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Adsterra Review

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Ad networks are the primary way to generate revenue from any website or blog, and hence, bloggers and other online asset owners are pretty familiar with ad networks.

For some webmasters, ad networks are part and parcel of their business life, without which they may lose almost all their revenue within days. Especially for publishers, Bitcoin is the hottest and most expensive currency right now in the world, crossing over 69K USD and going upward constantly.

I know many of you eagerly seek opportunities to get Bitcoins and BAAM! Maybe you are here for that. However, due to country-based restrictions, difficult payment methods, courage to take the risk, and so on, most of you won't be the reputed owners of some virtual currencies.

Don't worry—you got pretty lucky, and hence, this article is in front of you; just keep reading, and you will soon discover the path toward your Bitcoin.

AdsTerra Advertising network Review AdsTerra Advertising Network Review

This review article is about Adsterra Network, a fastest-growing Scotland-based online advertising company serving over 10 billion ad impressions every month to over 190 countries worldwide. With the huge growth of mobile traffic, both publishers and advertisers are looking for ad networks that can serve on both platforms. If you are one of them, then Congratulations!

You already got to know one of those multiplatform-supported advertising networks. Based on the different needs of separate platforms and people, Adsterra has various types of ad plans for both advertisers and publishers.

Ad networks usually have two types of ad plans: CPM (Cost Per Mile), which means pay per 1000 impressions, and CPC, which means payment for every click. However, with Adsterra, you will get something more. With the rising industry of CPA, which has become pretty popular within the last few years, Adsterra has introduced this CPA ad plan in its network, which has turned it into a partial CPA network as well.

In addition, it has CPI (mainly for apps and software), CPL, CPO, etc. plans as well. No matter what type of advertiser or publisher you are, this amazing ad network has suitable plans for everyone. The next part of this article will describe both publisher and advertiser sections in detail so that everything becomes crystal clear for you.

Adsterra for Publishers

As I already mentioned, Adsterra is one of those few ad networks that accept the Bitcoin payment method, making it noticeable among thousands of advertising platforms.

In addition, it has many ad formats that will suit any type of blog or website and help generate more revenue for the same amount of traffic.

These are the reasons why you should choose Adsterra to make money out of your blog or website:

  1. Adsterra has a low traffic barrier for publishers to get accepted.
  2. The minimum payment (withdraw) threshold is only $100, and there are many payment methods, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, Wire transfer, and, most excitingly, Bitcoin!
  3. Provides secured ads that won't hamper your site by injecting harmful malware.
  4. Responsive ad formats for both PC and mobile to maximize your revenue. The following ad formats are available in Adsterra: Leaderboard, Rectangle, Skyscraper, Pup-under, Interstitial, direct links, and video ads.
  5. Are you banned from Adsense? Adsterra can be your alternate, as it has high CPM-based payouts for high-traffic sites.

Adsterra for Advertisers

Most Advertisers don't rely on one or two advertising networks to promote their products or services due to limited reach and ad formats. However, Adsterra has solved the issue by reaching multiple platforms and almost all nations of the world.

In addition, it has a CPA system through which advertisers will get their desired leads guaranteed, as they don't have to pay for non-converting traffic.

Due to the low primary deposit amount, most ad networks are filthy with low-quality advertisers, and hence, their traffic gets spoilt with time. However, if you are going to play big, then Congratulations! Low-end advertisers cannot access Adsterra's excellent traffic, as it requires a minimum deposit of $100.

Here are the reasons why you should use Adsterra to get more traffic:

  1. There are several ad performance plans, so you can choose what suits your business. Besides the CPM model, you can promote performance models via CPA, CPI, CPL, etc.
  2. Several ad formats exist on the web, and Adsterra offers all of them, including video ads and popunders advertising.
  3. Adsterra's super-smart targeting technology will allow you to choose your traffic based on Geography, language, browser, device, service providers, operating system, user-typed keywords, and so on.
  4. Re-targeting became most popular among advertisers due to its low cost, and Yes, you are getting this option in Adsterra as well.
  5. Timing is one of the biggest factors while running ads; hence, Adsterra has introduced real-time bidding for effective ad distribution.

BONUS Earning Secret Sauce! You are pretty lucky to be still here; hence, you will get one extra information to increase your revenue for free. Don't you have friends working on digital marketing platforms and running websites? Sure you do. So, just let them know about Adsterra and earn a solid 5% lifetime commission from their earning.

AdsTerra Review Conclusion

There is a pool of ad networks on the web, but very few are maintaining the expected quality for both the publishers and advertisers. No matter which ad network you choose, make sure they are not making you a fool but providing very low payouts (to publishers) or fake traffic (to advertisers).

However, I highly recommend you try this fast-growing advertising network, Adsterra. If you have already used it or are using it right now, I would love to hear about your experience.

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