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What Service You Want On Tgf

I want on TopGoldFold :  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. What service should be added next on TGF

    • Casino with money games like Poker, BlackJack, Coin Game etc
    • Exchange Service between e-currencies
    • HYIP/PTC monitoring service + reviews blog

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  • Root Admin

Vote for what you think will be useful for TGF members as a new feature. I know some of you will like them all but we need to do things properly and make sure everything is done right so the development team should focus only on one project at a time.

After you voted for the most wanted feature you want on TGF add a phrase or 2 to explain your decision (vote). at the end add your LR account so we can pay you. First 25 members that post will win.

I'd like to keep the right to remove votes from contest if the decision is not explained.

Good luck guys. and let's make TGF more than a discussion forum. TGF is going to become a really money making community !!

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I voted for: HYIP/PTC monitoring service + reviews blog

as this will keep us updated on some of the better programs and help keep us away from the scammers.

no pay, just putting my two cents worth in with the rest of ya !!!

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Guest bringpeace

I vote for : broker monitor

many mintor about program in online but i only see few or maybe nothing broker monitor, you also can get opportunity from broker because that, i mean broker will pay if they want ut they broker in your broker monitor

my LR is U0051982

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I voted for Exchange Service between e-currencies

I know many would you would wonder, but I am not really into HYIP investing, but from the funds I earn from online makes me want to look for other trustworthy exchanger. As I currently have one right now. Of course, we all would want to try a new dish, like we always say :)

my LR is : U2615798

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I will vote Exchange Service between e-currencies.

There are many kind of business online now. There are PTR, PTP, HYIP, PTC, and many more. So I looked that this is opportunity for us who can be trust for exchanger company. There are many kinds of e-currency too, so it can be good if we can make exchanger that can support all countries and we can give fast services. If we can support many e-currencies that will be better.

my LR is : U7080076

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Guest phoenix88

HYIP business is full of high risk matters so it needs a monitor to monitoring, giving updated information and reviews about every HYIP program.

This will make investors easier to make a decision and avoid from being scammed.

Another one is Blog Reviews, it is also great idea to let members make reviews to each other. So we can improve our knowledge about blogging.

My LR: U5651947.

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I have voted that I would like to see an exchanging money service. Members can benefit from it because they can exchange ecurrencies for investments or upgrading at ptc sites in one place. Forum can benefit from additional earnings from service fees for exchanging. My LR is U1409422.

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I have voted for HYIP/Forex/PTC monitor because I'm really tired from being scammed,

This will help me to make a decision and avoid from being scammed,

I'm paying attention, but some monitors doesen't,

and they are not up to date..

In my opinion a Right information, in the Right place, at the Right time

is the key to success.

it's a great idea, THANKS ADMIN, THANKS A LOT


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I vote for HYIP/PTC Monitoring Service.

This will keep most of us updated on some of better programs and help keep us prevent from the scammers.

It will tell and show us good and reliable program.

It will help us very much.

My LR Account U2081385

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I vote for exchange service between ecurrencies cos most of us do play in HYIP/surf sites and often we need a particular ecurrency but we have excess of another ecurrency. Many forums do not allow the members do do exchanges among themselves so this will make TGF stand out amoung the crowd. However due to scammers, a feedback score should be implemented.


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Exchange currency is the most important thing with Earn Money Online. And scammer always attack us through exchange money. We will avoid from them if we have a trust service, and that is what we should have.

LR ID: U6517493

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hi, i just voted for Exchange between e-currencies:

the reason i chose this because i'm not involved in any hyip/ptc right now and also im not into casino games, haven't tried it. and i think me and other members can benefit from this additional service because we can easily make exchanges here as we use different kinds of payment processor in working online. B)

LR U0725844


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