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MaxWeb Review - Some of the best NUTRA offers

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By reading the following MaxWeb review, you will learn how to make money with the Max Web affiliate network, its PROs and CONs, its features, some tips to optimize your earnings, and many more.

In a previous tutorial, I explained, step by step, how to get approved in CPA networks and how to make money with CPA offers. If you are new to CPA marketing, check it before reading this review of MaxWeb so you can maximize your earnings in the NUTRA vertical.

If you are in the NUTRA vertical, MaxWeb is your best bet for making more money from your traffic, as It provides exclusive and optimized offers.

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Let's start the MaxWeb review:

Max Web Affiliate Network

MaxWeb is a CPA marketing network focusing on NUTRA offers.

Need to know what NUTRA is? Well Nutra stands for nutraceuticals or nutritional supplements. These are dietary supplements and non-prescription health products with additional health benefits.

The global nutraceuticals market size was USD 291.33 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% from 2023 to 2030, according to a report by the US industry analyst Grand View Research.

MaxWeb is recognized in the industry for its excellent fast support, payouts, and well-performing tech stack. Speaking about payments, you can receive your earnings via ACH Direct Deposit and Wire transfers.

Max Web Features [4.5/5]

Let's take a closer look at the features of the MaxWeb affiliate network: 

Attractive NUTRA Offers

The offers are tested and optimized on their side, connecting the traffic with reliable offers that proved to perform over time. Choose the affiliate commission model alongside the vertical. Most of their offers have no restricted types of traffic or geos. They accept all traffic: media buying, email distribution, SEO, mobile apps, and more.

Fast, Professional Support

The MaxWeb team is well known for the support they offer through email, Skype, discussion groups, webinars, conference talks, etc. If you have an issue, feel stuck, or need help optimizing your earnings, contact a team member, and they will fix you. 

Fast Payments

By default, you will receive your earnings weekly, but if you make more than $30,000, you will receive a payout three times a week—every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The payments are processed through ACH and Wire, both in USD or EUR, depending on your choosing. There is no crypto support yet. 

Real-time Tracking System

Their tracking system enables affiliates to monitor real-time traffic flow, transactions, and conversions. In addition, you can see the conversion rate, earnings per click, and other relevant information for each affiliate offer, which will help you choose the offers you want to promote. 

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MaxWeb Verticals Offers [4.5/5]

Nutra Offers

Are you a Nutra affiliate? Health and Beauty is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing, as people worldwide strive to be a better version of themselves. With MaxWeb, you can monetize your traffic with the best Nutra affiliate offers around the globe, carefully collected and optimized for you. 


Examples of NUTRA offers from Max Web

Dating Offers

Dating affiliate programs are one of the oldest in the history of affiliate marketing. Millions of people are looking for ways to escape their loneliness online. CPA and CPL - the best dating affiliate programs, including smart links, may be found here at MaxWeb.

Examples of Dating offers from MaxWeb.

Money Making Offers

If you want to take a break from NUTRA, HEALTH, or DATING offers, I suggest you take a closer look at the money-making offers. These are designed to appeal to a large audience, focusing on topics like lotto, betting, gambling, casino profits, bonuses, etc.

Examples of Money-Making Offers from MaxWeb

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MaxWeb Support [5/5]

Customer care and support are where MaxWeb excels. They receive award nominations annually for their excellent service. I'm going to review multiple support options for you.

After you get your account approved, you will get the contact details of your affiliate manager, who will help you choose between offers, maximize your earnings, settle any payment issues, offer tips, custom offers or creatives, etc. You can message your affiliate manager via Skype or email.

My affiliate manager on MaxWeb

Other available options are the contact page here, which is accessible for both members and visitors, and an email address, phone, and social media accounts. All these are visible on their website.

Besides those, there is a blog and an academy with articles, guides, and news so you can learn new things to maximize your affiliate marketing earnings.

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MaxWeb Payments [4.5/5]

Currently, there are four payment methods you can choose from: Check, Payoneer, Wire, and ACH Direct Deposit. Also, you can select the currency you want to receive the payment: USD or EUR. If you are a US citizen, they require your Tax ID or SSN for tax purposes.

It would be nice if MaxWeb considered adding more payment methods, like USDT or other CRYPTO, for affiliates who prefer to pay and get paid in crypto.

By default, payments are processed once a week. Below are the payout dates and the required monthly earnings to qualify:

  • Weekly - every Wednesday (default, if revenue falls below $15,000 a month)
  • Twice a week - every Monday and Wednesday (revenue is between $15,000 and $29,999 a month)
  • Three times a week - every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (revenue of $30,000+ a month)

You can set a minimum payment threshold amount within your affiliate account to avoid paying processing fees. If you see "Threshold" under your payments screen, the system blocked issuing a payment because the amount was below the configured threshold.

Payment Threshold is initially limited to 30 30-day delay from the first commission earned. Within 30 days of earning the first commission, you can adjust the payment threshold to your preference. 

Key Person of Max Web - Anna Gita

Anna is the CEO of MaxWeb. She built a 7 figure business from scratch and made MaxWeb one of the best-known names in the NUTRA Affiliate Marketing industry. She genuinely likes to help affiliate marketers improve and monetize their work.

PROs & CONs of MaxWeb [5/5]

Here are the PROs and CONs of the MaxWeb affiliate network. 

MaxWeb PROs

  • Exclusive and Optimized Offers—Many unique offers are optimized to convert well on Facebook, GDN, RevContent, Outbrain, etc., offering better conversions and more profits.
  • Easy and fast payments –You may receive your payment in weekly payouts and even three times a week for established affiliates through Wire, ACH, Check, or Payoneer, meaning you can better manage your spending and profit.
  • Comprehensive statistics—You will get access to a members panel with detailed statistics, which will help you evaluate your performance and optimize your productivity.
  • In-house tracking platform - The team is developing the platform in-house, meaning there will be fewer footprints for ad-blockers and anti-trackers. Also, the development team can easily add unique features.
  • Extensive Help & Support—Your dedicated affiliate manager can provide support via Skype, email, or phone at +1 302-208-8361. All the affiliate managers are amiable and helpful, so you will be in good hands with MaxWeb. You can also use the contact form or social media platforms.
  • Marketing & Events -The MaxWeb team travels literally around the globe each week to be present at events and conferences for affiliate marketing, doing speeches, offering support, and telling everyone about the benefits and unique features of MaxWeb.

MaxWeb CONs

  • No crypto payments—There has been an increase in affiliates asking for crypto payments, so it would be nice if MaxWeb considered crypto payouts in the future.

It's easy to see that the PROs outnumber the CONs, making MaxWeb one of the top networks in the affiliate marketing world.

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Making money with Max Web

What most people would want to know by reading this MaxWeb review is how to make money. Here is a condensed step-by-step guide on how to make money as an affiliate with MaxWeb.

1. Signup

The first step in making money with MaxWeb is to sign up and get approved for an account. After filling out a 2-step form with details about yourself and how you intend to drive traffic to the offers, you must confirm your email address. Once your email is confirmed, their Approval Team will walk you through the approval process. 


To be approved as a MaxWeb affiliate, one or both items below must be fulfilled:

  • Provide one industry reference from another network or a screenshot showing sales within the last 60 days. Please have your name or affiliate ID visible in the screenshot!
  • Certificate of Completion of an Affiliate Marketing course. Please be prepared to provide a screenshot of your course dashboard showing it was completed in your name. MaxWeb has a list of affiliate marketing courses you can learn from in their academy.

2. Choose the right offer for you

After you get your account approved, you can check all the offers and select the ones you want to work with. Select the vertical and then search, filter, and sort the offers by conversion rate, product price, average payout, EPC, and trending score.


MaxWeb CPA Offers

MaxWeb Offers VaultOn each offer, click the View Restrictions button to see more details, including the allowed GEOs and promotion methods. When you decide which offer to promote, click the Apply to Promote button. Keep in mind that you need to be KYC verified to apply for and promote it.

3. Track and Optimize

After you get accepted into promoting a specific offer, it is time to track your performance and optimize the campaign to maximize your payouts. The MaxWeb panel provides all this relevant information to help you improve your campaign's performance. 

MaxWeb Campaigns Dashboard

4 Get Paid

The last step is to cash out your earnings, deduct your expenses, and then enjoy the profit. As mentioned, MaxWeb pays through Check, Wire, ACH, or Payoneer up to 3 times per week, depending on your threshold and earnings level.

MaxWeb Payments

5. Repeat & Scale

In the final step of the guide, I recommend repeating the process with more offers and scaling up existing campaigns to increase your earnings. Also, remember to constantly test, tweak, and optimize new traffic sources, creatives, and promotion methods.

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MaxWeb – What others are saying [5/5]

  • "MaxWeb is one of the best affiliate networks I have ever worked with. They have a wide variety of high-converting offers and excellent customer support. Specially my affiliate manager Viktoria, is a rockstar. She is always available to answer my questions and help me with my campaigns. She has been instrumental in my success as an affiliate on Maxweb. I highly recommend MaxWeb to affiliates looking for a reliable and profitable partner." -- Trustpilot
  • "One of the platform's standout elements is its dedicated Affiliate Managers team. These professionals go beyond just the title, offering valuable assistance and timely support whenever required. Additionally, they provide transparent guidelines, leaving no room for confusion regarding promotional methods." -- Trustpilot
  • "MaxWeb is one of my go-to affiliate networks. My experience with them has been great, and they are always helpful" -- Trustpilot.

You may read more reviews of MaxWeb on Trustpilot by clicking this link.

MaxWeb Review Conclusion [5/5]

The MaxWeb affiliate network lets everyone monetize their traffic and earn money online. From NUTRA to dating, health, and Money-making, their mission is to offer the best offers and fantastic support to affiliates to help them grow.

The affiliate managers team always welcomes new affiliates and, of course, does all it can to improve the platform's current users.

Signup to MaxWeb & Start Promoting Lucrative NUTRA Offers

I hope I've covered the most important questions, but if you have questions, please let me know, and I will gladly answer.

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