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$300 Forex Contest Sponsored By Instaforex

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Guest goldonline

Forex Contest Sponsored by Instaforex is a real deal. The prize won in live contests are often the largest in Forex! But remember that you'll be trading with real money, so don't get carried away chasing the main prize.

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Guest Guillaumee Bertlam

JUST COPY THE LINK BELOW and you'll see once on the website how it all works. Pretty cool if you want some extra cash. MADE ALMOST 100$ in only one hour !

C'est pas compliqué vous copiez/collez ce lien et vous pouvez faire comme moi !!! Vous allez voir comment ca fonctionne sur le site. J'ai fait presque 100$ en une heure !




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Guest Josiah Marcellin

Contest Details

1. Period of holding – 1 month. The contest will end on February 24

2. The most active members posting in TopGold Forum will be awarded with prizes. In order to participate in the contest you should post in this thread a message like: "I participate and I currently have x posts". Exemple : " My name is Dennis and I currently have 614 posts";

3. Every registered member of TopGold Forum, besides HYIP Monitors has a right to take part in this contest.

4. Members may post messages in any forum's threads.

5. Members who spam the forums to build their post count will be excluded from the competition and will have their accounts warned/suspended.

Prizes Details

1. prize - $100

2. prize - $80

3. prize - $60

4. prize - $40

5. prize - $20

Prize funds will be credited to the winners trading account with InstaForex Company. All prizes can not be withdrawn from the account. Any profit made over prize sum can be withdrawn.

Spam Messages

The following statements are considered as spam:

- Meaningless posts or posts in foreign languages besides english

- Useless posts like "thank you" & others that add nothing to a discussion

- Same post repeated in several threads

- Posts copied from others

- Posts deliberately containing fake information

- Posting consecutively in the same thread in a short period

- Posts that try to trick the minimum post length requirement (by adding a repeated character for example)

- Savage advertisement

- Any other abusive posting

- Answering multiple introduction threads or bumping old threads

Hyip Monitors that posts only payment proofs can not enroll in this contest as we are looking for fresh,interesting content not copy/pasted payment proofs.

Good luck everyone. And if you want to start making money in Forex Market that's the time to start making money using InstaForex's money :)

Contest Sponsor


i just had to share this...........

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