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Today, let’s discuss one of the hottest recent topics: why did Elon Musk finally invest in Bitcoin? Our experts are sharing the most important pros and cons
And what do you think? https://quppy.medium.com/why-did-elon-musk-finally-invest-in-bitcoin-a740f6b83a1b

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Cryptocurrencies have inevitably become a part of our financial lives. Even if you are not a trader, you hear about crypto news all the time. You know that you can increase your savings by transferring them to crypto. Quppy makes it possible to safely store several types of crypto and fiat currencies and quickly exchange them, if necessary.

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The Quppy alphabet
E stands for embedding finance.
Quppy combines the best traditional financial services with latest IT technologies including AI and big data together with digital currency solutions to offer you a unique personal banking experience.

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What kind of gift from a financial service are we all looking for? No fees, of course. We will not be charging any fees for topping up your Quppy account until June 1. And don’t forget to invite your friends using your inapp referral link and earning together with your friends while profiting from zero fees!

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Read the latest material from Quppy and its partners Artlion on the NFT creation tips and tricks 

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