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BroPush - Reliable Push Ad Network. High-Quality Traffic & Good RevShare (80-97%)!

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Are you an advertiser looking to buy direct traffic? Check out BroPush!

If you are looking for reliable partners, we provide broad access to the audience and high-quality traffic worldwide. You can easily launch ad campaigns, get high-quality results, and scale up in our convenient dashboard.


We exclusively sell our direct traffic from our publishers, with daily volumes exceeding 1,000,000 unique clicks.
️ If you have a significant daily spend on traffic acquisition (over $300/day), contact our support – we will offer you individual collaboration conditions, help set up campaigns, and provide a pleasant bonus :)

Traffic statistics in BroPush for the last 24 hours (the actual statistics are available here upon registration.



We work with the following formats:


For the maximum convenience of our advertisers, we provide various convenient deposit methods starting from $50, including Capitalist, USDT, Paxum, and others.
In addition to the above advantages, we also offer detailed targeting options:


And, of course, our in-house anti-fraud system that minimizes click fraud when purchasing traffic.

Advertiser registration

Why we are the best option for monetizing your traffic?

BroPush is an international advertising network that monetizes and sells push traffic on favorable terms.

The formats we work with include Push (deeplink, TrafficBack), In-site push, Redirect. More details about the formats are explained below

For publishers, we offer a high RevShare rate of 80-97%, and we are always open to discussing any individual collaboration conditions!

If you have substantial traffic volumes (more than 50k uniques/1k subscriptions per day), we can offer you VIP conditions!

For all information, contact our support or create tickets on the website.

Telegram-2019-Logo100.pngSkype-logo-2019-present-100.png Whatsapp-Logo100.png

Why is it profitable to monetize your traffic with BroPush?


  • Push notifications allow you to monetize each of your visitors, ensuring you don't miss out on profits. Users only need to click "Allow" once to be added to your subscriber base and start receiving ads. After that, each of your subscribers will receive several ads a day (up to 24), and you will earn $$$ for each subscriber click on the ad.


  • BroPush offers the highest RevShare rate in the market - 80-97%, meaning the webmaster receives 80-97% of the click value (other networks typically offer only 60-70%).
  • DAILY PAYOUTS FROM $10. Yes, seriously! Have you seen such conditions anywhere else? We haven't either  And, by the way, we make payouts to almost any payment system - Visa/MC; Capitalist; WMZ; USDT; Paxum; WIRE, etc.
  • Push notifications are a profitable and secure method for additional (or primary) traffic monetization - guaranteed no sanctions or other issues from search engines!
  • Push notifications work well with AdSense, teaser ads, and other ad formats, and they are compatible with any CMS.
  • Profitable collaboration conditions through our referral system - refer friends using your referral link and receive 3% of their earnings forever!
  • BroPush offers over 50 unique landings for various verticals - from adult to mainstream.



Additional benefits include the ability to send your pushes to your collected active subscriber base, silent subscriptions (automatic subscription when a user visits your site), the option to connect individual domains and personal landings, a convenient dashboard with all statistics, and much more.

 Learn more about push notifications on our website –  bropush.com or contact our support:
✉️ Telegram
✉️ WhatsApp
✉️ Skype

Webmaster Registration

How much can I earn?

Your profit depends on various factors - individual CR, GEO, subscriber device types, and so on.

The average earnings for a webmaster in our system, with traffic around 50-70k/day from Tier-2 GEOs, amount to $60-80 per day. However, each traffic source is unique, but we are confident that you will be satisfied with the collaboration!
Traffic from Tier-1 countries is purchased at incredibly high prices! Such prices have never been seen before!

CPC for all countries can be found here (registration required for viewing):


Calculate your profit on our website - bropush.com


Certainly, you are eager to know how much you can earn by monetizing your traffic with BroPush. Here are some screenshots of our partners' earnings over time:




What ad formats do we offer, and what makes them great?


  • Push notifications - work with any CMS, compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android. These are small ads that pop up on the user's screen several times a day. You monetize each subscriber for an extended period and receive stable income from them.
  • TrafficBack/Redirect – for partners or those working with doorway traffic. It allows increasing profit and earning up to 20% additional income. Suitable for those who attract traffic through a direct link.
  • DeepLink – specially designed for download sites. A unique technical solution that allows owners of download sites to earn 10 times more. For details and assistance with setup, contact our support.
  • iOS notifications – compatible with iOS devices. Monetize visitors using iOS devices. This audience is one of the most financially viable for advertisers!


What types of traffic do we accept?

We work with all GEOs and all types of sites.

Still have questions? Want to calculate your profit, learn more about push notifications, and launch an advertising campaign?

Advertiser Registration

Webmaster Registration

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On 2/23/2024 at 9:58 PM, LibertyCrypto said:

I'm interested in earning with BroPrush. What are the 1st steps?

Hello! To start earning with BroPush, please, sign up here. Then follow our webmaster's guide. After installing code or creating link (if you work as affiliate) you will start earning with us.

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Hello, Dear partners! BroPush.com congratulates everyone on the arrival of spring and gives out gifts! To all our new webmaster partners in March, we offer an increased 90% RevShare forever!

To use the offer, mention the promo code BROSPRING90 to the support team or in a ticket in your personal account after registration.

With us, you always get: fast and convenient payments, secure code operation, easy setup, and quick support. Get information promptly in our Telegram chat and channel

Calculate your income and register - BroPush.

Wishing everyone a productive spring!

BroPush.com is a system for monetizing traffic with push notifications.
RevShare 80-97% — profits are 30% higher than competitors.

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👋 Hello, dear publishers! Today we want to focus more on the number of push notifications sent.

In your BroPush dashboard, in the resource settings, you can choose how many times we will send push notifications to the subscriber base of each of your websites or links: from 3 to 24.


By default, the system is set to 24 per day — that's exactly how many we recommend for maximum 💰 revenue. Users either get used to this number of push notifications or immediately disable notifications. While reducing the number of notifications does not affect the size of your subscriber base, it can significantly reduce your earnings.

Wishing you great earnings with BroPush! 🚀

BroPush.com is a system for monetizing traffic with push notifications.
RevShare 80-97% — profits are 30% higher than competitors.

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What is the impact of subscription age when setting up your advertising?

Subscription age is a crucial metric when launching push advertising. The younger the notification subscriber, the more expensive and higher quality their click, as they pay more attention to the advertisements.

📍 BroPush subscription age settings are located in the advertising campaign creation interface immediately after selecting targeting.


When optimizing campaigns, we recommend creating separate campaigns for different subscription ages within the same GEO. For example, one campaign for 1-day subscribers, another for 2-day subscribers, and so on. This way, you can effectively optimize the cost of ad purchases and increase your ROI.

💪 Start successful campaigns together with BroPush!

BroPush.com is a system for monetizing traffic with push notifications.
RevShare 80-97% — profits are 30% higher than competitors.

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Deeplink is a special link that is useful for monetizing websites with file downloads. Deeplink allows you to open a landing page with a subscription request when any button on the website is clicked, such as "download".

Due to the user's interest in the desired file, the CR of the Deeplink is above average.

To create such a link, you need to add the parameter ?deeplink= to the regular link from the BroPush personal account, and then add the resulting link before the link to the file download button. You can find a complete description of creating and working with Deeplink in our guide.

Example of Deeplink

For any questions regarding the setup and operation of Deeplink, you can contact our support service.

BroPush.com is a system for monetizing traffic with push notifications.
RevShare 80-97% — profits are 30% higher than competitors.

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Good day, publishers! Today, we'll delve into simple settings in the BroPush dashboard that can significantly increase your earnings.

1. Increase the number of mailings. We explained 2 posts ago in detail why sending more messages doesn't affect the size of your base.
2. Updating codes and JS workers for your websites. This will eliminate bans on outdated domains and ensure the stable operation of our system.
3. Connecting your domains. Also improves system stability.
4. Connecting monetization In-site push (In-page). Increases revenue by up to +30%.
5. Using Deeplinks on suitable sites. We've written about this in detail above.

Use these tips and earn more! Good luck!

BroPush.com is a system for monetizing traffic with push notifications.
RevShare 80-97% — profits are 30% higher than competitors.

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