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    🔥Top Reasons To Advertise Your Business on Gold.Forum

    Gold.Forum (former TGF) has been established as one of the internet's premier destinations to help those interested in cryptocurrencies, metals, trading, and high-yield investments. We have reached over 23,000 active members, making over 500,000 posts and opening 70,000 unique topic discussionsScroll to the Gold Forum Media Kit Now!

    Our community gathers hundreds of visitors daily, and many regulars are always hunting for better and more efficient ways of earning money online.

    See our traffic stats below:


    Advertising to a specific audience will most likely bring in brand awareness, SEO benefits, and traffic from people interested in making more money online. For us, you are not an advertiser but a partner, so we guarantee to help you make the most of your budget.

    Since 2009, we have worked with 250+ companies, helping them get leads and sales.

  • Companies that advertised on TGF:

    Since 2009 we helped over 250 companies to generate exposure, traffic, leads and ultimately sales by offering them ROI based advertising. Here are some of them. We can, also, help you too.

    YouHodler advertise on TopGoldForum
    CoinPlay advertise on TopGoldForum
    Vavada advertise on TopGoldForum
    MyLead advertise on TopGoldForum
    RooBet advertise on TopGoldForum
    FreeCash advertise on TopGoldForum
    InstaForex advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    eToro advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    FreshForex advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    NordFX advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    FortFinancial Services advertise on TopGoldForum.com
    BestChange advertise on TopGoldForum
    SolidECN advertise on TopGoldForum
    Currency.com advertise on TopGoldForum
    Cex.io advertise on TopGoldForum
    MagneticExchange advertise on TopGoldForum
    Paxful advertise on TopGoldForum
  • Best Selling Sponsorship Pack - 6 Methods Combined, 45%+ Discounted

    Being in business since 2008 and running thousands of campaigns, we concluded that for our customers, 3-month campaigns are offering better results than 1-month ones. Also, the synergy of multiple advertising methods that increase trust and conversion increases the results tremendously.

    Our 3-month-best-selling sponsorship package combines six advertising methods at 45%+ discounts rather than purchasing separately.

    You receive ALL the following for three months, but 45%+ discounted:

    1. #
      Advertising service:
    2. 1
      Verified Company Account
      Get the trust of the Gold Forum community and enjoy perks. Read more about the verified company 1-year accounts VERIFIED COMPANY✔️
    3. 2
      3XOfficial Topic Listings
      Add up to three permanent topics for your services and products. Ex: MyLead,  AdsEmpire, SolidECN.
    4. 3
      3X Shares on our Official Social Accounts
      Every month, we post about your services on our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with a tag.
    5. 4
      3x Mass Email Newsletter
      We send three newsletters about your services to our 16K TGF members that allow receiving emails (1/month).
    6. 5
      3x 728x90 Banner Spot
      One 728x90 banner spot in the rotation is shown to over 35,000 people monthly for three months.
    7. 6
      Endorsement communication
      We will mention you sponsor us in all our emails and other communications like PRs.
    8. ➡️ Get The 3-Mo Advertising Pack now at $1500 instead of $2729 if ordered separately. (45%+ discount) [Available: Now]
    9. ➡️ Renew the 3-Mo Advertising Pack at $1310,  discounted from $2382 if ordered separately (45%+ discount).
  • 🎁Advertising Media Kit - 2023

    We offer bulk discounts for larger purchases, package deals for running multiple ads, and custom solutions for those seeking something unique.

    Click on the desired advertising option to order instantly. Don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see what you're looking for below!

    1. Banner ads

    The easiest way to get traffic and sales from us is to purchase a banner ad. We set up the banners using anti-block technology, meaning that all users will see the banners, even those that installed ad-blockers.

    1. Order a 728x90 Sticky Everywhere [Price: $397/month or $897/3 months][Sticky][Available: Dec 26, 2023]
    2. Order a 300x300 Footer & Sidebar STICKY [Price: $347/month or $787/3 months][Sticky][Availability: Now]

    2. Premium memberships

    If you represent a company, you should acquire a representative membership. I've included details here about our packages for companies. You will get 1) a "Representative" badge so you can start, update, and manage your threads here. Also, you will get 2) an official tag for your company threads, 3) unlimited posting on the forum with links, 4) an official signature that will appear with the posts, and 5) Priority support. Also, you will get 6) 15% discounts on purchasing advertising. Example 1, Example 2

    1. Order a 1-Year Premium TGF Membership - Price: $47/year, Only for regular users [Upgrade to Lifetime @ $127]
    2. Order a 1 Year Company Membership - Price: $347/year, Only for companies [Upgrade to Lifetime @ $947][View all benefits]

    3. Dedicated Newsletters

    We can send a dedicated newsletter about your program/service/opportunity to all our 23K members who have chosen to accept emails from us, informing them about the state of the industry, money-making tips, new apps, etc. Our open rate varies from 12% to 20%, depending on the topics discussed. So, although the numbers may appear insignificant, those receiving our emails are primed and ready to try new opportunities.

    Dedicate Newsletter Examples: 1, 2, 3 (Click to view)

    1. Order a dedicated newsletter to all members ($497/1 send) [Availability: Now]

    4. Sticky Threads / Sponsor specific category

    Our forums are bustling, and at least one new post is created every few minutes. Order a sticky thread to keep your presentation topic under members' eyes first. If you sponsor a specific forum, your company's logo will be added to the particular forum.

    1. Sticky Thread in Any Category (Price: $297/3-months. Your topic will always appear at the top of the selected forum)
    2. Sponsor Logo of Any Category (Price: $397/3-months. Your logo will appear on the selected forum)

    5. Sponsored Articles & Reviews

    Our 500,000+ yearly readers want to read about your business and what you can do for them. Our sponsored articles and business reviews are tailored to our audience and their interests (investing, trading, cryptocurrencies, and metal investing). This means higher views, traffic, and conversions for you.

    Example article: Top 15 Best Business Websites, Example reviews: Review of NordFX, Review of MyLead, Review of BongaCash, Review of YouHodler, Review of Rebel Betting

    1. Order an Article or a PR published on TGF written by you ($297/ lifetime placement) [Availability: Now]
    2. Order an Article or a PR published on TGF written by our staff ($397/ lifetime placement) [Availability: Now]
    3. Order a Review of your Business on TGF ($697 / lifetime placement) [Availability: Now]
  • 💳Our Payment Methods & Accounts

    • BTC: bc1q3x82d6gs9vuz6cyjhurfvu3f83szm943wv3kx0
    • ETH: 0x6a68e2571e9a379028e73bfddbe03e3f9dfb88a1
    • LTC: ltc1qx4g5nl79g5sclw5w82dqucf9n4mtn3r23sktp2
    • USDT: 0x6a68e2571e9a379028e73bfddbe03e3f9dfb88a1 (ETH20, BEP20, OMNI)
    • USDT(TRC20): TYr9G4fEoFw6ri3Py73aoMzKHNCfrDqKU3

    You can pay by Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT) and Bank transfers for larger orders ($2500+) . For other payment methods, please get in touch with us.

  • 📡 Gold.Forum Advertising Features

    You should certainly consider advertising with us. We offer you an inexpensive, convenient, and affordable advertising tool being seen by all Gold Forum members and guests. We promise to give you the maximum return on your advertising budget.


    Quality Traffic

    Our traffic comes from various reputable sources, with the world's most popular search engine, Google sending us the most significant numbers. One user spends an average of 3 minutes on Gold Forum on each visit.


    Easy ads set up

    The ordering process is straightforward: [1] Select the ad spot you want and make the payment. [2] Create an account to track your campaign and [3] set up your ad. In the next second, your banner will be live on Gold Forum. As simple as that.


    Transparent Ad Campaign Statistics

    Using our advertising system, you can directly control every aspect of your advertising campaign from your advertiser panel: View overall statistics and update your information. With us, you know exactly what you get for your money.


    Remarkable management

    We are under the management of a reputable media company with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. You may reach us by phone, Skype, or helpdesk for details and more advertising details.

  • 👑Testimonials


    "I newly entered the industry in January and was told very quickly that TGF was a definite channel to be involved with. The options are flexible, allowing you to make changes regularly and be reactive if necessary. My many questions were answered efficiently, and the support also given by the digital team is a bonus."

    by ExchangeSimple.com


    We have advertised a few times with Top Gold Forum, and each time, we have found the team to be very helpful with their assistance for getting the banners ready for the start of the campaigns, which have all had an excellent ROI. We would highly recommend TGF to any company looking to target its products or services in the financial trading market.

    by HBX

  • 📖Gold.Forum Advertising FAQ

  • 📧Contact us

    If you want more details about our advertising kit, maybe a custom package, or you'd like to get in touch with us, please fill out the contact form or email us directly at contact{@}topgoldforum.com, and we will get back to you in max 24h.

    Contact us for a personalized advertising offer

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