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  • Top Gold Forum Rules and Procedures

    Updated: January 30, 2022

    Top Gold Forum is a diverse community where we all can share information on money-making opportunities, digital marketing and make friends or new business associates at the same time.

    Our main purpose is to connect individuals sharing quality information and NOT to become an advertising forum;

    Please follow these rules and guidelines to keep your forum posting organized and the information meaningful and relevant.

    1. Posting Guidelines

    1.1 General Posting Rules

    1.1.1 Posts/Threads Must Be Useful for Users.

    That's a crucial rule. Before starting a thread or adding a post make sure you actually have something to say that benefits the community. If your main point is to get a link from us or to advertise your product then check these pages: Write for us and Advertise on Top Gold Forum.

    All threads and posts that are advertising only will be deleted and users will be warned and/or directly banned. TGF works on mutual respect: You respect the time of other users and moderators and we will respect you.

    1.1.2 Posts Must Be In ENGLISH.

    Second crucial rule. TopGoldForum is an English-speaking forum and all posts must be made in English. If your English isn't that good, you are welcome to hang out, but please don't post something in poor English just for sake of posting. If you have a *legitimate* post, ask a friend to help you translate your post/question before posting it.

    1.1.3 No Double Posts

    Make sure you search the entire community first (from the homepage) to make sure you won't be making a duplicate thread. Do not double post the same thing in multiple sections.

    1.1.4 Start threads in the most relevant forum category.

    Check all our categories and forums and see which one fits your thread better. If you're in doubt about where to post then first contact the administration team and ask for help. We will gladly help you.

    1.1.5 Don't use special characters, big fonts, excessive colors or smilies, or multiple exclamation points

    This is self explanatory don't try to bring attention to a specific thread by adding special UTF8 Characters (hearts, rubicons etc), using excessive fonts, colors or multiple exclamation points. It looks unprofessional and you may get warned and/or banned on repetition.

    1.2. Posting Guidelines – Money Making Opportunities Section

    In addition to the general rules, for the Money Making Opportunities section you should also:

    1.2.1 Use Correct Topic Format

    When announcing a new program / money making opportunity in the following categories: High-Risk Money Making Opportunities, Online Payment Providers, Forex Brokers please follow the proper format or your thread could be deleted without notice. The Title line has to have the name of the program and then the url, nothing else.

    EXAMPLE: Top Gold Forum - www.topgoldforum.com (no ref link in title)

    1.2.2 Discussions, questions and news

    Discussions, Opinions, Questions or news should be posted in program's own thread or for Forex Brokers in the Brokers News and Updates forum.Don't start a new thread if the program or company is already posted.

    1.2.3 List Only ONE Program/Company Per Thread

    Don't start a topic to list multiple programs or companies, these would be impossible to keep organized. Each program belongs in it's own separate thread, make sure it hasn't been posted previously. ALSO, Do not post multiple versions of the same URL on a subdomain, they belong in the same program thread where the main URL is listed.

    1.3 Don't start multiple threads to advertise the same service

    If you want to bring attention to your selling thread you may add relevant information to bump it to the top. It is forbidden to start a new thread selling the same item.

    2. Referral Links, Signatures, Avatars & Hijacking

    2.1 Referral Links:

    Affiliate or Referral links are ONLY allowed in the MoneyMaking Opportunities sections (High-Risk Money Making Opportunities, Online Payments, Cryptocurrencies, and Forex Brokers), Advertising & Offers Section or Everything else section.

    The link belongs in the first post of the thread ONLY, by the person who started the topic. This also applies if the program is announced by the program admin, who cannot post other members' referral ID in his post.

    DO NOT post referral links in any other post or section of TopGold Forum!

    2.2 Signatures:

    You are allowed to have a forum signature that will be shown after all your posts. This includes a maximum of 3 URLs, but no more than 5 lines total - which INCLUDES any spaces or blank lines. The text lines may NOT wrap onto the next line. 

    1. http ://123.com
    2. [space]
    3. http ://ABC.com
    4. [space]
    5. http ://DEF.com


    1. http ://123.com
    2. http ://456.com
    3. http ://ABC.com

    In addition to the above, ONE banner may be posted in your signature if you have an upgraded TGF membership only.  Our banners are not blocked by ad-blockers. The banner must be of standard size which is 468 x 60 pixels horizontally.

    You may add, edit or remove your signature here.

    2.3 Avatars & Usernames:

    Avatars can not have excessive flashing effects. Avatars & Usernames must be in good taste. They cannot impersonate TGF staff or any other member. Determination of appropriateness is at the sole discretion of TGF Staff. 

    2.4 Hijacking:

    Do not "post hijack" by placing your referral link in any threads other than the ones you have created. There are no "cashback offers" allowed in the program threads, if you must make an offer it belongs in the benefactor section. 

    DO NOT post asking people to contact you, click on your signature, visit your website or blog, join under you, sponsor you, make you an offer, or anything similar.

    3. SPAM

    Do not post spam on the forum or send spam via PM; you will be banned without notice. Do not "bump" threads by making pointless posts just to bring a thread back to the top of the topic index.

    Short and repetitive posts such as “bump”, "looking", "I'm in", and "Where is admin" or anything similar are considered spam and are unacceptable. Members engaging in useless posting in order to get their "post count" up will be banned for spamming. These posts do not contribute anything to the community and are a waste of space.

    Posting copy/pasted content from other forums with the only benefit of advertising opportunities or for getting a link from us will be deleted and the poster warned and/or banned.

    Overuse of quoting any site or blog as an 'authority' may be deemed to be spam.

    4. Professional Conduct

    4.1 Do not create multiple TGF accounts 

    Members are only allowed to create ONE account on this forum. If you have forgotten your username or password then please request a new one or submit a support ticket, Do NOT create another username!

    Multiple accounts are usually used to deceive members and this will not be allowed here. If you are found to own multiple accounts, even if they are not actively being used, they will all be permanently banned without notice.

    If your account has been banned - you cannot create a new account. Do NOT request to have your account deactivated for the purpose of creating a new account! Again, members are only allowed to create ONE account on this forum.

    4.2 Be courteous and professional 

    There will be no personal attacks, name-calling, racist remarks, fighting, making threats or using foul language! We have a diverse community here with differing opinions and thoughts.

    Everyone is entitled to state their opinion, even if it is an opposing opinion, as long as the TGF rules are followed. YOU are not allowed to engage in arguments with other members, please use the REPORT button if you feel someone is violating forum rules. Determination of what constitutes a personal attack, name-calling, etc. is at the sole discretion of TGF Staff.

    4.3 No Trolling

    Stating your opinion and trolling are different things. If you are bringing a constant and negative attitude to the forums by continually posting the same repetitive information, we will consider it trolling. Do not spread lies, rumors, or make unsubstantiated claims.

    If you believe something is a scam or someone is not telling the truth then please post the proof to back up your statement. Determination of trolling is at the sole discretion of TGF Staff. It is not YOUR job to "call out" or attack someone you feel is trolling, use the REPORT button if you feel someone is violating forum rules.

    If you have any questions regarding TGF rules feel free to contact us: Contact us page or email at contact{@}topgoldforum.com

    More information: Top Gold Forum Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy

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