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Walbi - AI-enhanched Crypto Trading [Only Pay When You Profit]

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Walbi is a crypto platform that aims to revolutionize how people trade crypto futures. It combines the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to offer a secure, transparent, and user-friendly trading experience.

Walbi Key points:

  • Walbi AI trading assistant analyses various data sources and provides traders with insights and recommendations.
  • You can trade crypto futures up to x500 leverage.
  • Walbi supports over 40 popular crypto pairs like BTCUSD, ETHUSD, SOLDUSD, etc.
  • The trading terminal is available on the Web, IOS, and AOS.
  • Trading with Walbi does not require KYC verification, which means users can trade anonymously and without restrictions.

What's Walbi?

Walbi's AI trading assistant, Lighthouse, is a unique feature that differentiates it from other platforms. Lighthouse analyses various data sources and provides traders with insights and recommendations on optimizing their trading strategies. It also adapts to each trader's goals and risk preferences, making it a personalized and reliable guide.

Walbi's terminal enables users to trade crypto futures with up to x500 leverage, hedge against price fluctuations, speculate on market movements, or access more liquidity in trading.

Walbi supports over 40 popular cryptocurrency pairs, including BTCUSD, ETHUSD, BNBUSD, SOLUSD, XRPUSD, and more. It offers competitive fees, fast execution, and high liquidity.

Join Walbi for FREE & Start trading

Use Lighthouse AI Assistant for Trading

You can deposit funds in advance or simply when you want to open a position after you decide which one is right for you from those suggested by the Lighthouse AI assistant.


Trade with the terminal

Alternatively, you can trade using the terminal. Use AI to analyze the charts, open your trade with or without leverage, set your take profit and stop loss, and watch the pair move.


Walbi review

Walbi isn't just another crypto trading platform. It is a trustworthy AI-powered trading assistant that focuses on safety and usability.

Trading crypto can be complex, but the Walbi AI assistant makes it a breeze.  Fees can eat into your profits, but Walbi keeps its fee structure low and transparent. Also, currently, there is a promotion where you can enjoy all profits by paying 100 USD in trading fees.

Check our review on Top Gold Forum


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The trading platform is just decent. It has many functions for technical analysis. Orders are executed instantly, and there have never been lags in the platform. I also noticed the high trading volumes and liquidity in cryptocurrencies provided by Walbi.

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