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High quality and reliable residential and 5G proxies

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How using Proxytunnel can help increase the efficiency of running

If you are driving small volumes of traffic through advertising
networks, you may not need additional tools. However, if you plan to
drive traffic to large sources and in large volumes, you will definitely
need proxies.

How proxies can help improve efficiency

If you want to test multiple offers and run different campaigns, you
should always have multiple accounts.

What tasks do proxies perform in affiliate marketing?

1. They conceal the IP address. An affiliate can drive traffic to any
country and anti-fraud systems will recognize him as a resident of
that country.

2. Increase the trust of the account. By accessing a single account
through a single proxy and gradually warming it up, over time the
social network or platform will show trust in such an account. As a
result, you will be able to drive large volumes of traffic.

3. Provide multi-accounting. Many affiliate marketing approaches
involve creating multiple accounts. For instance, you can create ten
accounts on TikTok and promote an affiliate link through them.
This way, if some accounts are blocked or do not meet the
requirements, the others can still generate profit.

4. Assist you in scaling more efficiently and finding a profitable
By using an anti-detect browser, you can create dozens of
campaigns and test multiple sources. This allows you to find an
effective "offer-source" bundle and earn more.

Are proxies from Proxytunnel suitable for affiliate marketing?

Choosing a trustworthy proxy provider is crucial. That's why we
recommend Proxytunnel proxies.

- This service was created by experts in the field of affiliate
Our proxies are tailored to solve affiliate marketing

- Wide base of IP addresses. We have more than 1.5 million 4G
and 5G proxies available.

- Geographic coverage. Our proxies allow you to drive traffic
to offers in over 100 countries.

- Various types of proxies. You can choose Mobile, Residential,
Static or Premium 5G.

- High anonymity. All of our proxies are private, and each proxy
type comes with IP address rotation.

- Our proxies are easy to manage. User-friendly personal account,
responsive technical support, APIs allow you to use our proxies
effectively for both individual affiliates and teams.


Proxytunnel can help you increase your profits in affiliate
marketing by providing reliable anonymous proxies and effective
solutions to drive traffic. By using our highly anonymous proxies,
you can reach high volumes, scale and warm up your accounts.

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What you need to know when using Proxytunnel to drive traffic to

Before discussing how to drive traffic to TikTok, it's important to pay
attention to the features of Proxytunnel. This tool creates encrypted
'tunnels' through HTTP proxies, allowing you to bypass filters and

Although tunneling is very useful for affiliate marketing on popular
social networks, webmasters may face difficulties when driving
traffic to TikTok due to the peculiarities of this platform. It is
important to keep this in mind when using Proxytunnel.

Platform Policy

First of all, you need to be aware of TikTok's rules and security
policies. This platform has strict moderation policies regarding the
use of advertising tools and the posting of prohibited content.
Suspicious activity may result in account blocks.

Moreover, the situation is complicated by the frequent changes to
TikTok's rules. To preemptively mitigate risks and ensure the
continuity of conversions and funds, it's advisable to familiarize
yourself with TikTok's privacy policy and acquaint yourself
with the laws of the countries where your ad campaigns will run.

Correct Setup

When leveraging Proxytunnel to drive traffic to TikTok, selecting
paid and reliable proxies that offer a stable connection and high
data transfer speed is crucial. We also recommend working with
proxies through VPN services to bypass geographical blocks.

Furthermore, installing the correct configuration file and ensuring
compatibility between the client platform and the proxy are vital
prerequisites before launching an ad campaign.


Ahead of initiating any large-scale advertising campaign, a
thorough analysis of the target audience is essential, coupled
with the development of effective strategies for attracting traffic.

Post-implementation of Proxytunnel alongside the TikTok
platform, continuous monitoring of the ad campaign's results and
ongoing optimization of the workflow becomes paramount. This
applies to both the proxy server settings and updating creatives
periodically, as well as making adjustments to the strategy.


Using Proxytunnel for affiliate marketing on TikTok can be an
effective tool.
However, it is important to take into account all the
points mentioned above before you start working with it. Despite
the convenience of running ad campaigns with a promotion
service, investing time and effort at every stage of the campaign
is essential.

This approach can assist you to achieve success in traffic
arbitrage on the ever-evolving TikTok platform.

Good luck!

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Twitter/X blocking and new rules: How Proxytunnel can help improve
conversions on this platform

The most popular social networks are a gold mine for attracting traffic.
But their moderation efforts can result in lost conversions. For example,
Twitter has made frequent changes to its rules in recent years, resulting
in the banning of advertising bot accounts.

This implies that affiliates should utilize specific advertising tools, like
Proxytunnel. In addition to bypassing blocks, it enables effective
management of your ad campaigns. Proxytunnel has many advantages,
which are worth discussing in more detail.

Bypassing Blocking

Affiliates can use Proxytunnel to bypass blocking and filters on
Twitter/X, including moderation algorithms. Proxytunnel achieves
this by tunneling through HTTPS protocols, which helps maintain
accessibility to accounts and ad campaigns.

Identification Protection

Proxytunnel allows users to hide their real IP address by establishing
a secure connection through a proxy server. This functionality enables
users to bypass GEO blocking by Twitter/X in the Russian Federation
and provides additional protection against identification and analysis
by the platform. Moreover, thanks to this feature, Proxytunnel ensures
anonymity and guards against data loss and leakage to third parties or

Monitoring and Analysis

Additionally, Proxytunnel allows you to select the proxy server's
location and work with multiple proxies to fine-tune targeting , such
as interest groups or popular trends on Twitter/X.

Webmasters can also use traffic routing to collect more detailed
analytics and monitor the activity of their target audience on the
platform. Thus, it's essential to conduct a thorough analysis and
formulate a strategy before utilizing Proxytunnel. This will enable
effective planning of ad campaigns and flexible adaptation to the
constantly changing needs of the target audience on Twitter/X.


When facing geographic blocking and strict moderation,
Proxytunnel can enhance conversions on the Twitter/X platform.
Ensure that you configure the service correctly and routinely check
and update your settings. Moreover, employing a few reliable
proxies and VPN services can offer multiple channels for promoting
your ad campaigns. It is crucial to be aware of the rules and
algorithms of Twitter/X and monitor the quality of your content.

We hope your advertising campaigns are highly effective!

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Creating YouTube doorway: How to parse search queries with proxies

In the world of affiliate marketing, there are various methods to
generate traffic to web resources. One such method is creating
doorways, or pages/sites that are optimized for specific search queries.
By employing parsing techniques and proxies, you can generate
doorways specifically tailored for the YouTube video hosting platform.

Parsing search queries

Parsing is the process of collecting and analyzing data from search
engines. When creating a doorway, it is important to identify the
keywords and phrases that users type into the YouTube search box.
You also need to assess their popularity and competition in order to
optimize the content of the page.

How it works

For parsing search queries, special scripts or tools like BeautifulSoup,
Scrapy, Python, and Selenium can be used. However, mass parsing can
lead to IP address blocking. To avoid this issue, affiliates should use
proxy servers to hide their real IP address and ensure anonymity and
protection from blocking.

Types of proxies

There are two main types of proxy servers: public and private. Public
proxies have usage and speed limitations and can be blocked by
search engines. Therefore, it is better to use private proxies for parsing,
as they provide higher speed, security, and connection stability.
Additionally, it's recommended to have VPN services on hand, as they
facilitate the setup of local proxies.

Security and ethical aspects

Keep in mind that YouTube has parsing restrictions. You should also be
aware of privacy laws and content usage rules so that you don't violate

In addition, ensure that the script is properly configured to work with
proxies. Set the appropriate parameters for work and periodically check
and update all proxy settings to avoid loss of traffic and funds.


Creating a YouTube doorway using parsing and proxies is a complex
process. It requires careful setup and analysis. However, a properly
configured doorway can be an effective tool for traffic generation
and content monetization. This is especially relevant nowadays due
to local blocking of the YouTube platform.

Take some time to learn the ins and outs of proxies and parsing. With
this knowledge, you will be able to generate a lot of traffic from

Good luck!

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How to increase profits by promoting campaigns during the New
Year and Christmas holidays

The holiday season is an excellent time for affiliate marketing! Our
guide will give you tips on how to optimize your campaigns during
holidays like Christmas and New Year.

Promotion Tips

1. Thematic Promotions

Make special offers or discounts for New Year's offers and emphasize
their time-limited availability: the promotion will only be valid for the
first few days of the New Year.

2. Gift Content

Post content about what products to give your loved ones for the
New Year. It can be reviews or ideas for gifts. This type of content
will engage your audience and encourage conversions.

3. Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive

Create a festive atmosphere by posting New Year's photos, videos,
articles, holiday greetings, and stories.

4. Use of Hashtags

Don't forget to use holiday-themed hashtags in your Instagram and
TikTok posts.

5. Email Marketing

If you have an email subscriber base, it's time to use it for holiday
newsletters and targeted promotional emails.

6. Analysis of results and optimization

Don't forget to track each campaign's performance metrics. Utilize
analytics to identify the most effective strategies and optimizations.

Tips for designing creatives

Color Palette: Red, green, and white are traditional Christmas and
New Year colors. Adding gold and silver shades will add elegance
and shine to the creative.

Holiday symbols: Christmas tree balls, lights, spruce branches,
snowmen, deers, Santa Claus, pictures of presents, bows, boxes.

Typography and Fonts: During the holiday season, use special fonts
or stylize regular fonts by adding snowflakes or decorations. Brighter
fonts can be used to highlight discounts and gifts.

Animations and effects: Add falling snowflakes, twinkling lights, or
holiday-themed animations.

Background and composition: Winter landscapes, New Year's
decorations, snowflakes, compositions with holiday gifts, wrapping
paper or holiday symbols.

In lieu of a conclusion: what else is important to

To easily scale campaigns and test different New Year's approaches
in creatives, it is important to run multiple accounts and purchase
high-quality proxies in advance, including mobile, static,
residential, and 5G.

At Proxytunnel, we are committed to ensuring the success of your
campaigns by regularly updating our IP address database, which
includes over 1.5 million IPs in 100 GEOs.

We hope your campaigns are profitable and that you enjoy the
holiday season!

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Which traffic sources will be popular in 2024?

The trends in affiliate marketing are constantly evolving. Existing sources offer new
options, while new platforms emerge for interacting with your audience. In this article,
we will discuss the traffic sources that are expected to gain popularity in 2024.

The most popular sources

Google. Google remains the top search engine globally, introducing new advertising
tools and enhancing the algorithms.

Facebook. The world's most popular social network provides access to a paying audience.
This platform is suitable for white verticals and B2C offers.

LinkedIn. This social network is ideal for those who work with B2B offers such as: finance,
education, HR, software. This source is aimed at specialists in various business sectors
and allows you to get quality traffic.

Instagram. On this social network, you can effectively promote offers related to visual
components, such as entertainment and wow-goods.

TikTok. Recently, this platform has attracted not only students but also a paying adult
audience. Therefore, it is possible to promote profitable offers here in a visual format,
like on Instagram.

To run tests and scale campaigns, you will require numerous accounts. Proxytunnel
proxies can assist you in quickly creating and warming up accounts. Depending on
your goals, you can choose any type of proxy: static, mobile, residential or 5G.

The sources that come to the fore in 2024

SEO. The trend of 2024 is the value and usefulness of content. SEO traffic is more
cost-effective than traffic from social networks, and can generate leads over a
longer period of time.

Mobile traffic. It is important to monitor the adaptability of landing pages and
creatives, and test In-App ad networks.

PPC. The pay-per-click model remains relevant as well. In 2024, it is crucial to focus
on new tools for optimizing ad networks, personalizing creatives, and conducting
in-depth analytics.

Ads from bloggers. Bloggers with audiences of up to 10,000 people - known as
micro- and nano-influencers - are coming to the fore.Their subscribers are the
most loyal and trust the recommendations of opinion leaders more than bloggers
with millions of subscribers.


In 2024, Google and social media will continue to be relevant and popular
To achieve success, it is important to pay attention to new advertising
opportunities and algorithms on these platforms, as well as stay up-to-date with
the latest upgrades. It is also crucial to focus on acquiring high-quality proxies.

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PWA or WebView: which apps to choose for running traffic?

There are 2 types of applications that affiliates work with in iGaming and some other
verticals - PWA and Webview. Let's analyze their characteristics.


The technology of Progressive Web Application (PWA) assumes that the application
is installed from a site that looks like an app store.


  • You can create any design you want, taking full advantage of triggers and
  • PWA can be downloaded from the store's "twin site" where you can write
    positive reviews.


  • You can't promote through Google UAC or use ASO: PWA apps are not
    uploaded to the stores.
  • On average, PWA conversions are lower than Webview conversions.
    However, there are exceptions for some offers.


Webview is a website within an app, where the software is a browser shell from
which the user cannot navigate to another site. Since app stores do not accept
gambling apps, Webview has a customizable cloaca and stub that allow them
to bypass moderation.


  • Traffic sources trust the downloaded app more because it has already
    passed moderation by Google or Apple.
  • You can increase your conversions by using a bundle "UAC+ASO".


  • If the app is leased, there is a risk that numerous affiliates may drive
    traffic to it simultaneously.
  • It's impossible to make an aggressive design.

What type of app is best for driving traffic?

For beginners, we recommend using PWA as iit simplifies working with popular
sources. Moderating the goals of “Traffic” and “Conversion” is simpler than
“App Install”. Additionally, PWAs can help you save money.

However, working with Webview can lead to more conversions because of
the trust from Facebook and the ability to utilize the power of ASO. More
experienced affiliates who have learned to deal with constant bans and
have established a flow of expenses successfully drive traffic to Webview.


PWA and Webview apps are both effective for driving traffic, but each
has its own advantages and disadvantages.
If you want to promote apps
through Facebook and other sources, you need proxies that allow you to
work with different GEOs. Proxytunnel offers over 1.5 million IP addresses
and 100 GEOs for affiliate marketing tasks, including proxies customized
for promoting PWA and webview applications.

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How to create your own proxy server

Today, we will discuss how to create your own proxy server. This is useful for affiliates
who require their own home proxy server, as well as for anyone who needs to bypass
account blocking and access necessary sites without any problems.

Advantages of having your own proxy server

A proxy server allows you to create your own mobile and server proxies, eliminating
the risk of relying on untrustworthy providers. This helps you avoid situations where
proxies stop working due to one IP address being issued to multiple users.

It is better to choose providers that offer only private, anonymous proxies with only
one IP per person, such as Proxytunnel.

How to create your own proxy server

You can create a proxy server by using a service that offers the binding of such a
server. For instance, Digital Ocean.

You also will need a proxy configuration service to create IPv4 port configurations.
For instance, you can use “zalupa-proxy” service and its analogs.

Here are the basic steps to create a proxy server using Digital Ocean:

1. To start, enter the platform and create a new project - click on “Create”, then
on “Droplets”.

2. Choose the right GEO.

3. Choose Data Center.

4. Select the operating system Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x 64.

5. Choose a plan.

6. Create a password for the server.

7. Click "Create" and wait for the server to install.

The following steps take place in the service to configure the proxy. Here is an
approximate algorithm:

1. Go to the proxy settings service.

2. Copy the IP address of the server created on Digital Ocean and paste it
into the corresponding field.

3. Choose the number of users.

4. Select the main IP address.

5. Click on "Generate" and the service will give you a ready-made Socks5
proxy with login and password.

6. Copy a special command from the service to configure the proxy.

7. Navigate to the “Server Console” in Digital Ocean.

8. To configure the proxy, open a terminal and paste the copied command
from the service. Then, press “Enter”.

9. Wait for the dedicated server to create a proxy.

Done! Now this proxy can be used for work .


A personal proxy server can be a useful tool for anonymous and uninterrupted
work on the Internet.
However, there is a risk that a specific port may not have
been used before, as the number of IPs available to registrars is limited. Therefore,
we recommend using your server in conjunction with a proxy from a reliable
provider. For instance, Proxytunnel offers over 1.5 million IPs in 100 GEOs, and
that's only private anonymous proxies.

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Proxies for online gaming: Where to find the best proxies for gamers

Many gamers experience the problem of limited access to online games due to
geographical or other types of blockages. One of the ways to overcome this
problem is to use proxy servers. In this article, we will discuss how to set up proxy
servers and which servers are trustworthy.

Where to find the best proxies for gamers?

You can find the best proxies for gamers through trusted vendors that specialize
in providing proxies for gaming purposes. Proxytunnel is one such vendor that
offers proxies optimized for online gaming, aimed at improving performance
and enhancing your gaming experience..

You should also pay attention to gaming forums and communities where users
share their experiences with using proxies for gaming, recommend providers,
and give setup tips. Additionally, there are numerous reviews and ratings of
proxy servers that can assist in identifying the best options for gaming

Moreover, reliable VPN services often offer dedicated gaming proxy servers
optimized for minimal game latency and maximum performance.

How do proxies affect online gaming?

Using proxies for online gaming significantly affects gameplay. There are
numerous benefits:

- Bypassing GEO-blocking provides access not only to the games but
also to local bonuses, events, and potentially additional third-party
software that enhances gameplay.

- Effective use of proxies can enhance connection security by concealing
the actual IP address and defending against DDoS attacks.

- Optimized proxies can improve connection speeds to game servers
by reducing latency and optimizing network traffic routes.

- Increasing connection speed to game servers is also crucial for online
gaming, where low latency can have a significant impact on gameplay.


Proxies can help stream games and increase revenue from subscribers
while enhancing the overall gaming experience.
Trusted vendors offer
the best proxies for gaming. However, experienced gamers should
seek advice on themed forums before making a purchase.

This strategy not only enhances the enjoyment of the game but also
protects your gaming equipment from premature damage.

Good luck!

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How to earn money by lowering the prices of goods on AliExpress and how
Proxytunnel will help you do it

This article will guide you on both saving money while shopping on AliExpress
and creating an earning scheme using Proxytunnel proxies..

Saving Money on AliExpress with Proxies

To cut down on costs while shopping on AliExpress, mobile proxies are essential.
Proxytunnel offers a solution with over 1.5 million unique IP addresses, providing
proxies exclusively to individual users.

Here's a simple step-by-step process:

1. Open the AliExpress app.

2. Find the " Knock the price down" section. To receive a significant discount
of 50% or more on a product, you must invite two people using a referral

3. Go to any micro-assignment exchange and create a task. The executors
should follow the referral link and complete the required actions on

4. Enjoy purchasing the product at a substantial discount.

If you wish to repeat the process for another item, AliExpress may no longer
show discounts in the 'Knock Down Price' section. To overcome this, you can
use a proxy to create a new account on AliExpress.

An alternative method to earn money with AliExpress and proxies

To generate income, you will need Proxytunnel mobile proxies and virtual
number services to receive SMS from clients.

The earning scheme involves selling AliExpress registration accounts and
services that aid customers in saving money through price reductions. The
algorithm is as follows:

1. Purchase mobile proxies with IP rotation from Proxytunnel.

2. Create multiple social media accounts to sign up for AliExpress.

3. Purchase virtual phone numbers.

4. Search for chats and groups on social networks and messengers where
people are interested in price knockdowns on AliExpress. Use keywords
such as "AliExpress knockdowns" to search.

5. In chat rooms, you can advertise offers to reduce the price for customer
accounts (e.g. $0.01 per person) and to sell an account with no
orders (e.g. $0.05 for such an account). An account without orders may
be targeted by those seeking to lower prices, as AliExpress offers
significant discounts only to new accounts.

This scheme remains active as long as proxies are active. Earnings are
calculated as the difference between the money received from clients and
the costs of accepting SMS and tasks for executors on exchanges.


Whether you aim to save on your family budget or establish a lucrative
business reselling a price-cutting service on AliExpress, proxies provide a
versatile solution. Choose an approach that suits you, test it thoroughly,
and carefully calculate budget and time investments.


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Where can you buy proxies for bots and why are they necessary?

Bots are reliable assistants that can perform routine tasks such as parsing, sending
messages, and so on. Proxies are essential when using bots, and selecting the best
ones is crucial. This article explores the reasons why proxies are necessary for bot
usage and provides recommendations for choosing the most suitable proxies.

Why are proxies necessary for bots?

Bots can assist with sending messages, giving "Likes," and inviting other users to
be your friend. However, it is important to note that many social networks have
limitations, such as a maximum number of subscriptions or “Likes” per day.
Ignoring these limits may result in your account being blocked. To increase your
promotional opportunities, creating additional accounts is an option. If one
account has already reached its limit, such as the number of "Likes", the bots
can continue to work from the second account.

As well as social networks, websites such as some dating sites can also place
restrictions. If an affiliate drives traffic to dating offers, he can use bots to
automate work on such sites.

Consequently, to bypass social media restrictions on active or mass actions,
proxies for bots become necessary.

Which proxies are suitable for bots and where to buy them

It is better to choose paid private proxies for bots.Using free proxies to save
money can lead to losses in the future.

Free proxies often have slow connection speeds due to their public nature
and high usage. Moreover, they cannot guarantee anonymity or security,
increasing the risk of account suspension or loss.

There are several benefits to utilizing private proxies:

  • They are issued on a one-to-one basis and are completely anonymous.
    For example, Proxytunnel offers IP address rotation to achieve greater
  • High-speed connection.
  • The support of the GEOs you need. Proxytunnel has proxies for over
    100 GEOs.

When working with bots, it is advisable to use mobile proxies. These proxies
are less likely to be blocked, and their IP addresses are associated with major
mobile operators. By choosing Proxytunnel mobile proxies, you get access
to 1.5 million IP addresses.

We recommend buying proxies from a provider that specializes in proxies
for affiliate marketing, SMM and business tasks. One such provider is
Proxytunnel, a company that has been in the affiliate marketing market
for many years and has a good reputation.


For bot and task automation, private mobile proxies are better suited.
They help ensure a longer account life and protect against being blocked.
Consider purchasing such proxies from Proxytunnel.

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How to choose a proxy network for business

Many companies and entrepreneurs need to solve tasks related to testing applications,
ad campaigns, and competitive intelligence. When working on projects that require
high levels of anonymity, a high-quality proxy network is crucial. Let's explore how to
choose a proxy network for business and the key considerations.

What to consider when choosing a proxy network

These are the criteria you need to look at first:

  • The number of available IP addresses. To bypass blocking effectively, a large
    number of constantly updated IP addresses is required. For instance, Proxytunnel
    provides access to over 1.5 million IP addresses.
  • The number of supported GEOs. If there are multiple countries available, you
    can more effectively bypass various types of blocking, such as GEO blocking,
    corporate restrictions, and others. Proxytunnel offers a choice of over 100
  • Productivity. Proxy performance is crucial for business tasks. Ensure there are
    no limits on traffic or simultaneous sessions, as some providers may impose
    such restrictions. Proxytunnel supports unlimited traffic and unlimited sessions.
  • Types of proxies. Proxies should be issued to a single person. If multiple
    people use the same proxy simultaneously, its effectiveness is greatly reduced.
    Moreover, you should be aware of the types of proxies available. Some tasks
    may require mobile proxies, while others may require residential or 5G proxies.
  • Technical support. Timely response and resolution are critical when issues arise.
    The support team should be available 24/7, be competent, and provide
    convenient means of communication. It is recommended to test the quality
    of technical support during the trial period.
  • Transparent pricing. Calculating the cost and comparing price and quality
    indicators offered by the provider is very important. For instance, Proxytunnel
    offers proxies starting at $7 per GB. Payment can be made in cryptocurrency
    through various convenient methods. The client receives a functional proxy
    immediately after placing an order.


You can purchase proxies from Proxytunnel, a company that has been on the market
for many years and has a good reputation in the affiliate marketing industry.
Proxytunnel offers various types of private proxies, including mobile, residential,
static, and 5G.

The pool of IP addresses exceeds 1.5 million and supports constant IP rotation. An
API key is available for development tasks, and you can always contact technical
support to help you configure the proxy.

Edited by Proxytunnel
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