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Large investors and bitcoins

In the modern United States, big traders are turning their attention to Bitcoin more and more active in the recent years. And with this they give a new stimulus for the development of the crypto-currency. According to the research results of Wall Street Journal it was found, that now, particularly large funds are slowly, but surely coming into the market of crypto-currencies and value high their perspectives.

At the same time, there still are traders scared of crypto-currency. But their number is declining rapidly. The companies trading with their own money, say, that Bitcoins have just a huge potential. And first of all it is due to the fact, that more and more financial companies and investors are entering the market of crypto-currencies. Thanks to such big players the volatility on the market can be significantly declined, which is on a rather high level at the moment. Eventually the work with this tool will be much more legitimate and accessible.

We, the administration of xmlgold.eu, from our part, are trying our best to provide the best working conditions both for ordinary users and for large players, offering to work both with Bitcoin and with Perfect Money. Plus, with a variety of other currencies:
- AdvCash;
- Bank Transfer;
- MoneyPolo;
- Litecoin;
- OKPAY and others.

Read more: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/130

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Can bitcoin change the lives of a billion of poor?

Before discussing this question, it is necessary to mention the term “blockchain”, which is not controlled by anything and anyone like a single collective brain, but at the same time any person can see its contents. And this blockchain carries a lot of important advantages for the poorest population stratums.
Of course, today it is hard for the majority of people (especially in the Third World countries) to understand, how much bitcoin improves the life already today. The meaning of the crypto-currency is greatly underestimated even now, but its potential is just huge. Especially, in the solving of the most important and urgent social problems and different sorts of tensions. If the supporters of the blockchain are right, an era of economic transparency, real economic wealth and actively development
commerce will expect us.
Alex Tapscott,
the author of the book “Blockchain revolution: how the underlying
technology of bitcoin is changing money, business and the world”
says: “Blockchain is a powerful tool, which is able to help us
build a global and prosperous society”.
Bitcoin and blockchain are the openness, freedom, safety of money transfers, which will allow to transfer money from rich countries to poor ones under especially profitable conditions without any obstacles.
Just in 2015, over 440 billion
dollars were sent from prosperous countries to the countries in need. The problem is, that to transfer, for example, $100 from the USA to India, one needs to pay the commission fee in Western Union - $11. Bitcoin is the possibility to transfer money without any fees.
On the website xmlgold.eu there is already a flexible exchange and transfer systems of several crypto-currencies:
- Bitcoin;
- Perfect Money;
- PayPal;
- C-CEX;
- BTC-E and others.

Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/index

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Read the Review of XMLGold.eu written by smashbtc.com

Part of article:

Review of Xmlgold.eu - a Fast Money Exchange Service

About XMLGold
XMLGold is an online exchange service that facilitates fast and safe Internet payment goals. It is registered as XML Corporations and is located in Belize, Central America. XML Gold is blessed with a professional team that works 24/7 throughout the year to ensure that online transactions are carried out without stress. Since 2000, XML Gold has gained the trust of many Internet users who prefer to change their money online. XML Gold requires no registration before one can exchange a currency and they currently enable remittance of funds to PayPal accounts. The company also remits funds to XMLGold Master Cards, which are made available on request. XML Gold transactions can be made in USD or EUR, depending on the client’s choice.

Site’s Ease of Use

XMLGold has a simple interface site so that exchangers can know what to do without making any mistake or sending to a wrong account. The site loads fast and the pages that lead to transfer and exchange of funds are also quick to open.
The current exchange rate, the commissions involved between the payment systems and the transaction information for what you intend to do are provided on the home page near the logos of payment systems. Just choose the currency and amount of what you want to change on the sell box and select the new currency you want on the buy section. The email address box must be filled and the details of the account you want to fund must also be entered.
On the home page is a list of 15 payment systems that partner with XML Gold. English Language is the default language on the site but this can easily be changed by going up to the language menu where other languages are displayed. There are a total of 11 supported languages and they include Chinese, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese.

Features and Benefits

XMLGold.eu is very secure for online transactions as it encrypts all its data and transmits them through a secure protocol. XML Gold has a referral program where partners can earn up to 10% of profits made from successful transactions. Withdrawal of profits can be made by bank transfer and into any currency you want. XML Gold is supported by Paysite-Cash, an online payment specialist of Nordpay Financial Limited.

My Experience with XML Gold

The first thing I love about XML Gold is its promptness and reliability...

Read the full review, article here: https://www.smashbtc.com/…/review-of-xml...fast-money

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Bitcoin and the Dutch tulip mania – are there any parallels?

At the first glance, how can there be any connection between bitcoin and tulips? In order to define it, we should go a little deeper into the story. In 1634-1638 years in the Netherlands a so-called Tulip crisis took place. The bulbs of these flowers, which were considered a luxury item, became a target for investment. Just for about a couple of months since the beginning of the import prices have increased as much as 1500%. It's just a huge jump. However, everything collapsed, as people began to "cash out" the tulips. They simply become not relevant and the price falls suddenly to 99%.

It is this historical precedent, some critics of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, put as a sample and a kind of caveats from working with bitcoin.
Another example that critics like to operate, is economic and real estate boom in the United States of America, which happened from 1999 to 2006. At this time the cost of housing has risen to 80%, although this increase in value was purely artificial.
When there had been an economic boom, many of the critics just said that it's all over with digital currency. Yes, the cost of bitcoin dropped after the boom, but it is at the moment it is the real, not the inflated price.
So, we can come to the following conclusions:
• To compare bitcoin with the Tulip mania is unwise;
• The course is unlikely to fall below the existing one;
• Gradual increase of the course will take place in the future.
It is expected that by 2025 more than 10% of all online payments will be made with bitcoins. The share of cryptocurrencies on the financial market may reach 600 billion dollars. It is difficult to think that far ahead, however, this prospect is quite possible, as already now the electronic and cryptocurrency niche are important in the Internet Commerce, every year causing more and more interest among the masses. Jumps of the rates always were and will be, that's a fact...

Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/135?c=hl

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Termination of PFS MasterCard!

We no longer sell nor load PFS MasterCards due to their policy and rules, our agreement with PFS has been terminated. You can spend and withdraw all the funds you have on your PFS MasterCard without problems, We are about to sign a new agreement with another prepaid card provider and we will send you the new card with no cost, you just need to send a request to our email: [email protected] with a subject: New Card Order, your Name your address as well your utility bill and your ID or a Passport and we will replace your PFS MasterCard with no cost...


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2016 – The year of bitcoin’s awakening?

A few years ago many sources were writing about the fact that there is a risk of collapse of the bitcoin exchange rate. Today this trend is becoming less likely. And even those who in 2014 still were set extremely skeptically now are actively taking their words back.
Today an intensification of the demand for bitcoin as a whole and their use in the market can be seen. Although there are some peculiarities. For example:
• The number of merchants that accept bitcoins has declined slightly (in percent). However, the consumers began to use the cryptocurrency much more actively.
• Smart contacts have come to a whole new level. This is largely due to the blockchain.
• The cryptocurrency gives the upward price impulse, but not vise versa.
• The level of users to exchanges grew substantially in recent years.
Some experts say that in 2016, the rate of bitcoin may reach $ 1000. But, before such a rise was provoked by a range of time factors, after which the rate stabilized again, and now the rate growth will go smoothly, and in the future it is not expected to be less. Purchases of bitcoin for Instant Bank Transfer and other ways of obtaining cryptocurrency are becoming more relevant. Largely the reason for this can be some stories wandering in the net, which are about wealthy people who once bought bitcoins very cheap, and after their sudden rise in price became dramatically rich. And the most important thing in these stories is that they are true. Some knew that, the other were just lucky, but the fact remains – some people literally got rich on bitcoins.
Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/134



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PayPal went Bye-bye in Turkey!

The residents of Turkey have been reported of losing their options of convenience and security in sending and receiving payments through online. The country’s online payment sector is progressively docile to a free control of market with the rapidly growth of Bitcoin use.

After June 6, 2016, the non-approval of its license by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency sets that PayPal was no longer allowed to operate in Turkey. The American company which had failed to comply with the stipulated law that caused a solid legal ground of having it shut down its operation and have its exit in Turkey.

Within just days of the week after the PayPal announcement regarding the shutting down of their service in Turkey, Bitcoin exchange has claimed it record of a higher trade volume in the history of Turkish trade.

Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/153

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The Moment UK Leaves European Union, What Happened Next?

Bitcoin market and the digital trading industry has embraced the upshot of the Brexit choice and vote in the United Kingdom as the price and worth of its currency sky-rockets coming from the declining trend in the past few days as it is currently announced.

The price of the Bitcoin suffered a real and downtime, hollowed for as low as $583 prior to the Brexit voting day, a jagged mark down of prices has been experienced, dropping from its previous 2 and a half year highest range which is closely to $775 on middle-June this year. On the other hand, subsequently, after the votes cast and announced, garnering the majority votes for the Brexit followers and supporters, the crypto-currency has expanded and gained its worth value to a larger than $650, just within the 24 hours recuperation and recovery period from a sudden 7 days of serious dropped.

The digital currency has rushed forward for as much of 13% as the voting decision kicked-in in the demand and require for a substitute and alternative chattels and assets which may have been submerged evenhandedness into combing and emerging the market currencies. Some bargain hunters and buyers have favored and chosen it as a digital positive feature and asset, with no and devoid of central bank control and power over to divest and delegate the pound.

Coming from the CEO of one of the largest Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, Bobbly Lee, in the name of the company of BTCC has told the CNBC on his one of his statements on-air. He extracted and have delivered to everyone else a statement that enclosing “the whole trading market and the whole industry and lastly, I may have noticed and distinguished that over almost a hundred million dollars are being traded, buy and sell or exchange within just the past 24 hours, and it is way over 2 or 3 times much bigger as we will compare and evaluate on being in a slow and down day.”

As allude to possible and probable market turmoil, in which we are particularly weighing and heading to instability in the part of exchange, in which it may have come a peer to peer currency services in which we define the TransferWise who break in proceeding and hiatus working and operating with the British Pound currency in advancement of the Brexit voting day.

Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/155



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Who Dominates As A Mainstream in India and South Asia?

Are the rumors and gossips are true? Did Bitcoin already become a mainstream in India and South Asia? Are the merchants getting Bitcoin as means of payments? Well, let’s clear out the rumors and gossips and confirm if it is true. Hang-on and let the Bitcoin journey unfold each side to the bottom.

Coinsecure which is a Bitcoin trading platform from Delhi and the BitPay which is a payment processor from United States of America decided to joint venture and share a partnership aiming to make possible and facilitate the merchants and establishments in India convincing them to accept and take Bitcoin payments and compensations and therefore also receive and obtain settlement and payouts in the India’s national currency which is the Indian Rupee or INR.

Bitcoin usage and employment in India and at the entire South Asia just needed an enough back up push and urge just to make the digital currency more known and more conventional globally as the merchants and establishments in the second to the largest country in the whole wide world with garnering a more than a billion of its total population in their entire nation in which are presented and offered an opportunity to process its payments with fast and reliable access and most of all secure for the very first time.

The CEO of Coinsecure based in Delhi, Mohit Kalra gives a statement regarding to this rumors and gossips and also confirmed by uttering this: At the moment that we tackle and talk regarding the size of the market, with over 1.2 billion of citizens and individuals which is residing and living their lives in India at this very moment, India is declared as second to the biggest population of China. Can you try to imagine and try to figure it out that if only 0.5 billion of citizens and individuals have gotten into the market, it is remarkably a huge and promising potential I have ever seen in my entire being. And for some time and now the India merchants and the establishments were being able to accept and take payments and compensations in Bitcoin but for some reasons not just receive a payout in INR. At this time, and currently Indian merchants and establishments can accept and take payments and compensation in the form of the Bitcoin and therefore receive a payout in the currency of INR. Therefore, Bitcoin is no longer just an “investment” in India but now an opportunity and a chance to purchase and buy goods from Bitcoin accepting and taking payments and compensation for it.

Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/156

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