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PROXYS.IO - Individual server, mobile and resident IPv4/IPv6 proxies

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  • TGF Premium

PROXYS.IO - quality, anonymous and clean addresses for all tasks

Static Hosted IPv4 from $1.4
Static Hosted Shared IPv4 from $0.67
Static Resident (ISP addresses on Windows) IPv4 from $3.6
Static IPv6 (/32 subnet) from $0.13
Dynamic IPv6 (/32 subnet with change 8 times a month) from $0,27
Mobile IPv4 from 699 ₽

Why us?

Automatic address issuance
IP-based authentication (default username and password)
Separate ports for HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 (randomly generated)
Ability to change ports if needed
24/7 support with average response time of 30 seconds
Affiliate program of 20% with lifetime referrals
API for developers (go to [email protected] for details)
Free test for 24 hours
Wide choice of GEOs (country list per tariff) and subnets (from 5 subnets per GEO/tariff)


Website: https://proxys.io
Telegram: https://t.me/proxys_support_bot
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbLXapB3FSOw7wkj-op-Y2g
E-mail: [email protected]



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  • TGF Premium

Added the ability to activate promo codes and extend the lease on mobile proxies

This option will suit those who find it hard to part with their favorite pool of mobile IPs. Renew your mobile proxies instead of buying new ones.

Good news doesn't come alone. We've added promo codes to your mobile proxy cart. We're sure you can't wait to check out the innovation already! The promo code MOBILE, which gives 10% discount on the purchase of mobile proxies, will help you.

You can place an order at this link → https://proxys.io/en/buy-mobile-proxies.

P.S The number of promotional code activations is limited.

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  • TGF Premium

Running out of your favorite proxies? We've brought new ones!

We hasten to announce another major replenishment of the following GEOs in the tariff of individual foreign IPv4:

  • Germany +700 addresses
  • USA +3000 addresses
  • Ukraine +1600 addresses
  • Hungary +256 addresses
  • Kazakhstan +256 addresses
  • Japan +256 addresses
  • Taiwan +256 addresses

You can place an order by clicking on the link → https://proxys.io/en/cart?service=5 (tariff "Individual (foreign) IPv4").

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  • TGF Premium

One day we were walking on a fall afternoon and observed a picturesque leaf fall. At that moment we thought: "What if we do the same with prices?". That's why we have arranged a real price fall for you on PROXYS.IO! 

Have a chance to buy the top positions with a 30% discount


With the secret promo code OCT30 proxies of these countries are waiting for you at the most attractive prices!

Place an order

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  • TGF Premium

Cyber Monday on PROXYS.IO

You asked - we did, but not Black Friday, but Cyber Monday!

25% discounts on shared proxies of the following countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Jordan, China, Algeria, South Africa, India, Brazil, Armenia, Slovenia, Colombia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Israel, Turkey, Nigeria.

How to get a discount?

Choose proxies that fall under the promotion and use promo code BLACK.

Hurry up, the number of promotional code activations is limited!

Buy proxies

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