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The Ultimate Dropshipping Course $50-80 CPA

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I am looking for affiliates that are willing to promote our course > The Ultimate eBay Dropshipping Course, a 5 hours of valuable lessons that teaches how to sell online as a Pro.
I'm sure this can be an interesting opportunity as we offer high CPC $50-80 per acquisition. 
To register as affiliate please click here > https://course.zikanalytics.com/affiliate_users/sign_up 
What does the course offer to its students: 
  • The course covers the top 4 dropshipping suppliers, Ali express, Amazon, Walmart and Homedepot, with a lesson for every supplier separately covering topics such as creating accounts, processing orders and how to find products from each supplier - making this one of the most detailed, and latest courses out there.
  • The course is split into 2 Phases:  Phase 1 is all about how to run a new eBay account, getting fast sales and building sales momentum. In phase 2 we deal with, how to scale your business and increase profitability 
The team keeps updating content, creating new videos, and making sure to keep the students up-to-date with the most recent trends, as eBay tends to change a lot all the time and we want the course to evolve with the platform. 
In case you have any questions PM me! 
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  1. High CPC of $50-80 per acquisition
  2. Simple payout process: all you have to do is contact us and we ensure you receive the payment with quick turnaround time
  3. No minimums: we don't believe that you need to have a certain amount to withdraw, access your balance no matter how high or low
  4. Easy to market: the course is a valuable resource and at an exceptional price point, making it an easy offer to promote.
  5. We provide resources: you’re not alone, we have ample resources from social media creatives to email copies that you can use
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