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    Top 10 Websites That Help You Put Your Finances In Order

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    Understanding how to manage your personal finances like a pro is essential for paying bills, building savings, amassing wealth, and enjoying a long and comfortable retirement.

    Financial advisors and consultants sometimes charge clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars for advice on managing their finances. However, the internet provides many valuable resources for individuals who want to manage their finances correctly. But navigating through all the resources available on the internet is not easy. That's because many companies push offers that may not be in the reader's best interest. Also, there is a lot of outdated information.

    That's why we've put together a list of 10 useful personal finance websites that give you quality information and research tools to help you put your finances in order and reach your goals.

    Although a few of these websites offer a specific personal finance niche, they all provide a comprehensive resource of money-related content to help users make wise decisions and learn new ways to manage their finances better.



    FinMasters' mission is to provide individuals with the information, tools, and insight they need to make better financial decisions. Two elements make FinMasters one of the best personal finance websites. 

    1. The content is well researched and well written by financial experts with many years of work in the field. You can read in-depth articles and reviews for credit cards, loan offers, stock investments, and other financial products.
    2. There are over 70 financial calculators to start any of your economic analyses. From creating a budget, calculating the cost of borrowing, debt payoff, and planning for your future, you'll find the calculator you need. Check their stock calculator to find out how much would you have made if you've purchased a stock a couple of years ago or less.

    The bottom line is that it doesn't matter if you just started to organize your finances or are an advanced investor; FinMasters have something for you.

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    Visit FinMasters.com

    2. WiseBread


    Wise Bread is another trendy personal finance community with bloggers and experts who aim to help people live well. As they like to say, "You don't have to sacrifice your financial independence to enjoy life."

    The most popular areas of the site are the "Personal Finance" and "Frugal Living" sections. It also offers a "Life Hacks" area that covers everything from technology tips to managing an organization.

    Visit WiseBread

    3. MoneyWise


    MoneyWise's mission is to help readers make sense of complex topics like mortgages, loans, insurance, banking, retirement, and taxes and get ahead.

    The visitors to MoneyWise will find a lot of content, including the latest financial news, financial calculators, lifestyle articles, and personal finance information that's quite updated and written to make it easier for ordinary people and not only to understand right.

    Visit MoneyWise

    4. Kiplinger


    Kiplinger takes a much different approach, but it's valuable in its way. In addition to personal finance tips and tricks, Kiplinger gives you solid and accurate business forecasts.

    Besides the research and business forecasts, one of the greatest benefits of Kiplinger is the variety of content available. It has videos, quizzes, news columns, special reports, blogs, and more interactive content that make it easier to understand by the readers.

    Visit Kiplinger.com

    5. MoneyUnder30


    Money Under 30 is an independent personal finance site that provides free advice for young adults interested in making informed decisions about their finances. The website covers the following areas of personal finance: credit cards, banking, loans, investing, insurance, and budgeting.

    Besides the reviews and articles, you can also access calculators for estimating your credit score, car affordability, home affordability, emergency funds, student loan refinancing, etc. 

    Visit MoneyUnder30.com

    6. Bankrate.com


    Bankrate was launched in the pre-Internet area in 1976, and this former newsletter has transformed itself into one of the most respected websites in the personal finance arena.

    As its name implies, Bankrate supplies information on bank rates, mortgages, and credit cards. Besides, it's also an excellent source of advice and reviews on personal finance advice in financial planning, retirement, and investments.

    You may even create an account to access personalized content and offers designed to make you get the best for your money.

    Visit BankRate.com

    7. FinanceBuzz


    FinanceBuzz is a personal finance magazine that provides tips, advice, and recommendations to help people make wise decisions regarding their money. This personal finance blog claims its goal is to "democratize financial independence; not just for the select few, but for all."

    The content is categorized in the following sections: credit cards, investing, money, debt help, loans, banking, and car insurance. There is also a section dedicated to money-making opportunities.

    Visit FinanceBuzz.com

    8. Daily Money Saving

    Daily Money Saving

    Our friend Denise launched Daily Money Saving in 2015 as a community built around the notion that saving money is good. Besides articles and tutorials on personal finance, including debt reduction, saving money, making money, and investing, she offers personalized advice for anyone interested in saving every month and living frugally.

    Visit Daily Money Saving

    9. MyMoney.gov


    MyMoney.gov offers its unique spin on personal finance and is the only government-operated website on the list. Check it to read about earning, borrowing, saving, investing, spending, and protecting your money. On top of that, you can access financial tools and quizzes on personal finance.

    I recommend you check it from time to time to read the latest news and warnings from the Government regarding your money.

    10.Top Gold Forum


    We launched Top Gold Forum back in 2008 to help people navigate through the issues of the financial crisis. The community helped people connect with other service providers and online money makers - to ask questions, compare offers, or help others in your trade.

    Since then, we have proven to be a safe environment to discuss the topics that matter most for people interested in managing their finances better. It is a highly active site with over 30K members and close to 500K posts with excellent moderation to keep things in check. 


    If you're looking for reputable resources and reliable information on personal finance, start with these ten sites we recommend. You won't be disappointed as you can access high-quality information, guides, and tools to help you put your finances on the right path.

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