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Rebel Betting Review - Make Money with Sports Betting

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Are you watching sports? Well, you probably do, so today, I will show you several methods to make money in the long run with sports betting.

With Rebel Betting, the service I'm talking about, you'll not have to learn about each sports team or player, check dozens of statistics and tipsters daily, and keep your fingers crossed at every match.

In the following Rebel Betting review, you will learn how to make money by placing bets on matches carefully selected by the software to make a profit.

RebelBetting Review TLDR

  • Rebel Betting is an online tool that uses cloud computing and AI to scan and analyze thousands of bet events and identify user profit opportunities.
  • You can choose from two tools: Sure betting and Value betting. The first is less risky, while the other gives better ROI in the long run.
  • Most software users could generate good profits if they remained disciplined and invested time into this opportunity.
  • Get a 14-day free trial of Rebel Betting tools and Sure or Value betting, and try them risk-free.

What exactly is Rebel Betting?

Fortunately, the online industry is enormous, with thousands of bookmakers and betting websites. In such a competitive industry, bookmakers have special events, promotions, and different odds for sports event outcomes every day.

In summary, Rebel Betting is an online tool that leverages the power of cloud computing and AI to scan and analyze thousands of bet events on almost one hundred bookmakers and identify profit opportunities for its users.

RebelBetting offers two tools for different sports bettors: Value Betting and Sure Betting. Continue reading to learn what these are and which one is right for you. As I've said previously, Rebel Betting offers two products you should use to profit in the betting industry.

Let's start with the safe one:

Rebel Betting Products - Sure betting

2.1 What is sure betting, and how does it work

Imagine a tennis match between players A and B to understand how sure betting works. On Bookmaker 1, player A has a 2.10 odd to win, while on Bookmaker 2, player B has a 3.10 odd. Let's place $200 on Bookmaker 1 for player A to win @ 2.10. This means a potential profit of $420. We also bet $150 on Bookmaker 2 for player B to win @ 3.10. This means a possible win of $465. We spent $200 on the bet of the first bookmaker and another $150 on the bet at the 2nd bookmarked, which means $350 total spent. If player A wins, we make a profit of $425 - $350 = $75; if player B wins, we make a profit of $465 - $350 = $115.

As you probably know, tennis has no draw, but the event can be canceled so that you can get your money back.

With sure betting, you cover all outcomes of an event, so you win every time. This means steady profits with almost no risk or very little. Unfortunately, betting events are tricky to spot as bookmakers scan the market and change the odds to prevent them. Yet, with the Rebel Betting Sure Betting tool, you can still find some and secure a profit.

Surebet-Example (1).png
Surebet Example

It will be almost impossible to spot these opportunities by manually analyzing hundreds of events at different bookmakers, so that's where the power of Rebel Betting lies: doing this automatically for you. Below, you can see a couple of sure bets identified by Rebel Betting software.

SureBets-Listing (1).png
SureBets Listing

According to Rebel Betting, you can easily earn an ROI (Return on investment) of around 10-20% per month using their sure betting service.

Sure betting Tools

With One Click Bet Tracker, you can log all sure bets with one click. This saves you much time, as you don't have to log the bets manually. It also keeps track of your ROI and offers detailed reports of your betting statistics. Another neat tool is the Automatic Bet Settlement, which automatically updates your bets with the final results. So, you save time and have an overview of your stats, including profits.

Sure betting Plans: Starter and Pro

There are two Sure Betting Starter and Sure Betting Pro plans for the Sure Betting toolYou can see a comparison between these plans below: 

RebelBetting Plans: Sure betting Starter vs. Sure betting Pro

The Sure Betting Starter plan is perfect if you are new to sure betting and have a smaller bankroll. It costs 89 euros per month. The Pro plan allows you to maximize your profits by getting access to unlimited sure bets and middles, and it costs 179 euros per month.

You will save 30% of these monthly costs with an annual subscription. Below, you can see an example of the profit calculator created by Rebel Betting that shows you what your profit expectation should be considering your initial investment, the number of sure bets you can place daily, and the number of days you dedicate to betting.

Here, you can access the calculator to enter your data.

Sure betting Profit Calculator.

You can cancel your future payment anytime while using the service until expiration. Also, both plans are covered by their profit guarantee, where if you do not make a profit in the first month, they will extend your service for another month without any new payment from you.

If you want to try RebelBetting and its services, don't forget you have access to a 14-day free trial for sure betting.

rebelBetting___big (1).png

 --> Join Rebel Betting and get a 14-day trial for the Sure Bets tool

Rebel Betting Products - Value betting

Remember what I told you at the beginning of this review: the betting market is very competitive, and all bookmakers are doing their best to develop special offers, better odds, etc.? With value betting, you place bets with a more significant chance of winning than implied by the odds, giving you the edge over the bookmakers.

So, if you are into sure betting, you get recommendations with almost no or low risk. With the Value betting product, you get betting tips that imply higher risk and a higher long-term profit. Rebel betting claims a yield of up to 30% monthly.

Value-Bets-Listing (1).png
Value Bets Listings

As the software can track user bets, the team keeps a graph with all the profits generated if they follow the identified value Bets. So, in May 2022, they generated 450K euros for their members.

Value-Betting-Users-Total-Profit (1).png
 Value Betting Users' Total Profit

Since its start, the program has generated almost 4.5 million euros for its members. The yield (ROI) per bet is around 3%.

Value Betting Tools

With The BetTracker, you can track your value betting profits by logging all your bets with one click. You can also track your ROI, Yield, EV, and more. Another tool is Automatic bet settlement, where your bets are automatically updated with the match results. Your total profit is updated automatically, along with detailed statistics and reports.

Value betting Plans

Again, the Value Betting tool has two plans: Starter and Pro. The Starter plan is for people new to value betting and want to profit from the most common bookmakers.

On the other hand, the Pro plan is for people who want to maximize their profit by accessing bet exchange websites and sharp bookmakers. You're also getting an unlimited number of value bets. 

Rebel Betting Review - Value Betting Plans Comparison

The Starter plan costs 89 euros per month, while The Pro plan costs 179 euros per month. An annual subscription saves 30% of these monthly costs. No matter which plan you choose, you will get thousands of value bets every day from multiple bookmakers, easy logging of bets in the BetTracker, advanced filters, and time-saving automatic bet settlement.

Like with the Surebetting tool, you can cancel your subscription anytime while using the service until the expiration date. Also, both the value betting plans are covered by their profit guarantee, where if you are not making a profit in the first month, they will extend your service for another month without any new payment from you.

If you want to try RebelBetting and its services, don't forget you have access to a 14-day free trial for sure betting.

rebelBetting___big (1).png --> Join Rebel Betting and get a 14-day trial for the Sure Bets tool

PROs and CONs of Rebel Betting

Let's look at the pros and cons of Rebel Betting tools. These are available as Sure betting and Value betting tools. 

Rebel Betting PROs

  • Over 60+ well-known bookies are scanned, while 13+ betting sites are US-bassed.
  • Multiple filtering options allow you to select the bookies you want to work with, your expected profit, bankroll, etc.
  • Easy to use, clean interface, which is also mobile-friendly.
  • Transparent pricing, so you know exactly how much you have to pay.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee that covers all the purchases and also a profit guarantee.
  • Many onboarding tutorials to help you understand everything and start making money.
  • The Support department is supportive and answers all your questions promptly.

Rebel Betting CONs

  • More cryptocurrency bookies supported would be nice.
  • A little expensive for beginners
  • A list of bookies that work in each country would be nice, as some bookmakers are blocked or do not accept players from specific countries.

Considering all these, Rebel Betting is a powerful software that can help you spot betting opportunities.

Are you disciplined and willing to dedicate some time to place the bets? If yes, you have what it takes to make a healthy income month after month.

Rebel Betting Support

Support is a strong point of this company. The support people answer all the questions professionally. They can also guide you through the steps necessary to make everything work for you or solve account issues if any arise.

You may contact Rebel Betting through the website's helpdesk, email them, or post your questions in the community. On the support page, you can access an FAQ and a Knowledge base to get answers and tutorials for the most common questions and issues.

What others are saying about Rebel Betting

I've searched online for reviews, testimonials, and opinions about Rebel Betting to see how the users use the software. I admit that I was overwhelmed by the positive reviews and user testimonials.

RebelBetting is very popular and does what the team claims: helping users generate profits by offering them betting opportunities. Below, you can watch a video review of Rebel Betting by Betting Analyst, a popular Youtuber in the professional betting world:

Rebel Betting FAQ

How can I start with Rebel Betting?

  1. Before anything else, you should decide how will you start using it. Would you go with sure betting or value betting? I recommend beginning with Sure betting, as it is less risky and more beginner-friendly, and then advancing into value betting.
  2. After purchasing your first plan, you have 14 days to use the software, which the money-back guarantee covers.
  3. Log in, set up your filters and preferences, and see available opportunities.
  4. Check the bookmakers they work with and are available in your country. Sign up on those where you don't have an account so you can maximize your earnings and start placing the bets. I recommend doing it through a VPN.
  5. Place the bets according to the figures calculated by Rebel Betting and stick to the plan.

Rebel Betting Review Conclusion

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my review of Rebel Betting. Rebel Betting offers an excellent opportunity for people who want to profit from betting without spending time analyzing, comparing odds, etc. They have been doing it for over 12 years with success, and there are no signs this will stop anytime soon.

On the negative side, I consider the price a little salty, but considering the profits you can make, it is affordable. Start your 14-day free trial and decide whether Rebel Betting is for you.

RebelBetting_square (1).gif
-> Join Rebel Betting

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