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When deciding on what we should give our affiliates for our 12th birthday, we thought about what any given affiliate could appreciate, regardless of their specialization or how far they have made it in their career. 

There are three things in this business an affiliate has never complained about: a payout bump, an open cap, and fast approval. Whether you are sniping high-ticket leads in a niche vertical or scaling a global six-figure campaign, those words never fail to brighten up your day. So that is exactly what you are getting here—12 of our top offers across our most popular verticals with new and improved conditions to commemorate the occasion. After all, what is a better way to celebrate ClickDealer's birthday than running campaigns and making money? 

  Set up and enjoy!  


1. [WEB+MOB] ARDENTECASINO /IT [MINDEP 20EUR/NO BL] - 200 EUR - increased payout


2. [WEB+MOB] FrecheFrauen /DE DOI - 12 EUR - Exclusive+ increased payout
3. [WEB+MOB] QKKIE /US SOI  $3.50- increased payout

Pay Per Call

4.  [MOB] Auto Insurance - 150s - RevShare /US [PPC] [Inbounds] [Approval Required] - Fixed Payout $32/120s


5. [WEB+MOB] Avast Software - Premium/Ultimate Security /UK CPS [Approval Required] - bump from 70$ to 78$!
6. [WEB+MOB] Norton 360 Deluxe - 2 years /US CPS [Approval Required] - up to 130$  (payout increase based on volume+open cap!) 


7. [WEB+MOB] Ryoko PRO - WiFi Router /International (59 GEOs) CPS - 50$ + open cap!


8. [WEB+MOB] WALMART /US - REVSHARE UP TO 6.4% - Exclusive! High approval rate
9. [WEB+MOB] Carters /International - Revshare 3.2% [Approval required]- Exclusive! High approval rate

MyHomeQuote - O&O offers

10. [WEB+MOB] HQ Windows/ Bathroom Remodel / Solar/ Home Security /US Sensitive - 25-40$ CPL, open cap!
11. [PPC] HQ Solar /US [Pay-Per-Call] - $70- $90/90sec+ open cap!
12. [PPC] ROOFING HQ (RevShare) /US [Pay-Per-Call]- $100/120s + open cap!


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If you want to break your monthly revenue records, start setting up a Temu campaign right now. Temu is a global marketplace that has everything from fashion brand clothing to the latest models of high-end gadgets, and its offer's revshare rate has been bumped to 24% for first-time users for the whole month of April. Twenty-four percent!

(140119) [WEB+MOB] Temu /International [27 geos] - Revshare up to 24% [Approval required]
You've got 27 countries where you can look for users who haven't shopped at Temu yet. That is plenty of space to spread your wings and make this April your biggest month to date. You even have 3 days in advance to get your campaign together and spend every second of April profiting like never before. Ready to see some big numbers?

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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April is here, bringing the promise of warm breezes, blooming landscapes, and the unstoppable urge to travel. As everyone's thoughts turn to planning the perfect spring and summer getaways, affiliates start thinking about their next record-breaking travel campaign. In today's highlight, we have something that will make you think about it twice as hard.

154350 [WEB+MOB] Malaysia Airlines /International - Revshare
154428 [WEB+MOB] Trip.com /International (243 geos) Revshare [Approval Required]
152005 [WEB+MOB] Trivago /US - CPS + RevShare [Approval Required]
141653 [WEB+MOB] Waynabox /ES - CPS + RevShare [Approval Required]  
134212 [WEB+MOB] AutoEurope /UK - Revshare [Approval Required]
154442 [WEB+MOB] Etihad Airways /International (246 geos) Revshare [Approval Required]

CPS, revshare, international, local—everything is on the table. Pick an offer or two and set off on your own journey towards the land of plenty! 

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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If you catch this highlight as soon as it comes out, you've hit the jackpot. We've got not one, not two, but three of the best iGaming offers for their respective GEOs. From the bustling streets of Poland to the scenic vistas of Chile, all the way to the heart of the Netherlands, everyone likes a game of chance, and the offers below have every game you can think of and more. 

136911 [WEB+MOB] BetOnRed Casino&Betting /PL [MinDep 25 PLN/No BL] [Approval Required]
140818 [WEB+MOB] 1Win Betting&Casino /CL [MinDep 5000 CLP/No BL]
148704 [WEB+MOB] B7 Casino /NL [MinDep €10/No BL] [Approval Required]

With lenient deposits and solid metrics averages backing them up on all three offers, the only remaining factor to decide your choice is what country you prefer. Your target users may enjoy rolling the dice, but you don't have to. With these offers, success is all but guaranteed. 

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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