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I need a helping hand

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Let me tell you from the start. I am with crypto since I was in class 7. And its been already 8-9 years, I haven't hold anything yet. But day by day, crypto become the most favourite things of mine.



I passed my J.S.C ( Junior School Certificate ), S.S.C ( Secondary School Certificate & H.S.C ( High School Certificate ) with a grade point (GPA) of 5.00 (A+). The journey was great. But problem start when my father died after the time of S.S.C. After the H.S.C I learned about graphics design, and started freelancing to earn money. But at this point in my life not being able to get any orders. I try telegram marketplaces, facebook and linkdin also to search for clients. Though I got some orders but now its being so difficult for me. I searched for part time job then. I also got one, anyhow, it was going. But its been 3 months I lost my job. I am in 3rd year right now. Just one more year left to complete my graduation. I don't know what to say or how to say as I am really ashamed of it. I need almost $2k in this semester but for me its being really impossible to manage this amount.



I don't know will you help me or not. But if you could help that would helps me to complete my graduation.



My mother always wanted me to see as a police officer but without completing the graduation its impossible for me. Its not like that I don't earn well or beg from people, its not like that. But this time, I am empty. Sometimes life is kind of hard to struggle, that time we need a helping hand very badly. I really don't want to lose my educational career. Badly want to complete my graduation. Please consider a bit, your little bit consider will save my entire education career.



If needed i can also send you my face record video evidence or also my live location or even any documents like my government issued identity card so that you don't think I am lying for free money. Anyway you may help me out? Anyone?



>If someone can help me out, send me an email to [email protected]



Writing this to you, sitting alone in a room, don't know what your response will be but,



Thanks & Regards


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