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  • Top Native Ads NetworksRecommended by TGF 💰👍

    The following native advertising networks are reviewed, vetted, and recommended by the TGF staff and our community of 25,000 money-makers.

    There are dozens of native advertising networks out there, and choosing the best one for you can be a chore. Like flowers need the right environment to grow, affiliate marketers are profitable working with the right native advertising networks. We’ve dealt with more affiliate networks than you can imagine. The native advertising networks below represent some of the best in the native advertising networks world. 

  • Top Native Advertising Networks

    Here are our top recommended native advertising networks. For more advertising networks check the dedicated advertising networks discussions forum.

    MyLead MyLead

    MyLead is a global affiliate network powered by innovation! They paid over $8 million to the users. Join now for Free!

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    LosPollos LosPollos

    LosPollos.com has the finest offers brought with love and care, then slow-cooked and optimized to perfection.

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    ClickDealer ClickDealer

    ClickDealer is a leading network facilitating campaigns in the market's most lucrative verticals.

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  • Top Native Advertising Platforms

    There are many popular native ad networks that you can use to advertise your business. This list of the five best native ad platforms will help you get your ads out there and generate leads and sales.

    1. Taboola

    Taboola Specs:

    • Founded In: 2007
    • Reach: Taboola reaches over 1.4 billion unique users every month.
    • Pricing: Users can start at $10 daily for a self-service option.
    • Taboola ad specs: find them here.
    • Profiles: TwitterLinkedInFacebook, Crunchbase

    Taboola is the world's leading content discovery and native advertising platform. It helps marketers reach over 1.4 billion unique users monthly by recommending content across the world's top websites, such as NBC News, Daily Mail, The Weather Channel, EuroSport, Yahoo! Japan, etc.

    The platform also lets you fully control your campaigns – from setting your own goals to editing your campaign's daily ad delivery when the campaign is live. With Taboola, you can target your audience by Location, Device, Operating system, and Connection type. 

    Taboola PROs

    • Many high-quality publishers like CNN, NBC News, and MSN.
    • Cost-effective, compared to Google and Facebook.
    • Easy to use user interface.
    • Great customer service.

    Taboola CONs

    • The lack of performance allowlisting makes zero-in on the best traffic difficult.
    • Lack of ability to block websites in bulk
    • Creative approval is arbitrary and vague when denied.
    • Creative approval is relatively slow.

    2. Outbrain

    Outbrain specs:

    Outbrain is another popular content discovery platform that displays boxes of links on publishers' websites. Their recommended content appears across top-quality placements, including CNN, Fox News, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Mashable, and more.

    Outbrain's ads approval team follows rigorous approval terms for advertisers (and publishers). Your ad should be high-quality and well-crafted to meet all the standards and get approved. Recently, Outbrain announced that it will merge with Taboola and change its name.

    Outbrain PROs

    • Custom targeting.
    • Get access to quality publishers like CNN, Time, ESPN, and more.
    • Cost-effective, compared to Google and Facebook.
    • Easy to use user interface.
    • Great customer service.

    Outbrain CONs

    • The lack of performance allowlisting makes zero-in on the best traffic difficult.
    • Lack of ability to block websites in bulk.
    • It is hard to get approved in the beginning.
    • Creative approval is relatively slow.

    3. MGID

    MGID specs:

    The following native ad platform worth your attention is MGID. The company partners with 31650+ publishers worldwide, allowing advertisers to drive high volumes of diverse traffic. MGID ads are served to audiences in Europe, the USA, Asia-Pacific, Canada, and other countries.

    Dynamic retargeting is also available on the platform. Although interest-based targeting is not an option, MGID ensures your ads are displayed to the most relevant audiences by requiring advertisers to select the category of every offer you promote.


    • You can start advertising with only $100.
    • Users have a lot of control over campaign management.
    • It is one of the oldest native ad networks.
    • You can use dynamic retargeting.
    • You get excellent customer service, including an account manager (from $500).


    • The admin control panel for MGID might seem daunting for beginners.
    • You may see a high bounce rate on their ads compared to other networks.
    • Creative approval is relatively slow.

    4. Revcontent

    RevContent specs:

    Revcontent is often called the fastest-growing native advertising platform. They provide strict requirements for both publishers and advertisers. With 250B+ recommendations per month, 97% of U.S. Households, and a 3.0% average CTR, their reach will be your chances of reach! Due to their high-quality standards, most traffic generated from Revcontent native ads comes from Tier 1 countries such as the USA and U.K.

    RevContent PROs

    • You can start advertising with only $100.
    • Users have a lot of control over campaign management.
    • Real-time performance metrics based on device type, website section, and content performance.
    • You can use dynamic retargeting.
    • Social algorithms, proprietary to Revcontent, would circulate its clients' most engaging content based on key metrics, thus enhancing website page views.

    RevContent CONs

    • Limited with a minimum daily budget of $100.
    • You can't add more than one piece of content at a time.
    • Creative approval is relatively slow.

    Here is a tutorial created by RevContent for advertisers on how to launch and manage a campaign.


    5. AdNow

    AdNow Company Stats

    AdNow is the fastest-growing ad network, with more than 160,000 partners in 114 countries. According to their stats, Adnow serves 6 billion monthly impressions and shows ads to almost 1 billion unique visitors. The best part about this network is it's super beginner-friendly. This native advertising network was founded in 2014 and is very popular for its native content ads! They provide PPC and CPM and their unique ads in the form of widgets, displayed as part of the content related to the content, banners, and hybrid ads!

    Adnow PROs

    • You can advertise on non-English sites as well.
    • Access smaller, niched publishers you can't have on other networks.
    • Offers advanced targeting options.
    • The support department is fast.

    Adnow CONs

    • CPC is slightly slow for the non-English sites.
    • Some publishers are questionable.

    Would you like to know more about the Adnow Native Advertising network? Check out the dedicated AdNow review, or sign up for an account now. 

    6. Verizon Media

    Verizon Media, widely known as Yahoo Gemini or Oath Native, is the only platform that offers search and native advertising in one place. Content posted through Yahoo Gemini flows through Yahoo's home page and other publications, including Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Lifestyles.

    7. Plista

    Plista is a global native advertising network that has built an exclusive inventory of premium editorial environments. The platform allows advertisers to reach users across all channels and devices on thousands of premium publishers. 80% of its traffic is from Germany, Russia, Poland, and Australia.

    8. Dianomi

    Dianomi is an exclusive advertising platform that focuses on advertisers offering finance and business-related products and services. Dianomi's native ads are displayed solely within finance publications or dedicated finance sections on multi-topic websites.

    9. LiquidM

    LiquidM is a universal tool for any programmatic needs. It's known as the most user-friendly self-service DSP for efficient programmatic campaign management. It provides access to 70+ billion daily inventory across major SSPs and premium publishers.

    10. TripleLift

    TripleLift is a leading programmatic native advertising company that combines in-feed native ads and seamless automation to make native advertising scalable. TripleLift serves 176 billion monthly impressions across the world's leading publishers, including The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, Fox News, and MSN.

    11. Nativo

    The award-winning advertising technology provider. Nativo enables storytelling at scale with the most extensive native reach and reveals insights that unlock return on content. 72% of its traffic comes from the USA.

    12. Sharethrough

    Sharethrough is an advertising automation platform that powers modern programmatic display and video ads. It delivers in-feed native ads to precise audiences with off-the-shelf media packages or custom targeting.

    13. ADUP

    ADUP is a native advertising tool that could fit small businesses well. AdUp successfully works with German-speaking publishers (90% of their traffic comes from Germany), and therefore, it's widely used by companies that target German-speaking audiences.

    14. AdYouLike

    ADYOULIKE is a native advertising platform that combines user experience, artificial intelligence, and semantic targeting to power better ad experiences. Due to ADYOULIKE's Artificial Intelligence solution, advertisers can define a semantic context for their campaigns by recognizing keywords and feelings in editorial content.

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