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How can I get more customers for my e-commerce business?

We've done some research and there's definitely some information worth sharing. We have compiled the results into an article. Check it out if "Why do I need to increase my crypto traffic?" and "What are the ways to do it?" is a hot topic for you!

➡️ https://cryptomus.com/blog/how-can-i-increase-crypto-traffic-for-my-business/?utm_source=tg05-07-23



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Introducing a new supported token in Cryptomus - VERSE!

VERSE is the token of the Bitcoin.com ecosystem that lives on the public Ethereum blockchain. The main purpose of the VERSE token is to address one of the most significant challenges in the crypto space: onboarding newcomers. Bitcoin.com is uniquely qualified to tackle this task due to its outsized experience with people new to crypto. 

The VERSE token addresses the challenge of onboarding newcomers to the crypto space by incentivizing user engagement in the Bitcoin.com ecosystem. With tiered rewards, payment functionality, and exclusive access to platform services, VERSE encourages users to explore and benefit from the decentralized finance world. DeFi's freedom and democracy will allow more people to benefit easily and securely.

Feel free to use VERSE for all types of transactions in the Cryptomus wallet.


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The much anticipated feature is now available – meet Spot Trading!


We never stop developing Cryptomus and adding new features - spot trading is just one of them: use all the statistics and tools to maximize your profit.

Spot trading allows you to buy one crypto for another without setting expiration time and other limits!


Go to Dashboard > Convert > Spot and start trading with Cryptomus today!


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Y'all love reading interesting and helpful articles, right?

We saw your approval under our article compilation post (feel free to re-read) and decided to make this our permanent section! How'd you like it?

🤲 And now, here's your dose of crypto knowledge – our best articles for July:



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You asked for it and we've done it!

Another big news for our merchants is here - Cryptomus integration is now available for all Shopify website owners. Read how to set it up in our article!

💎 We can't wait to tell you about the upcoming updates, we're so excited, so stay tuned!


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Level Up Your Business Customization!


Get ready to add your personal touch to the payment experience. We're thrilled to announce a fresh update that lets you showcase your logo on the payment page. Now you're in control of how it looks, style it for light or dark themes even! ☀️


But there's more! We're cooking up even greater personalization options, so keep an eye out for what's coming next...





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Now it’s possible to change the fiat currency displayed in the account balance 

Users can choose a currency that is convenient for them and the equivalent of balances and transactions in that currency will be displayed in their personal account. Previously only USD could be displayed as a crypto equivalent, now there are 27 different fiat currencies!

To set a currency, please click on the Currency button in the Personal Account menu and choose a currency you prefer.

So simple and yet so practical, isn't it? 


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Fresh staking updates

We've added more coins available for staking. Stake USDT, ETH, DAI, BUSD, and BNB and get even more profit!

But what if you are new to staking? We have also updated our Staking page to make it easy for you to learn how to stake your coins with Cryptomus. 

And to see how much your earnings will be, we have prepared a handy calculator – just adjust all the data and see for yourself!


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It's compact and perfect - widgets are now available 

To create your very own widget, click on Widgets in the Dashboard, then enter the name and select the type of widget you want to create:

- Form

- Button

- QR Code

Choose the type you like best, enter your payment details and it's time to get creative! Play around with colors, gradients and size. You are now ready to embed your iFrame HTML widget wherever you want!


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Complete tasks and earn crypto

You will now see an Awards section in your Dashboard. Click on it to see which tasks you can complete to earn a reward, or to collect rewards for tasks you've already completed. 

Note that there are two types of completed tasks: repeatable and non-repeatable. It's not possible to claim rewards for repeatable tasks completed before the launch of Awards, and previous achievements will not be counted. 

We wish you good luck!


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We do our best to solve your problems quickly! 

Based on our support service reports, the response time has been reduced by a factor of 5!

Now you will get an answer to your first enquiry within the first 3 minutes! And during peak hours, our specialists will help you within 6 minutes of receiving your request. 

By the way, have you ever contacted our support team?



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Use a new authorization method for even easier sign up! 

We have added a new authorization method to make joining Cryptomus even easier. Now you sign up and log in with Google. 

To enable the ability to sign in using Google and link to an account, you'll need to turn this feature on in your security settings. 

Which authorization method do you consider the most convenient?




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Use the new network for transactions!

We have added the new network to the service - Arbitrum One. It's a second-level blockchain that combines the benefits of off-chain execution and the security of the Ethereum blockchain for efficient transaction processing and dispute resolution.

You can read more about this blockchain network in our article "What is Arbitrum and How Does it Work?" and start doing transactions on this network right now!

Which network do you use most for transactions?


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The person who is always ready to offer you the most favorable conditions!

Once you have signed up to our service, you will receive a message from your personal manager.

This is our employee with whom you can discuss:

- integration of our service into your business

- commission reduction

- feature customisation

- problem solving

- individual terms of cooperation

You can also get in touch with your manager yourself at any time - use our website to do this or send a message to our support team.

Rate the work our personal managers from 1 to 10 in the comments!


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AVAX is already on Cryptomus!

We continue to add new cryptocurrencies to make our service even more convenient for you! Right now, you can make transactions using the Avalanche Blockchain AVAX token.

Reminder: you can always request a coin or a token from the panel on the left side of the dashboard by clicking on the "Plus" icon!


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