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$300 Forex Prizes Contest

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hi, my name is cnbc and i would like to participate in this contest. it seems to be too late, but i believe the chance still widely open. currently i just register with 0 post, but i will start my posting now after replying this thread. thank you admin for creating this great contest.

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wow, i am in the fourth place? I did not expect that. I am satisfied with that place.

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I am trying ... thanks Dennis :)

@pjbabia & binbin - thanks for the words of encouragement, I will try to make some nice posts here



Happy Holidays too.. but i think it is better to say Merry Christmas because that is the celebration that we are celebrating on this holiday season. And Happy New Year also...

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Thanks Phoneix, well actually I am not aiming for the highest prize

any will do :)


good luck neng, we are in the race now. i also the same like you, any price will do. i am still far away behind from you and the rest. however, i still believe that the chance still widely open. wish me luck guys.

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tomorrow , contents will over. and Admin will draw winner soon after that.i wish i can win one of above prize


yes good luck to every one of all the participating members of the contest. I hope this will be a sports competition.. to those who will win, will you mind sharing us your money? heheh

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  • Root Admin

Ok Admin, I thought you have ended the contest because you temporarily disabled us from posting.. And thank you for giving us the chance to join in this kind of contest.


yep I did that but it was my mistake so I've repaired asap ;)

Is over guys.. I will check posts today and announce the winners. Forex Contestors please stop posting till I announce the winners

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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