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Explore the Advantages of Solid ECN Securities with Our Standard Account

Experience the real market with our Solid-Standard Account, tailored for traders who wish to step into professional ECN/STP trading without the burden of additional fees.

Our Solid-Standard account, available on the MetaTrader 5 platform, combines the best elements of genuine market ECN trading. It offers tight, competitive spreads without any commissions. This account type is perfect for those looking to learn to trade in interbank market conditions with reduced risk.

Start your trading journey with as little as $10 and enjoy commission-free trading while benefiting from narrow spreads that reflect real-time market dynamics. 

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Experience Transparent and Efficient Forex Trading with Solid ECN

At Solid ECN, we redefine your trading experience by eliminating reliance on market makers. Our system directly pairs trading parties and forwards orders to liquidity providers, establishing ourselves as an actual ECN broker to optimize your trading strategies.

Our platform is engineered for speed, delivering faster trade executions alongside competitive spreads, further complemented by increased leverage and unparalleled transparency.

We value the security of your investments. To ensure this, we segregate client funds from our company assets and house them safely in leading international banks.

Solid ECN grants rapid access to the most liquid markets, enabling efficient and timely order execution. Our commitment is full transparency; we have no hidden fees or unfair practices. Enjoy 24/7 trading on various assets, including commodities, Forex, and cryptocurrencies, through the advanced MetaTrader 5 platform. Our flexible leverage options, ranging from 1:1 to 1:1000, facilitate meticulous risk management. Additionally, the platform supports scalping strategies with its quick order processing and tight spreads. We also offer hedging solutions to protect against inflation or to help reduce potential losses.

Join Solid ECN for an enhanced trading journey where market transparency and fair pricing stand at the forefront, ensuring a trading environment free from manipulation tailored for forex traders worldwide.


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Protect Your Trades with Solid ECN's Solid-Shield Feature

At Solid ECN, we prioritize the peace of mind of our traders, especially in times of market volatility. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of trading safety and have introduced the Solid-Shield feature to enhance your trading experience.

Solid-Shield is an innovative tool designed to protect traders from the risk of negative balances. This means that even in highly volatile market conditions, where margin calls and stop-outs might typically lead to a negative balance, traders with Solid ECN are wholly safeguarded against this risk.

The feature automatically resets a trader's balance to zero if it turns negative after a stop-out, ensuring that our traders are not liable for any negative balance. This fully automated process provides an extra layer of financial security and allows our traders to focus on their trading strategies without unnecessary stress.

Trade with confidence and security with Solid ECN's Solid-Shield feature.

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Discover Easy Trading with Solid ECN Account Types!

At Solid ECN, we're all about allowing you to trade your way on the MetaTrader 5 platform. Whether you're just starting or selling for a business, we've got the perfect setup for everyone. Dive into trading with options that suit everyone—from solo adventurers to big-time players. With our top-notch platforms, you can experience different spreads and lightning-fast trades.

Pick the perfect account that fits and is tailored just for you. And don't worry; we've got your back with fantastic trading conditions and super-speedy executions to help you hit your trading targets.

Are you new to the market or a seasoned pro? It doesn't matter at Solid ECN! Enjoy tight spreads starting from 0 pips and super-fast trades that match you with the best prices. Plus, our world-class support is here for you every step of the way.

Step into the world of Solid ECN – where trading is made simple for everyone.

https://solidecn.com >>> %15 Bonus | Swap Free | Raw Spread | Regulated

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Enjoy Zero Deposit Fees with Solid ECN!

At Solid ECN, add money to your trading account for FREE using any payment method – we call this the Solid-Cover! Why pay to deposit when you don't have to?

Here's what you get:

  • Instant Deposit: Jump right into market opportunities without delay.
  • No Fees: Forget about hidden charges on your transactions.
  • Full Amount: Get every penny you deposit instantly in your trading account.

Start trading smarter with Solid ECN – where your money goes further!


https://solidecn.com >>> %15 Bonus | Swap Free | Raw Spread | Regulated

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Join the Solid ECN Affiliate Program Today!

Join one of the world's highest-paying affiliate programs. Turn your web traffic into real cash today with Solid ECN.

Enjoy unbeatable conversion rates and earn top dollar with our industry-leading commission model. Solid ECN is your reliable partner and is dedicated to your success. We support our affiliates with cutting-edge technology, 24/7 support, and custom marketing tools like banners and widgets for an effortless and practical experience.

Why Choose Solid ECN?

  • Top-notch commissions
  • True ECN/STP execution for the best deals
  • Competitive commission structure
  • Diverse global payment options
  • Prompt and reliable payments
  • Access to attractive marketing materials and special promotions
  • Round-the-clock client support
  • Daily updates for tracking and reporting your success

Join us now and start maximizing your earnings with Solid ECN!

https://solidecn.com >>> %15 Bonus | Swap Free | Raw Spread | Regulated

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Diversify with Solid ECN's Global Marketplace

Solid ECN – Discover the simple way to secure your assets: diverse trading with Solid ECN! Market leaders and top investors never stick to just one or two instruments. They spread their bets across a range of commodities, indices, and currencies to increase their chances of success. And now, you can too!

With Solid ECN, you're not just trading; you're embarking on a global adventure with the freedom of high leverage and the benefit of minimal spreads. Craft your unique trading portfolio and dive into a world of opportunities. Our mission is to bring you the hottest and most sought-after products in the trading space.

Join us today and gain access to an extensive selection of over 250 trading products including:

  • Forex (Majors, Crosses, Minors)
  • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum)
  • Energy sources (Brent, WTI)
  • Global Indices and Nasdaq
  • Big names like Adidas, British American Tobacco, BMW, Airbus, and more
  • Trending Cryptocurrencies (Cardano, Algorand, BNB, Dogecoin, Ripple, and more)

Start your diverse trading journey with Solid ECN and unlock the potential for success.

https://solidecn.com >>> %15 Bonus | Swap Free | Raw Spread | Regulated

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Explore New Ways to Fund Your Trades!

At Solid ECN Securities, funding your account has become more accessible and diverse! Now, you can manage your funds using over 50 cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Zilliqa. It's all accessible right from the Dashboard> Account funding.


Why the new options?

We want to make your trading as cost-effective as possible. With rising blockchain transfer fees, traders are looking for better alternatives. That's why we've expanded our payment methods to include a vast selection of cryptos.

Choose Solid ECN for your trading needs and enjoy the benefits of our cryptocurrency payment options:

  • Secure Transactions
  • Private and Confidential
  • Completely Decentralized

Join US, EU, and worldwide traders already enjoying these benefits. With Solid ECN, experience unparalleled market transparency – ensuring fair and manipulation-free trading. Dive into the future of forex trading with Solid ECN!


https://solidecn.com >>> %15 Bonus | Swap Free | Raw Spread | Regulated

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Discover the Future of Trading with MetaTrader 5!

Join us at Solid ECN and step into the world of advanced trading with MetaTrader 5, the latest and greatest platform on the market!

Why Choose MetaTrader 5?

MetaTrader 5 is not just a new version; it’s a whole new world! Unlike MetaTrader 4, designed mainly for Forex, MetaTrader 5 opens doors to trading CFDs, Stocks, and Futures. It's perfect for those ready to step up their trading game. Our survey shows that beginners and pros are switching to MetaTrader 5 – see what you're missing!

Why MetaTrader 5 Stands Out:

  1. Enjoy a broader view with 21 time frames, compared to only 9 in MT4. Perfect for in-depth market analysis.
  2. More control with six types of pending orders – that’s two more than MT4!
  3. Get real-time market depth within your charts, a feature missing in MT4.
  4. Stay ahead with the built-in Economic Calendar.
  5. Choose your trading style: hedging or netting. MetaTrader 5 supports both.
  6. Dive deep with 38 technical indicators, 44 analytical objects, and endless charts for unparalleled market insights.
  7. Benefit from advanced features like partial order filling policies and a multi-threaded strategy tester – elements MT4 can’t match.

Important Update:

The makers of MetaTrader have announced they’ll stop updating MT4. It's clear – the future is MetaTrader 5.
So, which platform are you using, and why? Share your thoughts below!
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Beat Inflation with Solid ECN's Smart Solution!

Worried about inflation eating away at your savings? Solid ECN has got your back! We're offering a game-changing solution with our multiple wallet options. Now, you can safeguard your assets, investments, and earnings by keeping them in the world's leading currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Choose from:

  • Euro Wallet
  • US Dollar Wallet
  • Pound Sterling Wallet

And that's not all! Dive into the world of trading with Solid ECN and explore over 250 products, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies, all with a Bitcoin-based account in a genuine ECN setting.

Join Solid ECN today and start trading your way to success in the best environment possible. Your future self will thank you!

https://solidecn.com >>> %15 Bonus | Swap Free | Raw Spread | Regulated

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