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  1. Binance is the world's leading crypto exchange with the highest trading volume. It was launched in July 2017. Here are some of their features: • Buy and sell crypto for fiat with credit/debit cards and bank transfer • Trade Spot, Margin, Futures, P2P, Convert, Trading Bots, Copy Trading • Low trading fee for Spot and Margin: 0.10% Maker/Taker • Earn passive income with Simple Earn, DeFi Staking, ETH Staking, Launchpad, Liquid Swap, Dual Investment, Range Bound, Pool Savings • Send and receive crypto with Binance Pay • Loans secured by crypto assets • NFT Marketplace • Fan Tokens • Web3 Wallet • Crypto articles and education with Binance Academy Binance is having frequent Airdrops, Giveaways & Promotions: • New users can sometimes get sign up bonuses, mystery boxes or trading fee rebates • Binance Airdrop Portal lists all upcoming or ongoing airdrops • Binance Academy is having Learn & Earn campaigns • Complete tasks in Rewards Hub and receive crypto vouchers • New listings of crypto coins and tokens often come bundled with airdrops, giveaways, trading contests or promotions • Binance Launchpool is having frequent listings of crypto coins and tokens that can be farmed by staking BNB and FDUSD I'll share them here as soon as I spot them.
  2. Binance Referral Code, Ref ID 2022: (20% Discount & $100 Bonus) Binance referral ID20% off All Trading Fees。BNB Code: 40218289. https://allmylinks.com/Binance #bitcoin #binance #freebitcoin #binancereferralcode #binancereferral #binancereferanskodu
  3. Projects like YearnNFT has been creating a huge amount of buzz since its launch in 2021, looking to capitalize on the current scenario and mini rally to initiate another bull run. The very recent new release is the $YFNFT token presale that is bucking up the trend of February. Though, this project was launched previous year, more than millions YFNFT tokens are getting sold in the ongoing presale period achieving more than 10000 token holders. Experts say as NFT marketplaces are driving mass adoption to NFTs, YearnNFT has a great pool! Now, get ready to moon earning this low supply token which is claimed to be the best NFT token of 2022. It offers a total supply 73339 YFNFT tokens where in 50% is raised for burning and 17.5% is allotted for liquidity. FYI, the project has successfully burnt 50% YFNFT tokens worth 36666 assets in numbers. 3 Reasons to Hold YFNFT Token YFNFT finance is crafted and portrayed with perfect Tokenomics, standard roadmap and has already audited with InterFi Network. This real-time NFT marketplace and its fast-growing community is driving massive attention of the NFT trend which seems the best opportunity for token to raise even bigger. Why YFNFT tokens? Low Supply NFT Token — YFNFT token comes with a total supply of 73339 assets issued in limited area of interest. Audited and Doxxed — The asset is audited with the InterFi and the team is doxxed to stay focused towards developments. Use-cases and listing — The native token can be used as network fee, source to NFT token and will be listed on standard Cex and Dex alike. YearnNFT is an NFT Marketplace which is designed by the team of blockchain experts and professionals. We believe that excellent team unites excellent people. The project team members have gathered from world-renowned auction houses that are quite active in the NFT industry. This NFT project has members both rich experience in traditional and digital arts. Check out some more details about the YearnNFT Marketplace and native token- $YFNFT. About YearnNFT Marketplace and $YFNFT Tokens The objective of the NFT Marketplace is to offer social media enthusiasts with a forum to buy, sell, reserve, trade or exchange their digital images while incorporating below-mentioned benefits: · Potential Marketing Focus · Market Growth Potential · Market Members · NFT Creators This YearnNFT Marketplace ecosystem merges over the YFNFT utility assets for both protocol token as well as application token. Moreover, the YFNFT token can be utilized in seven main ways: Network Fees: Base digital asset to pay the transaction charges. Governance: Vote on policy-making referendums specifically on governance. Payment: Primary exchangeable counter cryptocurrency for every trade on the platform. Fees: Fees for the NFT Marketplace applications such as listing fees. Rewards: Team distributes and contributes the rewards to all uses on the platform. Membership: While engaging in governance, user can enjoy other rights and protections within the ecosystem. Currently, the team is working on following plans to release in the coming months: · Music NFTs marketplace launch · 12000+ YFNFT holders · YearnNFT Dex Launch · YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Certik · YOFO Token Contract Audit and Airdrop · Listing YFNFT on PancakeSwap · Initiate YFNFT token Staking program · YOFO Token ICO on launchpad Additional news which is exclusive to both new comers and token holders is that YFNFT Presale is Live. The token price for this presale is set as 0.12 BNB per YFNFT along with a 10% Bonus. Moreover, the YFNFT listing price is raised as 0.6 BNB per YFNFT and this asset is expected to reach the value worth 3 BNB per YFNFT. The team has target to hit the price 1000 USD per YFNFT altogether with the initiative of NFT marketplace, multichain and many more active developments which are lined to release soon. YearnNFT has already launched its NFT marketplace on BSC network that is a free NFT minting model. Not only this, the team has plans to increase partnerships with Web3 and NFT creators. They are ready to connect with Binance, Bitmart, Huobi, etc. to generate more trust and trade.
  4. NFT market is flooded since 2021 transforming into a major sector of the crypto industry. As per the analysis, the total amount consumed on purchasing NFTs exceeds $12.6 billion at the start of the year. While diverse NFTs are created, purchased and sold using Binance Smart Chain, affordable gas fees can make the process more preferrable. Anyone can afford and mint NFTs of their choice. The BSC-based projects now offer rare and exclusive NFT collections to mint and trade for profits. To trade for expensive feature, many investors and creators readily try to offload their NFTs preferring the secondary marketplaces. However, there are still many ways to generate an income from NFTs rather than selling them putting up a higher price than the users have paid/created them for. The tactics to earn passive income specifically for a crypto holder is one of the most fascinating facets in this crypto ecosystem. Either lending tokens in DeFi lending pools, assets yielding and farming, or staking tokens, there are a plethora of scopes to earn income on every crypto investment. Earning Passive Crypto Income You can now earn crypto passive income using various methods and platforms; however, it is crucial to consider the amount and value of money you are looking to invest. As some passive income openings are more capital intensive in comparison to others, while some requisite more research and time than others. Remember that cryptocurrencies are susceptible and might fluctuate to strong market corrections. In fact, the price of the specific asset that the user HODLs might falls or can also eat into the percentage of user’s passive income earned. YearnNFT uses an innovative approach to offer exclusive passive income, and let them earn while inventing and creating to an NFT. How to generate Passive Income from NFTs? Rent out NFTs- The user can earn passive income by renting out the NFTs those in high demand. NFT Royalties- The creators can earn passive income by selling their creations within the market stats to collectors and attain royalties. Stake NFTs- The user can stake their assets and NFTs by depositing, or locking away crypto assets into a decentralized protocol smart contract. Examples of platforms that facilitate NFT staking include: Liquidity to Earn NFTs- Due to the integration of NFTs and DeFi protocols, now users can enjoy greater liquidity and earn NFTs in return to own the position in any liquidity pool. Adopt NFT-Powered Yield Farming- Many people are looking to farm for yields using NFT-backed products. They are leveraging diverse DeFi protocols to create the highest possible yield with the crypto assets owned. Earn 500 BNB Worth Passive Income | 1 NFT Holdings of 1 BNB as a Reward Looking at the low market cap, if any buyer holds YFNFT tokens, the person will be able to hold and earn tons of profit per day in millions worth passive income based on the average trading volume of 5% of the total sold value for the owner and 3% of the total sold value for the creator. The passive income comes with 2 types of slots- 1. Every time the NFT is sold, the Creator will receive 2% of the total sold value. 2. Every time the NFT is sold, the Owner will receive 5% of the total sold value. YearnNFT Ecosystem is developing and introducing diverse products and decentralized applications to raise the utility of YFNFT Tokens along with its trading volume. YFNFT team is the world’s first DeFi NFT minting project to occupy the trader’s spot. The entire project is deployed on Binance Smart Chain network. Soon, the YearnNFT Finance protocols and token assets will reach 300x value, as this is the world’s first low supply NFT token. The team has also announced its standard whitepaper and streamlined roadmap. On the other hand, YFNFT token presale is live since 19 November extended till Jan 5, 2022.
  5. YearnNFT is a decentralized, fair and community driven NFT marketplace for digital arts. The user can discover their favorite and exclusive collection and claim limited editions to eventually support their favorite artists. You can also buy, sell or auction any digital artwork into a unique NFT with the power of BSC blockchain. YFNFT is a native governance token that supports YearnNFT decentralized marketplace offering incredible collection of art pieces and artists alike. The NFT project also provides the ability to connect with higher investors to online exchange NFTs for their creations. The project announced a sustainable and powerful tokenomics system with appropriate token distribution that operated on Binance Smart Chain network, officially giving access to a globe of opportunities. The team welcomes artists with passion tied to the creativity and entertaining values of performance arts. The user can start their collection and nurture diverse ranges of NFTs with some rare editions that provides sentimental value. YearnNFT NFT Marketplace is Live At YearnNFT new platform, users can now support their gem creators by reserving the editions of their unique NFTs. YFNFT team adds a volume section to their new NFT platform for tracking major collections and artists. This is your only user-friendly platform where anyone can freely share, follow, like, comment and join peculiar creator communities. Creators can connect their crypto wallet and instantly start securely uploading and tracking their creations besides securing their ownership. Creators also have an advantage to monetize intellectual property by auction listing, spot selling, or royalties from trades between common users. The owners can reap the exposure by connecting their fans and followers on their own personalized subcommunity. YearnNFT aims to facilitate and develop one of the most reliable NFT communities inspiring and embracing individuals to create, showcase and cherish uncredited artists. This platform is designing a fully-fledged marketplace on the basis of its own digital currency. YFNFT will give the ability to curators and multipliers, diverse white-labeling options along with some custom-made NFT design. The team is trying to drastically minimize or entirely remove gas fees for creators, enthusiasts, buyers and sellers likewise at the YearnNFT marketplace. Earn Up To 500 BNB Worth of Passive Income YearnNFT is now offering its holders and new users one of the fastest and simplest ways to fill their pockets with passive income using digital assets. The platform has free registration to offer up to 500 BNB worth of passive income. According to the survey performed by the YFNFT team, 41% favors to use a HODLing strategy. In this tactic, the users attain higher returns by buying and holding their digital assets. They intentionally make frequent trades or conduct complex trading strategies to grab the maximum returns. By HODLing, the person can cleverly avoid bad trades, and some surveys even show that HODLers carry out better than day traders in long term periods of time. Also, they can earn heavy interest and raise their earnings by holding the crypto assets in hand. Buy YFNFT on Presale and Earn 1 NFT Worth of 1 BNB as a Reward At YearnNFT NFT marketplace, earn BNB incentive on every new NFT creation. The creator can claim their ownership, feasibly mint and trade NFTs, music, memes, creative images, videos and digital arts. Currently, the platform has Metamask, Trust wallet and Binance wallet available to hold tokens. Later in the coming future, Autherum, Coinbase and Portis will be added in the list of supporting wallets. The user can browse by category including digital art, gif, Clips, Sports, Utilities, all sort of NFTs. On the other hand, BNB is the native currency of Binance Chain that incorporates multiple use cases. Some commonly known use-cases includes fueling transactions on the chain, transaction fees payment on Binance Exchange, performing in-store payments, etc. YFNFT presale is live at YearnNFT Finance offering a price of 0.16 BNB and is extended till January 05, 2022. The user can also earn 1 NFT worth of 1 BNB as a reward for joining the presale and participating in the activity. For more updates and announcements related to the YearnNFT Finance join our social media platforms.
  6. The YFNFT token presale is finally live distributing low supply tokens while developing the brand-new minting model. Participants now have a chance to secure assets/rewards and will only be accessible after the closure of the sale. The presale is held in two phases. Round 1 distributed 20% of the tokens from the total supply and Round 2 has raised remaining 20% tokens. Round 2 is extended till 5 January 2022. About the YearnNFT NFT Project The YFNFT token is the native governance currency of the YearnNFT Finance project. YearnNFT is a decentralized NFT Marketplace based on a smart chain routing that supports the Binance Smart Chain network. The users who own their digital tokens on BSC network can easily pursue their trades without shuffling to any other platform. This helps to minimize the operational costs and makes speedy transactions. Our platform supports liquidity providing, staking, launching IDO, non-fungible tokens, and lending/borrowing. YearnNFT NFT marketplace provides a multi-chain stage and a whole new NFT experience. Advantages to Use YFNFT Tokens As YFNFT is a native token of the YearnNFT platform, it is designed to be used as the reward token for the entire system. YFNFT tokens can also be utilized to trade and stake on the YearnNFT platform. The users can access this NFT platform to mint their NFT or purchase their favorite NFT. The ecosystem features more than 5,000 unique collectibles with liquidity to the majority market makers. Such market makers offer their assets to the platform and in return earn rewards in the form of YFNFT tokens. We also offer a staking option for YFNFT holders to freely stake the tokens and attain rewards/bonus and transaction fees. The DEX alternative helps the users attain best prices for their trades and ensure the trader gets the best deal. Since our platform is decentralized, users can enjoy automation, speed, and security alike. The connections between the lenders and borrowers becomes seamless to earn exclusive rewards. YFNFT Token Presale Details You can grab YFNFT at a price of 0.16 BNB/YFNFT tokens during the presale. The presale only supports Binance Coin (BNB) as the platform is developed on BSC network. All YFNFT purchases will be available to access after the closure of presale. YFNFT token has a total supply of 73339 assets, and only 40% of it is raised during the presale. To participate in this event, you need to choose a BSC network and wallet deployed on this network like Metamask wallet to receive assets. Then these tokens can be swapped for the YFNFT token. As per our tokenomics system, there is a 5% reward on every buy/sell along with 1 NFT free on 1 BNB purchase. These assets will be redistributed to all YFNFT holders to attain the price stability and ensure the marketing expenses. Procedure to Join YFNFT Presale We recommend new investors and stakeholders to buy YFNFT tokens right away in the ongoing presale following these steps: · Download the BSC supported wallet app like Metamask on your device and add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list. · Purchase BNB using any trusted exchange and transfer the tokens to your chosen wallet address [BEP-20 addresses]. · Head to the presale pool and connect wallet · Enter your expected BNB contribution amount After the successful closure of the presale, according to the roadmap we will follow- PancakeSwap and ApeSwap listing, 1000+ holders and cross $10million market cap value. We are currently working in phase 2 and 3 and will be released soon. This plan ensures guarantee to proceed with factual and proposed launches for stakeholders. YFNFT Audit Process with InterFi Network was Success YearnNFT Finance Contract and Consensus has successfully passed its Audit Process with InterFi Network. Security Audit was pursued to recognize and resolve the security vulnerabilities by implementing the thorough cyber security practice. InterFi Network was chosen by us because it performs and executes its own smart contract development and testing frameworks. InterFi team also works with well-equipped latest tools/techniques that is quite impressive. Following the procedure, charges depend on the complexity as well as the duration of the contract audit. So far, variety of projects has shown great experience working with this audit platform this is the reason to choose it for our smart contract audit. We are already stunned by their prolific experience and impression in advanced network protocols and affordable pricing. YFNFT Minting Platform YFNFT Minting Model is a BSC-backed NFT project soon to be introduced that will be featured by YearnNFT Finance. According to the plans, this will be an on-chain network built on the Binance Smart Chain network to connect creators, artists, brands and their fans. This brand-new minting project will support the overall cycle of a unique NFT, right away from minting, marketing, distribution, NFT trading and redemption likewise. Our team wants to implement their deep knowledge and experience to launch, list and trade assets creatin familiar markets to the NFT space. This is the next evolution of digital art and collectibles to be operated on the Blockchain and NFTs is considered as the first step towards this revolution. The sight is for early market dynamics embracing digital artwork services towards a better future.
  7. · YFNFT Team started the contract development of the NFT minting model which will be followed to release the NFT marketplace. · We are building YearnNFT as a high-volume NFT Marketplace, so it is important for us to audit the YFNFT smart contract. · The project was successful in working with the best audit contract security auditor on the blockchain ecosystem. · We are happy to announce that YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) Contract and Consensus has finally accomplished its Audit Process with InterFi Network (https://www.interfi.network/). · The Project Audit report is released and you can find it on GitHub and official social media channels. · The Presale is moving in an organized manner and the holders is experiencing a high yield. We are happy to announce that YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) Contract and Consensus has successfully accomplished its Audit Process with InterFi Network (https://www.interfi.network/). The team at YFNFT started the contract development of the NFT minting model which will be followed to release the NFT marketplace. We are building YearnNFT as a high-volume NFT Marketplace, so we have followed the audit of YFNFT smart contract. Our project was successful in working with the best audit contract security auditor on the blockchain ecosystem. Security Audit is done in order to identify and eradicate security vulnerabilities using the most meticulous and thorough cyber security practice. InterFi Network demonstrate its own smart contract development and testing frameworks for major protocols and projects. The YearnNFT chosen auditing methodology is followed by an extensive analysis of smart contracts using various approaches- automatic, static and manual. With countless successfully implemented audits under InterFi Network belt, YearnNFT is sure about the proven experience and expertise in auditing. We have already released the project audit report on GitHub and official social media channels. You can deeply analyze and check the outcome. The Presale Round 1 has come to a successful end and the Presale Round 2 is ready to start from 1 December 2021. Smart Contract Audits Though the blockchain networks including BSC, Ethereum, etc. seems secure; however, blockchain applications built might show vulnerabilities. Bugs in smart contracts can continually have significant financial consequences. This is why we are performing audits for the smart contract development and optimization procedure. Benefits of Smart Contract Audits To reap the potentials of smart contracts like automation, self-enforcement, robustness and security, YearnNFT finds it extremely necessary to check in for their proper development. Blunders in smart contract development can show expensive problems rather than being an incredible productive gain. We believe that auditing our smart contracts will benefit YearnNFT blockchain project in several ways: Risks and Vulnerabilities Identification Our smart contract audit will need to pass the test and challenge the contract code in diverse ways. This will underline any technical, operational, and cyber threats to which our contract might be exposed. This procedure also involves cautious break testing of the contract. Code Enhancements Once the initial audit is performed, we will receive a report with a list of problems that are identified and need improvements to the code of the smart contract. The development team will have to fix the mentioned issues, which will be further implemented, reviewed and tested again. Performance Validation Besides recognizing risks and vulnerabilities, this audit will also tests the contract execution and check for variations that might occur after execution. This phase tests all possible results and how they can affect the initial conditions and terms of our contract. Optimization Every smart contract enacts against its native blockchain network. This entails paying fees in terms of cryptocurrency of particular network. Such smart contract audit will help us ascertain the accurate optimization based on its price. Compliance Based on the location or industry, our smart contracts might go through liability review and regulatory compliance. This audit can help us find whether our contracts meet the admissible regulatory requirements or necessity to be amended. Ratings Smart contracts are also maneuvered to define tokens/assets and token holder rights; therefore contracts is needed for ICO implementation. If our contract is audited, this will eventually raise the YFNFT token’s rating on relative ICO trackers and listings. Smart Contract Auditing Process YearnNFT chooses a variety of methods while deciding to audit smart contracts. Here is how the InterFi Network proceeds the auditing of our smart contact: Requirements Gathering Thoroughly reviewing whitepaper or business requirement documents helps the team to understand the intended behavior of the smart contract. Automated Testing Performing unit test cases and confirming there are no syntactical or run-time issues in the smart contracts is one of the responsibilities. Manual Review The team has authority to conduct a manual review of the smart contracts and spot critical, major and minor errors along with the counseling. Preparing Initial Audit Report This is a document composed to underline and decipher the critical/major/minor issues, while the developers work on streamlining the code. Final Audit Report Basically the initial audit report is revised and the streamlined code is used to jot the final audit report with the authorized approval. These procedures are implemented during an audit based on the contract type and its complexity. What’s in the Audit Report? After the security audit is performed, we receive a clean, properly formatted report specifically in PDF format. This is entirely compiled after consensus particularly from 2 independent auditors. We ensure our audit reports to be custom, thorough, and transparent for future success. This report also depicts: o An exhaustive list of errors and problems categorized as Critical/Major/Minor o Rationale for every specified issue jotted by the auditors o Endorsement on suggestions to solve the mentioned problems wherever feasible Our audited report will show the details of any recognized vulnerabilities and break them down according to their severity along with advice to proceed. Usually we will work on graphical representations that will provide visualized insights with respect to the project. This detailed report will help you understand the source of vulnerabilities. Why InterFi Network? Many projects have great experience working with InterFi Network so chose the team for our smart contract audit. Our team is already impressed with their prolific experience in advanced network protocols and reasonable pricing. As per our analysis, the auditor at InterFi Network conducts a thorough review. They impeccably understand the intended behavior, our needs and intricacies of the project. We have been highly recommended to go for their auditing services. This platform provides rich experience and expertise right on the table. InterFi team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques that seem quite impressive. We believe that charges are a function depending on the complexity and duration of the contract audit. It is also based on the business requirement quality and technical documentation that we and our project provide. Every project has their distinct requirements and is one of a kind in nature. You can get in touch with our team for more updates and get a customized quote for your project.
  8. MyBotGarage platform allows you to launch bots to trade various cryptocurrencies on the Binance futures market. All trades take place on the Binance exchange, the connection is made using the API keys and all the funds are stored on the exchange wallets. Bots are created in slots. Slots must be bought through the balance of the platform, which can be replenished with cryptocurrency. There is also a FREE TRIAL for new users, a period of 7 slots for one year, as well as $ 10 to buy slots. There is also a referral program for three levels: Level 1 - 25% of the platform balance replenishment Level 2 - 15% of the platform balance replenishment Level 3 - 10% of the platform balance replenishment There are also several parameters when creating a bot: 1. Trading strategies: TRADER, SCALPER, INVESTOR through which the bot will act quickly or, on the contrary, wait to bring more profit. 2. Strategies SHORT, LONG, SURF, HEDGE positions that the bot will have. SHORT - the bot trades only in SHORT LONG - the bot trades only in LONG SERF - bot changes long and short positions every round. HEDGE - bot aligns short and long positions. It processes in which positions the bots trade, if more bots are trading in SHORT, then the next round it will enter from a LONG position. And this will be done by each bot that has completed a deal and enters a new one. 3. Leverage - is the ability to control a large contract value with a relatively small amount of capital. 4. Intensity - control of the bot's behavior with profit and risk. The greater the intensity, the greater the profit, but the greater the risk for raising the temperature (margin ratio). At the start of the bot, all these strategies and parameters can be changed, and they can also be edited during the trading of the bot, which, when a new round starts, will start trading with new parameters. There is a STOP LOSS that will work if the price of the cryptocurrency goes up or down sharply. It will not let the entire futures balance burn out. There is also LAST ROUND, when enabled, the bot will close the current position and stop. There are also two options for stopping the bot: Stop bot - the bot will stop but the position on Binance will remain open. Stop the bot and close the position - the bot stops and the position is closed by the market. For your convenience, money for trading can be transferred from a spot wallet to a futures wallet directly from the platform without commissions. All information on trading such as the start and stop of the bot, earnings, changes in strategy come to the telegram channel. Support in Russian and English via telegram channel and email correspondence. There is a live stream of our demo bot on Twitch and find MyBotGarage Search for us on Youtube and subscribe to MybotGarage. There you will find a video on how to get started quickly. Search for us on Telegram: mybotgarage_info - follow the news. mybotgarage - technical support of which will answer all your questions.
  9. YearnNFT is a decentralized ecosystem developed on Binance Smart Chain network. This platform is offering an innovative rewards system that never takes back and keeps on giving. The team behind YearnNFT Finance is proud to announce the $YFNFT governance token is ready for its presale. On the other hand, the developers are flocking to the NFT and DeFi domains to easily use blockchain technology in terms of shaping the future. At the bottom, we can see the crypto ecosystem is eventually gaining ground and momentum with higher pace. That’s where the project YearnNFT comes to conquer. This project has already begun to display a robust ecosystem specifically for applications and tokens. On the contrary, this NFT marketplace will address the world's issues and complications by serving a better place to showcase the digital artwork and collectibles in an open hand. They are bringing the artists and creators together to demonstrate a big picture with creative picture galleries and modern collections. They contribute the generated funds to the effectively growing development and releases for the community. The team ensures that the funds and money raised are put to good use. They believe that YearnNFT Marketplace is an antidote to digital greed and partiality. This project is developed and introduced in order to make artwork accessible to everyone with pure intent and willing to display their talent and earn in return. Large companies, higher corporations and institutional investors are all into the business of printing money; however, their activities can pose a negative influence on the industry. This is exactly this project YearnNFT seeks to challenge through NFTs and Decentralized protocol application. The team at YearnNFT is thrilled to launch its token presale on November 19th, 2021, to briefly scale its operations and implement its innovations to the NFT and crypto industry. This seems an exceptional opportunity for early investors and traders to grab the advantage from the artwork and collectible system. $YFNFT Presale The presale is a good event for the interested candidates willing to earn rewards, future bonuses and offers. In this presale they are proceeding with two rounds, the details are all mentioned here; Presale Round 1 Starts 19 November 2021 Price 1 YFNFT = 0.12 BNB Token Ratio- 20% of the Total Supply Presale Round 2 Starts 1 December 2021 Price 1 YFNFT = 0.16 BNB Token Ratio- 20% of the Total Supply Before presale, the project has announced its whitelisting program for early investors to register their addresses in order to claim 10% bonus applicable in upcoming presale. This offer is valid from 13 to 17 November. If you feel you are late to join the program, you can still claim 5% reward and offer. YearnNFT Token Details and Distribution · Total Supply: 73339 YFNFT · Available Supply: 73332 YFNFT 40% Presale 35% Liquidity 8% Registration and Referral Bounty 4% Influencer and Airdrop reward 3% NFT Publishers Reward 3% Development Team 3% Marketing Team and Advisers 4% Founders and Investors
  10. NFTs are flourishing in popularity yet this concept is not properly recognized in terms of value by many investors within the digital sphere. Especially in the sectors of music, artwork, collectibles, esports, etc; NFTs are certainly becoming more profitable asset. The core aim of YearnNFT marketplace is to provide an easy, flexible, open source platform, and secure way to buy, bid, reserve, sell and mint NFTs. YearnNFT Finance is an open platform for everyone to feasibly join the world of NFTs where user, creators, artists and investors can freely create, bid, reserve and display their NFTs. This project was launched back in September and now it is ready for its token sale. The project has already faced a successful closure of Airdrop and Bounty program. YearnNFT also announced its Registration and Referral Campaign distributing 100 NFT points on each registration and additional 100 NFT points as reward on every referral. This project ecosystem operates on the Binance Smart Chain, as we believe that this is among the most progressive network in blockchain existing today. Facilitating the BSC network will encourage its overall performance to acquire the base mission in this artwork and NFT industry. The low supply NFT token holds potential to go 300x with its NFT reserve and trading. After the launch of the YearnNFT project, the project is known as the new yet stable NFT industry's first decentralized artwork and collectibles offering network. This NFT marketplace supports diverse firms and project alike to raise funds and assets while allowing investors to garner early positions and earn exclusive rewards through the project profile. Let’s succeed together! Feature-Rich Ecosystem YearnNFT Finance is now following a trend of successful tokens and NFT project. The team is tracing the footprints based on most grounded tokens within this entire cryptocurrency space. YearnNFT Finance is considered a perfect standard of a long term project incorporating an engaged community within few months of launch. Additionally, this project influences openness using the public-facing figure and functionality. YearnNFT is an easy-to-use interface platform that makes the dashboard and sections easily accessible with straightforward forms to navigate. On the other hand developers are included in the narrative as the YearnNFT decentralized portal allows them to display and showcase their creativity within the space. We also embrace creator and artists to leverage our advisory, marketing, artwork, collectibles, and investment services to bring the ideas into reality. Using BSC, we offer the ability to converse with different blockchains, promoting interoperability. This project upend as one method from which our dashboard can use to enhance scalability and liquidity within the NFT ecosystem. Soon, after the presale on YearnNFT Finance, we will join forces with ApeSwap and PancakeSwap to list YFNFT tokens. This will raise the reputation and value of the token as well as the project alike. YearnNFT YFNFT Tokenomics YearnNFT’s token, $YFNFT, has a maximum supply of 73339 tokens. The platform has dedicated 40% of the token supply to the upcoming presale starting from 19 November 2021. 3% of the total token supply is reserved for NFT Publishers reward and 2% for marketing team. 35% will be raised for liquidity injection, 4% for Registration bounty, 4% for referral bounty, 4% for influencer and airdrop reward, 3% for the development team, and 4% for advisors and investors. Meanwhile, we believe that this is just the beginning of entering a new age for YearnNFT Finance Marketplace where major projects can freely benefit from its ecosystem. Our team decides to undergo auditing and authenticated verification to secure the artwork collections and galley pictorials from threats. YearnNFT YFNFT Presale The total token supply dedicated for the YFNFT presale is 40% out of 73339 tokens. 20% tokens will be raised in Round 1 with a price set as 0.12 BNB. The remaining 20% tokens will be allotted to Round 2 with a price set as 0.16 BNB. The YFNFT token presale will start from 19th November 2021. Early registration will receive 10% presale bonus to get started from 13 November 2021. We are also planning to list our ICO on PancakeSwap and ApeSwap to raise its liquidity. For more announcements and updates you can follow up on social media channels and get precise dates on our upcoming events.
  11. YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) mission is to accredit NFT creators and artists on Binance Smart Chain with a new NFT concept created and developed around powerful tokenomics. Our utility and governance token $YFNFT will be pushing several functions of our imminent platform. We have closely watched the NFT ecosystem since quite years now. Last year, BSC came into existence and since then we have experienced its rapid growth. This blockchain network has shown immense improvement amongst the trusted and some popular platforms depicting both users and developers, though the timing finally seems accurate. Our entire team working effortlessly behind YearnNFT consists of artists that are either creating physical or digital artworks or collectibles alike. YearnNFT is built with a belief to acquire a unique position with strong background in terms of developers as well as content creators. We have gathered some fresh perspectives along with a reliable network of connections intending to succeed with our platform. YearnNFT Platform Check out some exclusive features of YearnNFT Finance project. Ø Digital Art The user can upload and sell their digital artworks as NFT’s with available solutions. YearnNFT marketplace is easy to use and intervene with very low transaction fees. Ø Application We might develop a smart-phone application for anyone to create, stake, reserve and trade NFT’s right from their phone. Ø YFNFT Token This is governance token for YearnNFT marketplace and frictionless by design- YFNFT Token asset. Tokenomics · Name: YearnNFT.Finance · Symbol: YFNFT · Type: BEP20 · Chain: Binance Smart Chain Token Distribution · 40% Presale · 35% Liquidity · 4% Registration Bounty · 4% Referral Bounty · 2% Influencer Reward · 2% Airdrop Reward · 3% NFT Publishers Reward · 3% Development Team · 2% Marketing Team · 1% Advisers · 2% Founders · 2% Investors Ø Audited and safe Our smart contract has already passed a complete code audit. Ø No owner Contract ownership is renounced which means that the code cannot be modified by anyone. Ø Low transaction fees The low transaction fees of BSC make token creation and trading of NFT affordable for anyone. We think that our NFT marketplace will be game changer with respect to lowering the bar to create any NFT. YearnNFT Finance Thoughts YearnNFT platform is powered by the governance token YFNFT. Any users accessing our platform can stake and reserve this token asset to claim or issue NFT’s. We emphasize to become the easiest NFT platform that will be reliable to use by amongst other project out there. We are implying some simple and interesting features. Though, we are currently a small yet dedicated team of developers and graphic designers relatively from the blockchain and technical background. Over the course of the coming months, we are planning to expand our team that will immediately speed up our development of YearnNFT platform and application alike. This project is reliably easy to use with respect to interface and beginner friendly. We are supporting all the most common pictorial and collectibles formats on our platform. Later, we will launch the smart-phone application to freely use at the pace of phones. Future Plans Let me tell our readers that we are not stopping right here, we will transform the current NFT marketplace to a better place. Every featured aspect will be integrated into our platform to allow users and traders feasibly sell their artwork and earn YFNFT. Furthermore, checking down the line we plan to incorporate some additional features for using native YFNFT token to the next level. We will also simplify NFT creation for beginners and non-experienced users. We are centring on artworks as well as all sorts of NFT’s. Future renovation of our platform is set to be geared towards assets/items creation for images/picture/gallery collection. We are also thinking about adding some features to build around NFT’s to make it more interesting to explore. YearnNFT Roadmap October, 2021 | Kickstart Project o Website and Whitepaper launch o Airdrop begins o Start of marketing and public awareness November, 2021 | Presale o Marketplace Launch and Presale begins o NFT creator documentations o Team expansion and further marketing o Research and development December, 2021 | Token Listing o 5000 Holders o Token listing and airdrop distribution o Coingecko and CMC listing o Strategize a marketing and adoption plan January, 2022 | NFT Listing o NFT Minting Model o Token listing o Music NFT Model launches o Further product development and iteration February, 2022 | Upgrades o Token Growth 300X o 9000+ holders and marketplace upgrade o Further marketing and expansion YearnNFT Finance will offer a native marketplace to transact NFTs created through YFNFT. The marketplace might enable anyone to list their NFTs in future for any price or can sell them through bidding in an auction. Since the YearnNFT Finance is an open marketplace, we will make it simple for artist, creators and developers to decorate their items diversely from the masses. However, the respective developers will be verified via a dedicated verification system regulated by the YearnNFT team. Verified items are then isolated from the masses offering a noise-free marketplace for permissible projects. The assets, collectible items and artwork can be listed by individuals with a dedicated noise-free market. Any transactions performed on the YearnNFT marketplace can be settled in the YFNFT native token, and sellers can earn through the YearnNFT token. The YearnNFT token YFNFT is the native currency of the YearnNFT NFT marketplace. Additionally it can be used to buy, sell and reserve NFTs on the market.
  12. Non-Fungible Tokens are in talks as latest craze in the world of Blockchain. We see massive interest in the domains of NFT both in Bollywood as well Hollywood, therefore YearnNFT plans introduce a unique abstract artworks of celebrities and artists alike in the near future. NFTs described as a secure blockchain-based logbook depicting informative pieces of digital media that can be bought with cryptocurrency. YearnNFT Finance is basically an NFT marketplace and digital art project developed on Binance Smart Chain network in September. We desire to incorporate the NFT marketplace manoeuvring the best user experience for anyone, anywhere. This project intends to make an appearance as the go-to marketplace specifically for NFTs for celebrities and fans alike. YearnNFT is keeping a close eye to make a huge name on Bollywood and Hollywood. We have already joined the talks of top celebrities belonging to Entertainment, Music , Arts and Sports to bring them on board. Analyzing the current scenario, it is no surprise that celebrities and fan-following are hopping on the virtual train to add their own contributions for auction. It can be to capitalize on the lucrative NFT market space or to make a statement on ownership and agency. Similar personalities can now discover how celebs right from Snoop Dogg to Emily Ratajkowski are seizing digital art and collectibles. Bollywood Celebrities to Enter NFT World We can see that the potential and buzz of NFTs has finally entered in India. Day-by-day, the NFTs are constantly breaking headlines of the Indian news. Thanks to the Bollywood film industry giants like Vishal Malhotra, etc. Check out some top Indian celebrities holding interest in NFT marketplace and are willing to invest and promote. Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan is the first Bollywood actor that introduced his own NFTs collaborating with BeyondLife. club. This club comes under Rhiti Entertainment has apprenticed with GuardianLink.io to provide a stage to global artists, athletes, celebrities to launch their NFTs. The NFT collectibles is designed to promote unique limited artworks encompassing the persona and movies of this legendary actor. The NFTs auction is set to start in the first week of November, and the joiners will need to log on to BeyondLife .club for participating and meeting the set price to own the NFT. Vishal Malhotra The famous TV host and actor Vishal Malhotra recently partnered with artist Ishita Banerjee in order to release a NFT. He is now the first Indian actor to conspire with an artist. The art represents the 25 years of work in Bollywood of the actor with most popular characters. This NFT was sold for 2.5 ETH and the animated piece is merges with a background music spotlighting Vishal’s voice. Hollywood Celebrities to Enter NFT World Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan featured her first NFT on February 15 worth $57,290. Since the auction, she is looking to mint more in NFTs and donating the proceeds. Lohan is also tweeting about Bitcoin from quite time now, and is now one of its more outspoken celeb advocates. Steve Aoki Steve Aoki has become one of the more recent NFT converts. On Sunday, Nifty Gateway acquired EDM DJ’s NFT that was featured with new music and animated visual art. Final Words On the spot, Non-Fungible Tokens have taken the art, gaming, sports, and entertainment industry to the next level by storm. We all agree that NFTs is driving in bigger opportunities for celebrities and new creators over the internet. Hence, offering a controlled income stream, where the user and enthusiasts can trade digital content for cash sorting out the revenue-sharing models. YearnNFT Finance is an NFT-based project built on the aspects like speed and affordability. This project is launched on BSC aka Binance Smart Chain to be later expanded into a multi-chain support with sophisticated product updates. The users anywhere in the globe can freely join the platform and easily create, sell, buy, bid, reserve, and trade digital art and collectibles at a fraction of the cost as compared to other platforms. With YearnNFT, we are developing a fast, reliable, and scalable token market with a motive of widespread adoption.
  13. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that it will cease offering trading pairs and payment options in Singapore dollars to remain compliant with the country’s regulators. The announcement followed a notice issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) stating that Binance “may be in breach of the Payment Services Act.” BINANCE COMPLYING WITH SINGAPORE’S REGULATIONS Crypto exchange Binance announced Sunday changes to its services in Singapore. The company wrote that “to remain compliant with local regulators,” it will cease offering “SGD trading pairs” and “SGD payment options” on Friday, Sept. 10. Binance will also remove its app from Singapore iOS and Google Play stores. SGD trading pairs will also be removed from Binance P2P Friday. The exchange further advised users to complete all related P2P trades and remove all related advertisements by Sept. 9 “to avoid potential trading disputes.” Moreover, Binance clarified that it is not operating any official Telegram or online communication channels in Singapore. “Our aim is to create a sustainable ecosystem around blockchain technology and digital assets,” Binance commented, elaborating: Binance welcomes developments to our industry’s regulatory framework as they pose opportunities for the market players to have greater collaboration with the regulators. The announcement to cease trading in Singapore dollars followed a notice by Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which oversees the crypto industry in the country. MAS said Thursday that it had “reviewed Binance.com’s operations and is of the view that Binance, the operator of Binance.com, may be in breach of the Payment Services Act. ” The central bank added that “Binance is required to cease providing payment services … to Singapore residents and cease soliciting such business from Singapore residents.” Last week, Binance said it hired Richard Teng, former CEO of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority at Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) as the new CEO for its operations in Singapore. Binance aims to become “a leader in regulatory compliance” as it pivots into a financial services company. The global crypto exchange recently became the focus of many other regulators worldwide, including those in the U.K., Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Lithuania, and South Africa. They claimed Binance had been operating without authorization in their jurisdictions.
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