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Hello, Evadavers!

We want you to be one step ahead of the competition.

Therefore, we have created an exclusive forecast for advertisers and publishers from Evadav experts, in which we will tell you about the trends in 2023 in affiliate marketing.

In this digest, you will learn:
- the most promising traffic sources;
- potentially profitable geo;
- actual vertices;
- the best advertising formats for high CR and CTR;
- the most effective approachesto making creatives;
- major 2023 trends and anti-trends in affiliate marketing.

If you want to feel confident in 2023, start testing current trends and follow the tips from Evadav experts today.

Read the digest

Launch advertising campaigns in 2023 with fire profit
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On 2/1/2023 at 11:46 AM, EvaDav said:
Hello, Evadavers!

We want you to be one step ahead of the competition.

Therefore, we have created an exclusive forecast for advertisers and publishers from Evadav experts, in which we will tell you about the trends in 2023 in affiliate marketing.

In this digest, you will learn:
- the most promising traffic sources;
- potentially profitable geo;
- actual vertices;
- the best advertising formats for high CR and CTR;
- the most effective approachesto making creatives;
- major 2023 trends and anti-trends in affiliate marketing.

If you want to feel confident in 2023, start testing current trends and follow the tips from Evadav experts today.

Read the digest

Launch advertising campaigns in 2023 with fire profit

Thank you for the research paper. I've read it from top to bottom and found it helpful for any affiliate that wants to succeed in 2023. The only thing I do not particularly agree with is voice search optimization for 23 as an affiliate trend.

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Hello, Evadavers!

The winter magic does not end with the holidays. At least the Evadav team believes in it. So we decided to extend this fabulous season with another profitable promo for advertisers with bonuses up to $100 and cashback up to 5%. We are sure it will help you to maximize profit using February’s top geo and verticals.

Best geo at the moment:
- United States of America
- India
- Indonesia

Top results by the vertical:
- Dating
- Gambling
- Goods
- Nutrition
- Gaming

All you need to do to prolong the profit season and get maximum benefits is to participate in our promo. Are you ready?

So, what does it take to make magic happen?

Terms and Conditions:
- Top up the advertiser’s balance and get a guaranteed bonus.
- Create new advertising campaigns on the top geo of this month: US, IN, ID.
- Send a request to [email protected] with the subject: EVADAV FEBRUARY BONUS.
- Increase spending by 10% in the second half of February, 15.02-28.02 (compared to the first one, 01.02-14.02).
- Get your wow cashback up to 5%.

All Evadav advertisers can participate: both new accounts and those who have long been with us, but only with newly launched campaigns on selected geo.

Bonus system:

Each advertiser will receive a top-up bonus of:

The bonus is valid for one replenishment of each advertiser.

After adding and creating an advertising campaign, be sure to write to the support team so that your manager can give you a bonus and help with the targeting settings and all the necessary options for a successful campaign.

The bigger your advertising campaigns and spend, the more cashback you get:

Remember, you create the magic. And the Evadav team will support and help you to make it happen as often as possible.

Go for bonuses and cashback
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Hello, Advertisers!

Celebrity guests, the most expensive TV ads, the best athletes - yes, only a few days left before Super Bowl 2023.

To help you set up an effective campaign for the upcoming Super Bowl, the Evadav team analyzed the previous campaigns and developed a mini-guide to the world of American football. We also created a profitable promo for advertisers, making this event even more memorable and profitable.

No more words; let’s get to business.

What is betting?

It is one of the fastest growing verticals in affiliate marketing with a good income level with the right approach.

It's a huge business in the United States and in the world.

People may refuse the opportunity to see the future, but they will never resist the temptation to play and earn.

The gamble and the desire for profit continue to attract many players to sports betting and are likely to remain at the top for a long time.

Of course, the Betting vertical is the most popular during the Super Bowl.

The general trend is as follows:
During all sports events, the audience becomes more responsive to advertisements and engaged.

Top geo

The leading geo is easy to predict - of course, the USA is the absolute leader in profit and conversion rate, which is expected since the majority of the audience watching the American football competition lives in the United States.

But there are other geos that Evadav's team predicts should also show high financial results, involvement, and enormous CTR.

The best geo look like this:
- United States of America
- India
- Brazil
- Germany
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Evadav tip:
Pay attention that all these countries belong to different levels of traffic, so do not add all these geo to one campaign. The conversion rate will depend on how popular American football is in a country. Use our top geo recommendations and you won’t fail.

The most effective ad formats

Which advertising formats will be the most popular and effective during the Super Bowl?


Inpage and push traffic are very popular now. These formats are ideal for event-oriented campaigns.

We all know that the audience prefers mobile devices, so messages sent at the right time have a good chance of converting users.

Evadav tip:
Do not neglect popunder and native ads. They will also show positive results with the right approach.

Ask your manager for advice, and he will undoubtedly give you the best format for the Super Bowl campaign.

Creatives and how to make them engaging

We recommend using creatives that are thematically close to the target event; their conversion rate is much higher than other images.

Don't forget to test, analyze, leave the most effective creatives, and get the desired profit.

Examples of the best creatives:

General Sports Theme Images


Super Bowl images


Images with American football and its stars


Images with game subtext that trigger the gamble of users



Evadav tip:
If you advertise a betting offer, make sure it is in accordance with the laws of your target regions. It will help you avoid a lot of trouble.

Top offers

Another crucial step for a profitable advertising campaign is selecting the best offer.

Current on Affbank.com:



You can find in MyLead.com:


OfferVault.com offers:


Evadav tip:
Carefully study partner networks and their offer-base, paying attention to their rating. It will allow you to evaluate the prospects of certain offers and choose the best of them.

And, finally, the main surprise from Evadav is the Super Bowl promo for all advertisers

Promo terms:
- top up your ad balance with $500 or more
- create an advertising campaign for the betting category
- be sure to use the creatives of the Super Bowl American football championship
- achieve $100+ spending on this ad campaign
- get extra bonuses from Evadav, while receiving a profit from your skill

Promo’s bonus system:

When you reach $100 spending, send an email to: [email protected] with the theme of SUPERBOWL 2023 to get a $50 bonus.

The bonus will be transferred to the balance within 48 hours from the support team’s reply, on average, within 4 hours.


The bonus is available an unlimited number of times to all advertisers from 07.02.23 to 14.02.23. You must repeat all the conditions of the promo to receive the bonus again.

Extra bonus:

The Evadav team prepared a pack of creatives with high CTR potential.  Available to all our advertisers at the creation of ad campaigns.

Evadav tip:
As a rule, you should run event-oriented campaigns no later than a week before the event. Therefore, we recommend starting the preparation and launch of advertising campaigns today, without delay, because the closer to the Super Bowl, the greater is competition for traffic.

We hope that our promo and this article will help you create converting campaigns and incredible profits at Super Bowl 2023

Go for a super profit with Evadav

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Hello, Advertisers!

The Evadav team is constantly working on improvements. We try to make your day easier and more profitable.

This is crucial to us as we commit to providing more platform upgrades that will improve your experience, advertising efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

And we keep our promise!

This month’s Evadav functional updates:
- the choice of several categories of countries;
- inpage format examples were added;
- developed important tooltips;
- created the unfolding of the bids’ block;
- implemented news section in a personal account.

Now more about each new feature.

Selection of several categories of countries in personal account

Previously, you could select only one category of countries for one advertising campaign.

Now it is possible to select several regions simultaneously in campaign settings.

How it works:
Clicking on the region activates the button which turns green. The button is deactivated when pressed again. Note, the button is highlighted only when there is a complete coincidence of countries.


Also, when creating or editing a campaign, we added the ability to choose the whole world in geo using the «Worldwide» button.


This feature is only available to users who have Worldwide permission. If you need this option - contact the personal manager.

It improves:
New feature speeds up the process of creating an advertising campaign.

Inpage format examples added

The Evadav team developed a demo page for the updated inpage format with custom styles.

In your account you can find the constructor with the following:
- selection of all styles and templates of this format;
- filling all fields: Title, Description, Button Text;
- downloads: Icons and Images.


It improves:
Now each advertiser can test the look of each creative and choose the most vivid and effective before launching the campaign.

Tooltips with user’s current page description

For convenience and simplicity of work, we added pop-up tooltips in the publishers and advertiser’s personal accounts.

To view the pop-up, click the "?" button in the corresponding section of the current page.

> in the user’s account:

- on profile page



> in advertiser’s account:

- on the campaign configuration or editing page in the “Campaign Schedule” block near the “Date start” and “Date end” fields, and on the campaign list page for active campaigns stopped by “Date Start” or “Date End”


- on “Statistics” page


- on the “Campaigns” page


- on the “Campaign Groups” page


- on the “Audiences” page


- on the conversion tracking page


- on the “Level System” page


> in the publisher’s account

- on the “Statistics” page


- on the streaming page


- on the widget page


- on the payment page


- on the CPA page


- on the “Loyalty System” page


It improves:
Facilitates the work of new partners and those who have long been with us; gives important hints for a better understanding of the system settings.

Unfolding of the bids block in the advertiser’s account

In the settings of the advertising campaign in the “Bid” block, the ability to unfold a block of bids for the convenience of viewing the whole list of countries and bids is added.

How It Works:
You need to select a category of geo (for example, tier 1), after which below, when you choose bids, you will see a detailed list of countries and their data (Name country).

The campaign settings in the “Bid” block also include the ability to unfold this block to view the entire list of countries and bids.


The list of countries will only be displayed if there are 4 geos and more.

It improves:
The ability to quickly get the necessary data. It is easy and convenient to look at the whole list of countries and bids.

The functionality is available for all advertisers.

News section in personal account

The Evadav team implemented a news section in the personal account to inform partners about the promo, product updates, and the release of useful materials.

Now it’s almost impossible to miss important news.

How It Works:
Each time there is unread news, the icon will be highlighted with a blue circle in the account’s upper right corner.


The newsfeed format is implemented in chronological order for the possibility to further view the updates.


It is available for all partners.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s updates and that you will work with Evadav with even more pleasure.

We do not plan to stop and are already working on new functionality to expand your opportunities and increase your profit.

Check all Evadav’s updates

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Hello, Advertisers!

Games are vertical in which today affiliates are foretold to be successful. It’s been around for a long time, but in our view, its potential is much greater than you could have imagined, so we cannot ignore it.

The specifics of gaming offers are generally straightforward. Yeah, it’s not a classic niche, but some people think it’s too narrow and specific to work with right now.

We suggest you look at this vertical through the eyes of an advertiser who has chosen one of the most promising directions – games from the category 18+ and earned on it $579.05 with the inpage traffic from Evadav.

Advertiser’s details
Ad format: inpage
Offer type/offer: gaming (adult)
Ad network: Nutaku
Geo: США
Campaign period: 01.11.2022 – 30.11.2022
Total budget: $995,77
Total earned: $1 574,82
Net profit: $579,05
ROI: 58,15%.

Most likely, many have already pondered why the author chose Adult Gaming. That’s where we start.

Games 18+, like everything else from the "adult" category, can be called evergreen vertical. There was a time when every second Internet resource was dedicated to dating or erotica. Today, there is much more information, entertainment, and commercial resources, but the demand for adult theme has not decreased, and it is unlikely that it will ever happen.

Look at the statistics:
Not less than 30% of the total number of visits is to adult websites, including 5% of desktop devices. The attendance rate of one of the most popular resources for an 18+ audience reached 4 billion per month!

In this case, the very human nature guarantees the stability of Adult Gaming for decades to come. Our advertiser has chosen an offer from the Nutaku gaming platform.

According to the owner of Nutaku, the platform’s users have already exceeded 45 million, of which 13 million are women. Today, the service offers more than 400 games, and in one month it is visited by 128 million people.

The choice of geo is obvious. The USA is the leader among the regions for gaming vertical,  and not only. Only European regions could compete with the United States, but the growth prospects for the demand for games are serious for Europeans and Americans.

How to promote gaming offers
Not so long ago gamers were called a group of people who immersed themselves in games. But now you can call gamers almost all of us. Think about it - more than 60% of the population plays today.

Some spend their time in transport, others spend several hours a day on mobile and desktop games, and gaming is work for the third group. It is enough to look at the indicators of the past period of the largest video streaming platform Twitch to assess the scale and involvement of the audience.

Here you can see the latest statistics on the views of the most popular games on Twitch:


A 2022 survey found that 18% of US women play video games 3-6 hours a week. Another 6% play between 13 to 24 hours a week. 9% of the male audience spends the same time playing video games. The survey also found that only 30% of women and 25% of men in the US do not play video games.

Features and prospects of gaming vertical
Even 20 years ago, desktop games entirely covered the market, and the emerging consoles did not really compete for PC gaming; only Asian countries felt it. Today, a radically different picture emerges, but even 20% of PC games supporters indicate the vast demand in this segment.

The leadership of mobile games was not in doubt 10 years ago, but in fact, the revenues of AAA projects for desktops are still not inferior to even the most popular applications (although everyone plays games on smartphones, without exception). Therefore, affiliate marketing is irrelevant for developers of AAA games and game consoles. It means that arbitrators work only with individual categories of gaming offers, covering a particular layer of the audience. But with 60% involvement, there can be no doubt about high demand.

Rapid growth in the gaming industry has been observed since the beginning of the pandemic. But the trend continued, people got used to playing.

Interesting to know:
Statista estimates the mobile gaming industry generated $41.7 billion in revenue last year. Analysts predict that in 2023 this figure will exceed 100 billion dollars. And by 2026, gaming will engage +1.3 billion people.

A key factor for the development of online games is the availability of mobile devices, the Internet and compatibility with modern game market products. Users do not need to buy expensive consoles and licensed disks. One can play here and now!

Types of adult gaming offers
Adult games are the most common and popular niche for arbitrators.

It is only a tiny part of the total gaming vertical, but it is 80% promoted through affiliate marketing. And so, despite the great competition, there are plenty of offers for everyone.

Let’s look at the classification of adult gaming offers or what arbitrators have to choose.

> Desktop games (PC Downloadable) are all those that need to be pre-installed on the PC, except for the AAA games mentioned above. Such projects are run on desktop, although they may have a mobile version in application format.

> Browser games (PC/Mobile Browser) are much more in demand than desktop games. It is easy to work with such offers. But, given the severe competition, we do not recommend beginners to gain experience with gaming offers focused on mobile.

> Mobile apps (Android Apps) are projects from independent developers (or groups) created without any support from large publishers. The demand for them is growing, popular streamers are increasingly switching to such games. Since classic promotion strategies are not relevant for them, their developers choose affiliate marketing.

Adult game developers have long been accustomed to working with affiliates and are familiar with their methods. And it allows you to create  fruitful cooperation with professionals who understand how to achieve the goal. And that’s another plus of the Adult Gaming vertical.

It should be noted that it is not a strict classification of the offer, but individual groups, based on a number of parameters that help to navigate beginners in the gaming vertical. One offer often belongs to several groups at the same time.

Just like our author’s offer is in the category of mobile and desktop adult games.

Payment models in adult gaming offers
Based on the KPI’s target action, there are several payment models in the offers of adult gaming:

> DOI (Double Opt-In) – double confirmation registration, where the user should enter contact details (mobile or email address). An email with the confirmation link will be sent to this address or number. Only this way the conversion will be counted.

> CPS – payment or credit card data entry. Offers with this target action have higher payouts but also are more difficult to work with. Beginners are not recommended to start with them. This model may provide you a payment for the purchase of full game access by a user or a fixed rate - it is enough that the user’s card is valid and with money on the account.

> Tutorial – user’s training in the game will be a targeted action for which the affiliate will be rewarded.

> CPI – the payment for installing the game app. Be careful when choosing such offers: sometimes, conversion is counted after the user starts the game at least once.

> RevShare – in this case, the arbitrator receives a percentage of the game owner’s income for each player purchase,, that is, repeatedly. RevShare gives the ability to have a long-term passive income until the user removes the application.

Adult games - where to collect traffic?

Today, the Top regions for earning on adult games from Evadav experts look like this:
- India
- Indonesia
- Germany
- Great Britain
- Brazil
- Italy
- Georgia
- Turkey
- Japan
- Israel

Evadav tip:
To choose a promising geo, we recommend not using other people’s experience or your intuition but contacting Evadav’s personal manager for current statistics.

By 2022, the USA was the most productive region with a share of total global revenue from the gaming industry - as much as 28%, slightly behind Japan, earning 20%. But it’s not just the Japanese and the Americans who deserve attention in the gaming offer promotion, the Europeans are not far behind.

On the other hand, there are no deficit regions for this segment. Adult games are prevalent everywhere, but buying quality traffic is often impossible.

Formally, any network offers traffic for any region but is confined to specific geo. And most often it is countries with English-speaking populations. Therefore, when looking for traffic among the Western audience, choosing sites originating from Asia or the CIS is absolutely hopeless. First we select geo and CPA networks with more coverage in this region.

The target audience for adult gaming
Statistics refute entirely the stereotype that men make up most of adult gaming’s target audience. There is a slight difference in the proportion of men and women playing adult games for all age groups.

Therefore, it is possible to focus on males 18-54 and females 18-45 years with different income levels.

Traditional adult sites are in demand, but today people want to participate, not just watch. Gaming Adult is an interactive, virtual reality feature.

The most efficient traffic channels
Choosing the traffic source for adult games assumes these options.

> Platforms 18+ – websites with erotic or pornographic content. Here is the most loyal audience, which easily agrees to follow and register, providing a high conversion.

> Social media accounts for almost half of the gaming traffic, but they all work differently. Facebook is ideal for adult games (not without cloaking, of course); there is not the youngest audience, but the main traffic for this direction is to look in this network. However, mobile games are not welcome; unlike Instagram, where there are different audiences, it is easier to find the target users, but the traffic volume is much less. The greatest potential for adult games is in TikTok - young people are willing to click on gaming advertising, especially erotic and for mobile devices. Do not forget about moderation; advertising adult offers on social networks is prohibited.

> Influencers (streamers). Promoting adult gaming through them is very difficult, but it is highly effective due to the most relevant audience.

> Websites for gamers - advertisements can be placed on thematic sites, such as manga or anime. It is where cartoon game lovers gather.

> Advertising networks are objectively the best source. Evadav is a platform with quality traffic for different directions, including adult gaming. The main thing - make sure that the network supports this type of offer, then configure advertising campaigns correctly and use all the network features.

The best advertising formats for Adult
Traditionally, push, popunders, inpage and native advertising promote 18+ offers. You can only find the best for a particular offer by testing.

Evadav tip:
For a successful launch, we recommend using several advertising formats at once - for example, native ads or push notifications to warm up the audience, popunder - to trigger it. Inpage is highly effective for adult games promotion. Customization by Evadav makes them more clickable.

Whatever format you choose, it is crucial to demonstrate the playing process, the character’s appearance, and the player’s emotions when promoting games from the 18+ category.

Dynamic advertising content organically looks on the platforms with video content - Instagram and TikTok with gamers of any gender and age group.


Video content in the advertisement allows the user to understand that this game can be fun to spend time on. Whatever you use - unique game features, specific scenarios, the process of character interaction, it’s better than static ads.


Creatives and landings for Adult Gaming
Since adult gaming is not a "white" vertical, approaches to creating creatives depend on the traffic source. Moderation of social networks prohibits explicit creatives. And not all advertising networks cope with adult direction. So before you make creatives, learn the website's requirements for advertising.

Where to get creatives:
5. Create your own - evaluate the rationality of such a choice because it requires specific skills and time.

6. Order from professionals - make sure this person makes unique creatives, not plagiarism.

7. Spy services - here, you can track current campaigns and watch and borrow promotional materials from competitors.

8. Photo stocks - having specific skills, you can also search for suitable adult images.

Evadav tip:
It is crucial not to copy creatives but to improve and unitize. No matter how successful the advertising campaign is, all creatives and bundles burn out sooner or later.

Recommendations for effective creatives

When making creatives to promote adult gaming, follow the recommendations:
- Unified style of advertising creatives and landing page (corresponding to the picture of the game itself) - color scheme, design so that users do not have a visual dissonance;
- Minimum text - remember that visualization is more important for gaming, so even landing should contain more pictures and videos and very little text in the form of abstracts and comments;
- Many creatives - in one advertising campaign, you need to prepare several creatives for different groups of users and several universal ones;
- Nativity - making creatives, think of them when scrolling pages; they should become part of the user’s way and not stand out from the general topic;
- Demonstration of the game and features - use the most exciting fragments, characters or their creation process, game options, specific scenarios, and levels-ups.


- The user as the player. Show the character he is controlling and invite him to make a choice, accompanied by a call to visit the landing page.


- Dialogue with the character - model a conversation or any other interaction of characters on the game’s theme.
- Video reactions - a working approach for Instagram and TikTok, which is to demonstrate strong user emotions from the game;
- Advertising in the style of reviews, opinions, and compilations - relevant for TikTok;
- Chat games - use game discussions as if characters are communicating outside the game;
- Subtitles and text with a call to action - many people view muted videos, so you must ensure that they can communicate information without sound.
- Targeted keywords - the text should contain keywords that users can get to this offer.

Examples of successful creatives:

snapshot4.png snapshot5.png

Ad campaign setup
The author of the case chose an offer with a simple game Fap CEO. It took some time to find out that this adult game has a low entrance threshold, is aimed at a wide audience, and most importantly, is popular among users.

This offer is payable at a RevShare of 20%.


The advertiser has prepared several pre-landers where he used standard approaches for adult:
- warned of "adult" content;
- specified the age and type of device.







Evadav tip:
Note that before a user gets to the landing page, he must complete five steps. In our view, the funnel should have been a little shorter, but let’s see how that turned out.

Our advertiser has chosen the inpage format in custom System style. Judging by the CTR, throughout the campaign, the audience liked the creative. He selected the game fragment from the official promo and briefly hinted at the game point.


He has set a bid a little above the recommended and almost did not limit targeting by device type or operating systems at the start.

The English language was set, as 80% of the US population is English-speaking.


Two weeks later, the stats were like this:


The author limited the daily budget and set advertising display hours as part of the optimization. Campaigns with adult games are irrational to promote during the day when the target audience is at work.

He also set the Automated Rules to prevent the manual setting of black and white lists.

He also changed the creative to more explicit:


Here’s what happened a couple of weeks later:


As we can see from the statistics, the campaign went into minus before the optimization, but then the advertiser came to quite a decent ROI - 58%.

The RevShare payouts will gradually decrease, and there is nothing to do with it, as any game sooner or later gets boring. But the campaign can be updated; try to collect traffic from another geo.

In general, if the adult game is popular, it is worth working more with this offer.

Evadav’s recommendations and life hacks
The promotion of games from prohibited directions seems to many to be extremely risky. But our advertisers have already proven that such a risk is justified. So, if you haven’t already risked working with an adult offer, try to finally do it and permanently change the idea of this vertical.

Finally, we have prepared several expert recommendations:

> use all targeting options in the affiliate network to target your audience as accurately as possible and to maximize its reach;

> demonstrate the game experience in the video advertising format;

> choose sites with free video content for higher conversion;

> choose premium Evadav traffic and you will get traffic from high conversion sources, manually checked by our managers;

> test - based on bundles and creatives A/B testing, you can optimize the campaign at any stage, and collect more data for sources;

> connect automated rules if you do not want to optimize the campaign manually;

> use black and white lists to manage sources effectively;

> use an inpage format with custom styles to increase the clickability of your ads.

Final thoughts
The results of this case confirmed that Adult Gaming is a vertical that deserves attention. Adult games are played without exaggeration in almost all regions. A huge selection of geo, high payouts, many approaches to creating promo materials, simple settings, and no problem that the vertical is not "white".

Offers with adult games have excellent performance on adult platforms, where they look native and interact with the target audience.

Do not neglect the gaming vertical; try to find your working bundle and share your cases with us.

Launch gaming campaign with Evadav

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Hello, Advertisers!

The USA is a vast field for experimentation, and we cannot fail to tell you about the prospects and intricacies of working with this region.

The Evadav team created a detailed guide dedicated to the Tier 1 leader – the USA. The largest and most diverse audience, generous payouts, stable currency rate, high income, and maximum interest in new offers – yes, it’s all about the United States.

In our new guide, you will learn the following:
- features of US audience: mentality, language, preferences, life priorities;
- prospects of geo and top verticals with the latest statistics;
- advertising formats that bring the most conversion;
- approaches to making creatives with vivid examples;
- life hacks to create an effective 2023 strategy for the United States.

You’re about to make a real little trip to the USA and, of course, to get exclusive recommendations from Evadav experts for your cosmic ROI.

USA geo features

The United States of America is a nation in North America with a vast territory and population of more than 333 million.

USA is a multilingual country. Although the English-speaking population has an absolute advantage (80%) and English has official status in 32 states, more than 300 languages are spoken.

Before collecting traffic among residents of the states, note that they have these features:
- patriotism, pride in country and history, so at least half of them try to buy domestic products;
- enterprise and planning - Americans know how to manage money, find solutions, and make profitable deals; so always indicate the benefits of the offer for them;
- optimism, faith in oneself and luck, so they participate with enthusiasm in online draws, online casinos, and betting;
- literacy, 99% of Americans are literate people, so be honest with them, do not hide your interest;
- affability and friendliness - whether residents of California or Texas, they are happy to do a small service free of charge;
- need for comfort - they want to have a beautiful and cozy home, a lot of different household appliances, and good cars;
- high self-esteem and healthy selfishness - yes, Americans value themselves and strive to be better than others, so focus on the exclusivity and uniqueness of the offer.
- pickiness - a US resident will not wait a few months for a cheap product from AliExpress;
- quality is a priority for every American; discounts and promotions for them are not so attractive, but rather, on the contrary - raise doubts about quality.

Best advertising formats

When working with the US audience, the most effective formats are:
>  video format;
> interstitial;
> inpage;
> banners;
> native ads;
> push notifications;
> popunder.

Top verticals

Let’s look at the top verticals in the United States, together with the latest display statistics from January 2023.

The TOP 6 verticals in affiliate marketing in the US are:
- Dating
- Webcam
- Gambling
- Betting
- Gaming
- Nutra

Approaches to making creatives and landing pages

Americans love to play action and adult, arcade, and casual games.

The advertiser’s task is to show the most vivid and fascinating game moments, characters, and bonuses.

Such creatives in inpage format with the System-template with bright, dynamic images will show larger clickability:


Evadav tip:
update creatives more often so as not to annoy potential leads. Also note that the same game sooner or later annoys the user, so try new platforms

The USA is the most profitable geo for online dating. Almost 300 million Americans spend time on dating websites and apps. Most conversions come from 25-35 years old audiences, but LTV and bill are higher in the 50+ category.

Evadav tip:
use English in creatives, realistic photos, macros of the city in the title and Social Style for inpage advertising to make a pop-up notification look like a new social network message.

snapshot2.png snapshot3.png

Today there are at least 10 gadgets in every American family. In this regard, device protection programs are relevant for the population of the United States of America.

Use the following approaches in creatives to advertise antivirus apps:
- use icons and images with threat attributes, symbolizing danger;
- select scary headers with warnings about the threat or detection of viruses;
- offer free trial periods;
- focus on popular brands.


Evadav tip:
disguise ads as system notifications using custom inpage styles available in campaign settings.

The people of all the states, without exception, share a common passion for gambling. The operation of Internet casinos in the US requires the creation of an offline institution and purchasing of a license.

Evadav tip:
Choose gambling offers with a local license.

Use the following elements:
- vivid images showing the winnings and strong emotions of players for creatives;
- pre-landers with "wheel of fortune", where the user, essentially, will win and go already "warm" to the landing page;
- casinos and slot machines widgets and attributes.


For the US audience, most of the offers from this vertical are suitable, as more than 50% of Americans use biologically active supplements regularly and systematically, and 10% use 4 supplements a day.

To make cool creatives for Nutra offers:
- do not scare users with the shocking words "cancer", "impotence";
- do not address political or racial issues, Americans are negative about them;
- show a concrete result from the supplement use in photos "Before" and "After";
- use pre-lander in the local language.


Almost every US citizen, even the poor and homeless, has access to the Internet. And they have long preferred online shopping, easily part with money, and often with credit.

In creatives for the offers from this vertical:
- do not use direct calls to action ("Buy", "Download", "Order", "Subscribe", "Make a first deposit"). Americans do not like when they are persuaded to buy;
- refuse to promote low-quality goods and cheap, unnecessary things. Americans will always defend their rights in court if they find the slightest discrepancy to their expectations;
- focus on the uniqueness of the offer and the exclusivity of the product.


Webcam resources reach up to 5 million visits per day.

People (viewers) interested in offers from this vertical are often lonely, want to have an interesting leisure time, and, in fact, are ready to pay for it.

To bring many conversions, creatives must be intriguing and personalized.


Evadav tip:
Accurately identify the target audience and use users’ "pain" in creatives, landings, and pre-landers - "Lonely?" "Do you want a no-strings-attached relationship?" "Looking for a partner nearby?".

As people in the United States are gamblers, the Betting vertical shows no less conversion than Gambling.

While sports and eSports betting offers align with trends, the approaches remain the same and work well.

Use the same approaches as in work with gambling in creatives for betting offers:
- offer bonuses to Americans;
- use wow-icons and images that show the emotions of winning;
- logos of famous sports brands, club logos, and player photos work well;
- intriguing questions to users are also effective ("Guess who will win?").


Evadav tip:
synchronize the launch of promotional events with sports events, and watch the schedule of matches and forecasts. In this vertical, your income directly depends on the offer’s relevance!

Evadav experts’ recommendations

And finally we will give you some expert advice from Evadav, which will help you to master this market and not waste your first budget:
6. Choose an inpage format for advertising campaigns. The Classic custom style shows the highest conversion.
7. At the campaign start, launch several creatives at once.
8. Limit the frequency capping for the new white list to 1.
9. Use automated rules.
10. Choose Evadav premium traffic.

Read the complete guide 2023 Advertising Strategy for USA

Launch US-campaign with Evadav

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Evadav team is glad to announce fantastic promos for you! Keep reading to find out more.

Starting from Mar 7, create and launch new advertising campaigns on the top geos:

- US
- ID
- BR
- UK
- IT
- JP

And pay attention to the top verticals:

- Dating
- Webcam  
- Gambling
- Betting
- Trading
- Nutra
- Apps

Here what you will get:
- $50 bonus for the 5% growth of the spend compared to the 20.02.23 - 06.03.23 period;
- $100 bonus for the 10% growth of the spend compared to the 20.02.23 - 06.03.23 period

How to Get a Bonus?
Get the bonus by emailing us at [email protected] with the subject line "march bonus" within the period after the end of the activity on 22.03.23 - 26.03.23.

The promo will last from Mar 7 till Mar 21.

And There is More!
All devices are beeping from greeting Push messages; e-commerce sites offer In-Page and Native ads, as well as Popunder - it’s 8 March!

We are greeting all the women on International Woman's Day! On this day, let’s thank every woman in our life and show them love. Happy Woman’s Day!

To this occasion, we’ve prepared one more bonus surprise for you:

Get +8% for replenishing your balance up to $1000 by using the promo code march8!

Launch your campaigns with Evadav

Read also: AI Tools for Affiliates

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  • 2 weeks later...
1 hour ago, RevooD said:

What are the main advantages of the EvaDav ad network compared to other networks?

The main advantages of EVADAV include a high level of targeting, innovative advertising formats, a convenient interface, quick moderation and a personal manager for each client.

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Hello, Evadavers!

While some wonder how to promote their website, others have already found the most effective, efficient, and safe way to increase traffic quickly.

Remember, a well-attended platform is not only a direct income for the webmaster but also an excellent opportunity for additional monetization, such as push subscriptions.

The author of our case chose our advertising network Evadav with high-quality and verified traffic. He shared with us his experience in driving traffic to his website.

Are you ready?

Publisher’s details

So, in this case, a website with video content for adults is the target platform for driving traffic. And therefore, the audience of this offer is 18+.


As you know, promoting such a project in standard ways is difficult, which explains the chosen method's relevance. The publisher decided to test Evadav's US popunder traffic - the top geo for the 18+ category. Let's see how it met his expectations.

- offer type/offer: content website (adult video-content)/ cams.xvideos.com
- ad format: popunder
- device: mobile
- OS: Android
- ad network: Evadav
- geo: USA
- campaign period: 19.02.23 – 20.03.23
- total budget: $848,38
- total clicks gained: 1 303 229

The choice of geo is justified - video content for adults is viral in the states.

Interesting fact:
By the way, statistically, 80% of Americans pay for subscriptions to receive videos on demand. We can see an increase in the number of consumers who have a video-on-demand service (SVOD) in the US from 2015 to 2022:


A poll conducted in 2022 among 8,732 Americans found that 66% watch videos on smartphones.

Therefore, the author of the case chose mobile Android traffic.

By the way, arbitrators love adult offers. They are "evergreen," understandable even for newbies, available for various geo, and easy to access the American market.

Moreover, on our publisher's site, users did not need to subscribe; click is enough for conversion. These are popular among affiliates.

Why the popunder format?

You probably heard that popunder traffic is “cold” and cheap. Then why did the publisher choose this format?

Pop traffic is more common where people can get the desired information for free (for example, to watch a movie), so even pop-ups without their consent do not annoy them.

At the same time, many people come for specific content on the content site and typically respond to such offers. And most importantly - if the platform is profound, then non-quality and bot traffic is eliminated.

Evadav has its own anti-fraud system, which pleases the quality of even popunder traffic.

Features of the content site vertical

The content site is not a new vertical but a well-forgotten old one. Standard offers include the following:
- payment for registration;
- buying access to exclusive content;
- paid user subscription to information products and services;
- trial access to media files.

If the user is looking for a movie, to access it in HD Ultra-quality, he needs to register and pay for access, say, 1$. To do this, the user needs to enter the data of his payment or credit card, which will be charged the service's total cost after the trial period.

Subscriptions are relevant through CC Submit and direct billing of mobile operators. People are used to such offers and respond to them normally, especially in countries from tier 1.

To drive traffic to the content site, you must constantly monitor popular and long-tail keywords and adapt the landing pages to each query and geo.

Even when you only need a free registration to view content, it is challenging to promote some resources if their content, as our partner, is related to prohibited topics.

In this case, we are dealing with adult traffic. Oddly enough, there is fierce competition among websites. Webmasters are ready to use any method of fighting competitors, including aligning with search engines filters. So affiliate marketing is the best way to raise the metric.

Offer types

The offers from this vertical are divided into:
- news websites;
- blogs;
- aggregator sites or catalogs that collect information on various companies and services;
- video hosting, online cinemas;
- manga and anime
- thematic resources for narrow niches (for accountants, canine keepers, bankers, etc.);
- online libraries
- photo stocks.

Best ad formats for a website with 18+ video content

The following advertising formats are effective in promoting adult offers:
- popunder
- push notifications;
- inpage
- native.

You need to test to determine which format is most effective for your product. Unfortunately, however, not everyone is ready to budget for tests.

Evadav tip:
Try Evadav’s inpage traffic for your campaigns. This format covers iOS users. Such advertising drives a new solvent audience.

Popunder traffic for content website

The script of the popunder, integrated into the website code, automatically runs the landing page. The target page appears not over the working tab but under it, and therefore you can count on the high loyalty of the audience. In this case, popunders and clickunders are the least aggressive form of pop-up advertising.

Popunder does not block content; it unobtrusively waits for the user to finish his work and pay attention to it. He does this on his own accord, which means he wants to see the offer, and the probability of the target action is several times higher.

Benefits of popunder traffic for the content website

- No creatives. Quality triggering landing page - everything you need to get the lead.
- Low click cost relative to other formats.
- Huge Reach.
- Adapted advertising for all types of devices.
- The large traffic volume according to CPM-model (payment for thousand impressions).

Effective landing page for the popunder

The target page, run by the popunder script, is the only option to convert the visitor to a lead.

Mandatory components of landing page:
- interesting "catching" title;
- the main text, concisely describing the essence of the offer;
- eye-catching CTA button ("register!", "act", "subscribe", etc.).

Use this checklist to create an effective landing page for your campaign:

> the target page weighs less than 200 Kb and downloads in less than 2 seconds;
> the text is simple to understand and clearly describes the essence of the offer;
> the title intrigues and motivates to read the offer;
> page design is bright, not overloaded with text and images, and contains interactive elements;
> you can use various triggers: discounts, gifts, bonuses, special offers, countdowns, and anything that helps to retain the user.

Examples of quality landing pages, which are likely to bring a lot of leads, look like this:





Please note:
Here are the proper titles, the essence of the offer is clearly described, the visuals look harmonious, and the fonts are selected correctly. CTA buttons with accents on urgency - "Watch now", benefit - "Sign up for free".

And the following landing pages are poorly made. Look at them and try not to repeat these mistakes.


Such landing is uninformative and boring, and the font size is chosen incorrectly. The title is not intriguing but, instead, forces you to register.

Evadav tip:
Try not to use words that subconsciously cause resistance ("buy", "order", "register") in the text of the landing page. Replace them with a softer and more friendly "join", "try", "get bonuses", etc.

And there's no data entry form on this landing page:


In addition, we would recommend changing the call to action, otherwise the user will get confused.

Ad campaign setup

Okay, let's dive into settings.

The owner of the offer targeted mobile traffic from the USA. The country is multilingual, so the browser's language was not chosen. The publisher was interested in the users of Android devices with any browser. He did not limit the number of impressions and the budget.


CPM at the start was $2.42; a week later, on the manager's recommendation, it was raised to $2.83.

Landing, in our opinion, is effective, and the registration form is minimalistic:


Within a week, the campaign showed the following results:



According to the weekly test results, the partner optimized the campaign. On the advice of the personal manager, the publisher raised the bid, and added automated rules so that non-convertible zones would automatically go to the blacklists.

Advertising was inexpensive, so limits on display and budget were not applied.

The final statistics a month after the launch looked like this:


The case author received 1,303,229 clicks and doubled the traffic, investing only $848.38.

To date, he continues cooperating with our Evadav advertising platform as a webmaster, monetizing his adult traffic with push subscriptions. But this is another story. The partner promised to share the results in the following case.

Expert tips from Evadav

11. Target one geo in one advertising campaign.
So it is easier to win the auction and get objective statistics for optimization and better results.
12. Install the CPM above the recommended by the system.
The higher the bid, the more in-demand traffic sources you buy, and the more you get traffic and leads.
13. Set postback up.
Do not ignore the importance of tracking conversion information.
14. Add automated rules.
This option will optimize the campaign without your participation.
15. Pay attention to technical optimization.
The audience won’t wait for a page he hasn’t even requested to upload.
16. Set a daily limit for the campaign budget.
This way, you can control the cost of purchasing traffic.
17. Explore and analyze the market.
If you do not know how to do the proper landing page, see promotional materials of the current campaigns of other advertisers in spy services.
18. Adjust display frequency capping.
Set no more than one daily show for one user to avoid annoying them.
19. Use pre-landers to promote sites on prohibited thematics.
So you can go through the moderation on the platforms with strict requirements for advertising, eliminate non-target traffic and warm up interested users.
20. Use Evadav’s personal manager tips.
He’s interested in your results!

Final thoughts

A content site is a vast vertical in traffic arbitration with many directions and opportunities. With the real case example, we showed that Evadav’s popunder traffic converts perfectly.

With low CPM and minimal partner participation, the traffic volume to the site with 18+ video content more than doubled and brought 1 303 229 clicks.

Buy Evadav’s quality traffic

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Hello, Advertisers!

Nutra is a classic evergreen vertical in affiliate marketing.

In addition to making excellent earnings (this industry brings billions of dollars to advertisers annually), the Nutra vertical requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior, making it ideal for affiliate marketing.

The Evadav team has created a detailed step-by-step guide in which you will learn:
- vertical's features, prospects, and problems;
- the target audience of Nutra offers;
- promising traffic and geo channels;
- working approaches to making creatives;
- the best advertising formats for promotion;
- the secrets of profitable advertising campaigns;
- and, of course, actual advertising statistics to inspire you to even more fiery results!

Immersion in the world of Nutra and exclusive advice from  Evadav experts for profitable campaigns and ROI await you.

What is Nutra vertical?

Nutra is biologically active supplements, dietary products, minerals and vitamins, and cosmetic products. This vertical has many directions.

> Target audience is mostly women aged 35-55, but there are also men aged 25-40.
> Competition level: consistently high.
> Traffic cost: average.
> Pricing model: COD, SS-offers, and Trial.
> Offer type: "white" - the user gets a product that could solve his problem. But with 18+ products, you will have to bypass the moderation.
> Difficulty level: It’s easy to start with Evadav traffic.
> Geo: The highest conversion is in the countries from Tier 1 and Tier 2. You can also try Tier 3.

Features of Nutra offers: relevance, problems, and prospects

Even experienced arbitrage managers can hardly promote dietary supplements.

Let’s see what problems advertisers face when working with Nutra offers:
- high traffic requirements (most often geo from Tier 1 are listed in offers’ KPIs. Tier 2, and 3 geos are rare);
- consumers are often unaware of some of the supplements that could potentially solve their problem until they see the advertisement. Therefore, Nutra can't be found through search engines, which means that it is simply pointless to promote it with keywords;
- high competition, tough to advertise Nutra in Tier 1, but the level of payouts motivates ideally;
- leading the user to conversion is difficult, and it's nothing to do here without warming up;
- Nutra vertical products target the solvent audience - there are no cheap goods, so it is even more challenging to get the lead from Tier 2 and 3.
But look, what results can be achieved with the right approach:


Best geo for Nutra offers

The list of the most stable leaders to date looks like this:
- India
- Indonesia

Secondary geo which also show good conversion:
- Germany
- Great Britain
- Brazil
- Italy
- Georgia
- Japan
- Israel

Evadav tip:
Pre-analyze the relevance of the offer in any geo to get a good CR. Do not neglect Asian countries. Demand for Nutra is good. Yes, the payouts are lower, but large volumes and low traffic costs offset this.

Target audience

At first glance, it may seem that the target traffic should be sought among the young and progressive generation.

But in fact, it turns out that the products of non-traditional medicine mainly interest adults.

Generation Z trusts exclusively evidence-based medicine, pays dearly for consultations with specialists, and buys individual nutritional plans. Sometimes the young audience is also interested in "wonder pills", but adults - much more often.

Traffic sources

You can use any traffic source for Nutra offers — social media, Google Ads, teaser networks, marketplace, push.
Effective advertising formats

The following formats work perfectly for Nutra offers advertising.
> classic push notifications;
> popunder;
> native ads;
> inpage.

Evadav tip:
To promote Nutra products, choose Classic-style - such ads show the best CR and CTR in beauty and health offers. Please note that custom styling is an exclusive feature from Evadav.

Nutra attracts advertisers for a reason. If you do everything correctly, spend the budget wisely, and use all the options of the advertising network and recommendations from the Evadav team, ROI will only please you.

Read the guide on promoting dietary supplements, and don't be afraid to test the Nutra offers.

Read the guide

Launch Nutra-campaign with Evadav

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4 hours ago, ettron said:

Does EvaDav have an affiliate program, and what conditions does it offer?

EvaDav offers an affiliate program where you can earn up to 5% commission on the earnings of the publishers and advertisers you referred. Details and conditions of participation can be found on our website or from your personal manager.

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17 hours ago, Dunarushy said:

Which countries are the most profitable to work with EvaDav?

The most profitable countries to work with EvaDav are USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on your niche and campaign.

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Hello, Evadavers!

Online trading is a complex niche for earning money, where most people drop out of the race, losing money. But direct advertisers and arbitrators have made and will continue to earn money until people's thirst for "easy money" and the desire for a better life wears off.

We want to show you an advertiser’s case which perfectly demonstrates the relevance of the vertical in Europe and will close the doubts about the quality of Evadav pop traffic if you still have them.

So, the author of the case is an arbitrator who chose an offer from a direct advertiser and decided to test the Evadav popunder traffic on it. Olymp Trade is an international multilingual platform for online trading, where you can earn on various types of assets, including cryptocurrency, shares, stock indexes, assets of commodity segment, currency, etc.



The trading platform looks decent, neat, and beginner-friendly. It has a demo version, quick support, and a mobile app. But we are not traders with you, and in this case, Olymp Trade interests us as an offer of the arbitrator, who wanted to drive the popunder traffic from European countries and chose the right source - Evadav.

So let’s start with a bundle:
offer: olymptrade.com
affiliate network: direct advertiser
payment model: CPL (payment for registration)
ad format: popunder
geo: EU, Tier 1
traffic type: mobile
OS: Android
campaign period: 21.02.23 – 22.03.23

The problem of lack of money is eternal for most people in all countries. Everyone wants to improve their financial situation, but not everyone is willing to take risks and invest. Therefore, the main problem of the advertiser promoting a trading offer is to lead the potential clients to the target action, to work out objections, and show what "pains" they can close if they register on the trading exchange.

The advertiser targeted mainly European countries from tier1. Remember, Europeans - solvent, gambling, but already quite sophisticated. They are difficult to surprise or induce spontaneous decisions; they are prudent, calculating, financially literate, and reluctant to part with money. But with the proper approach, the conversion is feasible.

What is trading?

The essence of online trading is simple and old as the world: buy assets (currency, stocks, crypto, and any securities) when they fall in value, and then sell when their price rises. The difference in value is the trader's earnings.

At first glance, the work is not dusty, and the income is decent. But there is a nuance: to not lose all capital at once, it is essential to have financial literacy, catch the "mood" of the market, and adjust to trends. It's necessary, even if a robot replaces you.

Forbes' most successful traders admitted relying on mathematical models to make decisions. One of the world's best traders, Mark Minervini, claims that success depends not on finding the lowest point but on the ability to enter the trend.

Therefore, most users of trading platforms are beginning traders, of which only a few will become professionals. But many people will always be willing to try, as the chance for a "beautiful" life, tons of money, and luxury attributes are powerful triggers.

Obviously, the pandemic, the popularization of offers from bordering verticals, the unstable economic situation, the political crisis, and the war have increased the demand for trading offers.

The dynamics of currencies and the share price index in developing and developed countries also contribute to this:


Trading offers types

A wide range of offers represents the trading vertical: players can earn here on the exchange rate of currencies, securities, precious metals, shares of marketplaces and large companies, and digital assets.

Benefits of trading offers for arbitrators

> Trading offers have a low entry threshold (compared to crypto, gambling, and betting), especially if KPI is minimal. Vertical is good for beginners.
> Different traffic sources, including free and shareware (Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, Instagram, or local social networks in current geo), are relevant for this direction.
> In addition to direct promotion, here you can use various bundles, offering, for example, trading tutorials or programs for automatic trading on the asset exchange.
> Trading is not as strictly regulated by law as related verticals.
> Advertising trading offers are easier to moderate.

Target audience

Potential traders are men 25-45 years old who can be middle management and entrepreneurs. The target audience of trading offers is those who have heard something about investment, have economic education and understand the phrase "money makes money."

By the way, as in gambling, for example, you can count on the poorly educated and desperate guys who are ready to invest everything and hardly feel the "smell of easy money."

But for the advertiser, they are not as valuable as the first type. Why? Because they have very little money, and after losing the latter, they usually do not return and generate income through a trading platform or arbitrage.

Payment models

Arbitrators usually receive a CPA-model fee: for registration (CPL) or first deposit (CPS).

Some partners offer an additional return on RevShare. In this case, the arbitrator receives a commission for the platform’s income from the user, and this may be a very long-term passive income if the user stays on the stock exchange.

How to promote trading offers

Approaches to their promotion depend on what audience you want to attract: "big sharks" ready to change the platform or "fresh blood" - who have heard something about such earnings but have not tried yet.

Evadav tip:
If you want to "warm up" a new audience and lead to target action, the whole focus should be on the opportunity to change one's life and realize all material dreams. We’ll show how to do this in examples further down the case.

Where to look for traffic for trading offers?
Traffic for trading offers can be safely searched in:
- Singapore
- Brazil
- India
- Malaysia
- Saudi Arabia.

Generally, advertisers can choose any country with the following:
- unstable economic situation;
- low income
- harsh working conditions.

Where the local population has no other ways to improve their financial situation, online trading is increasingly attractive to people. And a commercial like "Working two hours a day and making more than my boss. Do you want to do the same?" still works perfectly.

Best traffic sources

Most sources and advertising formats are suitable for promoting trading platforms (unless specific types of received traffic are specified in the offer).

But since the subject is complex and the competition is high, testing can take a long time until you find a working bundle.

So, to earn on trading offers you can use the following:

Paid sources

> СРА-networks – are intermediary platforms that help advertisers and arbitrators find each other. Here you can buy traffic with the necessary parameters for your site and arbitration. Choosing a partner with good reviews is essential to get high-quality traffic and not merge the budget, never having received conversions. Evadav traffic is one of the best in the market thanks to its anti-fraud system.

Test Evadav traffic

> Contextual advertising - effective, quick, simple, but expensive. Even direct advertisers who can afford to buy advertising from search giants and bend to their strict requirements prefer choosing other ways.
> Banner advertising - more suitable for increasing brand awareness, but it is also quite relevant for trading offers as an additional channel.

Free sources

> Thematic platforms are any resources, forums, and publics devoted to financing, investment, or related areas, where you can leave a link to the offer.
> Social networks: You can promote offers in relevant groups and communities. You can spam free of charge in comments or honestly negotiate with the group administrator about paid advertising.
> Youtube - the largest video hosting - can bring much traffic if you create a thematic channel and its promotion.
> Bulk emails, oddly enough, still work, and in trading as well.
> SEO - bringing your trading platform (or platform where you will advertise it) to the top of SERP is wonderful, but long and expensive, if you refer it to a specialist.

Best formats and examples of creatives that lead to conversion

> Classic push — pop-up notifications that you can personalize. Push is easy to "target" the audience with the desired parameters; they are visible and cover all devices and platforms (except iOS). It is an excellent option for arbitrators and direct advertisers who want to get a lot of traffic at an affordable price quickly.




> Popunder directs traffic to the landing page, which opens under the working tab. As a variety of pop-format, popunders bring a relatively loyal audience, and there is no need to spend time and budget making creatives. A quality selling page is enough. It should have a catchy headline, a clear call to action, images with successful men, happy faces, graphs, topical elements of the exchange, and "beautiful life" attributes.





> Native advertising works as well as previous formats but costs a little more and requires the uniqueness of promo materials. Advertising should be relevant to the site's subject and organically incorporated into the content. Though you can't scale it, the proper native ads will bring long-term income.


> Inpage is a pop-up ad with a small image and an intriguing headline. There is no subscription base because users do not need to subscribe to them. The format is not aggressive and is relevant for Safari browsers. Promo materials for inpage work the same way as for push. Custom styling of widgets can make them as personalized as possible, but this option is still available for a few partners. Evadav is one of them.

Here is the Standard Social custom template:


The following creative is in System style:


Evadav tip:
Due to custom styling, inpage format shows conversion 2-3 times higher than others. Such notifications cover the iOS audience and are not blocked by browser extensions.

Ad campaign configuration

Our advertiser has chosen for his campaign popunder-traffic from selected European countries: device type - mobile, OS - Android.

The Olymp Trade platform is multilingual, so all browser languages are relevant.


At the start of the campaign, our arbitrator of the promoted trading platform chose a bid a little above the minimum.


The partner eliminated hours when people are least active online. Since his target audience is working men, offering them pop-up advertising after hours - lunch break or while commuting is better.

He didn’t set any budget or display limits and added a postback URL and macros {COUNTRY}, {BROWSER}, {SOURCE_ID}, {OS} to track statistics by the required parameters.


To warm up the audience, he used such pre-lander with a questionnaire:


A week later, he analyzed the results and consulted his manager on optimizing the campaign.


The personal assistant recommended choosing one geo in one campaign, raising the bid, and connecting automated rules.

The advertiser selected three countries that showed the best conversion - Germany, Italy, and Spain, and divided them into different campaigns.

They were running for three weeks and showed these figures:







Thus, the advertiser spent $10,680 for one month, receiving over a million impressions and 52,167 conversions.

After optimizing, the campaign yielded:
– in Germany 15,276 leads and $1,272.61;
– in Spain, it reached 16,242 leads and $991.09.

The best results came from Italy - the campaign brought 14,310 registrations and a $1,554.13 profit!

The results are excellent - with moderate costs and minimal advertising participation, the average ROI was almost 37%.

How to work with trading vertical: exclusive recommendations from the Evadav team

If you decide to test trading vertical or increase traffic on your trading platform, follow the advice of our experts:

6. Choose one geo in one advertising campaign - so you can get the most accurate statistics, it is easier to optimize the campaign and take the best positions in the auction to win your bid.
7. Run tests with a fixed CPM recommended by the system or higher. Remember, the higher the bid, the more popular sources, traffic, and leads you get for your campaign.
8. Configure the conversion tracking with Postback URL to track results and optimize in time.
Connect automated rules with a personal manager. This feature allows you not to waste time on manual optimization - non-convertible sources automatically fall into the blacklist.
9. Ask your personal manager for advice, who is ready to answer questions and help at every campaign stage for your high ROI 24/7.

Trading vertical for arbitrators is as attractive as gambling or dating. All people, to some extent, gamble and want "easy" money. Therefore, trading offers are popular and relevant in different geo.

Our arbitrator's campaign lasted one month, cost $10,680, and made $3,926 in profits. The final ROI was 36.77%.

Is that what you want?
Now having another "warm" ready-made bundle, you can start testing trading offers.

Launch trading campaign with Evadav

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