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Hello, Evadavers!

Fishing for prizes from Evadav continues!

Increase your ad budget in the United States, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and China.

Earn EVApoints for every $40 spent on ads in these countries.

Redeem points for gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Google, Uber, Netflix, etc.

Remember to redeem your points from July 1st to 10th to avoid cancellation!

New customers get a $25 bonus.
Promo code: fishing.

Win prizes like MacBooks and iPhones with Evadav Leading Ads!


Act now

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23 hours ago, Ageev said:

What are the best affiliate marketing podcasts for up-to-date tips and strategies?

If you're looking for tips and strategies from top experts in the field, "Affiliate Underground" and "The Affiliate Marketing Millionaire Podcast" are the podcasts you should listen to.


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23 hours ago, Kubessaven said:

What improvements did you suggest in the new Evadav native format for publishers?

In our updated native format, we have added detailed settings for the appearance of ads. Publishers can now customize widget sizes, view widget previews, and add an ad label with customizable text, font, size, color, and position.

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Hello, Evadavers!

We are thrilled to share the news that Evadav will be participating in one of the most highly anticipated events in the affiliate industry – Affiliate World Barcelona on July 12-13. This is a remarkable opportunity to connect with industry leaders, showcase the latest innovations, and exchange ideas with fellow affiliates.


During the event, we will be unveiling our game-changing MultiTag, a revolutionary tool designed to take your affiliate marketing campaigns to new heights. Stay tuned for this groundbreaking release!

Are you attending Affiliate World Barcelona? We invite you to visit our booth #D10 and join us at the Beer Garden, hosted by the Evadav Leading Ads Team. It's the perfect place to relax, network, and enjoy delicious brews while mingling with like-minded professionals. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to connect with industry experts and gain valuable insights.

As a token of our appreciation, we have an exclusive offer for our partners.

We will be raffling off two FREE tickets valued at €2999 each.

Stay up to date and make sure you subscribe to our newsletters and follow us on Instagram for a chance to win!

To schedule a meeting with our team during the event, simply follow the link. We look forward to discussing exciting collaborations and helping you maximize your affiliate marketing success.


Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we gear up for Affiliate World Barcelona. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be part of a dynamic and engaging event!

Win a FREE €2999 Ticket to Affiliate World Barcelona - Join Now!


Participation is simple:
1 Create an Evadav account or use your existing one.
2 Top up your ad balance and launch a campaign targeting one or more of the following geos: United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China.
3 Once your campaign is live, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "I WANT TO BARCELONA" using the email address associated with your Evadav profile.
4 We will send you a unique ID, so make sure to save it (Example: 1159077).

Activity period: June 22 - June 28 (7 days). On June 29, we will randomly select two lucky winners using the website RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service.


Winners will be notified and provided with their ticket codes on June 30.

But that's not all! This ticket is versatile and can be used by affiliates, arbitrage specialists, company employees, business owners, and publishers without any restrictions. Experience the buzz of Affiliate World Barcelona firsthand!

- The ticket cannot be exchanged for cash with the organizers.
- Our team will contact the winners after the draw and share the ticket codes with them. Ensure you provide a valid email address and save your unique ID securely.
- Please use the email address mentioned in your Evadav profile to receive the code if you win.
- Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity from Evadav Leading Ads!

Secure your chance of winning and boosting your business at Affiliate World Barcelona. Create Ad Campaign Good luck!

If you have any questions, write to us, we are online 24/7/365.

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On 6/27/2023 at 2:28 PM, Pharer said:

How do the new improvements help optimize ad display across devices?

We have divided the material settings into two layout blocks: the desktop/tablet layout and the mobile layout. This allows you to optimize the widget as accurately and optimally as possible, based on the devices of your audience.

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Hello, Evadavers!

Every year, promoting goods or services on the Internet requires a more comprehensive approach. How to choose the advertising format, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and how to properly configure the campaign for the best results?

The Evadav team collected the Klondike of helpful information about formats, the best verticals and geo, system’s sources and updates in one guide.

The profitable world of advertising with Evadav: Leading Ads awaits you!

Effective advertising formats from Evadav

Popunder is a landing page that opens behind the main browser’s window. To run the popunder, it is enough to click on any part of the site or open it with the code. Choose this advertising format when you need cheap traffic and have no specified KPIs.

The most popular verticals for Evadav popunder ads:

- dating
- sweepstakes
- nutra
- finance
- gambling
- questionnaires
- software
- push subscriptions
- mobile subscriptions

Pop-traffic is easiest to convert with SOI offers, where the user needs to go through a simple registration without data validation. So it is online dating, questionnaires, and online raffles show the best results with pop-under traffic. Pop-under is a good choice for offers with soft KPIs.

Most advertisers are pleased with the volumes and convertibility of popunder-traffic in the following regions:

- India
- Indonesia
- Great Britain
- Brazil
- France
- Germany
- Italy
- Japan
- China

Popunder advantages:
- Guaranteed views.
- The advertisement is shown to a unique visitor only once a day.
- Payment for impressions.
- Reaching a wide audience.
- High traffic volumes.
- Adapted to any device.
- Easy and fast start.

- Because of large volumes, it is more difficult to control the traffic quality.
- Do not drive traffic to the offers with traffic KPI, as its pid will be excluded from the offer, that is, blocked.
- It is also worth choosing a different format if you are used to working only with quality leads.

Evadav tip:
We recommend choosing a good hosting for landing. It is best to buy a private VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) or VPS (Virtual Private Server).

How to get the maximum profit with the popunder format:
- Run campaigns with Whitelists. So you will spend the budget for pop-up ads only on those pages that showed the best results
- Choose premium traffic where the best convertible traffic is collected.
- Add reviews to the landing page.
- Conduct A/B testing of landing pages and offers.
- Run different advertising campaigns for desktop and mobile traffic.
- Use trackers to analyze all indicators of the advertising campaign.
- Use pre-landers.
- Monitor suspicious traffic with trackers.

Launch popunder campaigns right away!


Inpage is a new advertising format that looks like a small ad window with an image and text that appears a few seconds after someone gets on the page.

The notification disappears after the user clicks the banner or closes the image. With the inpage format, advertisers have finally reached Apple device owners.

> do not respond to browser blocks;
> there is no subscriber base, as there is no need to subscribe to them;
> it is easier to plan the budget as there are no leftover clicks;
> appear suddenly when the user interacts with the device;
> give access to the new and solvent iOS and MacOS audience;
> provide higher conversion in top geo and verticals;
> look maximally native due to the use of custom styles.

> There is no large image, making it less visible on the desktop.
> As views are counted right in the moment of ad display, not delivery, therefore they won’t work on the CPM model.
> Users may consider in-page annoying
> The offer’s vertical must align with the website’s thematic.
> Easy to close notification means easy to lose a user.
> There’s a need to track sources properly and exclude non-relevant ones, as traffic volumes are huge.

Custom styles personalize creatives and make the inpage format very effective for most verticals.

The following verticals are in Evadav’s top-list:
- dating
- webcam
- adult games
- utilities
- gambling
- content sites
- sweepstakes
- betting
- finance

The most inspiring results our advertisers received when promoting dating offers (including 18+) with inpage. Creatives in Social style are as much like notifications from social networks.



The Classic template is ideal for gambling, betting, and sweepstakes.

snapshot3.png snapshot4.png

Utilities and APK work well with creatives in a System style that makes notifications similar to system messages:


Most of the inpage traffic is in these geo:
- India
- Brazil
- Indonesia
- Thailand
- Italy
- Germany
- France
- Japan
- China

Tips and recommendations on working with inpage format
9. With the help of inpage advertising, you can test new bundles and successfully launch "burnt-out" campaigns with push format.
10. Configure the sources correctly because inpage has specifics that affect the sources.
11. Do not ignore the creation of new black- and whitelists.
12. Use advanced targeting options to avoid unnecessary clicks.
13. When making creatives, remember that for this format, personalization is key.
14. Experiment and take all the advantages. Then you can get the maximum CTR when the CPC/CPM is low.
15. When applying the automated rules, it is crucial to avoid contradictions.
16. Test, test, and test again! This way, you can collect whitelist sources that result in a profit.

With the right approach and with our recommendations you can get such statistics with dating offer:


Launch inpage campaign with Evadav

Push notifications

Push notifications are small ones consisting of a title, description, and banner. It is one of the most popular formats in arbitration. Users subscribe to the mailing list by themselves, which gives you the right to send them messages legally until they unsubscribe.

> All creatives are tracked with the help of machine learning algorithms and checked manually to ensure the brand’s 100% safety for a better user experience.
> Flexible targeting.
> More than 3 billion impressions of push ads.
> Access to premium publishers and target audience fitting best to your offers and campaigns.
> Advertisements are always displayed in the most visible spot for a user.
> Evadav gives only the real users and live audience for your campaigns.
> The user subscribes to the website’s notification by him/herself. And he/she can easily unsubscribe.

> A user unsubscribes automatically and falls out of the base with cleaning cookies.
> Push notifications often distract users coming when they are not expected. Moreover, if they are sent at the wrong time, they will disappear from the screen in 15 seconds after viewing. It means that the potential audience may not go to landing due to the lack of time to do this.
> Irrelevant send-outs. Not all arbitrage managers do their best to personalize emails.

Top verticals:
- gambling
- software
- utilities
- dating
- webcam
- trading
- betting
- nutra
- finance
- sweepstakes

Best geo:
- Germany
- India
- Indonesia
- Great Britain
- Brazil
- France
- Italy
- Thailand
- Japan

The better you know your audience, the better you can choose creatives, titles, and descriptions to attract the audience's attention and perform the targeted action you need.


Evadav tips for creatives:
- Emotional, contrasting creatives trigger users' attention;
- Numbers instead of words and emojis will make your message more attractive;
- Use a language in creatives that is relevant to the country you target;
- Create your unique creatives, and do not be afraid to experiment;
- Run some small A/B tests;
- Test from 5-10 creatives for one campaign;
- Change creatives often to keep CTR high and get more outreach.

Launch push campaign

Native Ads

Native advertising is a type of banner advertising which is gently and organically introduced into the content. Due to the strict correspondence of the site theme and algorithm selection of impressions based on behavioral analysis, it finds already interested users.

Native ads features:
- Native advertising corresponds to the website theme and adjusts to the type of content.
- The user is not misled due to leaving an "advertising" mark.
- In native ads, the focus is not on the product but on valuable and interesting information that users get.
- Content that integrates native advertising is always unique.
- The information will remain helpful and interesting, even if you remove the native mention of the promoted object.
- It does not block content or disturb users and does not appear in additional tabs without their consent.
- It may contain negative reviews about a product, service, or company, performing, in this case, the role of anti-ads.

Who can work with native ads?

- financial organizations — banks, insurance companies, credit institutions;
- everyone who works in e-Commerce will help to collect basic information about potential leads quickly;
- brands that want to increase recognition and trust;
- real estate agencies (taking into account the region);
- affiliates working in any vertical or geo.

> easily targeted;
> gives excellent outreach and engagement without additional investment in advertising campaigns;
> relevant to the interests of site visitors;
> is designed for long-term advertising campaigns, leads traffic longer than any other format;
> native ads are not ignored, and "banner blindness" doesn't affect them;
> does not prevent users from studying the content and does not annoy them;
> you can tell about the benefits and features of the offer;
> does not bother — interesting content is fully watched and read;
> cannot be blocked by browser extensions;
> can be shared by users via free channels;
> natively promoted products and brands a priori trusted, as well as the platform, as users perceive advertising as a recommendation, help, or advice.

> the format is not scalable;
> costs more than other formats;
> must strictly comply with the placement requirements of the site;
> native advertising from bloggers is always a risk;
> content must be of high quality.

Top verticals:
- content site
- betting
- gambling
- dating
- trading
- nutra
- crypto
- gaming
- mobile subscriptions

Best geo:
- France
- Great Britain
- Germany
- Australia
- Spain
- Canada
- Czech Republic
- Sweden
- Austria
- Belgium

Creatives for native advertising consist of a title and an image. Here is how they look on different devices:







The goal of the title is to interest users and make them think while remaining clear and conveying the essence of the content. Use high-quality images for advertising. Image is not just a part of the visual; it reflects the essence of the text, helps convey the vibe, and attracts the user's attention.

Evadav tips: The more organic and properly matched the creatives will be the more clicks and engagement you’ll receive from users in return.

Campaigns with native traffic meet the expectations of advertisers who use recommendations from Evadav experts:

- Test several creatives;
- Study the target audience carefully;
- Use all available targeting settings;
- Do not forget about the uniqueness of promotional materials;
- Use the platform’s flagship options — micro bidding, blacklist and whitelist, and automated rules;
- Choose Evadav premium traffic;
- Use the tips of the personal manager!

And finally, see the statistics of the successful native campaign of our advertiser:


Using our guide in practice, you will have a general picture of all the possibilities Evadav provides. Follow our tips and recommendations, and you are guaranteed a fire profit.

Read the full guide

Join Evadav: Leading Ads

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On 7/13/2023 at 3:35 PM, Somode said:

What are the advantages of a new native format from EVADAV over other advertising formats?

The Native format from EVADAV is one of the most effective ways to monetize traffic. It is easy to set up, covers all gears, attracts a loyal audience and works in the long run. In addition, with the right approach, it even improves user experience.

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On 7/20/2023 at 4:46 PM, Waraniff said:

How do DSP platforms work and what are the main types of DSP platforms?

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in our DSPs to determine the ideal time and place for our clients to advertise online. We offer both full-service DSPs and self-service DSPs, depending on the needs and resources of our customers.

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Hello, EVADAV-ers!

How do you get more "warm" traffic working with push notifications? Retargeting is one of the effective options that will allow you to return users by showing them personalized advertising.

We know how much you have been looking forward to this and are ready to present you with the opportunity to use retargeting in your advertising campaigns. The feature is already available in the advertiser's personal account on request, and we are eager to tell you all the charms of retargeting.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is an advertiser’s tool that analyzes users’ actions on a page with an offer to show them relevant advertising. Retargeting aims to retain or return indecisive users interested in the offer but have not brought conversions or have already taken targeted action.
How does it work?
When a user leaves the target page, the system remembers him and allows you to display the advertisement to this user on other resources participating in the retargeting program.

For example, when users migrate to other sites, they may see ads that remind them of your product or service.

Let’s say Alex is interested in the offer and browses the page accordingly. But he never dares to make a purchase or other targeted action. Alex will leave the page and open another site, game app, or social network. Whatever resource he uses next (if this site is in our database for publishers), he will receive a reminder of the incomplete purchase and other offers based on the data collected about him.


What is retargeting for?

Retargeting helps to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, as it allows you to interact with an audience that is already familiar with your offer and has shown some interest in it.

It can help you retain potential customers, increase conversion and improve overall marketing efforts. It is crucial to follow the confidentiality rules and notify users about collecting and using their data as part of the retargeting campaign.

Targeting and retargeting — what’s the difference?

Targeting is the setting of advertising to the target audience on specific parameters. Retargeting involves advertising to already interested users. In essence, for the advertiser, it is like targeting “by interests”, which is impossible in the case of pop- and push-traffic.

About effectiveness of retargeting push notifications

Retargeting push can reach users who click on ads, then convert or interact with target pages.

Retargeting audiences will be collected automatically.

With the help of retargeting push notifications, you can remind users about unfinished purchases and great offers at the most appropriate moment. The tool lets you interact with subscribers for a long time, increasing loyalty and stimulating re-sales.

Interesting to know:
Our internal tests and system statistics show that retargeting push helps return active subscribers and significantly increase conversion. The number of sendouts is unlimited. And since you are now dealing with a "warm" audience, the conversion will be higher than among users who came via regular advertising.

Thus, it is possible to get the audience back with retargeting push notifications much cheaper and faster than using other tools — for example, remarketing through contextual advertising.

It is crucial not to confuse retargeting with remarketing:
The main difference between remarketing and retargeting is how user data is used. Remarketing typically refers to ads placed on third-party platforms to re-attract users, while retargeting involves using collected data to customize targeted campaigns, including their further display.

It is a great way to interact more effectively with the audience and get maximum profit from advertising campaigns.

Advertisers will save time and budget by choosing push notifications for retargeting. You can customize creatives as much as possible by segmenting the audience on various parameters. And this is a direct path to high CTR, CR, and the corresponding ROI.

5 efficient tactics for targeting

Retargeting is very relevant for top verticals such as dating, gambling, betting, trading, gaming, and finance.


To catch up and return the audience, you can:

Remind users of incomplete registrations, remaining goods in the shopping cart, forgotten deposits, and unconfirmed data.

Inform about new messages, profile views, special offers, promotions, sales, and loyalty programs. In betting, it is important to be event-oriented and create push in 2-4 days, depending on events developed at the Championship.

Engage the audience by stimulating it with rewards such as discounts, free spins, bonuses, promo codes, trials, and exclusive content.

Create upsells by encouraging the user to spend more, offering to buy related, similar, or improved products. Registered users can be targeted for the next funnel stage, for example, account replenishment or purchase of VIP status.

Encourage re-sales. Those users who have already been converted once are the best audience, and you can not just let it go. Personalized offers can be used to re-convert actual leads..


Using all methods in a complex, you can effectively restore communication with the audience and get your formula of game-changing sales.

How to set up retargeting

This option is available for push advertising campaigns. It’s enough to take a few simple steps. We’ll show you how to do it.

Select the Push notifications advertising format:


Find the ReTargeting block and select “Targeting” or “Collecting”:


 Audiences in “Targeting” directly retarget campaigns only on Push UserID contained in these audiences.

The audience in “Collecting” serves as a collection of Push UserID.


In the advertiser’s account, the “Audiences” tab now has a new type of audience: “ReTargeting” (by user; push notifications only).

In “Collect users by events,” you should select the type of event by which the audience will be automatically collected:
> Click;
> Conversion.

FYI: UserID parameter helps to track users’ actions and get a complete picture of interaction with the page.
Note! Retargeting is also available to API users 2.0, 2.1, 2.2. and allows you to create audiences only by ReTargeting by users clicks type.


We know that you trust numbers rather than words. And, of course, we will not leave you without showing impressive results from using a new feature.

The advertiser grouped users in the dating vertical by Click Events (Collect users by events: Click), eventually increasing CTR by 15%:



And finally, a comment from the advertiser:

“Retargeting works! And I didn’t bother with it — just dubbed the same campaigns and raised the bid. CTR is great and leads have increased by 10-15% easily”.

The functionality is available on request, so contact the personal manager.

Retargeting is a crucial and long-awaited option. It is an ideal way to segment the audience deeply for effective customization of promotional materials. By adapting creatives, you can show users personalized ads and get more conversions.

Run push campaigns with retargeting in EVADAV to get users back or receive re-conversions.

Launch campaign with retargeting

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On 7/31/2023 at 7:44 AM, Neopatof said:

How important is space and minimalism in landing page design?

Minimalism is critical for a landing page. The goal is to convey one message without distractions that can interrupt the conversion process.

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Hello, EVADAV-ers!

Gaming is one of the largest and most profitable verticals in traffic arbitration. Today, we are interested in gaming sub-vertical — browser games for 18+.

We've got a smoking hot case with two offers from GamingAdult — Pornstar Harem and HentaiHeroes. The set brought advertisers little profit but allowed them to test sources for future campaigns.

How to test and promote gaming from the 18+ category, how to approach the audience, where to collect traffic — we put all this together for you in a case study.

I set:

- Offer type/offer: Gaming 18+/Hentai Heroes (browser game)
- Ad format: inpage
- Affiliate network: GamingAdult
- Geo: Canada
- Payouts: CA Mobile — €0.60/CA Desktop — €1.80
- Targeting: Mobile/Desktop (Android 6-13, Chrome, Samsung, WebView).
- Campaign period: 19.05.23 – 15.06.23
- Total budget: $19,38
- Total earned: $0,60
- Net profit: $-18,78
- ROI: -96,90%

II set:

- Offer type/offer: Gaming 18+/Pornstar Harem (browser game)
- Ad format: inpage
- Affiliate network: GamingAdult
- Geo:  Italy, Great Britain, USA, Germany, France
- Targeting: Desktop/Mobile (Android 6-13, Chrome, WebView, Samsung)
- Campaign period: 19.05.23 – 24.06..23
- Total budget: $193.11
- Total earned: $250.25
- Net profit: $57.14
- ROI: 29,59%

About offers
For the first set, the authors of the case chose the Hentai Heroes. Ten million users worldwide play this 18+ browser game — great graphics, hot dialogues, slightly westernized characters, and endless sexual adventures.

The player’s goal is to gather a harem, which, in addition to physical pleasure, brings income to the master of the harem. The user can move to new locations and enjoy various Hentai stories.



Before the free sign-up offer to continue the game, the player can play it, understand the functionality, and evaluate graphics, plot, and additional features inside the game.



Hentai Heroes is available on mobile and desktop devices. From the first steps, the user will have no questions about the level of uncensored content. The partner offers traffic from 12 geo and good payouts for conversion:


The second offer, tested by the authors of the case, is Pornstar Harem. A similar game where you become a harem owner and go on a hot adventure with porn stars.




The offers are identical, except that PornStar Harem does not have hentai characters but real porn stars, Only Fans, and Live Cam models that can be made over and stripped.


How to promote 18+ gaming offers
Browser games do not need to be downloaded and installed on the device; the user interacts with them in the browser. People will always be interested in games, and with the development and spread of gadgets and the Internet, the niche is only gaining momentum. And people also love sex, so promoting 18+ games is extremely profitable.

Features and potential of niche

The first games with sexual content were launched by the Japanese in the 1980s, and a little later, they spread to the European and American markets. The audience of porn sites wants something new, and in 18+ games, you can not just watch the content of a sexual nature but also participate. The elementary plot, hot scenes, and interactivity attract users.

There are thousands of genres, settings, and directions. Remember rule #34, “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.”?

18+ games can be classic games with awards in the form of erotic photos, sexual parodies on game franchises like GTA, and Japanese games with interactive sexual scenes-based gameplay.

Both large and small projects require regular updates of the player base. Whatever the cool game is, sooner or later, the user will play around and change it to another. One of the ways that developers of such products use to attract a fresh audience is through affiliate programs. And if we’re talking about 18+ category browser games, affiliate marketing is the most reasonable and convenient channel available. We don’t think there’s ever gonna be a gaming offers’ shortage, and there’s always room for advertisers.

Target audience for 18+ offers

The target audience is men 18-45.

Playing in the browser on the smartphone is convenient; one can quickly switch between tabs. Mobile browser games can be instantly closed. It is a huge advantage for office employees.

What does it mean for advertisers?
Advertising is better to run the hours when the target audience is at work.

Pricing model

Most browser games, including those for the 18+ audience, are free. But inside the game there are usually shops where you can buy extra features.

The user clicks on the advertisement and gets to the game page. By pressing the "Play" button, the user begins to play or proceeds with the tutorial, after which he is asked to perform the target action — sign up, replenish the balance, and purchase the subscription. In some offers, the lead is counted when the user has passed the tutorial stage (tutorial). The advertiser will be credited for conversion if the user has committed a target action. Thus, the current payment model for browser games offers is CPL (SOI or DOI), CPS, and RevenueShare.

Recall that the CPL price model provides payment for a lead. Based on the target action, there are SOI offers with simple user flow, and DOI offers with a two-stage confirmation. In the first case, the traffic is converted easier, but the payouts are also lower.

CPS is a cost for sale (paid registration, subscription, and other conditions requiring an input of payment data).

RevShare is a percentage for every profit a user makes to an offer's owner over the time he interacts with it (for example, while playing the game and replenishing the balance). It is a long-term passive income for advertisers, so offers with a hybrid payment model are more attractive to them.

If you are just starting in advertising, choose CPL offers with a simple flow. It is easier to make a user sign up for the game, than to replenish the account.

Current traffic channels

Advertising 18+ games, as you understand, is prohibited on most platforms. But there are effective channels for such offers, for example:
- 18+ thematic sources (sites with porn content, online 18+ stores, forums and communities) have the most loyal and interested audience;
- streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube — for this source, you need the most “gentle” creatives, otherwise advertising will not pass the moderation;
- teaser networks — many advertisers have long forgotten this source, but there is still a pool of cheap traffic, users are used to 18+ advertising and click good;
s- ocial media — almost half of all gaming traffic comes from Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, where sexual advertising is also prohibited, but cloaking still works and helps to pass the moderation;
- websites for gamers — the target audience of gaming offers lives here as well. But if you want to hit the target with hentai games, look for thematic resources for manga and anime fans;
- influencers and streamers — a challenging and expensive way to promote 18+ browser games, but here is the most relevant audience;
- advertising networks — here you can buy traffic tailored for different verticals. For example, EVADAV offers traffic from exclusive platforms with 18+ content, minimal bids, the most effective advertising formats, and flexible targeting — ideal for affiliates.

Advertising formats for 18+ offers promotion

The funnel for a browser game offer consists of an advertisement, a pre-lander, and a landing page. The brighter, more dynamic, and more attractive the banner or pop-up notification visual, the higher the CTR.

Interact with the audience, promoting 18+ games through push, popunder, inpage, and native. Each game is individual; you can only find the right format and approach with tests.

choose an advertising network with different advertising formats and a pool of options on their configuration. In EVADAV, the ability to fine tune visuals and custom styling widgets allow you to create maximum clickable creatives.

Efficient creatives for a 18+ audience

You can look for ideas for 18+ games creatives in spy services. But do not copy them; optimize them for your offer and target audience. Remember, even the most clickable creatives fade out sooner or later. It is better to be inspired by other people’s ideas and make unique creatives.
To make creatives for 18+ gaming offers bring many clicks:
- make them bright and dynamic;
- demonstrate the process or features of the game — interesting moments, characters, rewards;
- stick to the visual style of the game — color scheme, design, and tone of voice, so that there is no visual dissonance;
- use a minimum of text — here, it is more important for users to see the offer than to read about it;
- make them native — whatever format you choose, make sure that advertising looks organically on the page and does not stand out against the background of the main content;
- show emotions from the game;
- suggest the user choose a character;
- simulate a dialogue with a potential player;
- use subtitles and CTA text for those who view the ad without sound;
- include keywords in creatives so that you can find an offer in SERP;
- Show game chat where supposedly participants communicate beyond the game — users love interacting in parallel in the real and virtual worlds;
- use reviews and discussions in creatives for TikTok.

Use the pre-rolls or gif banner in push and emails. The target audience of the gaming vertical perceives content visually.

Advertising campaign setup

The advertiser decided to drive traffic with EVADAV inpage. He had previously tested this format with the dating offers and was confident in high quality. In addition, as you know, there are exclusive features that help to get maximum profit, favorable terms of cooperation, and responsive support on the EVADAV platform. Let’so go to the campaign settings:

Let’s go through the first set:
The authors took three identical creatives but localized them to each geo. They took their own icon and used an advertiser’s gifs for the main image.


The authors used micro bidding — bids for each source can be seen in the screens below. They created whitelists for all regions except Italy with the expectation that there would be little traffic and automated rules would weed out all non-target traffic. The rest of geo whitelists are extended by tags "dating", "cams", and "games".

Note that micro-bidding is available to advertisers with large budgets who can quickly assemble audiences for whitelists. The account manager enables micro-bidding so that the advertiser can cope more quickly with the competition on profitable pages or where he or she can reduce the price of traffic purchase, thus correlating ROI.

Campaigns targeted mobile and desktop traffic, OS — Android from version 6 to 13, browsers — Chrome/WebView/SumsungBrowser.

Advertising campaign settings for Pornstar Harem offer for Germany:


The automated rules stated that all the sources, which will get less than 1500 impressions and CTR — lower than 0.5 in 5 days, will go to the blacklist. Also, all the sites, which made a profit of -$1.2 and lower for seven days in a row, will get to the blacklist. It also included sources, which did not bring the lead in 7 days and cost more than $1.2.




Test result: purchase costs for inpage traffic with CPM 0,072 — $17.03, and profit — $3.90.

Settings of the UK advertising campaign:


Automated rules are similar to the previous campaign, and only the lower profit limit was set at -$1.1.


Results of the campaign with inpage traffic from the UK: traffic purchase cost with CPM $0.111 — $14.63, and profit — $1.95.



Campaign setup for France:


The automated rules are the same; only sources, which gave a profit of less than $1, went to the blacklist.


Campaign results for France: ad cost with CPM $0.09 — $10.38, profit — $2.8.



Campaign setup for US:


The automated rules settings were the same as for France.


US result: advertising cost with CPM $0,1 — $34.03. Campaign made profit — $7.6.



Advertising campaign setup for Italy:


Automated rules sent sources with the same conditions as the previous two geos to blacklist.


Inpage advertising cost with CPM $0.07 — $42.8. Profit — $3.6.



With Hentai Heroes offer, the authors of the case targeted one geo - in previous campaigns, Canada has shown good results with similar offers. Creatives were taken from the advertiser (except for the first icon).

They did not configure whitelists - as Canada has little traffic, and the automated rules will be enough. The campaign targeted desktop and mobile traffic from devices on Android 6-13 (Chrome, Samsung, WebView). They also connected automated rules + micro-bidding.

Three creatives were tested:


Account’s screenshots:


Automated rules stated that the blacklist includes all sources with less than 1500 impressions, zero profit, and CTR - lower than 0.5 in 5 days. Also, all the sites that gave a profit of -$2 (and less) in 7 days and those that did not bring leads in 7 days and cost more than $1.5 got into the blacklist.


The campaign showed the following results in a week:



Profit — $0,6, advertising cost — $19,34


They left one offer — Porn Star Harem and one geo — Germany as part of the optimization. From 26.05 to 15.06 the campaign brought 385 conversions and $57.14 in income.

Statistics after optimization:



The campaigns on both offers were not proficient but quite bright and effective for tests.

Advertisers learned the real potential of the offer for specific sources by applying micro bidding and automated rules. And the $57.14 profit, like a cherry on top, was waiting for them in the end.

The campaign, of course, is stopped, and conclusions are made.

Become EVADAV advertiser

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  • Root Admin
On 6/5/2023 at 6:50 PM, EvaDav said:

If you're just getting started with affiliate marketing, we highly recommend joining "Affiliate Marketing Insider" and "The Affiliate Guy Podcast". They provide valuable advice and guidance from experienced marketers and successful affiliates.

As far as I know,  our colleagues at @Monetize.info are working on an article about affiliate marketing podcasts.

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5 hours ago, Yonerailenn said:

What specific targeting parameters were used when testing 18+ game offers in Canada and other countries?

When testing 18+ gaming offerings in Canada and other countries, we used various targeting parameters, including geolocation, device, operating system, browser, and demographics. This allowed us to accurately target the target audience and maximize the effectiveness of campaigns.

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