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23 hours ago, Gardin said:

How can brands increase their profits with display and in-app advertising in the US?

Display and inline advertising provide great opportunities for brands in the US. In our article, "Display and In-page Advertising in the United States," we look at strategies and techniques that will help brands increase their profits.

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Meet our Q4 Event Calendar!

We are pleased to present you our new exclusive event calendar for the fourth quarter of 2023.
It includes all the most important events in the world of affiliate marketing that definitely affect the future of the affiliate and which cannot be missed.

- Download the calendar at the link so that all events are always at hand!

- Reap the benefits with us! Join EVADAV

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On 11/6/2023 at 5:45 PM, Ballalmeena said:

What tools help optimize advertising campaigns?

Platforms like EVADAV provide tools for analyzing and targeting ads, as well as monitoring and optimizing campaigns in real time.

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 Hey, Advertisers & Affiliates!

Who’s looking for a fresh format for monetization?
We advise you to pay attention to the inpage format with custom styles

The EVADAV team has prepared a detailed guide in which all the publisher's questions about the traffic monetization with this format are closed:
- how does the inpage advertising work;
- how it looks on the publisher's site;
- which sites are suitable;
- how to set up the inpage monetization with EVADAV;
- how to affect the CR and earn more.
+ as always, we will not leave you without the inside info from EVADAV show the latest statistics from our partners and give some valuable tips.

Read the detailed guide
Go to blog >> All you need to know about traffic monetization with EVADAV inpage ads | Evadav

Monetize your website with EVADAV: LEADING ADS!

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On 11/13/2023 at 10:41 AM, Phud said:

What is inpage traffic monetization and why is it effective?

Inpage traffic monetization is a way to make money on your website using advertising banners that appear as pop-up notifications. It is effective because banners are visible to all visitors and remain on the screen until closed or clicked, increasing the likelihood of earning money on each click.

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Black Friday Bonuses!

We have prepared delicious bonuses for our dear advertisers! We are holding a bonus draw for those who during the period from 21.11 to 30.11 increase their spend by 25% or more.

Hot bonuses that await you:

> 1st place - $500
> 2nd place - $300
> 3rd place - $200
> 4th place - $100
> 5th place - $50

In order to take part in the drawing, fulfill the following conditions:

- Increase the spend compared to the previous period by 25% (in the period from 21.11 - 30.11 compared to the period 11.11 - 20.11)
- Spend more than $500 for the specified period (11.11 - 20.11)
- For new users, and for those who didn't spend in the period from 11.11 to 20.11, but want to participate in the drawing, it is necessary to spend more than $500 from 21.11 to 30.11.
- Write a letter with the subject “I want a bonus” to [email protected]
- The manager will assign you a unique nickname for the drawing and send it by mail. Be sure to keep it for yourself.
- If you have not received a promotional code before 11.00 CET on 1.12, then write an email to [email protected]

We’ll publish the results of the drawing on December 5th on our blog.

Launch campaigns with EVADAV and reap the benefits with us!

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19 hours ago, Cemianine said:

How to increase income from monetizing inpage traffic?

To increase your revenue, choose the right placement for your banner, set the optimal delay time before showing, place the script on the right pages and try running two ads at the same time to give the user choice.

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On 11/28/2023 at 1:11 PM, Ndabetansh said:

What types of subscriptions are most popular among dating site users in Brazil?

Both premium and trial subscriptions are popular in Brazil, giving users choice and increasing conversions.

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On 12/6/2023 at 10:17 AM, Prelalka said:

Which countries are included in Tier 1 and why are they considered the best for advertising?

Tier 1 countries include the US, UK, Canada and other high-income countries. They are preferred for advertising due to their high purchasing power and developed economy.

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