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Bullschange.com - Cryptocurrency exchange office.

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BullsChange.com is a semi-automated cryptocurrency exchanger.

Our service was created for those who want fast and secure exchange at favorable rates. The exchange service Bullschange.com offers the exchange of such types of electronic currencies as: Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Dai, Qiwi, Yumoney, Russian banks, Visa/Master Card, Revolut, etc. BullsChange is a convenient adaptive interface for exchange, over 500 exchanges , mobile version of the site and individual approach.

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In the world of cryptocurrencies, where stablecoins occupy one of the most key roles after the fundamental coins btc and eth, we would like to offer you exchanges with the Dai stablecoin on our website. Dai is a decentralized and stable currency that is backed by Ethereum coins frozen in a smart contract, unlike most stablecoins. This project was developed as an alternative to existing stablecoins, the main problem of which is the lack of trust. Unlike centralized stablecoins, the DAI cryptocurrency is created by users. As collateral, ETH is frozen in the smart contract at the current rate. We are waiting for you at Bullschange.com for Dai exchanges -> Banks
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One of the main features of cryptocurrencies is their transparency, thanks to which any transaction with them can be verified personally. However, not all cryptocurrency users know how to do this.

We have highlighted popular blockchains for you:

  •  https://www.blockchain.com – BTC
  •  https://blockchair.com/ - Scan BTC, LTC and other
  •  https://tronscan.org/ - TRONscan
  •  https://etherscan.io/ - ETHerscan
  •  https://bscscan.com/ - Bnb smart chain scan


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This exchanger is in the eobmen-obmen.ru monitoring rating. where it is easy and convenient to evaluate its rates in comparison with other services in more than 160 exchange directions.
There is also a personal page with reviews, currently these are only positive reviews.
TOP10 In the following directions, where there are more than 27 competitors:
- Exchange Tether ERC20 to Visa/MasterCard RUB
- Exchange Bitcoin for YuMoney
- Exchange Tether ERC20 for Card World
- Exchange Dogecoin to Alpha Click
- Exchange Dogecoin to Visa/MasterCard RUB
- Exchange Bitcoin to Rosbank
In these directions, exchanges are profitable, ruble reserves amount to 2,000,000.
There are areas where the reserves of this exchanger are currently modest.
Exchange rates are generally average.
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We are pleased to announce that our exchange service BullsChange.com has begun cooperation with monitoring exchangers multirates.org
Dear clients, we are waiting for you all to come to us for exchanges at bullschange.com. Our website operator will answer all your questions.
Best regards, Bullschange.com
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1️⃣ Fraudsters act under the guise of a recently opened exchanger, sell only BTC and only for USDT or for other stablecoins, the price is set much lower (minus 3-5% of the market value).
2️⃣ The attackers claim that they are ready to send BTC first, but they ask to install Atomic Wallet or Exodus Wallet (allegedly they are official partners).
3️⃣ Scammers send BTC, setting a minimum commission of 1-2 satoshi, so that the coins take a very long time - after that they ask you to restart the wallet to update the data so that you can see the purchased BTC on your balance. Once you see BTC in your wallet, you are asked to send USDT within 10 minutes.
4️⃣ You send USDT...and after that BTC disappears from your wallet. How does this happen? Fraudsters cancel their transaction (increasing the commission, which outweighs the old one) - on Atomic Wallet and Exodus Wallet, the balance is displayed immediately after BTC is sent to you. That is why you are asked to install these wallets.


💡 How to avoid such a scam: always ask for a transaction hash, wait until the transaction is fully confirmed and only then transfer your funds, use trusted exchangers.
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