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High quality and reliable residential and 5G proxies

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How can proxies help in scraping?

Accurate tools and technical expertise are not the only requirements for
efficient scraping; access to reliable proxies is also crucial. Proxytunnel
provides high-quality private proxies that are specifically designed for
scraping needs. Let's find out how proxies can help with scraping and w
hat types of proxies are best suited for it.

What is scraping?

Scraping is the automated process of collecting information from
webpages. It involves loading pages, analyzing and extracting data, and
saving it for further use. Scraping can be performed using various
software tools and libraries that allow you to automate the process.

Scraping is required to solve various business issues:

  • Analysis of competitors. Scraping allows you to collect information
    about competitors' products, prices, promotions, etc. This helps to
    identify trends and develop effective strategies.
  • Price monitoring. Automated scraping of competitors allows you
    to quickly monitor and respond to price changes.
  • Collect customer data. Scraping is used to gather information about
    the target audience: contact information, interests, behavior. This
    data plays a crucial role in the customization of marketing
    campaigns to suit the target audience.
  • Gather information for content. Scraping is used to collect news,
    articles, or reviews from various sources for content marketing
  • Social media analysis. Scraping helps to evaluate public opinion
    about a product or brand, and identify opinion leaders.

How proxies help in scraping

Using proxies in scraping has several important goals:

  • Anonymity. By using proxies, you can hide your real IP address
    when sending requests to web servers. It helps to avoid blocking
    your IP address if you make frequent requests to the same server.
  • Load balancing. Using proxies can help manage the load and
    distribute it among many IP addresses. This is especially useful
    when scaling scraping, as it allows you to increase the speed of
    information collection.
  • Bypassing geographic restrictions. Proxies with IP addresses from
    other countries can be used to bypass geographic restrictions.
  • Blocking protection. If the website blocks IP addresses for
    scraping, use a proxy to change the IP address and continue to
    collect information without interruption by generating big amount
    of sessions at the same time.
  • Compliance with site rules. Some websites have policies against
    automated data collection. Using a proxy can reduce the risk of
    being blocked because requests come from different IP addresses,
    making them harder to trace.

You can use different types of proxies provided by Proxytunnel for

  • Proxies with rotation. They rotate the IP address automatically after
    each request or a certain number of requests to prevent blocking and
    ensure uninterrupted scraping.
  • Private proxies. They provide access to a limited number of IP
    addresses, ensuring a stable connection. Additionally, they are
    both high-speed and reliable.
  • GEO proxies. If you need to access data restricted by GEO, you can
    use proxies with IP addresses from the necessary country.
    Proxytunnel provides proxies for more than 100 GEOs.|
  • Proxies with API. Proxytunnel offers an API that allows proxies to be
    integrated with scraping tools. This makes proxy management and
    scaling easier.


Proxies are essential for successful scraping because they provide
, bypass restrictions, and maintain stable connections.
Proxytunnel stands out from other providers because it offers high-quality
private proxies designed specifically for the needs of parsers.

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For which traffic arbitrage verticals are Proxytunnel proxies

To drive traffic to offers that may have limited advertising in many
sources, you need proxies. Let's take a look at which vertical traffic
arbitrage proxies are most relevant.

For which verticals are proxies necessary?

Proxytunnel's proxies are ideal for promoting various verticals:

  • E-commerce, goods. Proxies are particularly helpful when working
    with online stores, especially if you need to access geographically
    restricted offers or keep track of prices for products in different
    regions. This is crucial for effective price comparison and identifying
    different offers between countries.
  • Gambling and Betting. Depending on the country where you want to
    promote gambling and sports betting, you may need proxies to bypass
    geographical restrictions. Moreover, proxies enable affiliates to create
    multiple accounts: if the traffic source blocks one account, the affiliate
    can drive traffic to the offer from another account and not lose money.
  • Mainstream Dating and Adult Dating. Proxies are ideal for bypassing
    restrictions or managing multiple profiles on dating sites.
  • Cryptocurrencies and Finance. Proxies can be utilized to maintain
    anonymity when dealing with finances. This applies to transactions
    and financial data.

What objectives and goals in traffic arbitrage can Proxytunnel proxies
help you achieve?

Proxytunnel proxy servers can be used for:

  • hiding the real IP address — this ensures anonymity and
    protection from possible blocking by the traffic source;
  • change GEO — this is particularly useful if an affiliate would like to
    participate in an affiliate program that is geographically limited or if
    the target audience is located abroad;
  • multi-account management — using proxies let you run numerous
    campaigns and promote multiple offers without raising any suspicion
    from ad platforms;
  • competitive monitoring — proxy servers allow you to study
    competitors' actions and strategies and collect information


Proxytunnel proxies are valuable tools for e-commerce, adult and
mainstream dating, gambling, betting, cryptocurrencies, and finance.
They allow users to bypass GEO-restrictions, provide anonymity, and
manage multiple accounts.

Propxytunnel offers high-quality private proxies including mobile,
residential, static and 5G proxies to help you achieve outstanding
business goals in the world of traffic arbitrage.

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What other business purposes can proxies be useful for besides traffic

Proxies have a wide range of business applications. Apart from traffic
arbitrage, they can be helpful for various tasks. Let's take a look at some of

For what business tasks are the different types of proxies suitable?

Many businessmen and professionals who are not affiliates can expand
their business opportunities by using proxies.

Static proxies:

  • Web scraping, analysis. Static proxies are ideal for gathering
    information because they are stable and can provide constant
    access to resources.
  • Developing, testing. Use proxies to test web applications from
    specific IP addresses.

Mobile proxies:

  • Application testing. Using mobile proxies, you can emulate user
    actions from different locations and devices.
  • Mobile marketing. Using mobile proxies can help you manage
    multiple accounts from different mobile devices.

Residential proxies:

  • Social networks. Residential proxies are used to handle accounts
    as they have IP addresses that look like regular home connections.
  • Bots and automation. If you use automation to perform tasks,
    proxies can increase reliability and security.

5G proxies:

  • Fast processing. 5G proxies offer fast data transmission and low
    latency, making them ideal for tasks that demand quick
    performance like gaming or streaming.
  • Testing 5G applications. If you're developing 5G-related apps or
    services, then you need proxies to test their performance in
    real-world conditions.

Regardless of the type, proxies are suitable for:

Increase the level of anonymity - the proxies hide the real IP address,
providing anonymity on the network and protection against threats
and DDoS attacks;

Bypassing GEO-blocking - they help you bypass restrictions and
access content or resources that are blocked in certain countries;

Protection against filtering - some countries or companies have
filtering and traffic monitoring, and proxies allow you to bypass
these filters.


So, we looked at how proxies can be used for business purposes
beyond affiliate marketing.
From static proxies that provide stable
access to mobile and resident proxies that help you effectively
manage social networks and test mobile apps, the choice of proxy
type depends on your specific goals and business strategy.

Proxytunnel offers a wide range of high quality private proxies
from over 100 countries to meet the diverse needs of business users.

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How to make more money in traffic arbitrage by using proxies?

In affiliate marketing, it's crucial to find new ways to increase your
income because the competition is growing every day. And one of the
most effective ways is to use high-quality proxies.

Proxytunnel offers unique opportunities for those seeking greater
anonymity, flexibility and global reach. With over 1.5 million IP
addresses available in 100 countries, Proxytunnel provides private
proxies with a rotation that allows you to quickly adapt your strategy to
different requirements.

How can proxies help increase profits?

By using high-quality proxies in traffic arbitrage, you can increase
your income, and optimize your activity:

  • Expanding geography. Using proxies with IP addresses from
    various countries and regions lets you create campaigns that
    target different markets. This allows you to attract more
    potential clients and increase your income.
  • Creating more accounts. If your traffic source limits the
    number of accounts that can be created from a single IP, you
    can use a proxy to create additional accounts from different
    IP addresses.
  • Bypassing blocks and restrictions. Proxies can help you bypass
    such restrictions as GEO restrictions, IP blocking, or captcha.
  • Testing and optimization. Using proxies to test various strategies
    and campaigns from different IP addresses can help you find the
    most effective methods and adjust your campaigns accordingly.
  • Analysis of competitors. Using proxies allows you to keep an eye on
    your competitors in various markets. This provides you with
    important data on how they are reaching their audiences and
    allows you to adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Improving security. High-quality proxies offer an additional level of
    security, protecting your personal information from online threats.
  • Monitoring and reputation management. Proxies help monitor online
    reputation by tracking comments and feedback on various platforms
    and social media.


By using the high quality proxies offered by Proxytunnel, you can make
your affiliate marketing more effective and profitable.
Private proxies from
various countries, with IP rotation, and prices starting at $7 can help you
bypass geographic restrictions, expand your target audience, and improve
your analytics.

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How to check proxies for quality and reliability?

Quality proxies provide high security and stability. If you buy low-quality
proxies, you may experience some problems: sites may recognize the
IP address and block it, or the speed may be slow.

How to check a proxy?

A reliable proxy is one that is not blacklisted by the security systems of
websites and social networks. A high-quality proxy provides a
trusted IP address.

First of all, you should check out the provider before making a purchase:

  • Find out the total number of IP addresses in the database.
    If the service has over 1 million IP addresses, it has sufficient
    technical resources and efficient servers to ensure quality.
    For instance, Proxytunnel has more than 1.5 million IP addresses.
  • Study the pricing policy. Be careful when using free proxies
    since they are public and not always reliable. Make sure pricing
    is transparent and clear.
  • Read reviews. You should pay close attention to user reviews on
    external sites and the problems they're experiencing. For
    instance, if there are complaints about mismatches between
    proxy GEO and the GEO in the checker, this service should be
    treated with caution

If the service is not suspect, you should verify the proxy itself.

  • Check with an anti-detect browser. Many browsers offer a basic
    check option. This will show if you can connect to the host and
    what the GEO of the IP is.
  • Check with the traffic source. You should test the work of
    proxies in Google, Facebook and other work resources using
    test accounts.
  • Use a checker. Checker is an online service that shows the
    fingerprint as it is "seen" by anti-fraud systems, in particular
    information about ping, speed, geo IP address, type, level
    of anonymity.

It is advisable to verify proxies through various checkers as each
checker has its own parameters and verification algorithms. For
example, one checker may detect an issue with one parameter,
while another one may detect a problem with a different parameter.
Here are examples of proxy checkers : PixelScan, Browserleaks, IP
Quality Score, MX Toolbox, FireHOL IP Lists, IP Info, DNS Leak Test.

Please note: Proxies may stop working over time, so we recommend
that you check them frequently.


To check proxy servers, you need to make sure that the provider
has a good reputation.
Reliable proxy services check the proxies
themselves and make sure they are of high quality. Then, you
should test the proxies with the tools of anti-detect browsers, test
accounts, and checkers.

Proxytunnel provides trusted proxies that are private only. We
offer over 1.5 million IP addresses in 100 GEO, with prices starting
at $7.

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Proxy vs. VPN: What Is the Difference? And Why Proxy Is Better?

To ensure anonymity and bypass restrictions, you can use either a proxy
server or a VPN. Here we'll tell you about the differences between
these two technologies and the advantages of proxy over VPN. And we
would also like to remind you that our service Proxytunnel offers
high-quality private proxies of various types, including mobile,
residential, static and even 5G.

The technology differences between proxy and VPN.


  • This server acts as an intermediary between your device and the
    Internet. All requests are routed through this server before reaching
    the target site.
  • A proxy can hide your real location by providing a different IP
    address. This enables you to bypass geographic restrictions.
  • There are different proxy protocols including HTTP, HTTPS and
    SOCKS that provide different levels of anonymity and functionality.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):

  • A VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel between your device and the
    remote VPN server, ensuring privacy.
  • A VPN also hides the real IP address by providing the IP address of
    the VPN server.
  • VPNs typically employ secure data encryption protocols, such as
    OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, or IKEv2.

Why proxies are better than VPNs

A proxy may be preferable to a VPN for the following reasons:

  • Speed: Proxies are faster than VPNs as they do not encrypt all
    traffic but only route it through a proxy server. This can be useful
    when you need high connection speeds, for example for streaming
    or gaming.
  • Location: Proxies can be configured to route traffic through servers
    located in specific regions. This can help bypass geographic
    restrictions or test websites from various countries.
  • Easy setup: Setting up a proxy can be simpler and less invasive
    than configuring a VPN.
  • Resources: Proxies require fewer resources compared to VPNs,
    making them effective at reducing network load.

On the other hand, a VPN provides a high level of encryption and
completely redirects traffic through a remote server. It's particularly
useful when using public Wi-Fi networks, where the risk of cyber
attacks is high.


The choice between a proxy and a VPN depends on your specific
needs and the level of security you require.
Proxies, particularly
those offered by Proxytunnel, offer several advantages, including high
speed, flexibility, and various types. They can be an excellent solution
for individuals seeking an effective way to ensure anonymity.

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How to set up access via proxy server in Windows, Android
and MacOS?

Setting up proxy access with our Proxytunnel service is straightforward.
In this article, we'll guide you through the process on Windows,
Android, and MacOS.


To set up a proxy on Windows, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the "Start" icon and select "Settings" to open the
Windows Settings.

2. Navigate to "Network and Internet".

3. Select "Proxy" from the menu.

4. In the "Manual Proxy Setup" section, enable the "Use proxy server"

5. Enter the IP address and port of the proxy.

6. If the proxy requires authentication (username and password),
activate the "Require authentication" option and enter the credentials.

7. Click "Save".

After you complete these steps, your computer will use the specified
proxy to access the Internet.


To set up proxy access on Android:

1. Open "Settings"

2. Scroll down and select the "Network and Internet" section.

3. Choose "Wi-Fi" to configure a wireless connection, or "Mobile
Network & Internet" to set up a mobile data proxy.

4. Select the Wi-Fi or mobile data network that you would like
to connect to via the proxy.

5. Within the network menu, choose "Advanced".

6. Scroll down and click on the "Proxy" section.

7. Depending on your Android version, select either "Manual proxy
setup" or "Configure proxy"

8. Enter the IP address and port of the proxy.

9. Tap the "Save" button to apply the settings.

Now your device will connect to the internet through a selected
connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) using a proxy.


To set up a proxy on a MacOS PC, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Apple icon and open "Settings."

2. Choose the “Network” icon.

3. Select the type of network connection through which you
want to use the proxy (e.g. Wi-Fi or Ethernet).

4. Click on "Advanced", located in the bottom right corner of
the window.

5. Click on the "Proxy" tab that appears.

6. Activate the “Web Proxy (HTTP)” option and enter the IP
address and port of the proxy.

7. Click "OK" to close the "Advanced" window.

8. In the main Network Setup window, click "Apply" to save the

Now your Mac will use a proxy to access the Internet.


So, we have described the basic steps to set up Proxytunnel. Please
remember that the proxy setup on Windows, MacOS and Android
devices can vary slightly depending on the version of the operating
system. But in general, the basic algorithm is the same for all devices.

Edited by Proxytunnel
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How to bypass Internet access restrictions at work by using proxies

Many companies restrict employee access to specific websites on their
network. Typically, office employees are restricted from accessing
social networks, but more significant limitations may exist. In this
article, we will explain how to bypass these restrictions and how proxies
can be of assistance.

Why would you need to bypass restrictions?

We don't encourage you to divert your attention from work
responsibilities to spend the entire day on social media. It's crucial to
use proxies appropriately and ethically to avoid any potential
negative consequences.

However, there are instances where corporate network limitations
seem illogical. For instance, a graphic designer may require access
to a foreign image library that is restricted, or a journalist may need
material from a foreign website for an article, or a HR specialist may
need to find out information about a job candidate from his or her
Facebook profile.

How can proxies help to bypass corporate network restrictions?

To access websites blocked by the corporate network, you may need
private proxies from a reliable provider. For instance, Proxytunnel
offers cost-effective private proxies with a high level of security
and anonymity.

After purchasing the proxy, you can set it in Windows or a
browser extension.

How to set up a proxy through Windows:

1. Press the Windows+S key combination to open the search bar, type
the command "Run", and press "Enter".

2. Once the "Run" window appears, enter "inetcpl.cpl" in the command
box, then click "OK".

3. Navigate to the Connections tab and click the "Network Setup" button.

4. Fill in the proxy's address and port, click "Advanced", and check the
box to use one proxy for all protocols. Save your changes.

How to set up a proxy through browser extension:

1. Navigate to the official site with extensions.

2. Open "Search", write "Proxy" there, choose an extension with a high
rating and a large number of downloads.

3. Click the "Add" button to install the extension in your browser.

4. Enter the proxy data in the extension's settings.


Access to websites needed for work may be restricted by rules on the
corporate network that do not stipulate that employees may use these
or those resources.
Use proxies to bypass such restrictions.

Proxytunnel offers high-quality anonymous private proxies for various
business needs. Our range includes static, mobile, residential, and 5G
proxies with IP address rotation.

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What types of proxies are suitable for bulk email marketing and spam

Email marketing and bulk mailings can be an effective way to promote
your products or services. The more people who view the offer, the
greater your chances of generating sales. To ensure the effectiveness
of your bulk emails, you may need to use proxies. Let's find out which
proxies are best to choose for email marketing.

How to bypass email sending restrictions

Bulk mailing isn't limited to spamming. Writing emails to new and
existing clients manually is time-consuming, especially when dealing
with hundreds or thousands of recipients. That's why marketers and
affiliate marketers use automated bulk mailing services.

Many email anti-fraud systems consider sending a large number of
emails as spam. For instance, if multiple emails are sent from one
IP address, it can raise red flags with services like Google, potentially
leading to bans.

To bypass such restrictions, you can utilize proxies, such as those
provided by our Proxytunnel service.

What types of proxies are best for email marketing and bulk

To maximize protection against blocking and ensure smooth email
marketing, it's advisable to use proxies with dynamic IP addresses
and rotation. Mobile proxies are also an excellent choice.

Here's why these proxies are ideal for bulk mailings:

  • Proxies with rotation allow you to avoid being blacklisted and
    bypass the filters of mail services such as Google;
  • These proxies provide high-speed data transfer and can handle
    large mailing volumes;
  • There are no email-sending limits, making it possible to work
    with a large client base;
  • Proxies enable you to create multiple accounts and operate
    from all of them;
  • Mobile proxies conceal the real IP address and maintain
    anonymity for email services.

The mobile proxies offered by Proxytunnel provide multiple trusted
IP addresses. Due to rotation, there is a permanent change of address.
Email services can't easily block mobile proxies because each IP
address can be associated with thousands of real users. In general,
Google and other email providers trust mobile proxies.


Combining mobile proxies with bulk email services is an excellent
solution for effective email marketing.
It prevents work interruptions
due to bans and restrictions and ensures that clients receive
promotional offers by email on time. You can buy top-notch mobile
proxies with rotation at Proxytunnel. With over 1.5 million IP
addresses and availability in 100 countries, we provide a reliable
solution for your email marketing needs

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Why do you need TV proxies and how do you set them up? Let's take
Smart TV and Android TV as examples

Internet TV allows you to access channels with valuable content, such
as concerts and news from other countries that may be significant to
you. However, access to this content may be restricted in your home
country. To bypass these limitations, you need to use a proxy.

Benefits of using a proxy for TV

Setting up a proxy server on your TV can be beneficial for bypassing
blocked sites and regional restrictions, or enhancing the security of
your Internet connection.

Proxytunnel offers various types of proxies, including static, residential,
mobile, and 5G proxies. Our proxies seamlessly work with all devices,
making them suitable for all types of Internet TV. Since the main
goal is to bypass regional restrictions for viewing content, we focus
on providing anonymity and IP address reliability.

All proxies offered by Proxytunnel are private and highly anonymous.
We have 1.5 million IP addresses at your disposal. You can choose
any of the 100 offered GEO locations and watch channels and
broadcasts from all over the world without obstacles.

How to set up a proxy for TV - using SmartTV and AndroidTV

If your TV supports proxies, you can buy a proxy server from
Proxytunnel through a convenient personal account.

To connect a proxy to your TV, follow these steps:

1. Open "Settings".

2. Find the "Wi-Fi" or "Wireless Networks" section.

3. Select the network you are connected to or your home network.

4. Open the submenu of this network - the "Advanced" section.

5. Find the "Proxy server settings" and choose "Manual" from the

6. Please specify the IP address, port number, and proxy protocol.

7. Click on "Connect".

It is advisable to reboot the TV to make it work with the configured

Proxy servers can be connected to any type or model of TV. The
instructions are mostly the same, but menu item names may vary
depending on the interface and manufacturer.


Proxy servers allow you to bypass restrictions and access quality
broadcasts in other countries, as well as provide a secure Internet
connection. The process of setting up and using proxies for TV is
straightforward, but it's crucial to choose a reliable provider.
Proxytunnel offers top-notch private proxies that are suitable for all
types of TV.

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How to use a proxy with a VPN to increase anonymity?

Proxies and VPNs are essential tools for securing your Internet
connection and achieving a high level of anonymity. While using a
proxy or VPN separately has pros and cons, utilizing them together
can help you avoid potential risks and restrictions, particularly when
accessing sites with strict limitations.

Benefits of combining VPN with proxy

Using VPN and proxy simultaneously reduces some of the
disadvantages of using them separately. For instance, certain websites
can detect the use of a proxy and prevent access, but combining a VPN
with a proxy can help overcome these issues.

A VPN is a technology that creates a secure, encrypted connection
between a user's device and the VPN provider's servers. Since the data
being transmitted is encrypted, it becomes invisible to third parties.
Additionally, a VPN can change the user's IP address and provide
access to restricted content.

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between a device and the
Internet, receiving requests from a user's device and forwarding them
to external servers while hiding the IP address.They enhance
anonymity and provide high connection speed.

How to connect to VPN and proxy simultaneously

To set up a proxy server and VPN on your device, follow these steps:

1. Make sure your device supports VPN and proxy servers. Most
operating systems have built-in support for these types of

2. Choose and purchase a VPN.

3. Choose and purchase a proxy, obtain an IP address and protocol

4. Set up a VPN on your device by locating the VPN tab in your
device or browser settings. Create a VPN connection and enter the
information provided by your VPN provider.

5. Set up a proxy server. Open the proxy section in the network
settings, activate the connection and enter the proxy address
and port.

6. Save the settings and connect to the VPN.

7. Check the connection by opening a browser, ensuring the
device is connected to the VPN through a proxy server. Visit a
restricted site to verify if access is granted.


Using a VPN connection through a proxy is a good idea if you
want to increase your anonymity and security on the Internet.

When selecting a provider, consider the quality of service, privacy
of proxy servers, availability of necessary GEO and transparency
of tariffs.

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How to earn more on message boards using proxies?

Message boards offer access to a vast audience, enabling users to post
products or arbitrage offers at minimal cost. However, to expand your
reach, numerous accounts are essential, and this is where proxies
become invaluable.

How proxies can help you make money on message boards

Message boards like eBay, Avito, and other online marketplaces have
certain restrictions. For instance, sellers can't post countless ads or
maintain multiple accounts.While manageable for occasional sellers,
those aiming for broader outreach and higher volumes can leverage
proxies to overcome these limitations.

Proxies are used for:

  • registration of a large number of accounts for ad placements;
  • maintaining anonymity, bypassing bans;
  • increasing account longevity.

Over time, the anti-fraud systems of the boards will block the account,
so you will need to update the proxies. However, thanks to proxies, you
can increase your sales without obstacles.

A few tips to maximize earnings:

We'll provide you with some useful tips on how to use proxies to earn
more money:

  • Write reviews of your products from different accounts.
    For the anti-fraud system, such reviews will look as if they
    were written by different people. The presence of reviews
    increases the credibility of the seller and attracts more
    buyers to his products.
  • Automate the process. You can use special software
    for auto-posting. These programs can automatically
    work with ads, register accounts and collect statistics.
    They are also multi-threaded and allow you to perform
    actions on a large number of accounts. Note that proxies
    are required when using such software.
  • Use only 1 proxy per 1 account. Assign one proxy per
    account to enhance efficiency and maintain anonymity.
    This approach minimizes the risk of all accounts being
    blocked, ensuring stable operation.
  • Use anonymous, private and high-quality proxies.
    Avoid using free proxies or those associated with
    previously registered or blacklisted accounts


To create multiple accounts and perform many tasks
simultaneously, you need reliable proxies. Proxytunnel provides
a solution specifically designed for message boards: private
anonymous proxies with rotating IP addresses. It has 1.5 million
IPs and 100+ countries at your disposal. You can choose from
different types of proxies, including mobile proxies, which
are perfect for multi-accounting.

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What factors impact proxy/IP anonymity and how can you achieve
maximum anonymity?

Nowadays, protecting personal data and ensuring online anonymity is
more crucial than ever, especially in the arbitrage industry. While
webmasters commonly use proxies, not all of them provide the same
level of anonymity. This article will examine the factors that determine
the anonymity provided by proxies and IP addresses.

One of these factors is the type of proxy server: HTTP, HTTPS,
SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and many others. These servers can also be
categorized as transparent, anonymous, or highly anonymous.
Transparent servers, such as HTTP, will reveal your true IP address to
the destination server. On the other hand, anonymous HTTPS servers
hide your IP address but still indicate that the request was made
through a proxy. And highly anonymous SOCKS does not pass on any
information about the request, maximizing anonymity.

The quality of proxy server settings is another crucial factor. While
certain proxies provide minimal anonymity, others conceal the IP
address and provide additional protection with their own headers.
When choosing a proxy server, it's important to consider its quality
and reputation.

It is also important to choose the right GEO. To increase your privacy,
choose proxy servers located in countries far from your actual
location. This makes it more difficult to track your online activities
and determine your identity.

The type of IP address is another significant factor. Static IP
addresses have a permanent correspondence with the device and IP
and can be easily defined. In contrast, dynamic IP addresses change
with each network connection, significantly complicating tracing
efforts. Therefore, it is advisable to use highly anonymous proxy
servers in combination with dynamic IP addresses.

Besides, you can use additional tools, such as VPN connections or
anonymizers, to increase the level of anonymity. Using a VPN can
provide an extra layer of security by encrypting your Internet
connection, hiding your real IP address, and helping you bypass
local restrictions.

To maximize anonymity and security on the Internet, invest in the
most secure types of proxies, IP addresses, and VPNs, paying
attention to their settings and GEO. You can trust Proxytunnel: it
offers high-quality and anonymous proxies with a rotation of
100 GEOs, over 1.5 million IP addresses, and provides a choice
of static, mobile, residential, and even 5G proxies.

We wish you safe browsing on the Internet!

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How can proxies help protect your Instagram account from being

As Instagram's popularity continues to grow, the platform's rules have
become more stringent, leading to an increased risk of account
blocking. For affiliates, a blocked account can significantly impact
their business, necessitating the exploration of strategies to prevent
such issues.

One effective method for protecting your Instagram account from
being blocked is the use of proxy servers. Below you will find a few
examples of how proxies can help.

How to protect your account

1. Concealing the real IP address. By using a proxy server, you can
hide your real IP address from Instagram and replace it with the
proxy's IP address. This helps bypass geo-blocking, enabling
access to different regions for localized ad campaigns.

2. Diversity of IP addresses. Accounts may be blocked for suspicious
activitiesdetected by Instagram from a single IP address. A proxy
allows you to use a different IP address for each account, reducing
the risk of a block.

3. Secure Connection. Proxy servers provide a secure internet
connection, enhancing protection against hackers and other
security threats.

However, it is essential to remember a few key points when
using proxies with Instagram

1. Quality of proxy: Choosing reliable and quality proxy servers is
essential to avoid issues with internet connection and speed.
Trusted providers and paid proxies typically offer more stable
connections and faster speeds.

2. Proper proxy configuration: It includes selecting the appropriate
proxy type (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS), configuring security and
encryption settings, and optimizing connection speed.

3. Compliance with Instagram rules: Even when using a proxy, it
is essential to comply with Instagram's usage guidelines to avoid
being blocked. First of all, don't post spam and prohibited content.
Additionally, when using proxies, you should not frequently change
geolocation and IP addresses on the same account or perform other
suspicious actions.


While using proxy servers can effectively safeguard your
Instagram account from being blocked
, ensuring top-notch
efficiency and security requires choosing a reliable proxy provider,
configuring your connection correctly, and strictly complying with
the platform's rules

Good luck!

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Which is the most trusted GEO of Facebook accounts and proxies of
which GEO is better to choose for advertising?

When planning a Facebook advertising campaign, selecting the right
GEO for both your account and proxies is crucial for success. Here
are some guidelines to ensure your campaign runs smoothly:

Which GEO is considered trustworthy?

The key principle here is to match the GEO of the account to the GEO
of the campaign. For instance, if your campaign targets Germany, it's
essential to create or acquire a German Facebook account. This is
especially important for new accounts since Facebook will monitor
them closely.

The matching rule also applies:

  • proxies - they should originate from the country where the ad
    will be displayed;
  • payment cards - they must be issued by a bank in the same
  • phone numbers, postal addresses, domains - they must also
    belong to the selected country.

If the account is sufficiently warmed up, you may consider expanding
to neighboring regions. For instance, you can use a Bulgarian account
to display ads in Romania. However, for optimal results and to avoid
triggering Facebook's anti-fraud system, it's advisable to keep the
account and campaign GEOs consistent.

Proxies of which geo are best for Facebook ads

Proxies must align with both the GEO of the account and the location
where the ad will be displayed. For instance, if ads are displayed in
the USA from an American account ,American proxies are essential.

To enhance your privacy, combine proxies with an anti-detection
browser. Proxytunnel offers proxies with IP address rotation and
fingerprint spoofing in an anti-detect browser for added protection

The best proxies to use for Facebook advertising are:

  • Residential proxies. They emulate logging in from a regular
    user's PC, providing a natural appearance to Facebook.
  • Mobile proxies. Facebook can't block them because they're
    issued by the mobile operator, and can be used by multiple
    users with the same address.

You can purchase these types of proxies from Proxytunnel,
including customized static and 5G proxies designed for your
advertising needs.


To ensure the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, adhere to the
straightforward guideline of matching the GEO of your account
with the GEO where the campaign will be displayed. Proxytunnel
offers exceptional anonymous proxies with rotation, over 1.5 million
IP addresses in 100 countries worldwide. Using these proxies yields
excellent results when running a Facebook campaign.

Edited by Proxytunnel
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How to set up a proxy in a scraper, using Scrapebox as an example?

Using a proxy can make data scraping easier. If you are scraping for
the first time, we will show you how to set up a proxy in a scraping
service using the popular Scrapebox service as an example.

How scrapers work

By utilizing scrapers, you can quickly gather the necessary data from
online sources. This can automate the routine promotion and
advertising processes and allow you to analyze your competitors easily.

ScrapeBox and other similar services are focused on SEO promotion
and provide useful information for website development. We suggest
configuring a proxy in the scraper to guarantee secure, anonymous,
and hassle-free work.

If you need to handle a lot of data, you can use and configure a
package of proxies simultaneously. This ensures the highest level
of anonymity, since the site server identifies each proxy as a unique
individual with its own IP address. This approach can help you avoid
being blocked.

Setting up a Proxytunnel proxy in ScrapeBox.

The process of setting up proxies in other scrapers is similar.Although
there may be some differences in interface elements, button names,
and action sequences, the overall process remains the same:

1. Open the scraper, log in.

2. Go to the section "Select Harvester and Proxies" or similar one and
select the "Use Proxies" option. Then click on "Edit”

3. After that, you should enter the proxy
data - IP address:port:login:password.

4. Save the entered data. You have set up a single proxy.

5. If you need to set up multiple proxies or connect a package, you'll
require a file containing a list of proxies. In this case, click
on "Load" in the scraper and then select "Load file."

6. After uploading the proxies, you need to click "Start Harvesting".

7. Select the necessary search engine, for example Google. Click
"Proxy" in the scraper and then "Use server proxies."

8. Click "Start".

9. If the setup was successful, the scraper will show "Proxies

The proxy setup in ScrapeBox is complete.


If you want to work efficiently with ScrapeBox or any other
scraper, it is better to choose high-quality private proxies.
discourage the use of free proxies as they give different results with
each check and are prone to blocking. However, the results of paid
private proxies are always stable and reliable.

Our Proxytunnel service provides 4 types of anonymous proxies - static,
mobile, residential and 5G. Our proxies are ideal for scraping tasks
and consistently show excellent results.    

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How to set up a proxy in Telegram?

Proxy servers are considered a guarantee of security and anonymity
on the Internet, especially in the field of traffic arbitrage. Setting up
a proxy in Telegram is beneficial as this messenger sometimes faces
local blocking.

To increase the efficiency of future ad campaigns on Telegram, it
is essential to set up a proxy in two stages. First of all, you must
purchase a proxy server, like installing Proxytunnel. A proxy
server serves as an intermediary between a client and a server
and allows you to control and analyze the traffic passing through the

After installing Proxytunnel, you will need to create a configuration
file. Here's an example of a configuration file:

listenPort = 8888

tunnelHost = your_proxy_server

tunnelPort = proxy_server_port

targetHost = telegram.org

targetPort = 443

The Proxytunnel uses a specific port, listenPort, to accept incoming
connections. tunnelHost and tunnelPort are the address and port of
your proxy server. targetHost and targetPort point to the Telegram

Please keep in mind that Telegram may use different server addresses
in different GEOs, so you may need to set up multiple configurations to
ensure reliable proxy performance.

After setting up the configuration, you can use Proxytunnel with the
specified configuration file.Then, set up your Telegram accounts to
utilize a local proxy server on port 8888 (in this case) to route their

Besides, you need to configure Telegram to work with a proxy as well.
The configuration process involves several steps:

1. Open "Settings" in Telegram

2. Choose "Data and Storage"

3. Tap the toggle next to “Use Proxy” to enable it.

4. Click "Add Proxy" and enter your proxy server details: IP address,
port, proxy type (HTTP, SOCKS5), etc.

5. Click "Save”

After you set up a proxy and start using it on Telegram, it's essential to
frequently check and update the configuration if needed. Also, make
sure you have access to multiple VPN services to bypass GEO blocking.

These tips will help you work safely and successfully with any
advertising campaigns on Telegram! When necessary, use different
proxies and VPNs, even within the same server.

This diversity is vital for achieving exceptional conversions.

Good luck!

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How Proxytunnel help to bypass blocking?

When a site containing important information or a resource needed for
work is blocked, it can be a significant problem. In this case, proxies
from Proxytunnel can help you to cope with this difficulty.

What types of blocking does Proxytunnel help bypass?

Proxytunnel can help in bypassing various types of website blocking.
For example, by using a proxy from Proxytunnel, you can access
geo-restricted content and closed streaming platforms, as well as
online casinos and cryptocurrency exchanges.

How Proxytunnel helps you bypass blocking:

  • Extensive IP Database: Proxytunnel boasts a large database of IP
    addresses, including both 4G and 5G, totaling more than 1.5 million
  • Private Proxies: Private proxies are issued exclusively
  • Rotation of IP addresses every 12-24 hours.
  • It provides the IP addresses of real users.

Proxytunnel can bypass even the most powerful anti-fraud systems ,
convincing target websites and their anti-fraud algorithms that a real
person is logging in, convincing target websites and their anti-fraud
algorithms that a real person is logging in.

How to bypass blocking using Proxytunnel

Here are some tips on how to use proxies effectively:

1. Choose the right GEO. For instance, if you require access to a website
that is unavailable in other countries, you can use a US proxy. Proxytunnel
offers proxies for over 100 countries.

2. Follow the rule of "one account - one proxy". If you need to create
another account, it is better to choose another proxy. Otherwise, the risk
of being blocked increases.

3. Use a proxy in combination with an anti-detection browser. All
anti-detect browsers, including Dolphin, Indigo, Octo Browser, Linken
Sphere, support proxies from Proxytunnel.

4. Use a proxy in combination with a VPN. This strategy leverages the
advantages of both technologies and provides enhanced privacy protection.

5. Choose the right type of proxy according to your needs. Residential
proxies are ideal for accessing social networking platforms and managing
multiple accounts, while mobile proxies are perfect for accessing restricted
resources and parsing data. Static proxies are recommended for creating
multiple accounts and data cleansing, and 5G proxies work best for extensive
data searching and intelligent analysis.

Our support team is always ready to help you choose the best type of proxy for
your purposes.


Proxytunnel is a top-notch solution for bypassing blocks. It offers proxies
for all kinds of tasks on the Internet and supports more than 100 countries.
Every IP address is private, ensuring high anonymity and speed. Once you
register with us for free, you can access a convenient personal account to
manage your proxies.

Edited by Proxytunnel
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How to bypass network restrictions? An analysis of proxy, Tor,
anonymizer, VPN

Network restrictions can sometimes hinder access to desired websites,
but there are several effective methods to circumvent these limitations.
The most commonly used tools are proxies, Tor, anonymizers, and
VPNs. Let's delve into their characteristics and understand how they
can help you access restricted content.


A proxy acts as an intermediary between the user's device and the
target site's server. It replaces the IP address, ensuring anonymity
and confidentiality. To use a proxy, you need to get a login, password,
port, and enter this information in the operating system's settings or
in the anti-detect browser.

Proxies are invaluable for accessing blocked resources in different
geographical regions, registering on social networks, and creating
multiple accounts. For enhanced security, it's advisable to use private
proxies with IP address rotation. You can buy such proxies from


Tor is a technology that allows you to access closed sites on the
standard Internet and the Darknet. It operates through onion routing.
Initially, the request is encrypted multiple times as it starts its journey
towards the server. Later, it's sent to network nodes. Each node
removes an encryption layer until the request is entirely decrypted.


An anonymizer is an online tool that facilitates the swift bypassing
of website blocks. For example, CGI proxy is an anonymizer. To
utilize this tool, you should visit the anonymizer service and input
the URL of the blocked site.

An anonymizer is ideal for viewing content on sites that don't require
login details. However, it is not suitable for accessing social networks,
email services, and payment services.


VPN is a technology that helps you encrypt all of your Internet traffic
and hide your IP address. Additionally, it allows you to access restricted
resources. VPNs are easy to set up and many of them operate as browser
extensions that you can connect to with a single click.

VPNs are a practical solution for accessing websites that require
user authorization, including social networks, email services, and
payment platforms. For heightened anonymity and security, you can
combine VPN with Tor and a proxy, such as those provided by


These methods for bypassing network restrictions, including proxies,
Tor, anonymizers, and VPNs, are effective solutions for addressing
various business challenges. Combining a proxy with a VPN or Tor
provides the highest level of anonymity and security.

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Using Proxytunnel to secure data transmission in affiliate marketing

Nowadays, ensuring the security of data transmission is crucial for
running a successful ad campaign in affiliate marketing. Affiliates
commonly utilize proxy services as intermediaries between clients
and servers, playing a crucial role in maintaining webmasters' security

- Traffic encryption

- Data filtration

- Bypassing blocking

This article explores the convenience of using the Proxytunnel service
for achieving these goals.

Overview of Proxytunnel

Proxytunnel is a utility that allows you to create secure TCP tunnels
through HTTP proxies. In other words, this service routes traffic
through HTTP proxies, particularly beneficial when working with
organizations that restrict other types of traffic. Moreover, Proxytunnel
offers a wide range of settings that allow you to flexibly adjust
tunneling parameters to suit your specific needs.

Setting up a Proxytunnel

Follow these steps for effective use of Proxytunnel:

1. Installation

Install Proxytunnel on your device, configuring the proxy on your PC
based on your OS or loading it into an anti-detect browser or parser,
depending on where the proxy will be used.

2. Setting up the configuration file

After installation, you need to create a configuration file for
Proxytunnel. An example file might look like this:

listenPort = 8888

tunnelHost = your_proxy_server

tunnelPort = proxy_server_port

targetHost = target_server

targetPort = 443

3. Launching

After confirming the correct setup of the configuration file, use it to
launch Proxytunnel. This will create an encrypted tunnel through an
HTTP proxy to transmit data to the target server.

4. Setting up the client to use Proxytunnel.

After launching Proxytunnel, you need to set up the client application
to use the local proxy server created by Proxytunnel. Then, simply enter
the local proxy server in the client application settings.


Nowadays, the guarantee of security is more important than ever for
While various methods exist to achieve this, relying on
trustworthy and user-friendly proxy servers like Proxytunnel is an
optimal solution. The key lies in properly configuring server settings
and regularly monitoring performance.

Have a safe traffic!

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