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Share your thoughts. Share your needs.

We strive to make our P2P Exchange a profitable and convenient trading platform for you.

To do this, we're launching chats in 4 languages where you can not only share your trading experiences, but also leave your requests for trading, for example, which currencies do you use more often, which area is your trading focused on - and we'll adapt the operation of our P2P Exchange to your needs!

Try a new format to increase your trading profit with Cryptomus: https://t.me/CPT_P2P!



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New update for users all over the world!

Every day the number of Cryptomus users from different countries increases, so for more convenient use of our service we've added 9 languages to our website!

Now all features become available on: O'zbekcha, Қазақша, Polski, العربية, 한국어, 日本語, Português, فارسی, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ.



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Accept payments in different currencies, and store them in one

Auto-Convert is one of the features you can set up in a Business wallet that allows you to instantly convert the currency you receive into another currency without any commission.

Imagine: you want to keep your finances in USDT, but instead of issuing invoices in this currency, you can let your customers pay with the crypto they have and set up an auto-convert that will change all funds received into USDT at the current exchange rate. Convenient, isn't it?

To configure this feature, go to your Merchant on the Dashboard and select the Auto-Convert section.

What currency do you prefer to store funds in?


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One more feature for your business!

In Cryptomus you can set up additional commissions for certain coins and tokens, which can become an additional source of income for you, or regulate the currencies your customers pay with.

In addition, with the same function, you can make a discount on the selected currency.

Where can you adjust this parameter? Go to Dashboard - Merchant settings - Coins section.

Which cryptocurrency do you use most often for payments?


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On 5/3/2023 at 2:18 AM, MrD said:

@Cryptomus by chance do you guys plan to develop a plugin for Invision Community? Is the software that runs this forum and we are looking for a new solution to accept crypto payments from our users.

Thank you,

It took some time, but we are happy to announce that our team has developed an Invision Community plugin. We look forward to your feedback! I can't attach it here, but here's a link where you can download it. 

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  • Root Admin
12 minutes ago, Cryptomus said:

It took some time, but we are happy to announce that our team has developed an Invision Community plugin. We look forward to your feedback! I can't attach it here, but here's a link where you can download it. 

@Cryptomus this is awesome news! Thank you

Going to test it right now!

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Join the community of traders!

In the last few months we've been actively developing our P2P Exchange, where our users make daily transactions.

And especially for those who are interested in crypto trading, we've created the chat in our Forums. Here you can discuss trading, exchange rates and give feedback on the work of Cryptomus P2P Exchange!

Join the chat using the link!


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How does 2FA help with security?

2FA is Two-Factor Authentication. This is an extra layer of security for your Cryptomus account. It requires you to provide two different types of information to log in: password and code from Google Authenticator or Email / SMS. This way, even if someone guesses your password, they won't be able to access your account without the second piece of information.

2 FA is also used to confirm various actions on your account - go to dashboard and configure your security settings!


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Don't waste your time trading!

If you want to exchange one cryptocurrency for another you can do it in few clicks with Cryptomus Converter!

- Just choose the cryptocurrency you have and the one you want to convert into.
- The online crypto calculator will automatically select the best exchange rate in real time and show what the amount will be in another cryptocurrency.
- At this rate, you will be able to instantly convert your funds, which then will be stored in your Cryptomus Wallet. 

Intuitive interface, fast conversion and instant transfer to your wallet in one product!

Have you already used the Cryptomus Converter?


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Use your wallet to pay!

You asked us if WalletConnect is available on Cryptomus - Yes!

When paying invoices, you don’t need to waste time copying the recipient's wallet address to send funds, but with one click you can choose a payment using WalletConnect. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to connect your crypto wallet and withdraw funds directly from it!

Have you used WalletConnect?


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✔️ Another million!

Back in February we celebrated the 7 million transaction mark, and today we celebrate 8 million transactions on Cryptomus!

Such growth rates and achievements are possible thanks to you! We appreciate every user who chooses Cryptomus for their cryptocurrency and uses our features!

New achievements and updates are coming soon! Stay tuned!


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What you've been waiting for!

We've received many requests from you to develop an application and have been working on its creation and release for a long time, and here it is! Now the Cryptomus app is available in 30 countries (see the list in the comments), so you can find and download it on the App Store!

Don't forget to leave your review about the app and get 2.5 CRMS for it in the Awards section of your Cryptomus personal account!

Try the new Cryptomus format and make using the service even more convenient!


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More exciting news!

We are proud to present you another great update that we have been working on for a long time - CRMS token minting!
Now you can not only hold the accumulated CRMS, but also withdraw and convert them to USDT on the Uniswap!

We remind you that there are several ways to earn CRMS:

- Completing tasks in the Awards section
- Receiving cashback for paying invoices (increased by paying with Cryptomus Personal Wallet)

This is what you've been waiting for! There are even more features available in the future, stay tuned!


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Do you use Azuriom? Start using our plugin too!

We continue to make Cryptomus even more convenient for your business. Now you can accept crypto payments on the Azuriom platform!

Azuriom is similar to a toolbox for people who run video game servers. It's a free program that you can use to improve your game server by adding new features, such as creating a marketplace on your server and adding items to sell.

The Cryptomus Azuriom plugin will allow you to monetize your gaming website, receive payments in cryptocurrencies, and unlock all the additional features, such as wallet management, mass payout system, recurrent payments, white label integration, and many others.

Learn more about the plugin and how to install it in our new article!


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