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ChangeMyIP.com - Static & Rotating Residential Proxies - SOCKS5 / HTTP / ShadowSOCKSS / Wireguard VPN

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to review our thread and services. All of our static proxies are highly secure, anonymous, and come with unmetered bandwidth.

We also offer some of the most competitive prices in the market for this type of service. Below is a short list highlighting our key features:

- Pick your proxy/shared proxy. You have the ability to chose the proxies by city, state, country and add them to your shopping cart
- Instant activation for all our products
- Multiple authentication types supported for our proxies  (username/password or IP based authentication)
- Multiple locations all over the world.
- High-Speed Connectivity with dedicated servers on 10GBPS+ Ports
- You have the option to refresh the proxies yourself once per month via the user panel.
- Premium support 24/7 via live support/forum/contact
- Very good pricing and discounts! For a discount table scheme please consider our pricing page at: http://changemyip.com/pricing
- 30 day money back guarantee however, this doesn't applies if we detect that you have been using the products. We refund only in case of bugs (service not working), or slow/bad service performance.
- Everything is automated so you don't have to wait for the admins to activate your orders or proxies. Simply complete the purchase and you will be able to use the proxies in no more than 10 minutes - usually much faster
- Professional technical support. We've been doing networking for many years by now so you can bet we can address all your issues in a professional manner.
- Highly tuned servers for ultimate performance.

Products we sell:
- Static IP Datacenter Dedicated HTTP Proxy
- Static IP Datacenter Shared HTTP Proxy
- Static IP Datacenter Dedicated SOCKS5 Proxy
- Static IP Datacenter Shared SOCKS5 Proxy
- Static IP Datacenter Dedicated ShadowSocks
- Static IP Datacenter Wireguard VPN

- Static IP Residential Dedicated HTTP Proxy
- Static IP Residential Dedicated SOCKS5 Proxy
- Static IP Residential Dedicated ShadowSocks
- Static IP Residential Wireguard VPN
- Static IP DNS Proxy

For our Residential Static Proxies services we're partnered with some of the leading residential networks to ensure top-tier service. Our IP addresses are announced on premium networks like  :  AT&T,  Verizon , Comcast, Spectrum, Cogent Communications, CenturyLink,  GTT Communications Inc., NetEnterprise,  Sprint,  Deutsche Telekom,  Trinity Telecom,  Segna Technologies,  ZyNOX IT Group, ideo Broadcast, Hydra Communications, Telecom Services,  Crocker Communications, Orient Express.

Our proxies are working with all apps/browsers that allow proxy setup/connection. Suitable for SEO, Scraping, Data Harvesting and Other Purposes


Refund Policy :

If, within the first 24 hours of your purchase, you find that the proxies are not suitable for your needs, we are here to help. Please reach out to our support team with a description of the issue you're facing. We will work with you to either resolve the problem, replace the proxy, or process a refund.

Resellers :

We welcome resellers! Partner with us to create a lucrative business! We offer some of the best rates!





Thank you


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Good news!  We've recently expanded our Residential Proxies & VPN Services by adding a new provider Liberty Global, a leading UK ISP, is now part of our network.

We are dedicated to continuously improving and diversifying our services to provide you with the best options. Liberty Global is a renowned provider, and we believe their inclusion will significantly enhance your experience with our services.

Thank you!

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