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Contests and giveaways can be a great way to generate leads and promote your affiliate products. By offering a prize related to your niche, you can attract a large number of potential customers and capture their contact information through opt-in forms or social media follow/like campaigns.

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Voting for the 2024 E-commerce Germany Awards is now open!

For seven consecutive years, this award has recognized outstanding e-commerce achievements fueled by creativity and excellence.

We hope that our solutions in the Sales & Growth category will catch your attention. Your recognition and support in this stage of the award, which involves public voting, would mean a lot to us.

To cast your vote, all you need is a LinkedIn account. This small gesture could make a significant impact on our journey!

Show your support for ClickDealer!


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IGaming affiliates, assemble!

One of the biggest iGaming-centered events is taking place once again this winter in Albion.

The exhibition days for iGB Affiliate London 2024 are 7th February and 8th February, at ExCeL with additional networking events taking place on the 6th of February. But don't let the rainy climate scare you away, as there are too many advantages that will make your stay worth your while:

+6,500 attendees ready to connect with you
+200 exhibitors – including the top brands and new-to-market tech brands
top speakers and experts
the best networking events

Book a meeting with our team and we’ll see you in London!


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Many women take great pride in their hair and long for that perfect, salon-worthy shine. With GK Hair, that dream can become a reality. This brand is a game-changer, offering products that bring the magic of salon-style results directly to their homes. It's like a little piece of hair heaven for every woman!

(152683) [WEB+MOB] GKhair /US/CA - Revshare 12% [Approval required]

GK Hair appeals to a diverse range of women all united in their quest for luscious, healthy locks. With the whole US and Canada to work with, you can access a vast audience of potential customers. Don't wait, set up a campaign today and be among the first to find the winning formula.

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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You've probably seen today's offer before - it's been in our highlights numerous times and has become quite popular. Squarespace, a well-known leader in website building, is offering a red-hot deal until January 31st. You still have time to earn $160 for each new customer in the Commerce category and $120 for new customers in all other categories. 


Our stats show that this offer has an average CR of 12.33% and an EPC of $1.01. This offer is international, so the growth potential is massive. Don't waste more time - launch a quick test and set off! 

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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Today's highlight is all about bringing joy and fulfilling people's dreams with two great products - Audien Hearing Aids and the Byte Impression Kit. Audien Hearing Aids provides an affordable and discreet solution for those seeking to enhance their hearing. The Byte Impression Kit offers an easy, personalized path to a brighter smile

(152292) [WEB+MOB] Byte impression-kit /US (CPS)
(152367) [WEB+MOB] AudienHearing.com /US/UK

Both offers appeal to a discerning audience that values their health and comfort and wants to make positive life changes. So why not help people out and pull in some payouts while we are at it?

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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E-commerce continues to dominate the spotlight, and today, we've got two exceptional offers worth highlighting. The first is from Hebe, the online go-to spot for premium personal care and beauty products. The second one comes from a brand synonymous with luxury and comfort - Radisson Hotels.

(150597) [WEB+MOB] Radisson Hotels /PL - Revshare 3.2% [Approval Required]
(152721) [WEB+MOB] Hebe /PL - Revshare 4.9% [Approval Required]

Whether you choose the beauty and personal care enthusiasts or vacationists drawn to the comfort and elegance of Radisson Hotels, both audiences present vast opportunities. And since spa resorts are a thing, there might be an intersection sweet spot that would bring massive returns. You never know until you test.

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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Affiliate World Global is only a month away, and the excitement is building up.

Set to take place on February 28-29 in the vibrant city of Dubai, with a staggering 5,500+ attendees expected from 110+ countries, Affiliate World Global is not just an event – it’s an experience.

This powerhouse gathering has earned its reputation as the go-to conference for the top 1% of the affiliate marketing industry, and it’s where groundbreaking strategies are shared, partnerships are formed, and the future of affiliate marketing is shaped.

Swing by ClickDealer’s Premium Booth D39 for engaging conversations and exciting ideas that could shape the trajectory of your affiliate marketing journey and get ready for an affiliate marketing extravaganza like never before!

You can book a meeting with our team HERE


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When getting a PC, one of the first things to consider is whether you need a high-performance gaming rig, a home computer for movie nights and social media, or simply a workstation. Our highlight for today has market-leading software for each of these options: a top-rated global multiplayer game, a popular streaming service, and reputable security software. Choose your audience and set up a winning campaign.

Download 128565 [WEB+MOB] AVIRA Antivirus PRO - 50% OFF /International CPS [8 Languages] RevShare
CR - 4.5% EPC - $2.2

Ecommerce 152503    [WEB] World of tanks /International [241 Geo] - CPS up to $9.60 RevShare
CR - 0.48% EPC - $0.15

Ecommerce 138093    [WEB+MOB] HBO Max /US $7.2 CPS [Approval Required] RevShare
CR - 0.13% EPC - $0.15

World of Tanks is in the lead in regards to scaling potential, HBO Max is an established brand with decades of history, and AVIRA is showing incredible metrics across the board. All three paths lead to success, and the rest is just a matter of preference.

Ping your AM or register HERE


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Step up to the tee and get ready to swing your ads into the hearts of golf enthusiasts across the US and UK with today's highlight. Whether your audience is just breaking in their first pair of golf shoes or crushing course records, these offers have the gear that will add yards to their swings.

➤ (153222) [WEB+MOB] Zebra Golf /UK - Revshare 8.8% [Approval Required]
➤ (153221) [WEB+MOB] Zebra Golf /US - Revshare 8.8% [Approval Required]
➤ (153220) [WEB+MOB] Ram Golf /UK - Revshare 8.8% [Approval Required]
➤ (153218) [WEB+MOB] Ram Golf /US - Revshare 8.8% [Approval Required]
➤ (153217) [WEB+MOB] MacGregor Golf /US - Revshare 5.6% [Approval Required]
➤ (153130) [WEB+MOB] Golf Division /US - Revshare 5.6% [Approval Required]

The featured offers accept a wide range of traffic types, but it's important to avoid brand bidding and coupons. With a 30-day cookie lifespan, you'll have plenty of time to convert clicks into orders. If the conditions sound good to you, run a test and let the results astound you. 

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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If you are planning to attend the Affiliate World conference in Dubai, you might want to consider extending your stay. Sigma Eurasia is hosting its summit from the 25th to the 27th of February in the same city, and no iGaming affiliates would want to miss this significant event. Here are some details to help you prepare for the grand scale:

- 600 sponsors and exhibitors
- 15,500 delegates
- 400 speakers

So, get ready for an impressive gathering. ClickDealer, of course, couldn’t miss this opportunity, so our team is also attending. 
Book a meeting and we’ll see you in Dubai!


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Today, February 16th, marks Innovation Day—a momentous occasion where the Science History Institute collaborates with the Society of Chemical Industry to explore the ever-evolving landscape of technology. As society undergoes transformative changes, so too does our reliance on technology. And while the field of computer technologies witnesses constant innovation, some software applications, such as disc cleaners and antivirus programs, stand the test of time—at least for now. 

In light of these dynamics, we present these enticing opportunities for your consideration on this Innovation Day:

120768 [WEB+MOB] Norton 360 Plans -  AV+/Standard/Deluxe/Premium /International CPS 
CR - 0.08% EPC - $0.07

145601 [WEB+MOB] CCleaner DTC /International CPS
CR - 0.13% EPC - $0.09

Take advantage of this enduring relevance, join us in celebrating Innovation Day, and capitalize on the opportunity to profit from these steadfast technologies.

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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We have prepared an insightful interview with Natalya Ptitsyna, our Head of PR and Kristina Pototska, Manager of Product Management at BigCommerce 

Check out the discussions about trends, opportunities for merchants and brands in 2024, international expansion, AI, metaverse, video ads, B2B, targeting tips, traffic cases, and e-commerce trending niches.

Watch it here!  


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From kids' playgrounds to the shelves of adult collectors, there's one brand that unites us all: LEGO! And today, to celebrate Lego Classicism Day, we've got a brick-tastic highlight for you.

152014 [WEB+MOB] Lego /MX Revshare [Approval Required]
94968 [WEB+MOB] Win New Lego €500 Voucher /DE SOI FB/GoogleTag Pixel

The appeal for offers is broad, attracting families looking for gifts, educators aiming to inspire, and collectors on the hunt for the next rare find. It's LEGO, need we say more? Waste no time and give it a try to see how high your profits can soar.

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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In 2024, online privacy is a much larger concern than it was even a decade ago. Internet users demand a tracking-free and unrestricted browsing experience. Ultra VPN is the response to that, providing lightning-fast speeds and a straightforward interface. Help them unlock the web, shield their data, and stream freely worldwide.

151566 [WEB+MOB] Ultra VPN /International CPS $65

Privacy advocates, streamers, travelers - the audience is expansive. There are lots of angles to take with your ad copy, and even more geos to scale your campaign to. Make use of this freedom of action and grant even more to every converting user.

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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Forget the winter blues, because spring is here, and wanderlust is in bloom. Travelers are itching to explore, with international flight bookings in the US soaring by 20% and hotel reservations jumping 37% compared to last year. This trend means one thing for travel affiliates - opportunity is knocking.

124660 [WEB+MOB] Etihad Airways /International (246 geos) Revshare [Approval Required]
152005 [WEB+MOB] Trivago /US - RevShare [Approval Required]
144349 [WEB+MOB] Caesars Rewards /US - Revshare
153774 [WEB+MOB] CAESARS REWARDS: Shows & Attractions /US- Revshare

These offers cater to both US adventurers and global globetrotters. With such a diverse audience, your potential for earning is sky-high. By the way, did we mention the Etihad Airways and Trivago offers come with increased commission?

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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