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  • 🔥Benefits of Advertising Packages

    The synergy of multiple advertising methods increases trust, conversion, and ROI tremendously. We've seen this work better for our advertisers in the last few years. That's why we created two advertising packages that have proven in practice to bring the best results for advertisers.

    Instead of ordering only one advertising spot, we combine multiple advertising channels at a time to ensure your offer appears to our 24,000 active members, who made over 500,000 posts and opened 70,000 unique topic discussions.

  • A. Kickstart Advertising Pack - 33%+ Discounted

    The Kickstart Advertising package is designed to bring leads, sales, and exposure both now and for long-term, lasting results. The synergy of multiple advertising methods that increase trust and conversion increases the results tremendously.

    Our kickstart advertising package combines five advertising methods focusing on trust, SEO, and conversions at 30%+ discounts rather than purchasing separately.

    You receive ALL the following by ordering the Kickstart Advertising Pack:

    1. #
      Advertising service:
    2. 1.
      Verified Company Account
      Get the trust of the TGF community, have your account marked as official and verified, and have official threads sticky at the top. Read about the verified company accounts VERIFIED COMPANY ✔️
    3. 2.
      3XOfficial Topic Listings
      Add three permanent topics for your services and products. One is for the product, one is for the affiliate program, and one is for a marketplace listing. Ex: MyLead,  AdsEmpire, SolidECN.
    4. 3.
      1X Business Review
      Our professional business reviews offer lifetime higher views, traffic, and conversions. The review will rank top in Google as our domain has an SEO DA of 44 and a DR of 48 (ahrefs). Examples: AdsEmpire, BongaCash, YouHodler, RebelBetting, ProfitPixels, etc. 
    5. 4.
      1x Top Rec. Resource
      If you qualify, we list your opportunity as a top recommended resource on one of the following pages for one year: Top Affiliates, Top Advertising, Top Crypto, Top Gambling, or Top Earning.
    6. 5.
      1x Mass Email Newsletter
      We send one newsletter to the entire community of 24,000 members promoting our product/or service.
    7. ➡️ Get The Kickstart Advertising Pack at $1098 instead of $1691 if ordered separately. (33%+ discount) [Available: Now]
  •  B. 3 Months Ongoing Advertising Pack - 5 Methods Combined, 35%+ Discounted

    After being in business since 2008 and running thousands of campaigns, we concluded that 3-month campaigns offer better results than 1-month ones for our customers as members trust more active companies, which are seen longer. Also, the synergy of multiple advertising methods that increase trust and conversion increases the results tremendously.

    Our 3-month-best-selling sponsorship package combines four advertising methods at 35%+ discounts rather than purchasing separately.

    You receive ALL the following for three months, but 35%+ discounted:

    1. #
      Advertising service:
    2. 1
      3XOfficial Topic Listings
      Add up to three permanent topics for your services and products, Ex, MyLead,  AdsEmpire, and SolidECN, which will be STICKY and marked as OFFICIAL.
    3. 2
      3x Mass Email Newsletter
      We send three newsletters to the entire community of 25,000 members promoting our product/or service. (One every month).
    4. 3
      3x 728x90 Banner Spot
      One 728x90 banner spot in the rotation is shown to over 25,000 website visitors who will learn about your business for three months.
    5. 4
      Endorsement communication
      We will mention you sponsor us in all our emails to members and other communications like PRs.
    6. ➡️ Get The 3-Mo Advertising Pack now at $1747 instead of $2682 if ordered separately. (35%+ discount) [Available: Now]
  • 🏆  [Official] [Exclusive] Sponsor of TGF  - 1 Year, 55% Discounted

    Want to get the exclusive endorsement of the most trusted global community of online money makers? By investing in this plan, you will become the official exclusive sponsor of the TopGoldForum community for a year. You will get visibility, exposure to all members and visitors of the community, trust, networking opportunities, SEO benefits, and more.

    Here is a breakdown of the official exclusive sponsorship package benefits:

    1. Capture all the visitors' attention with a big banner of 1280px x 200px + link placed at the top of all pages: forums, articles, reviews, etc. We receive around 240,000 visitors yearly and generate around 800,000 page views. View the SimilarWeb Stats. You can change or update it up to 4 times during the year; Value: $6000+
    2. Get the trust of the TGF community. We will upgrade your account to a VERIFIED company and add an outsourced representative optionally.
    3. Get SEO benefits and sales as we write a dedicated review of your business. Our reviews are trusted by users and rank well in Google. Examples: AdsEmpire review, BongaCash review Value: $800
    4. Capture users' inboxes with 6 dedicated newsletters sent to all our 40K subscribers promoting your company and your product or service. Value: $3000
    5. Get visibility daily with your linkable logo or a small banner placed in ALL 500,000 email messages (transactional newsletters) we send yearly to our 40K users (25K forum members and 15,000 newsletter subscribers), mentioning you are our official exclusive sponsor. Value: $4000+
    6. Get traffic and visibility with your linkable logo or a 300x100 banner in the footer of all pages, mentioning you are the official sponsor of the community. Value: $5000+
    7. Get members engaged about your brand with a sponsored contest run on TGF. Our contests regularly get 50+ participants and between 40 and 70K visits. Example: Contest sponsored by YouhodlerContest sponsored by Roobet Value: $2500+
    8. The entire industry will discover that you are our official exclusive sponsor as we will email all our members, post it on social media, and do a PR campaign. Also, we will introduce you to the community. Value: 2000+

    Total value you will receive in one year: $21000

    Investment: $9997 for one year (which is ~$833/month)

    Contact us for availability and details.

  • Companies that advertised on TGF:

    Since 2009 we helped over 250 companies to generate exposure, traffic, leads and ultimately sales by offering them ROI based advertising. Here are some of them. We can, also, help you too.

    YouHodler advertise on TopGoldForum
    CoinPlay advertise on TopGoldForum
    Vavada advertise on TopGoldForum
    MyLead advertise on TopGoldForum
    RooBet advertise on TopGoldForum
    FreeCash advertise on TopGoldForum
    InstaForex advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    eToro advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    FreshForex advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    NordFX advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    FortFinancial Services advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    BestChange advertise on TopGoldForum
    SolidECN advertise on TopGoldForum
    Currency.com advertise on TopGoldForum
    Cex.io advertise on TopGoldForum
    MagneticExchange advertise on TopGoldForum
    Paxful advertise on TopGoldForum
  • 💳Our Payment Methods & Accounts

    • BTC: bc1q3x82d6gs9vuz6cyjhurfvu3f83szm943wv3kx0
    • ETH: 0x6a68e2571e9a379028e73bfddbe03e3f9dfb88a1
    • LTC: ltc1qx4g5nl79g5sclw5w82dqucf9n4mtn3r23sktp2
    • USDT: 0x6a68e2571e9a379028e73bfddbe03e3f9dfb88a1 (ETH20, BEP20, OMNI)
    • USDT(TRC20): TYr9G4fEoFw6ri3Py73aoMzKHNCfrDqKU3

    You can pay automatically by Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT) through NowPayments and cards through Stripe. For large orders ($1500+) we can take bank deposits. For other payment methods, please get in touch with us.

  • 📖TGF Advertising Packages FAQ

  • 📧Contact us

    If you want more details about our advertising kit, maybe a custom package, or you'd like to get in touch with us, please fill out the contact form or email us directly at contact{@}topgoldforum.com, and we will get back to you in max 24h.

    Contact us for a personalized advertising offer

    Last page update:  Dec 17, 2023

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