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Do you know that IMI XGames Smartlink has a hidden superpower?
And it's not just exclusive offers image.gif.28082b9b4aac5a72e8dbd31a10c5f29e.gif
This time, we'll show you how to increase your conversions using our new native funnel!
IMI team has developed a logical funnel for each offer that allows you to create the most seamless transition between the prelanding and landing page of the offer for user’s comfort!

Also, it’s worth noting our prelands with unique thematic designs, HD backgrounds, original texts, where we’ve added the following features: sound, timer, locator, comments of users, security of logo and much more!

Do you want to see examples, split tests and results? Follow the link and read the full guide
Start campaign right now
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Get your popcorn ready and take a seat 😉

In-house VOD offers on Sweepstakes are available on our platform with bi-weekly payments for FB and Google traffic!

You can get your payments quickly and then reinvest it in traffic again! In other words, raise even more 💲💲💲

P.S. A release of new series and films, streaming platforms are increasingly taking top positions, catch the wave of popularity of the offers and earn money right now😎

14072    WEB WAP Streaming movie - Prime Video CC submit / CA [IMI] 20.00 EUR

14018    WEB WAP Streaming Prime Video CC submit/ DE [IMI] 32.00 EUR



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Where to draw inspiration this spring?

iMonetizeIt knows how to  set trends at any time of the year, but if we’re talking about this season, it’s better to try our special offers that will definitely show good results😉

As you know, our platform is multi-vertical and focuses on several verticals at once, which allows you to test your favorite Dating and iGaming, in-house Sweepstakes or choose XGames with a unique flow!

So to become even more effective pay attention on our new guide with offers and advices from our managers😊

Follow the link to read the full guide💚




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Get Betting offers with the perfect newsbreak😉


A new season of the Indian Premier League on cricket has already started!

Cricket is a key sport in India, so your audience is actively betting throughout April!

Create a campaign with our top offers and high CR will not keep you waiting😎

15000  WEB WAP PariMatch Betting FB FTD baseline LP1 / IN

15035  WEB WAP Pin-Up Betting Cricket FTD mindep Hard KPI PPC Brand /IN

15034  WAP 4Rabet IPL FTD mindep FB apps / IN

15044  WEB WAP FavBet Betting Cricket FTD mindep FB / IN

According to the financial forecast of Moneycontrol, this year the online audience is expected to increase from 220 (2022) to 550 million people, not to mention crowd at stadiums and sold outs in the first hours of sales. 

Come in to IPL with IMI - there is enough traffic for everyone 🙂

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Free apps for Dating, iGaming and XGames verticals

Are you ready to save money on app rental services with iMonetizeIt?

Try our own apps for free on Dating, iGaming and XGames verticals!

We have everything you need! Absolutely free apps, profitable offers and the most competitive payouts🙂

💚iMonetizeIt partners are always in the black:

- high application lifetime;

- original app design and interactive elements;

- dynamic push notifications for offers.

It is now even easier to speed up the launch of offers or Smartlink!

Turn the saved time into green and crispy 💲💲💲


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Get even more profit with iMonetizeIt, HOI agency and TrafficHunt!

Only for media buyers with Members Area traffic!

From May 23 to June 23 launch your MA traffic on HOI offers at IMI CPA:


Buurtavontuurtje NL DOI coin male 30+

MyD*rtyNeighbor UK DOI coin male 30+

SearchingForSingles US DOI coin male 30+


Payouts starts from $5 per lead and available 3 times a week!

Bonus! For every 200 leads, you’ll get $200 cashback to TrafficHunt account*

*Ping your manager to know more about all the details and conditions of the promotion!

Hurry up to send request to manager Aleksandr and join the promotion!


Skype - live:.cid.45e62d1c1968cd4e

Telegram - @alex_moneta

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Hey, guys!

iMonetizeIt has got a huge update!

Meet a new Nutra vertical with top health and beauty thematic offers😊 

Nutra is a niche with high demand at any time of the year!

So if you’re ready to get bumps at the start, then hurry up to launch traffic right now😎 

Send from 100 leads daily and get guaranteed AR and a bump from iMonetizeIt! 

Ping your manager and create a campaign with our summer offers!

1) 15569 WEB WAP Lutevid COD - Eye supplement
Payout $9 + AR 30% for 10 days;

2) 15562 WEB WAP Grinlait COD - Weight loss

Payout  $9 + AR 27% for 10 days;

3) 15783 WEB WAP Caro Crystall COD - Eye supplement

Payout $15 from 100 leads daily.



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A month of HOT rates on Dating vertical is opened🔥

Grab SPECIAL Dating offers from direct advertiser and launch paid

Facebook traffic 🍀

Only from 12 June to 12 July, you have a chance to hit the jackpot on our increased rates!

Buurtavontuurtje NL MOB male 35 +  FB direct up to 12$, app from 5$

Myd*rty neighbour UK MOB male 35 + FB direct up to 12$, app from 5$

Searching for singles US MOB male 35 + FB direct up to 12$, app from 5$

Only the best conditions from us:

+ individual free apps for IOS/Android;

+ payments 2 times a week;

And the desire to earn maximum profit and paid Facebook traffic from you😍

Just choose any of the two flows and ping your manager as soon as possible😊


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Join iMonetizeIt Nutra trip! Up to $5000 extra bonus!


How about a summer vacation with iMonetizeIt?

Pack your bags and grab your summer vibe😎

We are going on a trip to Nutra vertical for a bonus!

Start sending traffic to Nutra offers from June 27 to August 31 and earn extra cash!

Increase your income + get even more bonuses $$$ = boost your revenue with iMonetizeIt!

Income - Bonus

$1000 - $100
$5000 - $500
$7500 - $750
$10000 - $1000
$15000 - $1500
$20000 - $2000
$30000 - $3000
$50000 - $5000

How to join Nutra trip and get a bonus? All conditions below⬇

Travel checklist☀✔

1. Ping the manager to join the promotion - access to a new section in your account😉

2. Start work with Nutra vertical;

3. Earn from $1000 and more during the promotion;

4. Get your bonus!

*The fixed bonus will be paid after the end of the promotion💚

We promise this summer will be unforgettably profitable😅

Write to the manager and join our Nutra trip!


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Did you know that series not only cause addiction, but also reduce stress?

But our Sweepstakes are much more interesting, because you can also earn money🤗

So leave series to users!

Official TOP offer of this week - your favorite in-house VOD Movie offer😎

15523 WEB WAP Prime Video CC submit/ WW [IMI]

You have access to any Geo and the most competitive rates:

DE  $40

CA  $28

IT  $25

FR  $50

US $21.25

SE  $50

BE  $50

To get a complete list of Geos and a cool creative, write to our managers:


Skype: live:.cid.a9fe0ade3946c3d1


Skype: live:.cid.5abe6848770e1711

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iMonetizeIt launches a new offer with a bonus to payout!

We are looking for partners with UAC traffic or FB apps for Top Dating offers!

Let’s exchange your traffic to super conditions🙂

payments 3 times a week;
cashback 5% to payout;

in-house APPs to work with traffic (from $500/daily income, you’ll get individual free app).

If you fit the description, write to the manager as soon as possible!
This special offer is available until the end of summer☀

Choose the GEO and start sending traffic, but let's leave counting the money for dessert🥰





Hurry up to send request to manager Andrey and join the promotion!

Skype: live:.cid.223c9b5231a0b897

Telegram: @a_imonetize

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Hi everyone!

Start your Monday with Exclusive update at iMonetizeIt!

Our Sweepstakes Smartlink family has a new addition🐣

We are launching a new IMI Movie Smartlink!

There are only high-quality VOD offers from direct advertisers😎

Also, we provide our partners with the best conditions:
💚 Base of creatives and pre-landers

💚 Dedicated domain for the purity and safety of the funnel

💚 Individual payments for media buy traffic 

You have access to Top Geos and the most competitive rates:

🔥DE    32$

🔥CA    22$

🔥IT     20$

🔥FR    40$

🔥US    17$

Are you ready to start?

Just send the request and a manager will contact you soon

🎁Join our HOT Telegram channel to get the last products on Sweepstakes!


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It's high time to get a NEW Case study with Popunders!

GEO: Sweden

Period: August 1-6 

Income: $1036

ROI: 111,65%

Today, we’ll talk about the successful launch of iMonetizeIt Dating SOI offer at HilltopAds advertising network. Dating offers are among the most profitable and conversion-driven types of offers that you can launch within just 10 minutes.

Read a full version of the tutorial in our IMI Blog!


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The second breath for your PUSH traffic is found

It’s a new way how to be more effective and achieve more results!

iMonetizeIt has special conditions and bonus for partners with PUSH traffic on Dating vertical

Be ready to try all opportunities⬇

  • high CR and profitable EPC up to $0.45;
  • wide SOI coverage - 115 GEOs;
  • payments 3 times a week;
  • cashback 5% to payout;
  • developing of creatives according to your task.

The promotion is available until December 31st

Just use the promo code “Push23” and send request to manager to join the promotion!

Don’t miss the chance to work with our Dating offers and grab your bonus payouts


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