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What Plans You Have For This Summer

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Guest bizguy3

This summer I want to visit my parents and stay with them for a while and thank them for all I am in life...

Gotta catch with my school teachers too and of course long lost friends...(A cuppa with them will be joy forever...!)

These I think,are something different from the regular grind for me...!

My LR U5586134


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This for me is not a good summer, I have serious health problems that do not allow me the usual holidays. I love being on my PC and this will help me to spend my holidays. I hope next year will be better. Have fun everyone a little bit for me.

Happy holidays to all.

LR U1178997

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  • Root Admin

Okie guys I've decided yo close this contest as summer is already over. Winners will be paid ASAP. thank you for participation

Prizes have been paid to winners. Congrats to the winners !!!!!


Alan and Filefat received the other 2 prizes. Congrats everyone

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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