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    TopGold Forum is where members worldwide research, review, and discover money-making opportunities, products, and services. Most importantly, the audience arrives at our community to research opportunities and make money intent.

    Over 25,000 members are interested in making money online through crypto, affiliate marketing, trading, digital assets, online investments, and other methods.

    Why grow your business with us?

    The Top Gold Forum community is where your audience asks the questions that matter. They are highly engaged and seek opportunities and products that help them make more money online. Put your brand, opportunity, product, or service just front and center of the entire community!
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    1. Build brand awareness

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    2. Reach a global audience

    Reach an engaged audience that is knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic about earning online.

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    3. Connect and sell more

    Connect with 25,000 members and visitors seeking better opportunities to make money online.

  • "92% of consumers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust traditional online advertising"

    -- Nielsen Consumer Trade Index

  • Here are the growing opportunities we have for businesses:

    💼 1. Add your company to the TGF community [Start for Free]

    Join the conversation and reach our audience by getting a company profile on our platform. Engage further with your target members using the company’s brand profile to promote your services even more.

    Want to see how TGF works for you and want to start slow? Then, add your company now. Need help adding your company? Check our guide: How to Promote Your Business.

     Reach over 25,000 members, 1000+ companies in online finance, affiliate marketing, and crypto, and 20,000 new monthly visitors who will learn about your brand and opportunities.

     You can start absolutely for FREE and upgrade to a verified company to improve your exposure to the community.

     Increase your customer's confidence in your products and services by showing unbiased, independent reviews.

     Contact partners and clients quickly through our internal messaging functionality.

     Add multiple threads for your business in our forum categories (affiliate marketing, services, trading, investing, marketplace) to sell more.

    Check all the benefits of a company account

    Add your Company to TGF

  •  2. Upgrade to a Verified Company Account [only $397/year]

    You will get a verified company badge like this: VERIFIED COMPANY✔️ to your account so you can start, update, and manage your threads here, an official tag for your company threads, the possibility to become a recommended business, a special VIP business forum access, priority support. All these mean more traffic, leads, and sales.

    Want to show you are serious about doing business here? Upgrade to a Verified Company Account.
    Need help upgrading the company to Verified Company? Check our guide: How to Promote Your Business.

    Upgrade to a verified company account

     Get the verified company badge✔️ on your profile, proving you are a real company representative so the community will trust you more.

     Get listed in the services directory so all users can easily find your offers and order your services or partnership.

     Be able to add a sticky message in your threads with the current offer that will be visible on all pages at the top. Example

     Get the OFFICIAL tag for all your threads. Every thread receives an average of 1,000 new views every month.

     Become a top-recommended TGF business. A verified account is a prerequisite to being listed as a TGF-recommended business.

     Get exclusive access to contact premium support, ensuring timely help and escalations. 

    Upgrade to Verified Account

  • 📰 3. Get a Business Expert Review for Sales & SEO - $797/Lifetime

    A review of your product or service done by a 10+ affiliate marketing and finance expert is the perfect way to showcase your product or service to generate traffic, backlinks, and sales for years from TGF and Google, as our reviews rank at the top of search engines. Also, these reviews will be crawled by AI bots and added to their knowledge base.

     Your review will be written by an affiliate and finance expert, putting your products or services in the spotlight they deserve.

     Just a couple of our reviews: TES AFF Conf., Aff World Conf., AdsEmpire, BongaCash, AdStyleMaxWeb, GamblingPro, ProfitPixelsYouHodler

     We showcase your review to our audience of over 250,000 yearly visitors who want to read about your business and the benefits for them.

     The reviews we publish on TGF rank on the first two pages of Google after we do SEO. For you, this means more traffic and higher conversions.

     The reviews are a lifetime purchase, and we keep them indefinitely. We have hosted reviews for over ten years already.

     For even more coverage and SEO, we can combine the review with a dedicated email to the list, sponsored guide, or tutorial.


    Order a business review

  • 👑 4. Become a recommended businesses [for VERIFIED companies]

    Get traffic, leads, and sales as a TGF-recommended business. We list verified companies that also got a review in the following categories: Top Affiliate Marketing Networks, Top Advertising Networks, Top Crypto EarningTop Crypto Gambling, + over 20 other tops.

    Whether you are a one-man service provider or a corporation, it doesn't matter if you started a year ago or have operated for years. If you offer top-notch services, you can become a TGF-recommended business. Unlike other review sites, where top positions and awards can be purchased, at TGF, we are proud to be open about the vetting process: by the community for the community!

    Official Recommended Businesses by TGF

     The businesses TGF recommends receive the most exposure, traffic, leads, and sales. They also receive SEO benefits like powerful links and trust signals.

     Recommended businesses are reviewed and vetted by the TGF staff and our community of money-makers, ensuring we recommend only the best these industries can offer.

     You may advertise on your website, social media, emails, etc., that you are a recommended TGF business.

     To qualify, you should have a verified company account ($397/year), be active in the community, get a business review ($697/lifetime), and have no unresolved complaints.

    Contact us about Top Businesses

  • 🔥 5. Get nominated at TGF Awards [for Verified Companies]

    TGF Money Making Awards rewards excellence in the global online money-making industry. They are presented annually, usually in December, by the TOP Gold Forum community.

     Our entire community and 100,000 new visitors will learn about your company, products, and services.

     Win an industry-recognized award that will speak for itself about the quality of the service you provide.

     The awards are regarded by many as some of the most prestigious, significant awards in the earning online industry.

     You may nominate a company you appreciate, you work for, or your own company here. The nomination process is entirely free.

     Sponsor the awards and receive direct nominations, exposure to all the visitors and community members,  special badges, etc.

    Nominate your Company at TGF Awards

    More about TGF Awards

  • 📢 6. Advertise to the community

    By advertising on TGF, your brand can join the conversation and reach our audience. We have over 24,000 active members who made over 500,000 posts. For us, you are not an advertiser but a partner, so let's work together for mutual benefit.

    Advertise on TopGold Forum

     TGF is a niche community of online money makers. We gather people who want to grow wealth through internet marketing, cryptoaffiliate marketing, or online investments.

     We receive around 1,000 visitors daily and 25,000 unique visitors monthly, which is still growing.

     Our traffic comes from various reputable sources, with the world's most popular search engine, Google, sending us the most significant numbers besides direct traffic.

     We offer various advertising options, from banner ads, sticky threads, emails to all members, business reviews, articles for SEO, and community sponsorships.

     Check the advertising packages that bring the most results for the advertisers, combining multiple advertising options. 

    Start an advertising campaign

  • Just a couple of Businesses that are experiencing success on TGF:

    Top Gold Forum is where people learn from each other, engage with companies they can trust, and make informed purchase decisions.

    Over 200 companies have an official company representative account communicating with the members and posting news about their businesses, answering members' support questions, and generating exposure.

  • Affiliate Networks & Affiliate Programs

    YouHodler on GoldForum
    MyLead on GoldForum
    LosPollos on Gold.Forum
    Aivix on Gold.Forum
    Travel Payouts on Gold.Forum
    PST.net on Gold.Forum
    iMonetizeIt on Gold.Forum
    Monetize.info on Gold.Forum
    MonsterLeads Pro on TopGoldForum.com
    CyberBet on Gold.Forum
    MostBet Partners on Gold.Forum

    Markets Trading & Exchangers

    Amega Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    GrandCapital Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    XML Gold Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    RoboForex Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    NPBFX Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    Lirunex Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com

    Cryptocurrency Services

    YouHodler Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    BuySellVouchers Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    PST.Net Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    Wallester Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    BestChange Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    Quppy Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    Vavada Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    PrimeDice Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    Roobet Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    BlackJack.Fun Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    Coinplay Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
    PlanetOfBets Company Representative Account on TopGoldForum.com
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    Here are the most common questions we receive about growing options. If you can't find yours, contact us or PM the admin.

  • "Top Gold Forum is where people interested in earning online learn from each other, engage companies they can trust, and make informed purchase decisions."

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