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Crypto Wallet Drainer Script 2024

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Crypto Wallet Drainer Script 2024


Crypto Wallet Drainer Script | WalletConnect v2.0 | NEW BYPASS |  BLUR | X2Y2 | PERMIT | SEAPORT 1.5

Purchase the script on my Telegram: https://t.me/Wallet_Drainers

For more information visit my website: https://walletdrainerscript.com/


The Ultimate Wallet Drainer is the top-tier solution available. It’s compatible with major networks: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, Optimism, zkSync, Base, Era, and Pulse. Asset discovery on user wallets is efficiently handled via DeBank, with options to switch to Ankr, Zapper, or OpenSea. It automatically extracts main wallet coins, ERC-20 tokens, and NFTs.

No need for deploying smart contracts or worrying about phishing flags. The script can run without smart contracts or use a specialized public contract, eliminating the hassles of creating your own contract and paying various fees. This flexible contract supports multiple event types like Security Update, Claim, Claim Reward, Execute, Connect, and Swap. Additionally, the script includes six different contracts for blockchain deployment.

The drainer prioritizes high-value assets first, followed by lower-value ones, building a smart queue unrestricted by network or resource type. Its intelligent system ensures necessary network fees are covered, maximizing wallet extraction. Priorities can be customized, such as targeting tokens supporting PERMIT or those withdrawable via exchanges.

It offers multiple withdrawal methods for tokens and NFTs, tailored to your needs: direct transfer, confirmation, PERMIT call, exchange, or inconspicuous signature. The script automatically selects the most effective and discreet method. For NFTs, it can approve an entire collection for a single signature withdrawal.

Automatic asset withdrawal is supported: after user confirmation or PERMIT signature, the script independently transfers assets to your wallet. For this to work properly, the drainer's wallet must always have some funds.

The script is compatible with over 300 wallets, connecting via native methods or WalletConnect. Native wallets include MetaMask, Coinbase, Binance Wallet, and Trust Wallet. Other wallets can connect via WalletConnect by scanning a QR code or accessing the site from a mobile device. WalletConnect is supported by most mobile wallets.


Advantages Over Other Scripts:

* Clean script with no red box alerts on your site.
* Supports a vast array of wallets.
* High-quality technical support and customer service.
* Free installation on your site and drainer setup post-purchase.
* Comprehensive user manual.
* Anti-theft system to reclaim money from competitor-stolen sites.
* Multiple robust and switchable APIs.
* Your Telegram account remains hidden, deep server integration.
* Securely encrypted client-server traffic.
* Installable on any hosting with just JS.
* Backend in Node JS, compatible with any OS.
* Multiple asset availability checks increase successful debits.
* Not blocked by antivirus programs or browsers.
* Direct sale from the developer with answers to all your questions.
* Fully configurable: any network, asset, or priority.
* Best price reflecting the true value and quality of the product.

Script Functionality:

* Networks Supported: Ethereum, BNB SmartChain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, Optimism, zkSync, Base, Era, Pulse.
* Assets Supported: Native Coins, Tokens, and NFT.
* Additional Functions: User action and payment notifications via Telegram.
* Flexible Configuration: For user convenience.
* Coin Withdrawal Methods: Sign / Transfer / Smart Contract.
* Token Withdrawal Methods: Sign / Transfer / Approve / Permit / Permit v2 / Uniswap Multicall / Pancake Multicall / Sushiswap / QuickSwap.
* NFT Withdrawal Methods: Sign / Transfer / SetApprovalForAll / SeaPort 1.5 / Blur Private Exploit / X2Y2 Private Exploit.
* System Requirements: A clean Ubuntu 22.04 virtual server without pre-installed web servers or software occupying ports 80 and 443.
* Extended Opt-Out in Telegram: Including wallet connection requests, network change requests, asset withdrawal requests.
* Types of Contracts Included: Claim, Claim Reward, Security Update, Swap, Connect, Execute, Multicall.
* Trust Contract Format: 0x000...0000 for maximum user trust.
* Estimators: DeBank Pro API, Zapper API, OpenSea API, Ankr API.
* Purchasing: Telegram: @Wallet_Drainers.
* Important Note: Specify the topic when messaging for a faster response.


Disclaimer: The product is sold for informational purposes.
The author is not responsible for its use in illegal activities. Responsibility lies entirely with the end purchaser.

Website: https://walletdrainerscript.com

For inquiries: https://t.me/Wallet_Drainers

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