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Euro 2020 Predictions Contest $220 in Prizes 🔥

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  • Root Admin

Euro 2020 starts today and we bring you a new contest here on Top Gold Forum.

Earn $10 every day for guessing the winning team.png

You can win $220 in PM/LTC/PP/USDT + our special prize.

Read bellow to find out how!

The rules are simple.

On each day of Euro 2020, we post one new match. After the match is posted, you can post your prediction on which team will win, or it will be a draw until the starting our of the match.

When the match is over and we have the official result, we will send $10 to the member that guessed the outcome. If there is more than one meber that guessed the winning outcome then we will randomly select using random.org a lucky member that will receive $10. 

If no one guess the winning team or the draw, then the prize will be added to the Euro 2020 Final prize pool.

  • The prizes will be paid using USDT, LTC, Perfect Money, or PayPal. If you win PM us with your preferred account.
  • You can cast one prediction / member / day.
  • You are not allowed to EDIT your posts. If a post shows as Edited, we will disregard your prediction. So don't edit your post.
  • To qualify for placing a bet, you should have at least 2 posts here on TGF. 
  • We closely monitor the accounts created. If you try to signup multiple accounts to cast multiple bets, we will ban you.

Besides the daily prizes, at the end I will count all the winning predictions and the member that has the most ones will receive a special secret prize from us.

Questions? Let me know by posting or PM me.

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  • MrD changed the title to Euro 2020 Predictions Contests $10/day 🔥🔥🔥
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  • Root Admin

Top Most Winning Predictions (Jul 12)

  • 14 winning predictions: WebGoldMiner,
  • 13 winning predictions:  Tonkovic
  • 10 winning predictions: fahadaziz
  • 7 winning predictions: BuggyMan
  • 6 winning predictions: XtraProfit, nxnth,
  • 5 winning predictions:  IgorKu,OrigamiMag,ashtraider, wannabepro,
  • 4 winning predictions:  nictria, 
  • 3 predictions:  EuChangeLtd,
  • 2 predictions:  Sandusky, lyuba, TrinityS
  • 1 prediction: bluenoser, blondie, Juan Antonio, psv1964, GordfelcOn, Adoulazize, Zesarius, Scream777,omartinez, Ol4ik74

Top Daily Money Prize Winnings (Update Jul 12 )

  • 1 Money prize of $100: WebGoldMiner
  • 4 Money prizes of $10: Tonkovic,BuggyMan,
  • 3 Money prizes of $10:  fahadaziz
  • 2 Money prizes of $10: WebGoldMiner, OrigamiMag,
  • 1 Money prize of $10: Juan Antonio, GordfelcOn, IgorKu, ashtraider, XtraProfit, wannabepro, TrinityS
  • 1 Money prize of $5: nxanth

* These are the members that guessed the winning team in the matches we proposed and will qualify for the big prize at the end of Euro 2020.

15 matches left from Euro 2020, so you have plenty of time to be number #1, even if you start today.

Let's start with the matches:

June 11, 2021: Turkey vs. Italy [Predictions closed]


Winners: EuChangeLTD, Webgoldminer, nictria. Money Winner: WebGoldMiner, Live Winner Choosing: https://fb.watch/63CLoJUEqg/ Prize sent to WebGoldMiner


June 12, 2021: Belgium vs. Russia [Predictions closed]


Winners: bluenoser, blondie, WebGoldMinder, nictria, OrigamiMag, XtraProfit, Tonkovic, fahadaziz, Money Winner: Tonkovic, Winner Selection: https://fb.watch/64TPFLj8Tl/


June 13, 2021: England vs. Croatia [Predictions closed]


Winner: Juan Antonio, Message sent to the winner to send the account to get the prize.

June 14, 2021: Spain vs. Sweden [Predictions closed]


Winner: @BuggyManPrize sent to BuggyMan


June 15, 2021: France vs. Germany [Predictions closed]


Winner: @Tonkovic, Money winner @Tonkovic Prize sent to Tonkovic


June 16, 2021: Italy - Switzerland  [Predictions closed]


Winners: WebGoldMiner, Tonkovic, OrigamiMag, BuggyMan Money winner: Origamimag

Live Selection: https://fb.watch/6aYqNvO2Iy/


June 17, 2021: Netherlands - Austria  [Predictions closed]


Winners: WebGoldMiner, Tonkovic, XtraProfit Money winner: Tonkovic,

Winner extraction here: https://fb.watch/6bDjzVHgUQ/


June 18, 2021: England - Scotland  [Predictions closed]


Winner: @BuggyMan


June 19, 2021: Spain - Poland  [Predictions closed]


Winner: @OrigamiMag 


June 20 is  Switzerland - Turkey [Predictions closed]


Winners: nictria, WebGoldMiner, Tonkovic, fahadaziz, Money winner: fahadaziz, Live extraction: https://fb.watch/v/4rjFr0jRv/


June 21 is  Ukraine - Austria [Predictions closed]


Winner: fahadaziz


June 22 is  Croatia - Scotland [Predictions closed]


Winners: WebGoldMiner, Tonkovic. Money winner:  WebGoldMiner, Live Extraction: https://fb.watch/6jt3F_gnjf/


June 23 is  Portugal - France [Predictions closed]


Winner: @BuggyMan - Buggy "The Draw" Man


June 26 is  Italy - Austria [Predictions closed]


June 27 is Belgium - Portugal [Predictions closed]



June 28  is France - Switzerland [Predictions closed]


Winners: @EuChangeLTD, @ashtrader, Money winner: @ashtrader Live extraction: https://fb.watch/6rcqmUr8JX/


June 29  is England - Germany [Predictions closed]


Winners: @WebGoldMiner, @Tonkovic, @fahadaziz, @EuChangeLTD, Money winner: @Tonkovic, Live extraction:  https://fb.watch/6rcqmUr8JX/


Jul 2  is Switzerland - Spain [Predictions closed]



Jul 3 match is Ukraine - England [Predictions closed]



Jul 6 match is Italy - Spain [Predictions closed]



Jul 7 match is Denmark - England [Predictions closed]



Jul 11 match is Italy - England [Predictions closed]

Winners: @WebGoldMiner, @OrigamiMag, @ashtrader, @wannabepro, @nxanth, @omartinez, @BuggyMan, @Ol4ik74, Money winner: @BuggyMan



Our Best tipster: @WebGoldMiner

Best Tipster prediction: @nxanth


Good luck!

P.S1. Feel free to invite your friends 🙂

PS2: Keep in mind -- Money won is twice as sweet as money earned 🙂

PS3: That's how we pick the winners for the contest

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  • Root Admin

Predictions for the Turkey 🇹🇷- Italy 🇮🇹 match have been closed. We will see soon who won.

Predictions placed:

  • Italy - EuChangeLTD, WebGoldMiner, nictria
  • Turkey - blondie
  • Draw - OrigamiMag

Later edit:

Winners: EuChangeLTD, Webgoldminer, nictria. Money Winner: WebGoldMiner, Live Winner Choosing: https://fb.watch/63CLoJUEqg/

Prize sent to the winner


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  • Root Admin

Now that we watch the game between Turkey and Italy so we can see who's the lucky TGF member that will win today it's time to open the predictions for tomorrow's match.

June 12, 2021: Belgium vs. Russia

Cast your predictions now and win a tenner!

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  • MrD changed the title to Euro 2020 Predictions Contest $220 in Prizes 🔥🔥🔥
  • Root Admin
6 hours ago, WebGoldMiner said:

Not in the rules that previous winners are disqualified, anyway, it will be drawn randomly, it will be pure luck if you win again in the draw🤣🤣

Well we want to find out who's the best tipster so will be pointless to not allow winners to bet again 🙂

Payment sent to the lucky winner


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