banking services. The whole industry fastened its development. So, what disruptive changes are there to expect this year?

The recent Blockchain service providers survey demonstrated a significant increase of 14% in fintech projects moving into production while in 2019 this same parameter was at 5% only. Although, it turns… continue

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On 2/16/2021 at 9:25 AM, Gilstern said:

I’ve been looking for a convenient way to use both crypto and fiat for quite some time. Recently I came across Quppy - it does look pretty nice and easy to use, Is there something I’m missing or it is really good indeed?

Yes, there are. It doesn’t work with USD, it’s only for europeans.

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Well, at the moment we indeed support only two fiat currencies - euro and british pound, but it doesn’t mean that our service is “for europeans only” - we welcome users from all over the world. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!

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This is a multi-currency account with endless opportunities. 
You can open an account in euros and/or British pounds in 15 minutes max. After that, you can perform any transactions around the world. 
Get your passport ready while the app is downloading.

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The Quppy Wallet is a decentralized storage. We follow the classic security rules to support the creation of pin codes and private keys.

We don't have access to your information. That's why we ask you to back up your wallet whenever it's possible.
If you do so you can always restore all the information in case of the Quppy app reinstall or the malfunction of your device.

When did you make a backup of your wallet for the last time?

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Quppy was mentioned among the best Bitcoin Wallets by bitcoinist. “Another option is Quppy. This one has a very secure core wallet function but, unlike many, also allows fiat storage. The company behind the wallet is now including account topup from any bank card, and their own prepaid cards are almost ready to be released soon. Quppy are hyper secure and they are building an all-in-one financial super app...

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