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Hi everyone!

We are starting our official thread on Gold Forum, where we’ll answer your questions, share our insights and publish special deals!

Now let us introduce ourselves properly!

ClickDealer, powered by DMS, is a global marketing company that provides performance marketing solutions for publishers, advertisers, and agencies worldwide.

The company has been in the performance marketing business since 2012, working in 20+ main verticals.

Along with access to a huge portfolio of direct offers and exclusives, ClickDealer also provides a unique traffic distribution algorithm that allows monetizing your entire inventory with 1 link - ClickDealer Smartlink.

Working with ClickDealer means:

- Highest rates in affiliate marketing
- Massive variety of angles and creatives
- In-house tracking platform
- Loyalty program and contests with luxury prizes
- 24/7 support by dedicated managers

Join us right now and experience all the benefits of partnering with the market leader!

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On 5/30/2023 at 5:18 PM, LibertyCrypto said:


Can I receive payment in crypto - USDT? I would like to know this thing before considering joining.

Thank you!

Yes, we support many payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see all available methods. https://clickdealer.com/publishers/

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OfferVault's Summer Top Networks Survey 2023 is open for submissions, and ClickDealer is in the running for Top Affiliate Network and Top Pay-Per-Call Network!

When the biggest offer aggregator in affiliate marketing runs a survey, the whole community answers, so our community will also need to get involved in its entirety to win the nominations.

Submitting a vote doesn't take longer than 2 minutes, and we greatly appreciate every single one.

 Follow the links below, and let's take the top spot!

Cast your voice for Top Affiliate Network

Cast your voice for  Top Pay-Per-Call Network


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Did you know that Logitech was one of the pioneers of the computer mouse, releasing its first mouse in 1982, a year before Microsoft did? Today, known worldwide for its quality lines of computer accessories, Logitech provides an array of products that cater to all audiences, from gamers to office workers. With lucrative revshare rates and extensive market reach, Logitech's offers can be your ticket to scaling across continents.

(142573) [WEB] Logitech G /US/CA - Revshare up to 3.2%
(142575) [WEB] Logitech G EMEA /International [35 Geos] - Revshare 4%
(142578) [WEB] Logitech EMEA /International [36 Geos] - Revshare up to 4%
(142777) [WEB] Logitech /US/CA/MX - Revshare up to 3.2%

The offers accept most traffic types except for email and search, so there are lots of profitable approaches to discover. What will you do with all that freedom?

Ping your AM or register HERE


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ClickDealer is going to the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2023! From June 13th to 15th, the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago will be hosting over 5000 decision-makers from the burgeoning world of online retail. With executives from Google, Amazon, Walmart, and Adobe speaking at the event, you can be sure you will be getting the latest and most actionable insights on achieving success in e-commerce.

Let us know if you are planning to go, and let's set up a meeting!


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It's the first week of summer, so we are going to give you something seasonal. The T10 Portable cooler is an obvious choice for outings in 30°C weather, and now is the ideal time to promote it, with payouts increased to a whopping $65. The coolers are cool, the offer is hot, and the time is now.

(106200) [WEB+MOB] T10 Cooler CTC € 83.99 /DE [CPS]
(140923) [WEB+MOB] T10 Cooler CTC £72.99 /UK [CPS]
(140924) [WEB+MOB] T10 Cooler CTC € 83.99 /FR [CPS]
(142693) [WEB+MOB] T10 Cooler CTC $ 89.99 /US/CA [CPS]

Make sure to check out the Creatives section for great banners and ask your affiliate manager for product videos. Take advantage of this opportunity to leverage the seasonal demand and maximize your earnings!

Ping your AM or register HERE


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SiGMA Americas is only a week away! The leading iGaming conference series' latest event in São Paulo, Brazil, is gathering a heavy lineup of well-known executives to discuss growth opportunities in LATAM.

The five-day event scheduled for June 14-18 will provide every opportunity to meet everyone you need to meet, learn everything you would like to learn about the state of the industry in 2023, and find out why there is still no party like a party in Brazil. 

ClickDealer is sending a team to the event, so get in touch if you are going, and let's meet up!


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Today's featured offer is Zulily, the online retail giant with a wide range of products, with categories covering everything from clothing to electronics. Their daily deals and limited-time offers are consistently attractive for both first-time customers and repeat shoppers!

(136557) [WEB+MOB] Zulily /US/CA/SG/IE/AU/UK/HK/MX - Revshare 6.4% Approval required

With 8 GEOs available, the offer accepts most types of traffic except for brand bidding and direct linking. Here's the cherry on top - an exclusive promo code live until June 30th is available in the offer's Creatives section. Pick out something seasonal to advertise and take advantage!

Ping your AM or register HERE


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Are you ready for Island Conference in Cyprus?

i-Con 2023 is going to be a two-day conference, running from June 29th to 30th, where thousands of affiliates, publishers, and advertisers are gathering to discuss industry trends, look for new contacts, and enjoy everything peak season Cyprus has to offer.

The inaugural event by Nexxie Group is set to make a strong debut with a lineup of C-level speakers, tons of fun events on the schedule, and a focused vision from people who know what affiliate marketing is all about. ClickDealer will be exhibiting at the event, ready to discuss ideas at Mars Booth 05.

Want to chat? Book a meeting here


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The coronavirus epidemic has left affiliate marketers with a unique kind of occupational trauma. After 2020, most are hesitant to run travel offers, even though the industry has been alive and well for over a year. Today's featured offer is here to fix that, with a $23 payout for a 60-second call and an average EPC of $16.3.

(131321) [MOB] Flight booking Branded - 60s /US [Pay Per Call]

The US is full of frequent flyers, and the whole country is your audience. Set up a campaign, get them on the line, and watch your ROI take to the skies.

Ping your AM or register HERE


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We have some thrilling news for all the globe-trotting marketers out there! We're hosting a fantastic giveaway on our Instagram page @clickdealer, where you have the chance to win a FREE ticket to the much-awaited i-Con 2023, a new conference set on a beautiful island, offering a unique blend of networking, learning, and relaxation! 

Here's how you can participate:

1. Head over to our Instagram page @clickdealer and hit that follow button.
2. Find our giveaway post and tag a friend in the comments who you think would love to join this event.
3. Repost our giveaway post to your Stories, and make sure to tag us @clickdealer so we can see it!

And voila! You're in the running to win a free ticket to i-Con! 

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Head over to our Instagram page now and enter the giveaway. Good luck to all participants! 


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We are thrilled to announce the launch of a highly anticipated offer - Walmart Canada! With a brand as globally recognized as Walmart, your campaigns are backed by a name that resonates with millions.


Walmart Canada sees a staggering 2.4 million customers daily, both online and offline. We are not going to say that all of them come from affiliate funnels, but it is safe to assume you will have more than enough audience to work with. Most traffic types are accepted, as long as you steer clear of brand bidding and direct linking. Launch a test and start getting that international retail chain money!

Ping your AM or register HERE


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The affiliate marketing industry's oldest and most important survey is underway! mThink Blue Book Top Networks survey launches today to once again determine how all the top companies in the field stack up against each other.

ClickDealer has been participating in mThink Blue Book surveys since 2014, placing in the top 3 in the Best CPA Networks ranking, top 20 among pay-per-call networks, and taking the number one spot as the best European CPA network. Our nomination for this year is Best Pay-per-call Network.

This year's survey is going to determine the best picks going forward into 2024 for anyone involved with affiliate marketing, and it is incredibly important to us that all those who think our services deserve more recognition use the survey to express that opinion. As the industry grows and gets more competitive each year, the competition for each spot in the rankings also gets more demanding, and we need your opinions to make sure ClickDealer's growth matches or even exceeds that pace.

Completing the survey is a matter of a few minutes, but it makes a real difference for ClickDealer. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

 Support ClickDealer and cast your vote!




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💡Today's featured offers are SOI leadgen for the Netherlands and Belgium, designed to help people save hundreds of euros on rising energy rates  - an irresistible proposition for any cost-conscious user.

(143221) [WEB+MOB] Energieloket Vlaanderen (Energy Comparison) /BE SOI [Approval Required] 4 EUR
️ (143214) [WEB+MOB] Landelijk Energieloket (Energy Comparison) /NL SOI [Approval Required] 2.8 EUR

🎯 As far as scaling goes, you are only limited by your capabilities because both of the offers are uncapped. Custom email templates are available upon request, but if you decide to make your own, keep in mind that all creatives must be preapproved by the advertiser. Users get savings, you get commissions - it's a win for everyone! 🏅

Ping your AM or register HERE


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Today's featured offer is from a niche that hasn't yet been showcased in our highlights. Introducing VividSeats, one of the leaders among online ticket marketplaces. VividSeats caters to a diverse range of event-goers, from sports fans to theater buffs, making it a top choice for consumers looking for the best deals on live entertainment experiences.

(143451) [WEB+MOB] Vivid Seats /US/CA Revshare 1.6% Approval Required

The allowed traffic types are display, content marketing, price comparison sites, and coupons, so there are a lot of ways you can approach this one. The stage is set for your breakout campaign, it's time to launch!

Ping your AM or register HERE



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We are rapidly approaching the finish line of the 2023 OfferVault survey!  There are only 8 days left to cast your votes for ClickDealer in the nominations of 'Best Pay Per Call Network' and 'Best CPA Network'. 

Our success, our journey, and every milestone we've reached is a testimony to your unyielding support. We are here because of YOU.

So, let’s pass another milestone on our journey together and bring these awards home!

Just a few moments of your time can make a big difference. In a survey with this much competition, every vote counts! 

Remember, the voting period ends in just 8 days. 

Let's keep the momentum going! Thank you for your continuous support.



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