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Found 4 results

  1. The NFTGames are one of the tremendous revenue-generating platforms and give 100% Ownership. Want to create your Favorite NFT Games! As a Leading NFT Game Development Company, Developcoins helps to create your NFT games on top of the #Blockchain Platforms like Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Binance, Matic, and so on. Our Developers are experts in nft games like AxieInfinity, Betfury, Sandbox, Cassino,NBA Top Shot, etc., with advanced features. Explore Here -> https://www.developcoins.com/nft-gaming-platform-development Book A Free Consultation via #Call/Whatsapp: +91 9843555651 Email id - [email protected]
  2. Projects like YearnNFT has been creating a huge amount of buzz since its launch in 2021, looking to capitalize on the current scenario and mini rally to initiate another bull run. The very recent new release is the $YFNFT token presale that is bucking up the trend of February. Though, this project was launched previous year, more than millions YFNFT tokens are getting sold in the ongoing presale period achieving more than 10000 token holders. Experts say as NFT marketplaces are driving mass adoption to NFTs, YearnNFT has a great pool! Now, get ready to moon earning this low supply token which is claimed to be the best NFT token of 2022. It offers a total supply 73339 YFNFT tokens where in 50% is raised for burning and 17.5% is allotted for liquidity. FYI, the project has successfully burnt 50% YFNFT tokens worth 36666 assets in numbers. 3 Reasons to Hold YFNFT Token YFNFT finance is crafted and portrayed with perfect Tokenomics, standard roadmap and has already audited with InterFi Network. This real-time NFT marketplace and its fast-growing community is driving massive attention of the NFT trend which seems the best opportunity for token to raise even bigger. Why YFNFT tokens? Low Supply NFT Token β€” YFNFT token comes with a total supply of 73339 assets issued in limited area of interest. Audited and Doxxed β€” The asset is audited with the InterFi and the team is doxxed to stay focused towards developments. Use-cases and listing β€” The native token can be used as network fee, source to NFT token and will be listed on standard Cex and Dex alike. YearnNFT is an NFT Marketplace which is designed by the team of blockchain experts and professionals. We believe that excellent team unites excellent people. The project team members have gathered from world-renowned auction houses that are quite active in the NFT industry. This NFT project has members both rich experience in traditional and digital arts. Check out some more details about the YearnNFT Marketplace and native token- $YFNFT. About YearnNFT Marketplace and $YFNFT Tokens The objective of the NFT Marketplace is to offer social media enthusiasts with a forum to buy, sell, reserve, trade or exchange their digital images while incorporating below-mentioned benefits: Β· Potential Marketing Focus Β· Market Growth Potential Β· Market Members Β· NFT Creators This YearnNFT Marketplace ecosystem merges over the YFNFT utility assets for both protocol token as well as application token. Moreover, the YFNFT token can be utilized in seven main ways: Network Fees: Base digital asset to pay the transaction charges. Governance: Vote on policy-making referendums specifically on governance. Payment: Primary exchangeable counter cryptocurrency for every trade on the platform. Fees: Fees for the NFT Marketplace applications such as listing fees. Rewards: Team distributes and contributes the rewards to all uses on the platform. Membership: While engaging in governance, user can enjoy other rights and protections within the ecosystem. Currently, the team is working on following plans to release in the coming months: Β· Music NFTs marketplace launch Β· 12000+ YFNFT holders Β· YearnNFT Dex Launch Β· YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Certik Β· YOFO Token Contract Audit and Airdrop Β· Listing YFNFT on PancakeSwap Β· Initiate YFNFT token Staking program Β· YOFO Token ICO on launchpad Additional news which is exclusive to both new comers and token holders is that YFNFT Presale is Live. The token price for this presale is set as 0.12 BNB per YFNFT along with a 10% Bonus. Moreover, the YFNFT listing price is raised as 0.6 BNB per YFNFT and this asset is expected to reach the value worth 3 BNB per YFNFT. The team has target to hit the price 1000 USD per YFNFT altogether with the initiative of NFT marketplace, multichain and many more active developments which are lined to release soon. YearnNFT has already launched its NFT marketplace on BSC network that is a free NFT minting model. Not only this, the team has plans to increase partnerships with Web3 and NFT creators. They are ready to connect with Binance, Bitmart, Huobi, etc. to generate more trust and trade.
  3. In this topic, we will discuss about co-realtion b/w Fatnasy sports & NFT. In sometimes ago we heard about NFT its trending with hashtag on social media channels. Let'start topic What is NFT? An NFT or non-fungible token is a unique digital certificate that states that you are the owner of something on the internet. An NFT is created on the (Ethereum) blockchain, and that technology guarantees the ownership of the certificate. You typically buy an NFT using some form of cryptocurrency. It’s a great way for digital artists to monetize their online creations. NFT and Fantasy Sports Since we at Fan Arena are specialized in fantasy sports, we are monitoring what happens in the NFT Fantasy Sports Development space. The most prominent example is Sorare, a platform which is a mix of trading Panini-like cards and fantasy sports. People buy, sell and collect Sorare cards and use these cards to enter fantasy football tournaments to win prizes. The non-fungible part of it all is that each season there are only 100 rares, 10 super rares and 1 unique card of each player. There are broadly 3 roads you can take when thinking about a Fantasy Sports game concept. 1. Free to play 2. Pay to play 3. Pay to win
  4. NFT Game platform provides a strong ownership right, immutability and also gives security to the holders. Want to Create your favorite NFT Games! Developcoins is the best NFT Gaming Platform Development Company that helps to create your NFT games & clone script like Betfury, AxieInfinity, cassino,Football,Zedrun,AlienWorld, #MetaWars etc. on top of the Blockchain Platforms like Ethereum,Tron, EOS,Binance, etc., with a Smart contract and advanced features based on your requirements. Explore Here-> "Developcoins" Book A Free Consultation via #Call/Whatsapp: +91 9843555651 Skype - live:Tech Innovate

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