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GamblingPRO Review [CPA Network]

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Today we are going to review the GamblingPro CPA network. You will see how to make money with this gambling CPA network, the PROs, and CONs, optimize your earnings, etc.

In a previous tutorial, we’ve already explained, step by step, how to get approved in CPA networks and how to promote and make money with CPA offers. If you don’t know this, I suggest you check it before reading this review.

You should know that CPA and affiliate marketing are the easiest ways of earning money. In affiliate marketing, you promote other merchants’ products and services and earn a commission in return.

GamblingPRO is the number one gambling and betting partner awarded by the CPALife Awards 2019 for being the best in its business.


If you like gambling and betting, this is the place to make good money from your traffic, Gambling.PRO provides lucrative deals and offers.

Let’s start the Gambling.PRO review:

1. Gambling.PRO Affiliate Network

As I’ve said, Gambling.pro is a CPA marketing network. One particularity of this network is that Gambling.pro focuses on gambling-related offers (Betting, Casino, Lotto). Webmasters can receive payment for specific targeted actions that their traffic performs (registrations, deposits, app installs, etc.).

Gambling.pro dashboard is available in the Russian language, and at the moment, the website is being translated into English. You can receive your earnings using payment methods like Bitcoin, Skrill, Capitalist, and WebMoney. I’ve spoken with their support and found out that in a few months, they will go international, so stay tuned for updates.


Gambling.pro provides more than 1300 offers for RevShare and CPA and a vast list of other complete privileges. These offers are considered the best for all the probable traffic sources and various GEOs worldwide.

The platform posts usual statistics like EPC, ratio, CR, clicks, etc. The website will also show comprehensive data on the conversations that let you conduct an in-depth traffic analysis.

Other vital stats that can help you are:

  • Your players took the actions.
  • Amount deposited
  • The number of deposits done repeatedly.
  • The amount of those re-deposits


As you can see in the picture above, it is straightforward to get detailed statistics on your campaigns’ performance so you can make educated choices in promoting the best offers that will make you more money. This way, you will make the most of the traffic you purchase.

Gambling.pro has many exciting features for smooth betting and gambling.

2. Gambling.Pro Features [4.5/5]

2.1 Attractive Offer Payouts and Deals

With its experience and connection in Russia and CIS countries’ gambling industry, this network can offer multiple conversion models with handsome payouts.

They have over a thousand Revenue Share offers that pay you for new registrations and first-time deposits, recurring payments (subscriptions), and re-deposits.

2.2 Optimized iOS and Android Apps

Gambling.Pro not only provides offers but also creates mobile phone applications that help increase conversions. These free apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users.

The apps are optimized not just to get more leads but also to improve these leads’ quality. The offers inside are designed to give the players a higher chance of winning. When they win, they want to deposit more money because they feel good about the bets.

A high-quality lead means the desired percentage of the players who sign up will deposit funds to play again. What’s great about this is that when a player adds funds to his account, the affiliate will earn once more because most offers are on the revenue-sharing conversion model. And, of course, advertisers love such leads, so they’d want to work with you again.

2.3 Tailormade Tracking System

Aside from the usual traffic filters, their tracking system can also capture highly relevant information to the gambling niche. This includes the active users who signed up through your link, how much they have deposited to their accounts, and how many times they have added funds.

2.4 Case Studies and Guides

Even if you’re not an expert in the gambling and betting niche, you can quickly get into the groove with the help of GamblingPro’s series of training and case studies.

Here is an overview of the knowledge base of tutorials they are offering to its members:


Not only do the people behind this network know about the niche, but they are also experts in it. Luckily, they do not shy away from sharing their expertise, as their affiliate's success is also their success as a network.

3. Gambling.pro Offers Overview [5/5]

Money is the primary factor in gambling; wherever you get more money, that area is profitable. If you're not new in CPA marketing, you should know that if you get $5 or $10 for a lead in Russian Federation or Ukraine, for a confirmed email lead in the US, Australia, or the UK, you will get $50 or even more.

The second vital factor is the audience because the opportunities for more opportunities you have to grow. Russia’s internet audience is 110 million, more than 2% of the world's.

There are more than 1300 offers when writing this review, but some are private and available only to top webmasters. You can choose based on the payment, your location the traffic, and the audience.

3.1 CBD Offers

They have 74 CPA offers for CBD-related websites mainly covering the USA, Canada, and other European countries. Here are some of the advertisers: EdoCBD, FormulaSwiss

3.2 Betting Offers

They have 75 CPA offers for betting-related websites that cover the whole world.

Here are some advertisers: BetWinner, MostBet.ru, Melbet.org, Cyber.bet, EfBet, Parimatch.com

3.3 Casino Offers

They have 299 CPA offers covering the whole world for casino games and live casino-related websites.

Here are some advertisers: Fresh Casino, SlottyVegas, 1XBet, CasinoRoom.

4. PROs & CONs of Gambling.pro [4/5]

Here are the PROs and CONs of Gambling.pro CPA network

Gambling.pro PROs

  • Trust and professionalism – The best aspect of Gambling. pro platform is the professional way they do things like filtering and searching offers and tracking your payments.
  • A plethora of Gambling and CBD offers - As previously said, Gambling.pro focuses on Casino, betting, lottery, and CBD offers. Hence, you can promote many attractive offers in a single place.
  • Easy and fast payments – You can get your payment fast. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is just $1.For best partners whose traffic has passed the test and consistently fulfills the KPIs, it is possible to withdraw funds from 12 hours to 3 days.
  • Comprehensive statistics – Gambling.pro CPA networking provides their publishers with detailed statistics, which help them evaluate their effectiveness in the recent duration and optimize them to obtain maximum productivity.
  • Help & Support - You can get support fast by talking on Skype with your dedicated affiliate manager and joining a Telegram group of over 10K users. Also, you can use the contact form in your dashboard.

Gambling.pro CONs

  • Performance-based – Although this has a positive side and a performance-based affiliate network, you generally get paid only when a conversion is achieved through your referral link.
  • Russian language only - At the moment, the interface is available only in the Russian language. You can use Google Translate and wait for the English version that will come soon.

5. Gambling.Pro Support [4.5/5]

If you are into CPA marketing, you know the network's support is mandatory to make money. For us, a CPA marketing network must offer the following:

  • Dedicated affiliate manager that we can talk with, get help about offer optimization, ask about the payments, etc.
  • Detailed knowledge base with traffic secrets, case studies, and help pages
  • Support groups on social media like Telegram or Facebook to share knowledge with other members.
  • A contact form or a ticketing system

The good news is that besides the ticketing system, Gambling.pro has them all, so you are well covered on this point. If you need more information from members, you should join the Gambling.pro Telegram group.

6. Gambling.Pro Payments [4/5]

This network has one of the fastest payout processing in the industry. Trusted publishers with a proven track record can withdraw their earnings in as little as 12 hours from when the conversion is tracked!

The minimum withdrawal amount is just $1! As long as your traffic is of good quality and meets the KPIs set by the advertiser, you can expect a smooth sailing experience in Gambling.PRO network.

New publishers are initially given a 14-day hold on their earnings, with the hold length getting shorter as you establish a good reputation.

In the Finances tab, you can see the exact payment dates for each advertiser.


Payments will be sent via WebMoney or Capitalist. If you want to get your payment through BitCoin or Skrill, you should text your manager and ask them to add these payment methods.

7. Making money with Gambling.PRO

Now that you have a complete overview of Gambling.PRO CPA network is the time to show you how to make money.

7.1 Get your account

Of course, the first step is registering an account, which can be done quickly from the homepage. Select registration, add your email address, and set up a password.

7.2 Edit your profile

After registering and confirming your email address, you will get complete access to the members' dashboard, where you should update your profile. Make sure to add all the required details, including payment accounts, to receive the winnings.

7.3 Add your sites and platforms

The next step is to add your website(s) and other platforms like social media accounts and apps from which you plan to send traffic.


It's straightforward to add everything; these are auto-approved, so you don't have to wait for an operator to check your digital properties and approve or deny them.

7.4 Pick a winning offer

Ok, we are now one step closer to the money. Picking up a winning offer is a crucial step, and you should take the time to choose well. Go to the offers tab, and based on your traffic and the audience, select the available offers:


On each offer dedicated page, you will see the complete details of the CPA offer, including a description of the advertiser, the payment amount, the payment terms, what promotional methods are accepted, and which ones are prohibited.


I suggest you check everything very well because this step is crucial to your success or failure. However, you will see how to tweak things in the next step.

7.5 Statistics

After you applied to several CPA offers and got accepted, it's time to start promoting them. Here is when the statistics tab helps you track everything and evaluate each campaign's performance.

gambling.pro_statistics-e1603035015658 (1).png

What does data mean in Statistics?

CPA status reflects the status of conversions (Accepted / Hold / Rejected), where :

  • Accepted - a reconciliation was received for the lead, the payment is made. (Either it was produced, or it will be on the next Friday).
  • Hold - leads are awaiting reconciliation. Reconciliation will roughly go according to the description in the offer, the "Conditions" column of the sub-column - "Hold."
  • Rejected - the advertiser denied the lead (the reason may be multi-accounts / fraud, etc.)
  • Hold after reconciliation - reflects the number of leads left in the hold. This column can include conversions the advertiser considered suspicious or did not reach the hold's paid goal. Still, it may well reach it at the next reconciliation time.
    CPA Accepted- the amount in USD that will / has been paid. An important clarification - for offers marked "The rate is fixed at 62 rubles", the conversion trend remains. Therefore, the actual receipt to your wallet may differ.

7.8 Get Paid

The last step is obviously to cash out your winnings. We've covered the payment terms in the Payment section of this review. I add that the minimum payment is just $1, and you can withdraw your earnings via WebMoney or Capitalist.net

8. Gambling.PRO FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Gambling.PRO network. You can find answers for more questions on their FAQ page or in the telegram group.

What is Gambling.pro?

Gambling.pro is a CPA network fully adapted to work with Gambling offers, where webmasters like you receive payment for specific targeted actions that their traffic performs.

How can I make money here?

Payment is made for specific targeted actions your traffic performs on our sites (offers). Most often, Gambling.PRO pays for registrations, making deposits, and installing our applications.

What is prohibited on Gambling.PRO network?

Any fraud-targeted traffic from PTC sites and rebooking is strictly prohibited on their networks. The “Traffic Sources” block on the Offers tab on the website will help you fill in the traffic from a specific source for a particular offer.

How often will I receive payments?

Most of the offers on the CPA model in the Russian Federation are paid for the last week on the next Friday. Payments are made automatically. More detailed information on your specific offer's payment system can be found in the "offer description" or the "Finance" section.

What is the minimum payout amount in your network?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is just $1.

What payment systems can I receive money for?

You can withdraw your earnings using Capitalist.net, Webmoney. On an individual basis, it is possible to make payments to other payment systems (Bitcoin and Skrill), but this will need to be coordinated with your manager in advance.

Do I need to use my landing pages to work with your CPA network?

You don't have to use your landing pages. All the landing pages required for work are already ready and added to the system. you need to get your referral link, and you can start pouring traffic directly to it.

Gambling.PRO Review Conclusion

Gambling.PRO is trusted by over 30,000 webmasters in CIS (ex-Soviet Union) countries and the Russian Federation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Gambling.PRO review. I've covered the most important questions, but if you have questions, please let me know, and I will gladly answer.

Gambling.PRO is welcoming partners and will offer full cooperation. They have one of the best managers in the whole market who will accompany and help you in all the stages – buying traffic, selecting the offers, etc.

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