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High quality and reliable residential and 5G proxies

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Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Blocking: What is it and how can proxies help bypass it?

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a technology used by ISPs and government agencies
to monitor user traffic. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being monitored, proxies
can help you bypass DPI and protect your privacy.

How does DPI and DPI blocking work?

This system thoroughly analyzes Internet traffic packets and acts as a surveillance tool.
DPI allows third parties to access your browsing history and the sites you visit. ISPs and
government agencies monitor users for ad research and national security purposes.

DPI blocking can occur due to censorship, for instance when a user tries to access a
banned site. Therefore, it is recommended to use a proxy.

How do proxies help bypass DPI and blocking?

Proxy servers route user requests through themselves, changing the IP address in the
process. As a result, DPI does not see the user's real IP address, but rather the IP
address provided by the proxy server.

Here is a list of proxies that can help you bypass DPI:

  • Static proxies. These proxies perform well and can aid in parsing. However, they
    may not be the optimal choice for bypassing DPI, as it may detect that you are
    using a data center proxy.
  • Proxies with SOCKS5 protocol. These proxies offer an additional layer of security
    by masking the IP address and encrypting transmitted data. They are also ideal
    both for P2P and for bypassing firewalls. However, their setup process can be
    complicated, and the additional encryption may slow down their speed.
  • Residential proxies. These proxies are highly anonymous because they show to
    DPI the addresses of real people. As a result, DPI systems cannot detect that
    you are using a proxy.
  • Proxies with rotation. These proxies change IP addresses to prevent tracking
    by DPI systems. In addition to these proxies, it is best to use SSL/TLS encryption
    or SSH tunnels to bypass DPI.

To enhance protection and bypass DPI, it is recommended to use a combination of
proxies, VPNs, and Tor.

  • VPN encrypts the connection;
  • Tor redirects traffic through multiple nodes.


If you want to enhance your privacy, comfort and freedom while working on the
Internet and bypass DPI blocking, you should use residential proxies, proxies with
rotation and proxies with SOCKS5 protocol.
These types of proxies can be purchased
at Proxytunnel, which offers more than 1.5 million reliable IP addresses from 100
countries. For additional protection, consider using a combination of a proxy, VPN,
and Tor.

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If the bandwidth limitation appears, what should I do?

Dealing with bandwidth limitations can really slow you down, especially with all the
interruptions and buffering. Slow internet is even more frustrating for people working
from home who might end up missing important deadlines because their internet isn't
keeping up. Let's talk about some ways you can dodge these issues.

Why is bandwidth limitation occurring?

Ever wonder why your internet suddenly slows down? Sometimes, your internet service
provider (ISP) might be deliberately reducing your speed. Other times, it might just be
a technical issue.

But if your internet consistently lags or slows down at the same times every day, it's likely
that your ISP is intentionally limiting your speed.

The reasons why ISPs impose restrictions:

  • They do it to handle network congestion during busy times;
  • They're limiting users who are using a lot of bandwidth, like for big downloads
    or streaming lots of videos;
  • They're hoping you'll decide to upgrade to a more expensive plan for better speed.

If you're curious about whether your internet is being throttled, you can quickly check
your speed online using websites like Speedtest.net, Fast.com.

How to cope with the limitations?

Using proxies can be a great workaround. Proxies hide your internet activity by giving
you a different IP address, so it looks like someone else is using the internet, not you.
For example, Proxytunnel offers over 1.5 million of reliable IP addresses to choose from.

Besides hiding your identity, proxies also encrypt your data, helping you get around
restrictions. If your ISP is slowing down your streaming or blocking websites, using a
proxy can give you access to the speeds and sites you need.

Residential and mobile proxies are especially good for getting past restrictions
because they're connected to actual devices and networks, making you even more


The choice of proxy to bypass restrictions should always depend on your goals,
objectives, and needs. Combining a proxy with a VPN can give you even more privacy,
hiding what you do online and your personal data from your ISP. This approach is a
great way to bypass internet speed limits and enjoy a smoother online experience.

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Incorrect setting of GEO of an IP server and DNS: what can it cause and how to
avoid it?

When the discussion about GEO settings of an IP server comes up, you might come
across the story of Joyce Taylor. An elderly farmer from Kansas, USA, experienced a
great deal of anxiety due to an incorrectly set GEO of an IP server and DNS, in open
source. MaxMind, the company that owns the database, is responsible for the error.
Their decision to simplify one of the coordinate pointers by shortening its shape
resulted in 600 million IP addresses being redirected to the area where Mrs. Taylor

So let's explore why misconfiguring a GEO of an IP server and DNS can turn into
such a huge error and how to fix it.

How to obtain the data that an IP address belongs to a specific GEO?

An IP address does not provide information about the city or ISP to which it belongs.
Companies that use IP addresses to determine GEO, such as the infamous MaxMind,
offer a database of addresses, their locations and coordinates.

Services that determine data by IP are databases that report subnet and GEO.
However, not all services can guarantee accurate data due to several reasons:

  • The resource updates its databases infrequently.
  • The resource removes some of the information, making it difficult or
    impossible to find full and recent data.
  • The resource is forced to use the most similar data instead of the necessary
    missing data. This is exactly what happened with Mrs. Taylor - the address
    of her farm was mistakenly associated with a similar IP address for which
    there was no confirmed information.

How to avoid the error of an incorrectly installed GEO of an IP server?

If you encounter issues with a specific source due to incorrect GEO of an
IP address or DNS, it is necessary to verify the data in multiple databases, such
as Whatleaks, 2ip.ua, and others. However, keep in mind that the information
from these databases could be inaccurate, because they often copy and parse
data from each other.

When using a proxy, it is crucial to verify the vendor's reputation. If there are
any errors in the database, you should ask for an explanation. You can also
monitor the final output of the IP and test the performance. If the proxy
functions correctly, it means that any incorrect GEO specification is a
database error.


If this issue occurs, you need to exclude IP address subnets from the databases.
Incorrect specification of the country or city of the IP address can always be
corrected. You should test the output of the address on a resource, for example,
on a social network or search engine. If performance is reduced, contact the
technical support of the proxy provider and request an explanation.

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Comparison between free and paid proxy servers

There are many differences between free and paid proxy servers. And it is crucial to
select the right one depending on your specific needs and tasks. So let's take a look
at the differences between them.

Features of free proxy servers:

- They are usually publicly available online, making them easy to use.

- Due to the high volume of users, they may experience limitations in speed,
bandwidth, and connection stability.

- Due to the absence of data protection and encryption mechanisms, they may
be less secure.

- The free proxy sites may place ads as a means of monetization.

- They typically offer a limited selection of GEOs


- Free proxies are available at no additional cost.

- No payments or registration are required.

- They can be used for basic tasks such as bypassing blockades or browsing


- Multiple users may result in slow performance.

- Free proxies may not provide stable performance.

- A limited set of features and functions is often the case.

Features of paid proxy servers:

- Higher performance, stability, and throughput due to dedicated resources

- Advanced security features, including data encryption and privacy protection.

- Users can choose the right GEO to bypass restrictions and access content
from different countries.

- Paid proxy users also have access to 24/7 technical support.

- Absence of ads, which makes using the server much more convenient and


- Fast and high-quality work.

- Additional features such as virus protection, geographic blocking bypass,
and so on.

- Increased throughput capacity.


- Buying them requires an extra cost, which can impact your budget.

- Paid proxies are not always necessary; free proxies can be effective for
some tasks.


The decision to use free or paid proxies depends on your specific needs and
usage goals.
While free servers may suffice for basic tasks, they have limitations
in terms of performance, security, and functionality. On the other hand, paid
servers, which require a deposit, usually offer a higher level of security,
performance, and support, making them the preferred choice for more serious
tasks and requirements.

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