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  • Top Affiliate Marketing Conferences 2024Ranked by affiliates

    The following affiliate marketing conferences are reviewed, vetted, and recommended by the TGF staff and our community of 25,000 money-makers.

    There are many online and offline affiliate marketing conferences, but as your time and budget are limited, choosing the best one for you can be a chore. Like flowers need the right environment to grow, affiliate marketers are networking best at the right affiliate conferences. In 10 years, we’ve dealt with more affiliate conferences than you can imagine, so those below represent some of the best. 

  • Top Affiliate Marketing Conferences

    Here are our top recommended affiliate marketing conferences. Check out the dedicated affiliate conferences and events discussion forum for more.

     Affiliate World

    With 3 separate events in UAE (Feb), Europe (Sep), and Asia (Dec), Affiliate World gathers on each event more than 5000 affiliates and more than 170 exhibitors. 

    Check Affiliate World // Read AW Review

    TES Affiliate

    With two separate events in Portugal in Feb and Prague - in Sept, this is one of the largest conferences dedicated to the adult affiliate world, but not only. Great for networking.

    Check TES Affiliate // TES Affiliate Review

     Affiliate Summit

    Affiliate Summit has two events: West in January and East in July. It targets affiliates, businesses, networks, and media buyers in the USA. Attending is free for affiliates.

    Check the Affiliate Summit // Affiliate Forum

  • 🔥Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences

    Affiliate marketing conferences are great places to learn new tips, hang out with other folks, and make connections in your industry. Attend the ones that fit your requirements, not-to-miss opportunities that will open new doors for you and provide the start for beautiful projects and successful partnerships in the beautiful and profitable affiliate marketing world.

    1. Affiliate World Conferences - Best for Learning & Networking in EURASIA [Media Partner]

    Affiliate World Conferences take place there times per year. The first event of the year is in Affiliate World Dubai, happening in February; the next one is Affiliate World Europe, which in 2024 will be on 5&6 September in Budapest, Hungary, and the last one is Affiliate World Asia, which is in December in Bangkok, Thailand.

    These events are the offline meeting place for the world's top affiliate marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs and connect marketers from around the globe. It is a meeting place where newbies and experts collaborate to network, learn, and move the affiliate marketing industry forward. Popular attendee backgrounds include performance marketing and eCommerce.

    Companies in the TGF community that are exhibitors: @Chilli Partners, @Exness Blog, @LEADBIT, @MostBetPartners, @MyBrocard, @ClickDealer, @FlexCard, @LeadingCards, @LGaming@N1Partners, @OnClickA


    2. TES Affiliate Conference- Best For Networking Opportunities [Media Partner]

    Founded in 2009, TES Affiliate Conferences brings together professionals from the online entertainment industry, e-commerce, financials, gaming, gambling, dating, forex, health, nutraceuticals, and many others for an intensive 3-day networking event.

    TES Affiliates Conferences are in 2024 in Cascais (Lisbon), Portugal, from February 24 to February 27 and in September in Prague, Czech Republic. It's one of the best affiliate marketing conferences for networking and meeting people, especially in the adult and cam industries.

    Companies with a TGF profile that are exhibitors: @ADxAD Ad Network, @iMonetizeIt, @AdultSiteBroker, @Valeria AdsEmpire, @dr.cash, @slick revenue, @ClickDealer 


    3. Affiliate Summit - Best for learning and networking in the US markets

    The Affiliate Summit is a series of conferences dedicated to affiliate marketing. The events bring together advertisers, publishers, e-commerce sellers, content creators, media buyers, networks, and tech suppliers for networking, learning, and exploring new partnerships.

    There are two main Affiliate Summit events:

    • Affiliate Summit East: Held annually in July in New York City, it's the US's original and largest affiliate marketing event. It attracts over 3,500 attendees.
    • Affiliate Summit West: Held annually in January in Las Vegas, it's the largest affiliate marketing event in the world, attracting over 6,500 attendees and focusing on the latest trends and innovations in affiliate marketing.


    4. AW Summit - Best for Private Events

    For over ten years, AWSummit has nurtured the ideal space that offers an excellent networking experience that combines the art of fine dining with the magic of meaningful connections.

    Affiliates and Companies can connect and deepen business relations to accelerate business growth and personal success for European marketers and creators. In 2024, they scheduled seven events under the AWSummit umbrella: Dubai in February, Warsaw in April, Bucharest in September, Prague in September, Malta in November, Ibiza TBA, and Bangkok in December.


    5. Affiliate Expo Milan - Best for workshops [Previous Media Partner]

    Affiliate Expo is a premier international event focused on affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and COD in Italy. It's a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, e-commerce professionals, and anyone interested in learning firsthand from top affiliates.

    Founded in 2018, Affiliate Expo has evolved into Italy's premier affiliate marketing summit, transforming into an international Affiliate Expo Conference through the collaboration of TrafficManager and AI20. In 2024, the event will occur on June 6 and 7 in Milan at the Studio 90.


    6. MAC Affiliate Conference - Best for networking in CIS countries

    MAC affiliate conferences are CIS's biggest and most significant event, with participants from over 50 countries. It is a grand opportunity to network and learn new ways to monetize content with over 2500 participants, 100 companies, and 30 reports to boost yields. The event will occur in Yerevan, Armenia, on May 30 and 31, 2024.

    Companies with a TGF profile that are exhibitors: @Chilli Partners, @LEADBIT, @MostBetPartners, @RoyalPartners, @MyBrocard, @dr.cash, @LGaming, @FlexCard, @Mobstra, @Adverten_smartlink, @Mondiad

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