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20 hours ago, Vyupapzapor said:

How to ensure the security of your account on the EvaDav platform?

To keep your EvaDav account secure, it is recommended that you use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication (if available), and update your details regularly. You should also avoid giving your credentials to third parties and only use trusted sources of information about the platform.

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Hello, Evadavers!

Dating for arbitrators is the "yummiest" vertical, and the USA is top geo. Today only the lazy do not earn with this bundle!

The Evadav team decided to share with you a successful case of our advertiser, who got excellent results in just a month.

Our advertiser got acquainted with trends in affiliate marketing for 2023 and additionally requested from the personal manager Evadav’s current top verticals.

Here it is:
- dating
- gambling
- trading
- betting
- nutra

The US is in the list of the most promising geo for dating vertical two years in a row, and in the second quarter of 2023, it also remains in TOP:


The author of the case decided to work with the American audience with a large amount of targeted traffic for the dating vertical and the highest payouts.

Take a look at the dynamics of the traffic volume in the online dating vertical in the United States from 2017 to 2024:


According to forecasts, the number of dating service users in the States will rise to 53.3 million by 2024.

In particular, mobile dating application users are expected to reach 25.7 million by 2023.

The top dating apps in the US today is the following:


Statistically, by 2027, the total income from online dating in the US will be $1.5 billion — 200 million more than in 2022.


So, back to our advertiser and his bundle:

- ad format: inpage/style Social (Live Chat 1)
- offer type/offer: dating (18+)/ iflirts.com
- target action: registration
- affiliate network: Traffic Partners
- geo: США
- campaign period: 14.03.23 – 12.04.23
- total budget: $27 493,43
- total earned: $37 516,63
- net profit: $10 023,20
- ROI: 36,46%

A bit more about the offer: iflirt.com is a great platform for online dating and is potentially attractive to Americans. It offers user-friendly interface, ability to search for a partner by parameters, personal manager, and a wide range of account replenishment methods.


On the landing page, a user should leave only an email, then go to the inbox and complete the registration, following the instructions in the letter:


At the start, users receive 100 coins bonus for registration, and after that they can choose a package and buy more.


The advertiser first focused on KPI: conversion type - SOI Lead with a payment of $2, geo — USA and UK.

The conditions are good, and the reviews of other affiliates about this offer were very inspiring, so our affiliate has chosen iflirts.com.

The author decided to test several creatives simultaneously, then turn off the less clickable ones. Previous experience with dating vertical showed that the inpage traffic converts perfectly, so he selected this format again.

Launch inpage campaign with Evadav

The personal manager approved the choice and advised him to test the Social custom style for creatives. It is an exclusive feature from Evadav, almost impossible to find on other advertising platforms. The campaign lasted a month. Further, we will show the result.

How to work with dating offers in USA

Every day thousands of affiliates earn good money on dating offers. Despite the high competition, there is enough space for everyone.

Niche features

Before working with the top geo, the advertiser should know region features and target audience. To save you time, we’ll provide you with the information here.

So, according to the experience of our partners who promoted dating offers in the US, it can be emphasized that:

- The most significant traffic volume comes from California, Florida, Texas;
- Colorado, Washington, and Northern California are leading countries in conversion and ATV;-
- It is best converted by users aged 25-35, but LTV and ATV are higher in the 50+ category.

Target audience of dating offers in the US

Remember a few facts about Americans to find an approach to them:

> The United States is a multilingual country with over 300 languages. At the same time, 80% of the population is English-speaking. In 32 states, it has official status, with 8,266,645,603 Americans speaking English, which is why most conversions occur in this audience. Spanish is the second one spoken by 287 735 966 US residents (approximately 10%).
> People from different states don’t just differ in language. As an American nation formed due to migratory processes, each state has a different mentality, lifestyle, temperament, needs, and priorities. In this case, online dating interests all Americans.

Interesting to know:
In the US, 54% of dating users consider online dating as promising as offline dating. Another 26% are looking online for casual dating.

> The US is at the top each year for a reason. Here are the most solvent users. More than half of them use Apple products, which are the most convertible and profitable for the advertiser.

Learn more about advertising  strategy for USA geo

Traffic channels

5. Advertising networks — today, there are many platforms with effective formats, payment models, and competitive prices for traffic. When choosing a network, do not focus only on bids and volumes; you should be primarily interested in the traffic quality. Study the reviews of advertisers, opportunities, and options of the platform, and ask about the terms — hold period, the minimum amount to withdraw, payouts terms, and support.
Evadav offers optimum bids for traffic, and its quality is unquestionable. Our advertisers can work with a quality audience without fraud due to carefully moderated sources.

6. Social networks — more than 280 million Americans actively use social networks for communication, information exchange, and as a newsfeed. The most popular platform is Facebook, and many Americans spend time on Instagram, Snapchat, and Medium. It is an excellent channel for those who know what farming and cloaking are, but still it can hardly be the main.

Recall that at the end of March 2023, in the United States, a ban on the installation and use of TikTok in devices of representatives of government agencies came into effect. The reason was the tense political situation in the world — TikTok, as a product of Chinese origin, was considered a threat to data privacy and national security. Of course, it’s not critical for affiliates who promote dating. But, given the reasons, we can expect TikTok to disappear entirely from the US soon, just as it did in India, Pakistan, Taiwan, and other countries.

7. Thematic resources — adult sites, forums, various niche platforms with videos, and 18+ online stores. Here you can pay for relevant advertising without any restrictions; the question is only in the payback of such a source.

8. Google UAC is a relatively new channel that is gaining momentum. If you have enough experience, try driving traffic to the dating offer via Android and iOS applications. Remember that the latter option is more expensive. If you choose in-app traffic, start with Android. Apps need not be redeemed (most likely, they will soon go to ban), you can rent them.

Best advertising formats for online dating vertical
The most effective way to interact with the American audience is through such advertising formats:
- Popunder is the most delicate form of pop-up advertising. It drives large traffic volumes which is relatively loyal (the target page appears without the user's consent but does not interfere with work and is not annoying). You don't need creatives, but the target page should be effective.
- Push - pop-up notifications with a picture and a triggering header, interacting with the audience through the browser. If you make creatives properly and consider all the features of the target audience, you can get many clicks.
- Inpage is a pop-up banner that does not respond to browser locks as it interacts via the device. It covers a solvent iOS audience, does not need subscriptions, and brings a lot of quality traffic. It’s a must-do for mobile campaigns in the US.
- Video ads show good clickability, but it does not always pay off. Against other formats, we cannot recommend it, especially for the first launch.
- Banners and native ads are cheaper than video format but more suitable for testing bundles. Users have long been accustomed to banners and successfully ignore such advertising, no matter how flashy it is. And native advertising requires uniqueness, and it is impossible to scale.

Almost all channels and formats are suitable for promoting dating offers in the USA. If the affiliate is virtuous enough, he can drive traffic from any of them. The question is whether to choose.

Evadav tip:
To advertise dating offers in a bundle with any traffic, use pre-landers — clarify the user's age, warn about "adult" content, and add questionnaires. So you can go through moderation, weed out poor-quality traffic and warm up the target.

Which dating creatives show the highest CR and CTR

Americans most often click on ads if it includes:
- text in English
- the creatives with realistic photos;
- city macro in the title;
- focus on close geolocation;
- they have a question in the title;
- video player icon in the photo.

Such creatives will definitely bring conversions:

case_study_dating_us_snapshot6.png case_study_dating_us_snapshot7.png

And such, most likely, are hopeless because they contain typical mistakes. The photo on the first creative looks artificial and is far from reality. And on the second — distorted mask and blurry image definitely will not give a good CTR.

case_study_dating_us_snapshot8.jpg case_study_dating_us_snapshot89.jpg

Ad campaign setup

Let’s go over the ad campaign settings.

For the test run, our advertiser chose the standard CPC model traffic with a minimum bid of $0.005 per click. He limited the daily number of displays to 2 times per unique user and added a postback link.


He also added several creatives:

case_study_dating_us_snapshot11.png case_study_dating_us_snapshot12.png

case_study_dating_us_snapshot14.png case_study_dating_us_snapshot13.png

Device type — Android, browser — Chrome.


The author used several pre-landers.



Target action — registration.
Users got to the following landing page:


The first statistics a week after the launch:


The advertiser decided to keep going but, on the recommendation of the personal manager, raised the bid to 0.0075.

He also added automated rules so that non-convertible sources hit the blacklist automatically and disabled two creatives with the least CTR.

The total monthly statistics are as follows:


In four weeks, the advertiser invested $27,493.43 and earned $37,516.63. The profit from the campaign amounted to $10 023.20, and ROI - 36.46% - an excellent result, in our opinion.

Try this bundle using the recommendations from Evadav experts:

11. Split mobile and desktop campaigns, making tracking results and optimizing bids easier, as they are usually different.
12. Choose an inpage format for advertising in the States - every second American uses an iOS device. Inpage appears unexpectedly when the user is working with the device and will not go unnoticed.
13. Limit the number of ad displays to 2 times per unique user per day to not irritate the audience.
14. Use the Social LiveChat 1 template to customize your inpage ads to resemble social media notifications and messengers visually.
15. Use photos of real people in creatives, do not try to pick up a photo with the perfect appearance - it's less clickable.
16. Launch one campaign with 6-8 creatives, then disable the non-converting ones.
17. Do not ignore A/B tests; test from 2 to 3 offers.
18. Optimize not earlier than after 5-7 days of the campaign run. To get statistics faster, raise the bid - so you have a better chance to win the auction and get more impressions. For tests, select the CPM model.
19. Use micro bidding - if possible, optimize the bid separately for different sources, depending on the campaign's effectiveness.
20. Ask the manager to add the automated rules or manually configure the blacklist and whitelist to spend the budget efficiently.

Final thoughts

This bundle brought 36% ROI to the author of the case, and he continued to work with it. We hope you have once again been able to make sure that with Evadav’s inpage traffic and custom styles, you can make great money even in countries with the highest competition.

It’s time to try it. Join us!

Launch inpage campaign with Evadav

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17 hours ago, Zhipavvaz said:

What ad formats does EvaDav support and which one provides the best conversion?

EvaDav supports a variety of ad formats, including push notifications, native ads, popunders, and videos. The effectiveness of each format depends on the specific campaign and target audience. Our experts are ready to help you determine the best format for your business.

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Hello, Advertisers!

If you can make money on dating offers but want to go further, you will definitely be interested. We are introducing a new case study from our partners, whose bundle has made a $1,629.82 profit in four weeks. Look how they did it, and try it as well.

The Cams vertical is relatively new, so many are afraid to test it. Let's analyze in detail all its "pitfalls" and work methods with such offers on the example of the mentioned bundle.

Our advertisers tested different networks but noticed that Evadav has the most targeted 18+ traffic. Therefore, they started with push traffic in our network to not waste the budget.

Push converts ideally in cams vertical; it is eye-catching and not aggressive. It is perfect for Cams offers, as for all dating in general.

Test Evadav push traffic

The offer was evaluated by the following standards — fresh, promising, with adequate rates. In 2022-2023, Jerkmate became the most popular webcam aggregator. Since 2019, the platform has earned over $110 million in affiliate commissions.

Traffic is from Australia, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Sweden, the UK, the USA, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and Switzerland. Payouts are good — $3.50 for the DOI leads and 30% for the RevShare.

The choice of geo is obvious - for the United States, Jerkmate is one of the top premium cams resources. It has over 150 million visits per month. Users can communicate and realize their fantasies with real models. The AI stands behind the choice of partners.

The platform has:
– interactives;
– own currency;
– rewarding system for regular clients.

Jerkmate cams service offers free registration. The mobile user needs to pass very few steps:

cams_snapshot1.jpg cams_snapshot2.jpg

cams_snapshot3.jpg cams_snapshot4.jpg

Go directly to chat on JerkMate right after the payment (different ways are available):


The desktop version also looks great:


There is also a brief questionnaire. Apparently, to offer the user relevant or at least acceptable content immediately.


As you can see, the user can choose a model in several parameters and directions - this is a bold plus.

By the way, here you can collect photos for creatives.


The service is attractive, but let’s get back to the bundle:
- Vertical: cams
- Offer type: DOI
- Offer: JerkMate
- Affiliate network: CrakRevenue
- Geo: US
Campaign period: 21.03.23 – 19.04.2023
- Total budget: $4 288,68
- Total earned: $5 918,50
- Net profit: $1 629,82
- ROI: 38%

Cams vertical: features, prospects, pitfalls

The Cams Vertical includes a platform for communicating in video format with webcam models that interact for money and embody the most daring fantasies of the user in front of the camera. Today it is a real "gold mine," but not all affiliates keep their hands on the pulse and are aware of current trends in the traffic market. And this is your chance to get on top in a cam vertical!

Target audience for Cams offers

The target audience of cams offers divides into two groups, which are on both sides of the screen:

> Young women between the ages of 18 and 45 who want to make money quickly without much effort. Models become female students, most often with Slavic complexion. By the way, girls do not necessarily have standard beauty, the main thing — liberated, charismatic and communicative.
> Users of 18+ resources are regular visitors of porn and dating sites. Live chat with the model is like a breath of fresh air for them. Most of the men are middle-aged, solvent, and often married. There are also women, but they are much less.

The advertiser will not be able to interact equally with both target audience groups. Suppose the offer is focused on webcam models. In that case, the advertiser should focus on easy money and new opportunities, citing as an example the experience of other models that make good money in online chat with regular customers. Attracting potential customers for cams offers requires relevant content in the promo materials - and the more frankly, the better.

Where to look for traffic for cams offers

Several traffic channels are suitable for Cams offers, but not without nuances, of course.

> Social networks — Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Snapchat. If you own the art of cloaking and farming accounts, social media traffic is a good option, but as the primary channel is usually ineffective. You like to play big, don’t you?

Evadav tip:
If you stick to this source, look at the webcam model's social network profile and use her promotion methods.

> Thematic resources for adults — 18+ online stores, video hosting, dating websites. There are most potential leads for Cams offers.
> Advertising networks — at first glance, the ideal channel, but the rules of these sites do not allow promoting such offers. So you must look for ways to bypass moderation and select key queries; and contextual advertising is expensive.
> CPA-networks — here, you can buy traffic for 18+ offers for a cent and not worry about moderation. Choose a network, sharpened under this traffic type, and pay attention to its volumes in the selected geo, available formats, and quality. Request the terms of cooperation with the partner network and reviews about it.
> Telegram is a great free source where there is no censorship. You can find a suitable channel on the topic or create your own, then advertise models with attached links. But you must promote the channel, attracting more traffic. It takes time.

Best geo for cans offers

You can search traffic for cams offers in any geo. Of course, experienced advertisers do not consider countries below Tier 1. It is understandable — the audience here is the most solvent, and payouts are the highest. One will definitely compete for this share. But for beginners, we recommend pumping their skills on Tier 2 and Tier 3. Payouts are not as high in these countries, but competition is much smaller, and traffic is cheaper.

Payment models in cams vertical

The following price models are relevant for cams offers:
- CPA — payment for the target action, in this case — registration. It is used for SOI and DOI offers, with simple registration and double data confirmation.
- CPS - payment for a purchase on the offer website - buying a premium account, VIP status, access to advanced options, and account replenishment.
- RevShare is a percentage reward of each income that the lead brings to the cams platform.

Effective creatives for campaigns with cams offers

Vertical is relatively recently on the market, so not everyone understands how to approach it, and creatives for cams-offers are pretty tricky to find. We’ll give you some recommendations for promotional materials to make your creatives clickable.
- Use images and texts designed for an adult audience. Everything is simple - the fewer clothes in the photo, the higher the CR. Test photos of girls in different positions; guessing which image will bring more conversions is impossible.
- Attach video icons to the photo to simulate real video chat format.
- Watch for the quality of images — the blurry photos are clicked less.
- Do not use photos of models in masks or filters from social networks. Users want to see the face unless the filter can be very sexy and make the model even more attractive.
- Create intrigue with the title "Look now", "click to look at...", "wait in chat", "are you soon? I am waiting to show...".
- The same approach applies to photos — do not show everything at once; let the model be in underwear, not wholly undressed.
- Do not ignore the female audience. Remember that your audience is not only heterosexual men but also single women. Also, look for potential LGBT leaders by making creatives for them.
- Personalize advertisements with the city macro, specify the distance to the location of the model and use a personal message. In creatives, always emphasize that the girl (the guy) craves chat.
- Offer discounts, free registration, or free cams on the promoted website. People know one doesn't just strip in front of a camera for free, but they don't always click to get a price. Make a smart move — close the financial side of the issue.

Successful creatives should look approx like this:

cams_snapshot9.png cams_snapshot10.png

cams_snapshot11.jpg cams_snapshot12.jpg

And the following creatives are unlikely to give a high CR. The first example uses a poor photo and a non-catchy title. The image of the girl with a filter is not the best in her life. The last creative looks like AI-designed or the result of extensive work in the photo editor. At the same time, the creator, for some reason, did not consider it necessary to place the video icon.

cams_snapshot13.jpg cams_snapshot14.jpg

cams_snapshot15.jpg cams_snapshot16.png

Landing Page for the highest conversions in cams vertical

On landing for cams offer, you need to convince the user that he will find a chat here on his preferences. To do this, show many photos with different types; emphasize in the text that there is a large selection of models.

Tell about the opportunities in the offer — for example, to select a model by many parameters, to go to a private chat, or ask to perform some actions.

Use a pre-lander to warm up and eliminate non-target traffic — clarify user age, warn about "adult" content, and conduct a mini-survey about gender, sexual orientation, and preferences.

Ad campaign setup

Now let’s go back to our case and show what settings and promotional materials our partners used in JerkMate advertising.


Guys decided to buy push traffic on CPC and put a bid of $0,045 — it is below the minimum for the selected campaign parameters, which means the risk of missing traffic volumes. For the test run, they chose standard settings: frequency capping 3 times per day for a unique user, new subscriptions — up to 14 days, targeted users of Android OS mobile devices; version and provider were not limited, and no limits were set.


The target page had video content from one of the models and a "presentation" of a set of available features, so to speak.


There were 1 creative for male and 4 — for female audience at the campaign start:

cams_snapshot20.png cams_snapshot21.png

cams_snapshot22.png cams_snapshot23.png

A week later, our advertisers had the first statistics:


The authors of the case have enough experience, so they decided to configure the whitelist and blacklist manually.

They removed two creatives that worked worse than others as part of the optimization. They also raised the bid to $0.06, which was not recommended, but still.

In the settings, partners added show time — after 20.00 because people are busy in the afternoon, and in the evening, the probability of conversion is the highest.

Did it work? See below:


The advertisers spent $4288.68 and earned $5918.50. Net profit was $1629.82.

How to earn more: insights from Evadav experts

And finally, here are some expert advice from Evadav on setting up a push campaign:
11. Create separate campaigns for mobile and desktop traffic (bidding rates are usually different) to make it easier to track statistics and optimize.
12. To avoid annoying the user, show push notifications no more than 2-3 times daily.
13. Ask your manager to add the automated rules unless you want to optimize the campaign yourself.
14. Stick to the recommended bids to get enough impressions and access to top sources. If possible, use micro bidding - Evadav has this option.
15. Choose premium traffic for quick results and minimal involvement in the advertising campaign.
16. Run at least five creatives for the test period, then disable the "weakest."
17. Choose an offer based on the split-testing results, but do not test more than 2-3 offers simultaneously.
18. For tests, select the CPM model.
19. Optimize your campaign within a week after launch.
20. Contact your manager who is available around the clock for your profitable campaigns.

Final thoughts

Objectively, it is impossible to say this is an excellent result for the top geo. Was the game worth it? Given that they worked with this vertical for the first time and almost didn’t bother with the settings — yes. According to advertisers, the campaign is ongoing and shows completely different figures, only now with the inpage traffic. The bundle is still hot, so grab it quickly and share your results.

Launch push campaign with Evadav

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13 hours ago, Soevnaind said:

What should I do if the ad balance has been debited, but ads are not showing?

In the event of such a problem, please contact our support service or your personal manager. We will quickly study the situation and take the necessary actions to eliminate the problem and resume advertising.

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8 hours ago, Gardin said:

Can you provide examples of successful cases where advertisers achieved significant ROI increases using your ad network?

In our blog and in the "Case Studies" section of the EvaDav website, you will find real examples of successful advertising campaigns in which advertisers were able to significantly increase their ROI using our platform and technologies. We regularly update this section, adding new and interesting cases for our users.

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Hello, Evadavers!

There are many ways to monetize the traffic, but if we are talking about the long run, the native ads format is the most attractive and efficient.

It is easy to set up, covers all geo, brings a loyal audience, works long-term, and, with the right approach, even improves user experience.

The Evadav team has studied publishers' needs in working with the native format and has developed a new functionality, thanks to which you can increase your profit times without audience burnout.

So, let's look at all the improvements to Evadav's native format in more detail.

What is native ads?

Native advertising is one of the most efficient and loyal formats. Ads are integrated into the website according to the theme and do not look like ads.

The main feature that distinguishes the native format from any other is the consumer benefit. The focus is not on the promoted object but on the content in which the advertising is integrated.

Therefore, the appearance of widgets and the ability to customize them similarly to the site's content are the most important for success in working with native advertising.

What improvements are available to publishers?

Detailed settings of ads appearance are now available in Evadav’s Native 2.0. BTW, you won’t find them in any other advertising network.

To see the updates, you need:

> Log in to the Publisher Personal Account > Streams


> Create a new stream and give it a name


> Select Native format


Adaptive versions

Previously, the publisher could not configure resizes and adaptive versions of the widget, so the display on each device was not always optimal.

Material settings are divided into 2 Layout blocks: Desktop/Tablet layout and Mobile layout. So the publisher can optimize the widget as accurately and optimally as possible based on the devices of its audience.

In these blocks, you can adjust the number of columns, rows, horizontal and vertical spacing, image aspect ratio, and the maximum number of text lines for Mobile and Desktop/Tablet.


Fixed Widget Size

The Evadav team implemented the ability to specify a fixed size of the native widget. Use the «Fixed Widget Size» checkbox to activate this option.

The widget automatically filled the available width space and could change the height to accommodate content.

A widget with a fixed width on the page will always look the same as on the preview in the publisher's account so that you can control the appearance before the launch.


Important: Applying the image aspect ratio is impossible using this option because the image dimensions will be calculated automatically.


You can also specify the mobile layout activation width option. It automatically applies the layout for desktop versions and tablets or mobile devices.


The layout will automatically switch to the mobile if the widget container width is less or equal to 450px. If the widget container width exceeds 450px, then the desktop/tablet layout will be applied.

The main advantage of this improvement is that fixed widgets are displayed the same on all devices.

Appearance options

Minimal settings of the native format widget design.

Now there are more settings, and all are designed to create a widget that will look as native as possible on the publisher's website without standing out of the page's design and context.

Now you can change the appearance options in the block:
- Background color;
- Image border size;
- Image Border Color.



You can also add a zoom effect using the appropriate checkbox.


Text Formatting
Maximum detailed text settings in the Text Formatting block are now available:
- font;
- size;
- color (static and hover);
- bold or italic;
- alignment (left, center, right).



The preview is one of the most convenient improvements to the native format for publishers, which allows you to see how the widget will look on a particular website.

With this option, you can view the settings mentioned above on the right of the preview and no longer worry that the widget will not look right after being created on the website.

Use the preview to fine-tune your site’s ad display for different devices.

A preview of widget’s all size versions is available:







and even resizable.

For example, the publisher wants to insert a widget in a block of 600 pixels width on the website. It specifies the width of 600 in the Resizable tab in the container's width box and sees the actual display in the preview.


If the widget does not look good, you can easily change the size, for example, 900 pixels, and see how it will look with other parameters and, thus, find the perfect size for your website.


Ads label

Hit the «Show Label» checkbox to add an advertising mark to the widget.

After that, you will have access to all the fields for editing the ads label:
- text;
- font;
- size;
- color;
- position (top right, top left, top center, bottom left, bottom right, bottom center).


Click the Create button to save your widget after configuring all settings.


When editing a widget, press the Update button.

Tracking widget display statistics

The Evadav team also implemented an option to track the widget hitting the browser's viewport.

How It Works:
4. check whether 50% of the widget falls into the viewport (50% by height);
5. if it does, the timer runs with a timeout in 1 second;
6. after this time, a second check is performed: if 50% of the widget is in the viewport, the display event is sent.

The algorithm works until the display event is sent to statistics or the page is closed.

There is a new column - "Visibility," in statistics (the publisher's account) when choosing the native format. It shows the ratio between the number of impressions and times the widget was loaded.


There is also a tooltip near the Visibility column to help all publishers.

Recommendations and life hacks to increase income

- Choose the optimal size of the banner suitable for the placement. Do not ignore the fixed widget option. It will help to avoid incorrect displays on the site.
- Use all options of the Evadav platform to configure the display of the advertisement container to match the page content and design elements as much as possible.
- Test different options for ads placement on the page and analyze their effectiveness.

We hope you liked our native format updates and are happy to test them.

If you have any questions, write to the personal manager, who is online 24/7/365.

Monetize traffic with Native 2.0 from Evadav

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23 hours ago, Thodor said:

What measures does EVADAV take to minimize the impact of advertising blockers on shows and delivery of advertisements?

EvaDav uses a variety of techniques and approaches to bypass ad blockers and ensure that your ad is shown to the right audience. We constantly monitor and adapt to changes in ad blocker algorithms, develop alternative ad formats and delivery methods, and provide the ability to customize ads to meet user requirements and preferences.

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Hello, Evadavers!

Exciting News!
Join the "Ultimate Fishing” from Evadav.
Hunt exactly your Reward!

Follow the activity section right now


Target global audience: Create advertising campaigns in the United States, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and China.

Boost your account: Increase the number of ad campaigns and their spending from May 20th to June 30th and earn EVApoints.

Collect EVApoints: Get 1 EVApoint for every $40 spent on ad campaigns in the mentioned countries.

Convert points to Amazon Gift Cards: Redeem your EVApoints balance 1:1 for Amazon Gift Cards, worth up to $1000:

– points for May — in the period from June 01st to 10th.
– points for June — during the period from July 01st to 10th.


Get even more bonuses during the activity period:

Cashback Bonus: Enjoy up to 6% cashback! Ask your manager for more details.

New Customers Get $25: Test your ad campaigns and receive $25 when you replenish your ad balance using the promo code "fishing".

Use the most experience and solid data for your advertisement.

Top Verticals: Advertise in leading verticals like Dating, Gambling, Betting, Trading, Nutra, Webcam, Applications, Software, and Sweepstakes.

Top Advertising Formats:

In-Page Ads: Captivate your audience with visually appealing and interactive ads displayed within web pages.
Push Notifications: Reach users directly on their devices with attention-grabbing messages and offers delivered at exactly the right time to maximize your ad's click-through rate.
Pop-up Ads: Command attention with engaging pop-up ads in adjacent tabs that capture the user's attention.
Native Ads: Seamlessly integrate your ads with surrounding content for a more natural and unobtrusive end-user ad experience and increase your offer's conversion rate.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to maximize your advertising impact and earn rewards!

Quickly Launch Ad Campaigns and Win Rewards: Hunt for the rewards you want!


Apple: Use your rewards for purchases at any Apple Store, the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News, Apple Books, Apple Arcade, iCloud, and other Apple properties.

Google: Explore the Google ecosystem with purchases from Google Play Games, Google Play Apps, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Books.

Netflix: Dive into a world of TV shows and movies with a subscription to Netflix, offering captivating and whole-time entertainment services.

Uber & Uber Eats: Enjoy safe 24/7 pickups and place orders from hundreds of local restaurants with the convenience of Uber and Uber Eats.

Amazon: With Amazon.com Gift Cards, the possibilities are endless. Redeem them for millions of items store-wide at Amazon.com or certain affiliated websites.

Contact your manager now to get a consultation and upload new ad campaigns on your account to get started with Evadav.com.

If you have any questions, write to us, we are online 24/7/365.

Start your fishing with Evadav - The Leading Ads

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  • Verified Company
11 hours ago, Saithisius said:

Tell us about Nativka 2.0, which appeared in evadav. interesting topic? What is there in general for her?

Hello, native 2.0 is an updated version of our popular format. We have significantly improved its functionality, simplified settings and added new features for users.

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  • Verified Company
6 hours ago, Ballalmeena said:

What formats are best for Evadav? Heard that inpeydzh shows a good envelope.

Hello, different formats have different effectiveness depending on the target audience and the type of offer. Indeed, the inpage shows a good envelope, but we recommend testing other formats to find the most effective option for your specific needs.

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  • Verified Company
6 hours ago, Pakennam said:

What affiliate marketing podcasts would you recommend for beginners?

If you're just getting started with affiliate marketing, we highly recommend joining "Affiliate Marketing Insider" and "The Affiliate Guy Podcast". They provide valuable advice and guidance from experienced marketers and successful affiliates.

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