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Our Dating Smartlink is rightfully considered one of the most effective tools for monetizing mixed traffic. This week we would like to highlight Australia, which will please you with excellent conversion rates and high payouts.

Dating TOP20:

  • Switzerland $90.3
  • New Zealand $85.7
  • Australia $82.8
  • Denmark $79.4
  • Austria $77.1
  • Norway $74.3
  • Sweden $73.2
  • Germany $70.6
  • Belgium $67.8
  • Canada $65.3
  • Finland $64.8
  • USA $60.2
  • United Kingdom $58.6
  • Netherlands $55.1
  • Italy $53.8
  • Czech Republic $50.7
  • France $48.4
  • Portugal $45.8
  • Spain $44.6
  • Poland $42.6

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Indonesia has been all the rage in recent months, and our platform offers a unique collection of deals and pre-landers tailored for this GEO. We are experts in the Indonesian market, ensuring high conversion rates through a meticulous selection of offers. We accept traffic from all sources, including doorways, pop-ups, and beyond. Our flexible system allows you to optimize your earnings by adapting to the characteristics of your traffic. Use this opportunity to boost your revenue from ID traffic!

Mainstream TOP20:

  • Saudi Arabia $29.4
  • Austria $15.5
  • New Zealand $15.4
  • USA $14.8
  • Norway $14.2
  • Denmark $12.9
  • Sweden $12.9
  • Australia $12.4
  • Canada $11.9
  • Germany $11.4
  • Switzerland $11.1
  • Cyprus $11
  • United Kingdom $10.6
  • South Africa $10.1
  • Aruba $9.8
  • Ireland $9.4
  • Indonesia $9.3
  • France $8
  • Belgium $7.4
  • Czech Republic $7.1

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We're kicking off the year with the grand TES 2024 conference, set to take place in Portugal from February 24 to 27.
We plan to be there, engaging with experts and peers alike. If you're interested in scheduling a meeting with us during the event, please reach out at [email protected].

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