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LGaming.com - ecosystem and affiliate program - 500+ casino & betting offers & in-house BetAndreas

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Are you tired of formulaic and hackneyed affiliate networks that are no different? We created an affiliate program in the gambling and betting verticals and created an ecosystem called LGaming. Buddy, now you can take advantage of the tools you need for effective arbitrage and it's all in one place.

LGaming was created by a team that has been in the gambling industry for more than three years and knows what it takes to get really good profits in arbitrage.


Start pumping out the profits with the LGaming ecosystem today!

  • Gambling and betting verticals—offering only the best!
  • 500+ offers—only the best bookmakers and casinos
  • BetAndreas—exclusive casino & betting offers
  • Worldwide coverage—our campaigns are active worldwide
  • Payouts on demand from $50
  • VIP service—our managers will find the right offer for you to match your traffic source
  • App rental & spy service
  • Virtual cards to pay for your promotional targets

Work with the affiliate network of the future today! Sign up and start generating profit from your traffic.


Telegram: https://t.me/LGamingbot

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🔥The hot FIFA World Cup 2022 betting offers are waiting for you!

Are you ready for incredible profits while arbitrage in betting? We're ready and waiting just for you. Let's crunch the numbers - bookmakers are expecting a 400% increase in traffic for the 2022 World Cup, according to SumSub's analysis, and the number of viewers worldwide will be over a billion

🤟Our affiliate managers collected the analytics and prepared for you the 5 best offers for the World Cup, let's go:

  • Fonbet - legal bookmaker in KZ and RU, is a broadcasting sponsor.
  • Leon - good bets, low minimum deposit and high envelope.
  • Winline - the market leader, high brand recognition, and users will have access to live match broadcasts.
  • Everygame - market leader in the United States, one of the most experienced players in the betting market.
  • Sportaza is an innovative brand, with sports and casino betting available on the site. Available GEO: DE, GR and IT.

💎These offers are already available for arbitrage in your account, create streams and start making money. 

🚀And if you are used to working with other offers, or you want to arbitrage in gambling - don't forget, that over 500 offers are available in LGaming. Arbitrage with the affiliate of the future today!

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📈 Facts and stats about the 2022 World Cup

Especially for you, we've put together the numbers and facts about the World Cup that you just have to arbitrage during this time, and here's why:

Let's look back at the 2018 World Cup and look at the statistics:

- The volume of the Russian bookmakers market increased by 70% compared to 2017;
- The size of the bet in 2018 increased by 48% and amounted to 1516 rubles;
- The Championship was watched by a record 3.5 billion viewers worldwide.

Let's take a look at the numbers regarding the 2022 World Cup:
- SumSub service expects a 400% increase in traffic at betting shops due to the influx of players;
- FIFA head Gianni Infantino expects 5 billion spectators worldwide.

And here are our 5 reasons to arbitrage during the World Cup:
- Rarity, because it takes place once in four years
- Record numbers waiting to start
- The betting market has grown 35% in the last 4 years
- Hot interest in "soccer" countries and the availability of offers to them

All the numbers tell you that it's imperative to arbitrage during the World Cup because of the record increase in traffic and increased viewer interest in the event. LGaming's ecosystem is ready to go and we have high converting offers available to spill into betting. Join us and exchange your traffic for money, we're waiting for you!

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🚀 LGaming breaks into an offline conference

Our team will be joining one of the biggest affiliate marketing conferences to be held in Bangkok from November 30 to December 1.

🤩 Two days of active networking, new acquaintances, positive emotions and knowledge await you in hot Bangkok. Join us, meet the team and pick up our cool merch!

📍Find us at stand D15.

🔥 Don't miss, we will show you the most interesting things in stories!
🌴 See you in hot Thailand!

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GEO - Turkey

Turkey is one of the most technologically advanced Tier-2 countries. It's a promising and growing GEO, where CPA rates range from $30 to $50. In order to be profitable, we decided to tell you about the top three offers:

Bahsegel - Betting
CPA - $40
reg2dep 16%

Paribahis - Betting
CPA - $40
reg2dep 14%

Hepsibahis Casino - Gambling + Betting
CPA - $35
reg2dep - 16%

These are the best offers for Turkey that you need to use if you're going to use offers of this GEO. They are ready, connect them in your personal account or send message to your personal manager.

Choose the LGaming ecosystem and start using the affiliate of the future today!



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🇧🇷GEO - Brazil

Brazil is one of the most popular Tier-2 countries for traffic arbitrage lately. It's a promising GEO with which you can get profits from both betting and gambling, where CPA rates range from $35 to $70. Let's tell you about our top three offers:

🇧🇷F12 - Betting
CPA - $32-45
reg2dep 60%
click2dep 20%

🇧🇷Betboom - Betting
CPA - $30-40
reg2dep 20%

🇧🇷Galera - Gambling + Betting
CPA - $40
reg2dep - 25%.

These are the best offers for Brazil that you can choose to get profits. They're already hungry for your traffic, go to your personal account and create streams, or write to your personal manager to get connected.

🌊Join the LGaming ecosystem and start enjoying the affiliate of the future now!

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🇮🇹 GEO - Italy

We continue our journey to the best offers, this time we will look at Italy. Not everyone knows, but Italy is the home of gambling, it is loved here and the population regularly spends money on gambling entertainment. This is a great Tier-1 GEO that has money in it, but you can get good profits with these offers:

🇮🇹 Dolly Casino - Gambling + Betting
CPA - up to $260
reg2dep 15%

🇮🇹 Slots Palace - Gambling
CPA - up to $190
reg2dep 25%

🇮🇹 Sportaza - Betting
CPA - $120
reg2dep 35%

Choose these offers if you want to get even more profits. Look for them in your personal account, or write to your personal manager.

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📆 With the first month of this year on the calendar, it's time to take stock of our last year. It's been a banner year for the LGaming ecosystem and our entire team, as we launched our affiliate program and started working at full capacity. We want to share with you the results of our year, we know you'll be interested.

🚀 Let's start with the fact that LGaming ecosystem started in October with more than 500 offers, and within 2 months their number has increased by more than 90%, numbering about 1,000. And the number of registrations has increased by more than 1200% since launch. Our resale department is actively and energetically looking through hundreds of interesting brands and offers, which would be suitable for our affiliate in terms of good conversion rate, good CPA rates and other parameters.

1. Next, we launched the BetAndreas product, introducing in-house offers within the ecosystem. During the fourth quarter we launched 5 GEOs: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. We want to note that the launch went great, affiliates and affiliate marketers got access to fresh base, extremely high conversion rate and good GEOs.

2. Next, we attended two offline conferences - AWA in Bangkok and SiGMA in Malta, where we made our debut and a lot of foreign affiliate partners in the affiliate industry learned about our ecosystem concept. Those were productive days and we gained the necessary contacts to be even stronger in 2023.

Next year we plan to promote the idea of ecosystem even more strongly - to add new GEOs to our in-house product, include new tools and connect the really cool offers on exclusive terms. Stay with us!

To all our friends, partners and our dear affiliate marketers, we wish this year to be even more financially successful and happy!

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Gambling Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2023!

We've put together a great article outlining the trends in the gambling affiliate marketing industry this year, here are some points from there:

🔹New GEOs.

With new gambling regulation laws emerging in different countries year after year, affiliate marketers will try new markets and new GEOs in search of good profits, as has been the case with LATAM. There hasn't been a single year where a particular country hasn't come out and been on everyone's radar, and we expect the same in 2023.

🔹Non-trivial approaches

Following the tightening of moderation on TikTok and the move of some affiliates to their counterparts, many are beginning to take steps to create original approaches to traffic mining. Perhaps some will go back to traffic from YouTube or clips on Instagram, while others will take on influencer traffic entirely. Either way, there have always been restrictions on casino advertising, and this is spurring the entire affiliate industry to take unconventional approaches.

🔹 Growth of certain GEOs due to falling local currencies

There have always been currency spikes, and in crisis years like now, we should expect similar storms in the economies of different countries. This means that it is possible for a particular GEO to become relevant due to falling national currencies and cheaper traffic, which will encourage affiliates to pay attention to it.

Read the full article on our blog, link here ➡️ https://lgaming.com/blog/01GQ2EYR5ZRRTKJ9PPW6NGM9TC

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🔱The best offers for Portugal

👋🏻 Aloha everyone! To get you even more, our team prepared you three crazy offers with high conversions on GEO Portugal:

🇵🇹 Fair Spin - gambling + betting
CPA - $75
reg2dep 25%

🇵🇹 Bettilt - gambling + betting
CPA - 40$
reg2dep 14%

🇵🇹 Hell Spin - gambling
CPA - up to $160
reg2dep - 23%

Offers are ready for your monetization, choose them in your account, or through a personal manager.

Get yours with the affiliate program of the future today!

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🍍 We have the juiciest selection of offers for monetizing traffic from Germany!

🔥 German players show great interest in slots, live games and betting: according to open data, 12% of those surveyed play online every day and 32% play weekly. At the same time, our managers have prepared for you the most relevant offers if you're going to monetize traffic from Germany:

🇩🇪 Golden Star - gambling + betting
CPA - $170
reg2dep - 15%

🇩🇪 Betibet - betting
CPA - $130
reg2dep - 18%

🇩🇪 Qbet - gambling + betting
CPA - up to 170$

You can choose them in your personal account or contact your manager 🏄
In fact, you can just click on this link and go straight to LGaming.

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🚀 30 Affiliate Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2023

Did you know that the average affiliate marketer in the U.S. and UK earns an average of $20,000 per year? Or that 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices? We've compiled 30 interesting facts and stats in one article. Click here, read the stats and pick out the interesting points for yourself!

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History of Everygame - the leader in the US gambling market

The article describes the thorny path of the betting company Everygame which has a leading position on the US market. Find out how the company circumvented the gambling bans and what unique advantages their offers have. 

Read the article on the LGaming blog by this link.

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Top 3 offers with high reg2dep for US traffic

Are you looking for the U.S. or do you already have traffic? Get these offers and get in the game if you want to get a huge ROI. We share our insider analysis on the best U.S. offers: 
MyBookie | mindep $35 - betting
CPA - $170
Reg2dep - 30%
Feature - leader in the US betting market
Slots.lv | BL $30 | USA | Private
CPA - up to $240
reg2dep - 25%
Feature - top online search offer
Everygame | US | ALL
CPA - up to $300
reg2dep - 23%
Feature - betting + casino
Offers are available on LGaming by this link – https://lgaming.com

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On 3/13/2023 at 2:01 AM, EuChangeLTD said:

Are these offers suitable for SEO traffic. I mean will these offers last for at least 1-2 years or not?

Hi there! I take it you mean the offers from the post above about US traffic? Exactly and guaranteed to say about the offers Everygame - they certainly can work a large number of years. As for the rest - there are doubts.

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Discovered a secret offer for Brazil with reg2dep 57%!

Every day our analytics department conducts a lot of tests to make sure our partners get only the best offers. This month we found an extremely popular brand in Brazil, whose offers showed awesome results in terms of conversion rate.


Screenshot from our test advertising campaign using this offer

📌Secret offer features:
⁃ Conversion rate reg2dep 57% according to our data
⁃ Any source of traffic, except fraud
⁃ Local advertiser - knows how to work with players
- Competitive CPAs

📍How to get it? 
It's simple - go to the Telegram chat-bot and text it "I WANT THE SECRET OFFER". Get instructions and a direct link to this offer in the LGaming affiliate network.

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April updates inside LGaming

We decided to show that our department for working with advertisers works hard every day to ensure that our webmasters receive only tasty and relevant offers. Among the ones we've added recently we've gathered the top five:

Copagolbet | BR
Sources - Facebook, ASO
CPA - $40

Fazobetai | BR
Source - Facebook
CPA - $35

Glory Casino | IN, PK, KE
Source - Facebook
CPA - $7-$30

Neon54 | FR
Source - Facebook
CPA - $140

Some of the offers are in private - write to your affiliate manager to connect these offers, or to the chatbot in Telegram @LGamingBot



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Offer of the week - MyBookie | BL $35 | US

Meet the offer of the week - MyBookie. The brand has a great brand awareness as well as a large gaming collection and a powerful sports betting platform and it is very liked by US players.

Basic information:
Sources - ASO, PPC, SEO, FB, UAC
CPA - $170

Additional Information:
- Gambling and betting available
- Popular advertiser, but rare for affiliate networks
- reg2dep 15% according to our data

Start this week with the offer of the week - connect MyBookie at LGaming!

Learn more by clicking on this link - https://lgaming.com/offers/1266

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