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    Offline Business Ideas You Can Start With Almost No Money

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    For many, investing money in starting a business is the most significant impediment when they think about going their way and starting up a business. Even with the capital, you fear that you may lose it.

    If many people can overcome this capital hitch, we will witness many thriving small businesses. I've compiled a list of 42 business ideas you can start with very little money.

    Interestingly, these business ideas require necessary skills, such as operating your phone or typing on a laptop. You only require licenses or setting up physical locations for some of them. But let's cut the chase and start talking business 🙂

    Why will these business ideas make you money?

    Let's face it! Most articles about starting a business are written by freelancers or college students hired by bloggers, so their business experience could be better.  And they certainly don't know what makes for a good business idea. That's not the case here.

    I've been doing business for almost two decades.  Some of my business connections are running the businesses I recommend, and I could see how they started and developed their businesses with my own eyes. Oh, and of course, the struggles. To hint, I use some of the screenshots from their businesses, haha.

    This list of offline business ideas you can start with little to no money is based on my vast business experience and connections. Point and simple: THEY WORK! Check the list carefully and pick the one that you like. Need help? Let us know in the comments form. I would love to help you make your 1st steps into the business world.

    1. Delivery Business

    With millions of emails and phone calls to communicate, there is still a need to deliver parcels, checks, food, and other items to customers and associates. A tight schedule may mean an executive can avoid picking up his clothes from the dry cleaner or dropping off a bank check. Courier and delivery services are designed for other tasks.

    Businesses and individuals are looking for errand boys. Your role will be performing the role your client assigns. So that you know, you will be paid for the errands completed. You are ready to run and earn with a bike or even skating gear. 

    • Business idea type: Offline 
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How do you start your delivery business?

    After you ensure your car or bike is in good shape, apply on platforms like Uber, Glovo, DoorDash, or other available services. Later, you can purchase cars and rent them to drivers for a share of their profits or a fixed fee.

    Further readings: 40+ Pick-Up & Delivery Business Ideas, Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Delivery Service Business.

    2. Bookkeeper

    If you're a bookkeeper, you have limitless opportunities in the financial market. Every business in the U.S. and worldwide needs accountants to organize clients' books and assess their assets. Some stay-at-home bookkeepers I've spoken with personally make more than $70,000. This could be your ticket to a stable career and even mean constant profit should you start your private practice.

    • Business idea type: Offline
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How to start your bookkeeping business?

    Believe it or not, you don't have to be a CPA to start bookkeeping. Sign up for a bookkeeping course at a community college or online (such as this course from The Accounting Coach). Once you complete a course, you can start earning.

    3. Dog/Pet Walking and Care

    Individuals and families love pets, yet they lack time to give them all the attention required. In other cases, a pet owner may be away on a trip, necessitating a pet sitter to stay with the dog or cat. If you love pets, you will have a field day at home or your client's home. Pet sitters and walkers have the most specific roles.

    You feed the dog, collect its poop, and play with it. If it needs walking, you will visit the park or fun places. It is a dream job with excellent returns. Most owners will take care of their pets during the pandemic restrictions, but this business will start paying well again when things go back to normal.

    • Business idea type: Offline
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How to start your pet walking and care business?

    You can start this excellent business for free, fun, and pays well enough. Start advertising your services on classified websites like Craigslist, Olx, and social media to get your 1st customers. Later, you can contact students or people who want a side gig and allow your customers to share the profits.

    Further readings: How to start a dog walking business, How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

    4. Personal assistant

    If you live in an affluent area, you would be amazed at what some people are willing to pay not to have to do tedious chores themselves. From grocery shopping to dry cleaning runs to booking travel and doctor's appointments, you can become a personal assistant to those who need your services. Especially during the lockdowns, older adults need help with groceries, appointments, and basic needs as they are advised not to leave their house and be exposed to the virus. After the lockdown is over, you can focus on helping busy people.

    • Business idea type: Offline
    • Time Investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Low

    How do you start your personal assistant business?

    Please let people know you are offering personal assistant services. Ask the people you know if they need your help or tell them to tell you if they know someone who needs them. I want you to know that trust is essential in this business, so please act and look responsible. When you have enough customers, you can hire students or persons with free time, train them, and offer services.

    5. Fitness Coach

    Business Ideas you can start in 2021 - Fitness coach 

    A demanding life is causing more people to remain unfit. They have no time to exercise or have the facilities but need to learn how to utilize them.

    Can you get people into shape?

    Whatever your knowledge or experience, some people will pay you to share that information with them, whether in person or online.  As a fitness instructor, you will work online to guide interested persons on the best routines and improvise around the house. This is one of the most highly demanded types of content online.

    • Business type: Offline / Online
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: Low

    How to start your fitness coach business?

    This is a healthy, great business; you can start for free, have fun, and pay well enough. Start advertising your services on classified websites like Craigslist, Olx, and social media to get your 1st customers. Later, you can contact other fitness coaches who want to have a side gig. You can extend the work to include creating text materials on fitness and customizing packages for different clients. Live-streaming fitness sessions are also an option, especially during this pandemic.

    Further readings: Steps to Become a Successful Online Fitness Coach, How to Start a Personal Training Business from Home

    6. Yoga Instructor

    Yoga is a realm of physical, mental, and psychological fitness. The number of Yoga enthusiasts is growing by leaps and bounds. New versions are also emerging, needing explanation. You can become an instructor to feed enthusiasts' hunger and search for trainers or companions.

    • Business type: Offline / Online
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How to start your Yoga Instructor business?

    You require a basic understanding of yoga. Since you will use videos and audio in your lessons, you must invest in simple gadgets like a microphone and a phone. You can use social media to promote your yoga lessons. YouTube also offers a perfect avenue to upload content. With a community of followers around your channel, you can sell merchandise and book private training sessions.

    Further readings: How to Start a Yoga Business

    7. Life Coach

    Life coaching is the realm of motivational speakers. It also encompasses people who can inspire others to improve at something like a skill. Students will be your business's target if you understand education progression well.

    Life coaches also cover business, marriage, sex, relationships, socialization, and entrepreneurship, among other topics.

    • Business type: Online
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How do you start your life coach business?

    It would help if you had a video channel for easier content production. A phone and lapel microphone will serve as a studio.

    Could you promote your content on social media and engage your followers on different topics?

    You build a sizeable following that will eventually consume your e-coaching products like books and podcasts. Life coaching requires the mastery of your craft and the ability to inspire confidence.

    Further readings: 8 Steps to Build a Successful Coaching Business

    8. Elderly Care Services

    According to the data presented by the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of elderly may surpass the number of children by 2030. This shift in demographics may provide a potential business opportunity for elderly care. Elderly care service is a high-demand business, especially for those who rely on government subsidiaries or minimal pensions from companies whose businesses went bankrupt.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: High

    How do you start your elder care services business?

    Starting your own eldercare business can be easy and quick. Could you make a list of the services you can offer? You've already got your essentials if you have a reliable vehicle and a cellphone. It would be best to keep your office home to avoid spending money on rent. You can run a free ad on Craigslist or sign up at an online marketplace such as Care.com.

    Further reading(s): How To Start An Eldercare Business in 9 Easy Steps

    9. Baby Sitting

    Start a Babysitting business

    It happens that parents or full-time caregivers could be away. Since children cannot be left alone, you can stay with them. The parents or guardians leave behind all provisions, including food and play items.

    Your role will be to watch over the children. If you love children, this is a role you should embrace. Based on their age, you will have fun playing with them and teaching them a few things you know. It is a social way to spend time and earn a living.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: Low

    How to start your babysitting business?

    Data from Child Trends show that about 74 million children are ages 18 years old and below, all accounting for 23% of the total population in the U.S. The national average hourly wage for babysitting is $13.97 in the U.S.,

    So, babysitting may be a lucrative business to start in 2022. You can find business opportunities in education, fitness, and childcare in this industry. Further reading(s): Guide to start a babysitting business.

    10. Photography

    The photos taken over the phone can only be used in particular circumstances. Businesses and professionals are looking for specific details on images for commercial use. You capture your clients' events, objects, and moments as a photographer.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time Investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How do you start your photography business?

    Invest in a camera or hire one whenever an event comes up. Learn how to edit photos to bring out a particular effect. Photographers must also be creative to make the pictures unique and enthralling. Could you promote your work on social media and any other platform where your target customers can be found?

    11. Cooking and Baking

    Start a Cook and Bake Business - Instagram Advertising Example

    If you have mad skills in the kitchen, why not share your wonderful and delicious creations with others and get paid for them? Start your own cooking business!

    Of course, we recommend you start small and build your business. You can cater to a small party, and if your food is appreciated, you can bet you'll get at least one catering offer.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time Investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How do you start your cooking and baking business?

    Before cooking, you should find out if you can cook out of your private kitchen. Many states/countries don't allow it, so you need to rent a kitchen or start building one that fits all the requirements.

    Start cooking, share recipes on social media, and take many tasty pictures with your cooked food when you have this figured out. Write that you cook and add an order button so visitors can easily order.

    Further reading(s):

    12. Bike Services and sales

    People today are becoming more health-conscious and making lifestyle shifts. Many are turning to more economical and healthier transportation options like bicycling. People for Bikes reveals that U.S. commuting using bikes has increased from 47% to 73% within ten years.

    Economically, anything healthy and promoted by the government is an excellent business. Aside from manually powered bikes, E-bikes are also good options for bikers.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Low

    How to start your bike service business?

    Fortunately, bikes are more comfortable to repair than cars, and they don't have to invest too much in tools. You can start a bike repair business for almost no money.

    Start advertising your services, posting ads on Craigslist and social media, or printing flyers and attaching them to parked bikes you find. Later, your small bike repair shop can grow into a complete bike service with recurring customers, partnerships with bike clubs, etc.

    Further reading: How to Start Your Own Bike Repair Shop

    13. Mobile auto detailing

    Car detailing is the interior and exterior cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle to like-new condition. Interior detailing is a deep cleaning of the vehicle's interior cabin, including vacuuming, upholstery stain removal, and polishing. Exterior detailing is the cleaning and restoring the car's finish, trim, windows, wheels, and tires.

    Professional shops can charge up to $100 or more for this service.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How to start your mobile detailing business?

    With a vacuum cleaner you may already own and a few cheap bottles of automotive cleaning products, you can offer to come to anyone's home or work and make their car look new. Tell your friends about your service, advertise on social media, and post flyers to get your first customers.

    You can hire staff after you get enough clients and a stable income.

    Further reading: How to Start a Car Detailing Business

    14. Interior Designer

    Everyone loves a beautiful place, and people will pay good money for anyone who can create such. Considering interior design is a matter of passion and art, anyone with the skills enjoys good tidings.

    On average, homeowners in the United States spend about $3,000 every year on home improvements alone. To the carpentry business, this means a great opportunity. Your work is to request materials and use them to transform interior spaces. This is one of those jobs that do not require any capital. It requires very little training, if any.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How do you start your interior design business?

    Interior designers work for homes, businesses, and institutions. It would be best if you were keen to understand your client's requirements while infusing personal creativity simultaneously. Your clients will appreciate it if you can transform an ordinary space into a spectacle. 

    15. Wedding Planner

    Start a Wedding Planning Business - Instagram Advertising Example

    We know that most weddings have been postponed during these lockdowns. However, now that we are in 2022, things will get back on track. You can join the wedding planning business with contacts with professionals like good caterers, florists, performers, travel agents, photographers, D.J.s, and more.

    The process is time-intensive and capital-intensive but can bring abundant rewards. An average wedding planner earns around $40 per hour for their services.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: High
    • Earning potential: High

    How to start your wedding planning business?

    A solid business plan is essential to begin a wedding planning business. Keep up to date with all the new things in the industry by reading blogs and magazines, visiting locations, and getting in touch with professionals: caterers, performers, dance hall managers, etc.

    Once you have plenty of connections in the industry, you can start advertising your services. Put passion and dedication into ensuring the wedding you plan will succeed and customers will come through referrals.

    Further reading: Learn How to Start a Wedding Planning Business [/box]

    16. T-Shirt Printing Business

    Start a custom T-shirt business - Best Business Ideas to start in 2021

    The T-shirt retailing business is worth millions of dollars and relies on efficient t-shirt printers to meet the supply. T-shirts with exciting graphics and funky logos are in high demand. Several suppliers are already in the business, but there is enough room for new players.

    You can take orders from corporations or local companies or launch your line. Moreover, this industry allows you to work on your terms, i.e., you can either choose to work from a small room or start with a big factory-based production.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time Investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How to start your T-shirt printing business?

    A solid business plan is essential to begin your T-shirt printing business. Once you narrow down your niche, create a business plan for your t-shirt company that covers your goals and different opportunities to sell custom t-shirts, and then figure out how you'll execute that plan.

    Remember that the T-shirt printing business is inaccessible, but you will start getting clients and orders when your research is ready and you have a gram of creativity and the right tools.

    Further reading:  How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business: Everything You Need to Know on Shopify.com.

    17. Property manager

    The property management industry will reach about $22 billion by 2023. According to recent reports from payscale.com, property managers' national average salary is around $50,161/year for entry-level to $75,000/year for more experienced managers.

    Property management oversees residential, student housing, community associations, and commercial properties. A property manager's responsibilities can vary, from simply taking calls from tenants and arranging for maintenance to fixing and landscaping yourself.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time Investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Medium

    How do you start your property management business?

    Property management startup costs are affordable ($800-$5,000), no advanced degrees are required, and you can get into the business with little experience. If you want to go full-service, you can even offer to show apartments, screen tenants, and collect the rent.

    Further reading: Tips For Starting A Property Management Company [/box]

    18. Real Estate Agent

    Start a Real Estate Business - Instagram Advertising Example

    As a real estate agent, you can help people find the home of their dreams at a price that fits their budget. You need to complete a few months of classes and pass an exam to qualify as a real estate agent in many states.

    Besides the certification, you will need essential people skills, so this might not be the route for you if you're not a people person. Also, during this pandemic, you should be flexible and find out what works for you. If office space rent decreases, the residential market will still go strong.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: High

    How to start your real estate agent business?

    According to a study on homebuyers, 90% start their search online, and 40% contact a real estate agent after researching the web. So, could you make sure you have a strong presence online?

    For crowded real estate listing websites, you can try creative advertising methods like Facebook and Instagram. You will need a professional photographer (business idea no 13) to create fabulous pictures for the properties. You can keep your leads in a CRM program to easily match sellers with buyers.

    Further reading: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide on Real Estate Businesses

    19. Handmade Jewelry

    Start a Handmade Jewelry Business and show your products on Instagram

    Hand-made jewelry is the new fad. Teenage entrepreneurs, including M3 Girl Designs' Maddie Bradshaw and Bella Weems of Origami Owl, have raked in cash by selling handmade jewellery.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Low

    How to start your handmade jewelry business?

    You can start selling handmade jewellery online to earn a name, and if you become a household name, you can even open up a brick-and-mortar storefront.

    20. Mobile Hair Salon

    The first thought that comes to mind for a mobile hair salon is saving the overhead of having a storefront location. However, you are also offering convenience to your customers. Assisted living facilities and senior citizens trying to minimize trips out of the home will especially appreciate mobile hair salon services.

    • Business type: Offline
    • Time investment: Low
    • Earning potential: Medium

    21. Computer Repairing

    More than 1 billion computers are in use right now—no wonder there is a vast market for credible computer repair services.  I own a digital marketing agency, yet many friends and neighbors ask me weekly if I have time or know someone to fix their computers.

    Most of the time is about an easy fix: clean Windows, reinstall it, run antivirus software, etc. This field has immense opportunities, from learning to fix networking issues to replacing the crashed hard drive. Given the high repair costs at authorized service stations, you can earn money by offering cost-effective repair services.

    • Business type: Online
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: High

    How to start your computer repair business?

    If you're a handyman, you can start by approaching small businesses and neighboring homes to get computer repair projects. Gradually you can expand your team to take more oversized orders from medium or larger enterprises. 

    22. Business Consultancy

    Do you have considerable experience in business? Then, entrepreneurs and companies are looking for you. The role is incredibly profitable for professionals and executives who have been in the industry for a while.

    Such professionals understand all the requirements for these industries and will guide amateurs to get to space. For instance, a seasoned accountant will help businesses and startups set up accounting structures. It started as freelancing but eventually became a consultant firm and later a company.

    • Business type: Offline / Online
    • Time investment: Medium
    • Earning potential: High

    Conclusion on Business Ideas

    No matter what type of business ideas you will put into practice or how much money you have to invest, I am sure that a few ideas from our list will match your criteria. Just remember that the idea alone is not enough. It takes hard work.

    You have to show passion, persistence, and dedication to overcome all challenges as they arise. If you do, nothing can stop you from joining the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and business people worldwide. Don't procrastinate. Start now working on your future business.

    Do you have an excellent idea for a business? Have I missed anything? Let us know via the comments here below.

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