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💎Cryptomus.com – Acquire payments in crypto

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We are opening up the possibility of accepting payments in cryptocurrencies for websites, bots, applications and messengers. Integrate Cryptomus using the API, SDK for PHP and ready-made CMS plugins without KYC and other verifications, and if difficulties arise, our technical support is always in touch to resolve any issue.


Currently there are 2 types of integration available:

1. Host-to-Host integration allows merchants to assign a static address for each user to replenish the balance. This is necessary for merchants whose services require a balance feature in the service user's personal account. Payments can be made using a static link — take a look at the EXAMPLE, or using a static wallet address in the form of a text or QR code. In this case, users will not have to switch to the payment form.

2. Connect integration allows you to automatically generate links to payments for goods or services. Using the API, you can track the payment status, so this integration method is no different from fiat acquiring, only much more reliable, cheaper and faster.

White Label integration is now in development. This type of integration will allow merchants to personalize the payment page under the brand of their project.

💡 If you need to create a one-time payment link or dedicate a single static address to top up your balance, then use the "Payment by Link" Business Wallet function. This feature is used when one needs to receive a transfer, but does not want to reveal a personal address.


Fixed commission of 2% only when accepting payments. All other products of the platform are completely free and designed to work effectively with cryptocurrencies. If you pass moderation within the platform, commissions can be reduced up to 0.4%.

💡 The fee for accepting payments can be assigned to the buyer, thereby acquiring crypto will be free for you. 


Instant withdrawals without holds, rolling reserves and any restrictions. Use the API to assign automatic withdrawals to any external wallets with an auto-convert option. For example, there are ETH, USDT, TRX and TON on your wallets, but you can choose withdrawal in BTC — we will convert everything at the current rate.

💡 If you need to make a refund to the buyer, it will take only 2 clicks.

Mass payments

Mass payments are available in any currency to every user. Convenient reporting and uploads will help you track transaction statuses.


We do not require passing KYC or KYB to verify users or merchants. Authorization is available via Telegram or Tonkeeper, this guarantees you absolute anonymity.

💡 Anonymity does not exempt transactions from the AML procedure. Do not use the platform for illegal purposes.

Security and notification system

Two-factor authentication, SMS confirmations, Anti-fraud system, Auto-withdrawals and many other useful tools ensure the security of your funds.

Affiliate program

The affiliate program allows you to earn money with us. You will receive 30% of our payment commission from each merchant you have invited.

 ALL in One

Cryptomus is a platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools for effective work with cryptocurrencies. The wallet has built-in functions:

• A cryptocurrency converter that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies for others at the current exchange rate without commissions;

• Staking from 5% per annum for holders who prefer to store cryptocurrency in anticipation of the best price.

In the near future, we will release our own P2P exchange – this product will help merchants work more efficiently with cryptocurrencies, thanks to the possibility of exchanging them for fiat funds and vice versa. You can find out more about future developments and innovations in our roadmap.



Contact our client support team in Telegram: t.me/cryptomus_support

Or use the feedback form on the website: cryptomus.com


Email for cooperation: [email protected]







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  • MrD changed the title to 💎 Cryptomus.com – Crypto Payments For Business, Fast & Easy, No KYB or KYC

Now you are able to convert your crypto manually! Exchange one currency for another at the current rate or set a limit price at which your assets will automatically be converted if you want to gain profit.

What if an order expires but the limit price has not been reached? We have made sure of that – funds will be returned to your balance.

Today we have more good news – French and German languages have been added for our European pals. Profitez-en !

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Stake TRX with Cryptomus

Dear customers, we are excited to announce that the staking option is available for every user.
Convert any currency to TRX and go to Staking. Minimum period of stake is 3 days, but you can get rewards anytime in the "Stake History".

Other tokens for staking feature coming soon. Your Cryptomus.

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Volatility cure

There is no need to be afraid of unstable market conditions, thanks to the Auto-convert feature merchants can select the USDT stablecoin to convert incoming funds. Once the function is activated, all incoming transfers will be automatically converted according to the selected exchange rate.

Especially for your convenience, we have made a guide for activating this feature, watch it on our YouTube channel.

Your Cryptomus.com

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We can help with integration of crypto payments for your business with API and CMS

Do you want to accept payments in cryptocurrency? Cryptomus can help with payment system integration for your business.

With us you'll be able to do the integration via API, CMS plugins or just send invoices to your business’ clients in your personal cabinet. The new payment method will help you attract customers interested in paying for goods and services in crypto. 
Our support team will assist you with all stages of integration and help you choose the best terms with minimal fees.

More information on our website Cryptomus.com

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  • Cryptomus changed the title to 💎Cryptomus.com – acquire payments in cryptocurrency for your website or Telegram bot

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